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How to get rid of centipedes in an apartment or house

The centipede is a representative of arthropods, belongs to the order of millipedes. Many attribute it to insects, but this is not so. Millipedes number about 12,000 species found in all corners of the planet. But in Russia, the most common flycatcher is a centipede from 3 to 5 cm in size with many long thin limbs and the same long antennae on the head.

The flycatcher has a light brown color, small black stripes and specks on the body. Each limb is equipped with a sharp claw, which allows the millipede to move along vertical walls at a very high speed.

The name centipede does not display the exact number of legs of the creature, but indicates a large number of them.

The reasons for the appearance of millipedes in the house

In the wild, these creatures prefer to live in humid places with an abundance of small insects - the main food of millipedes. But where do the centipedes in human homes come from: with the advent of winter, flytraps seek shelter from the cold and often end up in basements and warm homes of people. They are able to reach the high floors of apartment buildings through cracks in the ceilings and ventilation shafts.

In the southern regions of Russia there are large relatives of the flycatcher - scolopendra. They are also harmless to humans, but meeting them causes genuine fear.

Feeling a constant need for moisture, they prefer to live in bathrooms, under sinks, where various small insects are often found: cockroaches, spiders, ants. Having a constant source of water and food, a domestic centipede can successfully reproduce and live for its own pleasure.

How to get rid of centipedes

Man always seeks to destroy any creature whose neighborhood is unpleasant for him. Arthropods, which by their presence even render benefits by eating other pests, are no exception.

Damaged parts of the body of a centipede when trying to destroy it are able to recover and grow back.

If one or two arthropod individuals accidentally appear in the house, it is enough to simply kill them with the first object that fell into your hands, most often it is a slipper. But in the case of a thorough settlement of their home, you need to know how to get rid of centipedes in an apartment or house. To do this, you need to deal with them in more effective and competent ways.

Folk methods

In order not to resort to the search for toxic substances and special preparations in stores, you can use folk remedies to combat centipedes.

  1. An abundance of moisture can become the most common cause of millipedes, which makes them comfortable and safe to live at home. In order to remove the centipedes, it is necessary to wipe dry all wet places in the apartment or house, get rid of fungal formations on the walls, conduct regular cleaning, close up all the cracks in the ceilings.
  2. To learn how to get rid of centipedes in a private house, it is enough to turn to older people. All of them will surely offer the right way - freezing at home. Over the years, this method of getting rid of pests has been the most effective and safest. Households left in the winter for 2-3 days to live with their neighbors, and left their house without heating. During this time, all insects and pests died in it. In modern apartments, and in many private houses, a central heating system is used, which does not allow using this method of combating centipedes.
  3. Boric acid - an inexpensive and easy-to-use drug that helps to get rid of many types of insects, also has a detrimental effect on arthropods. White crystalline particles of acid when ingested on the body of the pest or inside, cause severe burning, which can lead to death.

Modern methods of combating flytraps

If a centipede appears in the house, most likely, besides her, other insects live in the dwelling. Therefore, you need to poison uninvited guests comprehensively. But not all drugs are equally effective for many types of pests:

  • Glue traps. Quite popular products in the fight against cockroaches and ants, but as a remedy for centipedes is not suitable. The flycatcher can stick several limbs to the sticky layer, but without regrets it will lose them and run on. And the damaged paws will grow back.
  • Medilis Ziper. A toxic agent whose solution is sprayed with a spray gun in the centipede habitat. Pest control should be carried out with a protective mask and gloves. The advantage of this drug is its safety in relation to pets.
  • Global Original. Toxic paste is used to kill many types of pests. It has a slight unpleasant odor, which allows it to be used with caution in an apartment where pets live. The paste is applied in a thin layer around the perimeter of the room and in places where arthropods often appear.
  • Clean house. A very popular drug in the form of an aerosol to control many pests. It has a strong insecticidal effect. One 600 ml bottle is enough for 2-3 room treatments up to 80 square meters. The tool is recommended for the destruction of flytrap nests.
  • Raid. Known spray agent with a pleasant smell of lavender. It has a long-term effect on pests and remains effective for several days. After processing the premises, ventilation is required.
  • Dichlorvos Neo. An improved version of a well-known drug. The composition of the aerosol is odorless, but has a fatal effect on centipedes. Within 2 weeks after treatment, dichlorvos continues to act.

During the use of toxic drugs from centipedes, it is necessary to use protective equipment in the form of gloves and a mask. Before you return to the room, you need to ventilate it.

Prevention methods

To permanently get rid of centipedes, it is not enough to use chemicals or traps. If these creatures find the apartment attractive for living, they will definitely return. After processing the premises with special preparations, it is necessary to carry out a series of actions to prevent the reappearance of millipedes:

  • carry out regular cleaning in the house and monitor cleanliness in hard-to-reach places,
  • eliminate the appearance of small insects in the apartment, which are food for centipedes,
  • make cosmetic repairs in the apartment, close the cracks behind the skirting boards and under the floor coverings,
  • check for moisture near the pipes, sinks, thoroughly wipe them,
  • carry out periodic treatment of apartments with aerosols for prevention.

