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How to change Facebook image Profile without notifying anyone

Hello dear visitor of the site! If you still don’t know how to change the main photo on Facebook, then here, in this lesson I will tell you how to change the photo on Facebook.

In the facebook social network, you can change the main photo in several ways, one of which I will tell you now.
And so we hover over the name of your profile and press the left mouse button once, after which your profile page will open in your Internet browser where you will see your main photo of your profile.
To continue and change the photo on Facebook, you need to place the mouse cursor on the main photo on your page, after which the "Update profile photo" button will be displayed, on which you need to click the left mouse button once.

When you click on the button “Update profile photo”, a special window will open on your computer, in which you will be asked to install a profile photo from your photo albums, and also will be offered a way to download photos through your computer.
Let's use the method of uploading photos through a computer.
To upload a photo through a computer, you will need to move the mouse cursor over the “+ Upload photo” button and press the left mouse button once.

When you select "+ Download photo", Windows Explorer will open on your computer, in which you need to specify the path of your photo to download.
And so, in the windows explorer, open the local drive and the folder in which your photos are located, then select the photo we need and click on the "Open" button.

When you click on the “Open” button, the process of downloading your photo will begin on your computer. The photo upload process will take about ten seconds.
When the process of uploading photos to the social network on your computer ends, a special window will open on your computer to edit the photo you uploaded.
If you click on the plus button, the photo will be enlarged, therefore, the area of ​​the photo will be reduced.
If you click on the minus button, the photo will be reduced, and the photo area can be increased to 100% visibility.
When you edit your photo, you just have to click on the button “Save profile photo”.

When you click on the “Save Profile Photo” button, the downloaded profile photo on Facebook will be changed to a new photo.
In such a simple and affordable way, you can change the main photo on Facebook.

Change Facebook profile image without notifying anyone

If you just upload a photo and set it as the profile picture will always be set to “Public”, and all people who do not even have a Facebook account will not be able to see your profile picture.

Now let's say that you do not want others to know about your profile change. In this case, first log in to your Facebook account and hover over an existing profile picture.

You will see the option Refresh Profile Image . Click here. If you have already uploaded the photo to Facebook, select it from existing images. If you need to upload an image, click Upload a photo and upload a new image. After downloading, set it as your profile picture following the screen.

Now, no matter what you did, it will be automatically transferred to your friends on Facebook. More specifically, all people (including you) will find an update like this -

If you do not want to publish this update publicly or want to change your Facebook profile picture without notifying friends, you need to make this update “ Private ".

To do this, click the sign globe visible next to date / time and select Only me .

That's all! Now no one except you can find the profile update.

Please note that you can also change the cover photo privately using the same trick. Moreover, if you have a page with massive interactions or where people start to love and comment within a few seconds after loading status, this trick may not be very effective. It would be if you could quickly change privacy without spending a lot of time. Plus, remember that if you upload a new image in order to set the profile image, you need to make this status private along with the update “Change Image Profile”.

Stay away from these best Facebook privacy settings.

Instructions for changing the avatar

So, to change an outdated or simply bored avatar, you need to follow these steps:
1. Go to your Facebook page,

2. Hover over your photo located in the header and click on the pop-up menu “Update profile photo”,

3. Select the source of the new ava: upload from a computer, take a picture on a webcam or select from photo albums on a social network,

4. Crop the photo, zoom in, and then click “Save Profile Photo.”

Everything is ready! Now at any time you can replace the avatar.

Page Cover Design

In addition to the main profile photo, you can set a picture for the header of your page. It will not play a functional role, but it will noticeably refresh the page and make it more attractive. To change the cover, do the following:
1. Go to your Facebook page,
2. Click on the camera icon located in the upper left part of the header,

3. In the drop-down menu, select “Download photo” if you want to install a photo from your computer, or “Choose from my photos” if you already added the necessary picture to your Facebook album,

4. Use the mouse cursor to adjust the position of the picture, and then click “Save Changes”.

Photo Requirements

The fantasy of Facebook users is unlimited, so the leadership of the social network very clearly stipulates the rules for publishing photo files, including Avatars and pictures for the cover page. Pictures posted on a social network should not contain violent scenes, obscene language, as well as materials that may offend other users.

In addition, the system makes requirements for the size of installed avatars. The photo should not be too small - its size should exceed 180 pixels in width. If this rule is not observed, the system will warn you about the need to choose another photo. The size requirement applies to pictures for the cover - it must be at least 720 pixels wide.

Thus, to change the photo on your page, the user needs to spend only a few minutes. But the search for inspirational images can take significantly longer. To make a difference and help Facebook users, we offer a small selection of photo material for the page header. You can add them to your profile or just save for the future - all of a sudden come in handy!

Change your profile photo on Facebook “secretly”

The whole process is quite simple and just involves setting up your profile photo in the usual, traditional way, and then as soon as possible hide the message that we made on our timeline.

Go to your Facebook profile and hover over the thumbnail of your profile photo. Click on the highlighted option. "Refresh profile photo." A new window will appear in which you can upload a new photo from disk or select one of the existing albums.

Select your new profile photo and traditionally confirm adding it. Now a message will appear on your board saying that you updated the photo of your profile. This message is visible to your friends.

Now all you have to do is quickly respond and hide this message as soon as possible. Go to your profile and find your message - it will be at the very top of your board. A globe icon is displayed next to the date the profile picture was changed, which means that the message is public and everyone can see it.. Click this icon to change your mail privacy settings.. A small menu will appear in which you will find a list of visibility settings for this message.

Choose from the drop down menu "Just me" which is at the bottom. If it does not appear by default, just click the “Expand” button for all options at the very bottom of the list.

After selecting an option "Just me" the message will still be on your board, but none of your friends will be able to see it. It will be visible only to you. This message will also not appear in your friends' news feed. Thus, we changed the profile photo without informing all your friends about it. The image changes, but the information is hidden.