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How to make a perfect kiss: 9 working tips

An article about kisses was written by a man ... But women also want to learn how to kiss correctly! So that they - men, well, just precipitated!

“So, every man is obliged to have a variety of kissing techniques, because no other touch on a woman can be compared in strength of influence with this magical ritual. Mastery of this system, these hidden riddles of interaction will open for you immense open spaces in the field of sensory contact with the opposite sex.

How to kiss

To learn the technique of owning a kiss, it is imperative to understand their types. Each type of kiss has its own personality and you have to analyze in advance the readiness of your partner for one or another type of your physiological effect.

1. Vacuum kiss

It is produced by “sucking” into the lips of the partner, as if you are trying to touch your lips to his soul. This kiss should not be long. When your lips begin to get tired, the kiss needs to be slowly loosened. Never tear your lips off your partner’s lips unexpectedly.

If the kiss is executed correctly, then the pleasant feeling of numbness, numbness, and possibly emptying, slowly spreads throughout your body. You will experience fatigue, lethargy and at the same time unusual bliss.

2. Kiss Butterfly

Bring your eyelashes as close as possible to your lover's cheek. Then, slowly, close and open your eyes so that the eyelashes slightly touch her skin. With the correct execution of this kiss, your beloved will feel a bewitching emotional surge, her heart will beat loudly and excitedly in time with your blinking. If it is implemented incorrectly (for example, if you think all the time about how you perform it, instead of thinking about your feelings), it will create the illusion that you are not sincere.

3. “Caressing” the earlobes

Experiments with sensory touches in the area of ​​the earlobe or using the method of easy suction carry a considerable share of risk. You should always remember that all women have different degrees of sensitivity in these intimate places and, therefore, you have to understand how far you will be allowed to go. Make your touches as airy as possible and only when you feel that your lover is ready for more, go on to strengthen your movements.

4. Conversational kiss

It was especially popular at the court of Louis XV. Lovers press their lips together (but not in tight contact, periodically tearing their lips apart) and whisper compliments, talk about their emotions and feelings.

Female lips are an extremely sensitive organ, which is also located next to other important “emotional arteries”, and therefore it is recommended that before you perform this kiss, at least think in advance about what you will say (this is no less important than the technique itself) brush your teeth, abstain from smoking and from drinking alcohol.

The historical and most gallant kiss of all. Will awe even the sophisticated lady. The technique of its execution is extremely delicate and requires ease of behavior. May be performed in bow. The lover's hand needs to be held lightly and in no case should it be squeezed strongly. There is no limit to tenderness.

6. Kiss "Eskimo"

The general opinion that the Eskimo kiss - this is a common kiss that saves the lips of the inhabitants of the northern countries from frostbite - is wrong. The Eskimos touch their tiny noses and rub them left and right. This is the “popsicle” kiss. Such a kiss is very popular in some tribes of Africa. Charles Darwin told in his notes about the same kiss that he observed in Malaysia: “They squatted against each other, raised their faces and rubbed their nose. Such a kiss-greeting lasted a little longer than a handshake. At the same time, they issued prolonged (I would say indecent) moans of the deepest physical satisfaction. "

7. Franco-English kiss

Because in France this kiss is called English, and in England - French.
In some countries it is known as the "kiss of the soul." It is believed that part of the soul can be transferred to the partner through language contact. And this kiss is also known as the “fight of reeds”. Here you must be extremely careful and cautious. Not all ladies like deep penetration, everything needs a measure. Permitted and comfortable degree of immersion in the depths of your beloved must be experienced.

8. Kiss - a marathon

It is distinguished by its duration. Most often, it requires perfect silence, endurance, and especially a tremulous surge of feelings. It is better to start it with a colloquial kiss, slowly moving to a vacuum, and when your lover is ready for French-English.

There are other types of kisses, but more about that some other time.

The main thing is to remember that a kiss is the most emotionally intense action between people. It contains an incredibly large palette of feelings, stretching from a light shroud of sympathy to violent erotic-sexual fantasies. “You cannot conquer your beloved by technology alone, the most refined and pleasant kiss will always be the one in which your technique is transformed into the art of expressing your feelings.”


When it comes to the intensity of the kiss, you should not face your lips like two trucks with windshields, but at the same time, you should not have the impression that you are kissing the air. Find a middle ground, learn to maintain balance, and it will be easy for you, obeying your mood, to give your lover either light or passionate kisses.


