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How to be fashionable in school uniform: life hacks for stylish girls

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In some schools, uniforms are a must for most students. According to experts, thanks to this, it is possible to avoid the unacceptable appearance of students, to improve discipline and academic performance. Regardless of the reason the school administration requires you to wear a school uniform, for some such a dress code is a real test. The school uniform can oppress with its uniformity, because every day you have to wear the same thing. If you also don’t like wearing school uniforms, this article is for you. After reading it, you will learn what you need to do to look good in school uniform.

Do you have a Harry Potter uniform? :(

Nevertheless, in Russia there are such schools in which the official school uniform is approved. Sometimes she can become a special vest, sometimes a whole suit. In this case, there is not much room for imagination. Have to come off on brooches, unusual hairstyles and shoes. Remember, accessories are our everything. Berets, light scarves, jewelry, pins, interesting socks that will peek out from under the trousers - this is what will help you prove yourself.

White shirt

She always looks neat and tidy. As a rule, a classic cut does not imply unnecessary decor, but you can show imagination in choosing a collar: stand, turndown, apache, with a bow or in the style of Peter Pan. Combine a shirt with a skirt or skinny jeans, with a cardigan, sweater or jacket - there are many options, and each time the image sounds in a new way.

Unfortunately, the delicate and beautiful dresses are inexorably leaving the school wardrobe - they are being pressed by impressively comfortable trousers and jeans. Be creative - don't give in! Look for non-banal models, and your daughter will stand out among peers, while remaining within the school dress code. For example: we take a dress-sundress, put on a shirt or sweater in elastic - and the image of a student in the style of a British private school is ready.

Bright accent

Lookbook Mothercare, Fall-Winter 2015

Please your fidget with a bright sweatshirt with a cheerful print - it changes your mood after school, and it’s warm in it during the autumn walk!

Without a jacket at school in any way, this is the basis of the preppy style. For a boy - with trousers, for a girl - with a skirt, in combination with a polo or a classic white shirt. A blazer will allow you to create many different images - from classic to smart casual.

The park is practical and irreplaceable, especially for the off-season: classic, harsh military or marshmallow pink for little princesses. The main thing is that outerwear remains “beyond the threshold” of the school, which means that nothing prevents you from showing your personal style and taste in it. Moreover, the parka is good with strict trousers and a funny skirt.

Turn on the fantasy! A backpack - bright, catchy, decorated with prints, pictures, stripes - an irreplaceable and individual thing. Experiment and choose with your child!

Stylish accessory

Details decide everything: a stylish tie (maybe even a butterfly), a catchy cap, a scarf or a fancy headband for a girl - interesting accessories work wonders!

Pants are the basis of the image for students of any gender. If your school is loyal to experimenting with clothes, give preference to more vibrant, vibrant colors or fabrics, such as velvet, velveteen, or tweed.