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Shoe Bronzing

The clatter of small steps is a welcome sound in every home, but you won’t even notice how the children grew up.

In these shoes, your baby learned to walk step by step. He makes attempts one after another, tries - these are unforgettable years in the life of each parent.
Show in full ... Bronzing children's shoes is one way to preserve wonderful memories of these years.

The main activity of the company "First Steps" is the creation of original and unique gifts for memory from children's things and children's shoes.
The technology used by us allows your samples of things that are so dear to the heart, and your samples of shoes in which the child took his first steps, to be coated with metal and stored for many years. Each of our products is a handmade work made to order.
Copper plating and bronzing of children's shoes is carried out using mechanical, galvanic (electrolytic) or electrochemical methods of applying metal to the surface. The color scheme can vary according to your desire, from the classic “gold”, “silver” and “copper”, to the required colors and shades.

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Brogering shoes, that is, punching holes in the skin, began to be engaged in cattle farmers in Scotland and Ireland in the XVI-XVII centuries. Then the main function of the holes was to divert water from the foot and to quickly ventilate it, since the farmers were farming in the marshland. The holes in the boots were initially through, but over time they became decorative, and the corresponding shoes began to gain popularity among representatives of aristocratic circles. Moreover, for a long time it was considered very informal and was used only in the countryside.

Over the course of the 20th century, brogues have become increasingly popular - not least thanks to the Prince of Wales, Edward, who at one time had a reputation as one of the most elegant men in the world. The prince found the brogues comfortable golf shoes and then began to wear them in the city. It was for him in the John Lobb atelier in 1937 that they made the world's first half-brogues - a variant of brogues with cutting capes and perforations along the seams. Today, brogues are one of the most popular types of shoes; they can be found both in the assortment of mass-market brands and in the collections of famous fashion designers.


Bronzing memory items

The Askay company offers a unique and necessary service for everyone - shoe bronzing and other items. Such a service is necessary for all parents whose children grew out of children's shoes, but do not want to forget about the past years of his childhood.

Metallization of children's shoes will help preserve the memory of your child’s childhood. Such a shoe will be inherited. You can bronze not only shoes, it can also be other objects dear to you: pacifiers, rattles, toys, etc.

Technology bronzing shoes and other items

Metal (most often bronze) is applied to the surface of the object in a galvanic manner. For this, the object is immersed in a special chemical solution through which current is passed. Metal atoms are firmly fixed on the surface of the object with a thin layer. This method of applying metal to the surface is called galvanic. The coating thickness is manually adjusted. The shade of the surface of an object can also be different: we can give it a resemblance to copper, silver or gold.

Bronzing items is an original gift or souvenir idea that will be appreciated.