The duration of the kiss should depend on the goal that you are pursuing. If you just want to tease him, then a quick and promising kiss will be a great choice. If you want to ignite the flame of passion in him, then your kiss should be long, inventive and exciting.

The condition of your lips is very important. In no case should they be weathered, so use lipstick regularly. Also, if you intend to give a long and hot kiss, avoid bright and persistent lipsticks and sparkles.


Self-confidence is hard to feel when you are just learning to kiss. You can specifically spoil the first kiss, if you let the nerves take over you. Enjoy the moment, let yourself go. If then you will only think about whether you did everything correctly, then know that you definitely ruined everything.

Show your imagination

So, when you have mastered the basics, it's time to start improving and looking for something new. And in this we will also help you. Did you know that in our brain there is a department that allows us to find the lips of a partner even in the dark? Uncover this mystery and learn the science of kissing in the darkness of good night. Smells and tastes help you. Take them into service, apply a little fragrant gloss to your lips to become the most delicious treat for him. Add a surprise effect to your kiss. Touch his lips, stronger or softer. Step back a little from your lover so that he feels the difference, then come closer to him again. Play, experiment, and so you will achieve amazing results. Do not stop only on the lips. Remember that the male body has many erogenous zones. Pay due attention to the chin, earlobes, and neck. Surrender to the moment. There is nothing worse than during a kiss to understand that the thoughts of your beloved or beloved fly somewhere far away. If you want to learn how to kiss correctly, then first of all try to forget about your affairs and problems and give yourself to emotions. If you are ready to raise the kiss technique to a new level, then perhaps our advice will be a ticket to the world of new, more acute sensations.

Stroking kiss

Kissing your lover, gently touch his lips, then gently, as if with a brush, draw your lips along him. Repeat the movement three to four times, then give some more quick kisses. This kind of kiss can be considered a “prelude” to something more. If he tries to kiss you when you pat him with your lips, step back a little.

Under control

Belongs to the category of teasing. First, you should run your fingers over the lips of your partner, and immediately pull them back if he tries to kiss them. Then you should tell him that you can not touch, otherwise the caress will be stopped. The bottom line is intentional control, which greatly enhances arousal.

Some booze

It turns out that a glass of wine that you have extended for an entire date really improves the kissing technique. This is because alcohol stimulates the same part of the brain as the kisses themselves, so a reasonable amount will be a great helper.

At the same time, too much wine (or any other liquor) can spoil any good date, not to mention a kiss. So everything should be in moderation.

Correct head tilt

This awkward moment when you lean in one direction. And then again in the same. It is as if none of you can go through - only with a more disappointing outcome. This problem is easy to solve, because according to statistics, most often (two-thirds of the respondents) people turn their heads when kissing to the right. This, of course, is inaccurate, but two-thirds more likely to avoid an awkward collision!

Right time

Kissing someone when he (she) does not want to do this at all is a very bad idea. Even if they sympathize with you in principle, but right now, this is not the right moment - nothing will come of it. For example, it is difficult to enjoy a kiss for someone who is upset, who is embarrassed, or who is very worried. Wait for a pleasant and intimate atmosphere (or try to create it yourself), then you will both be happy and both will want it.

Fresh breath

All dentists agree that hygiene is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and oral cavity. But if you are also going to kiss, the importance of hygiene only increases.

Women pay more attention to breathing than men, but this does not mean that for them this advice is irrelevant. Peppermint candy or chewing gum is such a simple ritual that will provide the pleasure of a kiss.

Aggressive style for men.

Researchers argue that men prefer a more aggressive kiss style and an “open mouth”. From a scientific point of view, this is due to the fact that saliva contains testosterone and thus the guys are trying to cause sexual attraction in the girl.

So, girls, do not be afraid to show a little assertiveness, if you kiss a guy, he will appreciate it.

Slow start for girls

Guys, on the contrary, are encouraged to show more tenderness when kissing girls. They appreciate romance and appreciate the slow and smooth start of a kiss, after which you can go on to a more passionate offensive.

Memorable moments

You will never have a second chance to make a first impression, even when it comes to kissing.

As the study showed, the first kiss is more remembered by people than the first intimacy, and can set the tone for further relationships.

Keep kissing

Although most people analyze the first kiss and focus on its importance, women continue to evaluate the relationship for kisses after they start.

Different kisses mean different things at different times. And women will evaluate each of them. So all kinds of kisses should be perfected - a kiss on the neck, a comforting kiss and a passionate kiss.

The lesson here is to keep kissing no matter how long the relationship lasts, which is probably the least painful piece of advice on this subject.