Compliance with these basic rules will help to forget about the presence of such unpleasant creatures as centipedes.

Who are centipedes and are they dangerous?

Externally, this insect can be compared with a caterpillar, which has many limbs, their number can reach 40 pairs. The paws can grow back if they are damaged.

The centipede looks very repulsive, but it is not capable of causing serious harm to human health. The millipede bite feels like a mosquito bite, and its venom can have a detrimental effect only on other insects, such as bugs, cockroaches or flies.

Where to begin

The centipede has a rather scary appearance, but it does not pose a danger. The appearance of a centipede in an apartment is a bad sign. Usually this insect was considered an assistant, because kills pests. Consequently, food for her appeared in your house. The main thing is not to be afraid of her. A millipede attacks only in extreme danger, and its bite is not fatal. But to solve the problem is necessary.

What measures will help get rid of?

To get rid of an unpleasant neighbor, it is not enough to run with a slipper behind him. Given the high speed of the centipede, this is quite complicated and will not save you from a common problem. A more humane way is to try to catch and take it to the street. But to clean the dwelling of a centipede in the long run, it is necessary to deprive it of living conditions. Having achieved this, one does not have to worry about their return or brood of a whole nest of insects.

The following is a list of actions that will resolve the problem:

  • Food deprivation. Destroy the insects that they feed on, and then the centipedes will be forced to leave you.
  • Make repairs. An arthropod lives in crevices and holes near a drain. Close them up and deny access to housing.
  • Eliminate dampness. The insect is water-loving, if you get rid of mold and high humidity, then it will not be comfortable.
  • Deprivation of water. Do not let water accumulate; do not dry your laundry at home.
  • Check the condition of the basement at home. This is where all kinds of unpleasant guests usually gather.

External signs of a millipede

Another name is flycatcher, scolopendra. Color yellow with black stripes. The body is oblong (reaches 3 cm), flattened and segmented. The insect has 15-20 pairs of legs, with the loss or damage in place of each of the legs grows a new one. To be able to hold the victim, ticks are provided on the front two legs.

Centipedes are completely harmless and even useful, but invariably cause hostility in humans

When a person bites, no negative phenomena are noted, except for minor pain. The poison through which the millipede acts on its prey is dangerous only for insects (flies, cockroaches), snails, slugs. The flycatcher has excellent vision, which allows you to move freely, not only during the day, but also at night. The speed of movement develops up to 40 cm / s. On the surface of the body, villi are distributed.

They are quite harmless. They are not dangerous for people, they do not spoil furniture, they do not harm plants.

The average life expectancy is 7 years, which is due to the ability to restore lost limbs. As a result, the speed of movement of insects does not decrease, and they can avoid dangers. Favorite habitats are where humidity levels are elevated. So, centipedes are more often noticed in the bathroom, toilet, basement. Due to the flattened shape of the body, millipedes are able to penetrate into the smallest gaps.

Ways of a centipede entering a house

When deciding how to get rid of centipedes in a private house, you should first find out where they came from. Acceptable conditions for these insects: dim light, humid environment, many shelters. Given these preferences, it can be assumed that centipedes will be found more often in the bathroom and toilet. In the hall, the nursery, in the kitchen, these insects live less often, but nevertheless they can be found here.

Flytrap does not harm domestic plants, does not spoil furniture and wallpaper. Food stocks in the kitchen of these insects are also not attracted.

There are several factors contributing to the appearance of a centipede:

  • Permanent water source, such as tiled condensate, leaking plumbing fixtures
  • Increased humidity in the room, contributing to the spread of dampness
  • Comfortable microclimate
  • Enough food
  • Dim light.

However, the primary source is a basement or a subfloor if these premises are badly infected. Insects will spread further through the facility, selecting apartments for themselves with suitable living conditions. If you do not take flytraps out of the house, they will periodically return. It is the increased humidity and dampness that causes centipedes to appear in the fall, when heating has not yet been supplied, but the temperature outside the window has dropped enough to keep the housing cool.

The forelegs of the flycatcher are claws, with the help of which it attracts the victim to itself.

The main food sources of the flycatcher: insects, the remnants of human food and the root system of plants, despite this millipede does not harm the plantations.

Overview of control methods

When deciding how to get rid of centipedes in your apartment, you need to perform a number of simple manipulations:

  • All rooms must be ventilated, if possible, it is recommended to install forced ventilation devices in the bathroom and toilet.
  • It is important to control the humidity level in the apartment. In this case, the fight against insects begins with the purchase of an air dryer.
  • The operation of plumbing fixtures is regularly checked, the pipeline is inspected for slots, the operation of the taps is monitored.
  • If the task is how to get rid of centipedes in a private house forever, you need to monitor the condition of the basement: the humidity level decreases, rubbish debris is dismantled, and moisture and mold are prevented from spreading.
  • All cracks on the floor and walls, between the risers of the sewer pipes, on the door frame of the front door, window frames need to be filled. Mosquito nets are installed on the windows.
  • On the territory of private housing, unnecessary things should not accumulate where flytraps can freely breed.
  • The fight against centipedes also includes checking the soil of domestic plants. Water should not accumulate in pallets.
  • In the bathroom after washing, it is important to avoid the accumulation of water: spray, puddles.

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Overview of Chemicals

If there is a problem, how to permanently get rid of centipedes in the house, it is allowed to consider drugs based on poisons. However, this method is better to use with a strong infection of the premises, because the flytraps are harmless to humans, and they also destroy pests of various types.

Treat the intended habitats with boric acid

You can get rid of millipedes using the following tools:

  • Boric acid - it is scattered throughout the housing, but it is also effective to use a solution based on this powder.
  • Food grade diatom powder.
  • Raid from crawling insects - it is offered in the form of an aerosol, it has a pleasant smell.
  • Medilis Ziper. It is characterized by an unpleasant odor. This is a universal remedy, but requires the use of protective equipment.
  • Lambda Zone - the drug is safe for humans and pets. The product is odorless.
  • Globol Original - is offered in the form of a gel, characterized by the absence of smell. Contains chemical insecticides.
  • Combat - an aerosol through which it is easy to process the habitats of centipedes (in the bathroom, toilet, etc.), for this the nozzle is included in the kit.

In order not to harm the centipedes, but only scare them off, it is recommended to first use folk remedies: boric acid, diatomaceous (diatomite) powder.

Aerosols are recommended to be used with the condition that no one will be home for the next 2 hours

Thus, millipedes do not cause harm, except for psychological discomfort from the neighborhood with these insects. There are quite a lot of benefits from them: centipedes destroy flies, cockroaches and other harmful insects that often live in the house.

To remove scolopendra, it is necessary to restore the normal level of humidity, remove food and water sources, and clear places where trash is stored. If you create inappropriate living conditions, centipedes will leave the housing themselves.

Hot red pepper

It needs to be poured in insect habitats, but it is worth making sure that children and pets do not approach there.

To protect your home from the penetration of arthropods, shredded grass from chamomile flowers called “Pyrethrum” is capable of. It can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Diatom powder

It is an effective tool for controlling insects. In addition, it does not pose a threat to human health and pets. It contains particles of diatoms and crushed shells of unicellular organisms. Powder is scattered in the sites of the centipedes settlement to reduce their numbers.

Preventive measures

To prevent millipedes from invading your home again, follow these guidelines:

  • Regularly clean the room.
  • Take care of sealing all cracks and holes through which millipedes can enter the house from the outside. Install mosquito nets and ventilation grilles.
  • Get rid of other insects indoors as well, as they serve as food for centipedes. Their timely elimination will protect you from the appearance of uninvited guests.
  • Centipedes prefer damp rooms as their habitat. Therefore, take measures to reduce the humidity level in your home, thereby creating uncomfortable conditions for insects.


Food poison does not work well in relation to centipedes. The reason is that they are predators. Therefore, for a long time, they may not pay attention to the bait left. The best way to eliminate centipedes is to use insecticides in the form of a spray or aerosol. The product must be poured in possible habitats of the insect - a bathroom, toilet, baseboards, tiles. Remember safety precautions and apply means being equipped in rubber gloves and a respirator. After use, the product must leave the house for several hours.

Examples of tools that can help you:

  • Aerosol "Clean House".
  • Aerosol "Raptor".
  • Aerosol "Combat".
  • Aerosol "Raid".
  • Эмульсии «Медилис».

Присутствие в квартире большого количества сороконожек, индикатор проживания колонии тараканов или муравьёв. In order to overcome centipedes, it will be necessary to remove pests, otherwise after a while the insects will return in the same amount. Therefore, complex agents that kill both pests and centipedes are also effective.

If the number of insects is not very large, then you can use folk remedies. Keep in mind, despite the fact that the folk remedy, its use or careless handling threatens the same poisoning as previous means.

Boric acid works well against most parasites and pests. Centipedes are also among the insects that are etched by this remedy. To combat arthropods there is no need to make bait. It is enough to sprinkle boric acid into the cracks in the tiles, holes in the sewers and under the bath. But if you know about the existence of food, such as cockroaches, it is better to make a bait with boiled yolk and boric acid. With the disappearance of cockroaches, millipedes will also disappear.

The non-standard use of cayenne pepper can also help. Dry, and then grind into powder and treat the places similar to the use of boric acid. They do not tolerate the smell and taste of a spicy product, so they will soon leave your home.


Prevention consists in keeping the house in a form that will be unpleasant for the centipede.

Eliminate any presence of other insects like cockroaches, flies and ants. Without feed, the millipede will not stay with you.

Repair all plumbing issues. Dampness and the presence of water favors the appearance of insects. For the same reason, always wring rags and washcloths and do not store them on the floor. It is necessary to have certain devices so that towels and other things dry quickly.

Fight mold. This is also a sign of dampness, and its absence is an indicator of normal humidity.

Check the condition of the cracks in the floor, the mounting of skirting boards, holes near the pipes. Do thorough cleaning regularly and do not rule out hard-to-reach spots.

Basement is the first stop of any pests. Follow his condition and call specialists if necessary.