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Places Graph SDK for iOS

The Facebook "Places" application allows you to use the location function on your iPhone or other smartphone. This allows you to see the real location of your friends by pointing out yours. In addition, you can see if one of your friends has checked in not far from you, which allows you, if you wish, to connect to them. This article will tell you how to share your location with friends and, for security reasons, remain hidden to others.

A. Create a developer account

If you do not have a Facebook developer account, click the button below to create one. The Facebook Developer Account provides access to developer tools and allows you to create Facebook applications.

Already have a Facebook developer account? Then go to the next step.

Verification via smartphone or PC

Before you can share your location with your Facebook friends, Facebook needs to know where you are. Just open in your web browser (or use the Facebook app for iPhone on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) and you will see a tab under Inbox called Places. For an iOS application, it will display a new icon in the middle of the main screen.

Click Places , and you will see your latest checks, as well as your friends' verification checks, in. Here you can find out more about the places where your friends check (map location, description, routes, comments and other checks), or you can check yourself in the nearest spot by clicking Check In in the upper right corner of the page.

If you cannot find the right place to register, you can view more nearby locations by clicking the right arrow button on the Places tab until you find it (if you are using the iPhone app, just scroll to the end and press Show more nearby locations ).

The list of available places comes from other people's checks and lists from Bing, so you may have to add your location yourself - just click Add and it will take you to a page where you can fill in a name and description.

As soon as you click “Check” B, you will be presented with a list of the nearest places where other people have registered. Click the one you want to check and you can choose to comment on what you are doing there, or add your Facebook friends to your registration (click What are you doing? and friends tags with you , respectively). Then press the big button Check in and it will appear in your news feed.

While Places is mainly intended for smartphone users, it doesn’t depend on the GPS device to find your location - you can register with a laptop or iPod Touch. Just go to in your browser (of course, you need Internet access), and you can go from your desk or cafe.

Check with friends

If you are not on Facebook just to show everyone who you have a loner, you will eventually want to add the friends you keep to your Facebook account. All you have to do is choose Friends of you with friends option when registering.

Once you have added your friends and registered, they will also appear in the news feed. If they have not used Facebook Places, they will not appear on their channel until they approve the registration, they will appear the next time the next time they log in, asking them to allow or deny registration.

You can add friends only during registration, so if you forget about adding someone and want to add them later, you're out of luck.

It can be quite difficult for users interested in privacy - when researching this part, I checked several of my colleagues from PCWorld in local bars at about 11 a.m. on a working day - so if you want to use Facebook Places without letting your friends check you out, you can turn it off by turning it off “Friends can check me in places.” in the privacy settings (click the link for detailed instructions). When this is turned off, your friends can still try to add you during registration, but it will not be displayed during the actual registration.

Owning Your Facebook Place

While someone can add Facebook Place, business owners can turn a Places listing into their Facebook page, with Likes and Wall, and all that other fun stuff. (Remember to read “Three Business Ways to Take Advantage of Facebook Places.”)

Start by registering in your place (or add it if it does not appear in the list of nearby places) and click on the link at the bottom of the page where it is indicated Is this your business?

Facebook doesn’t want people to cybersquatting someone else’s listing of the company, so you will need to check the box confirming that you are the official representative of the company and click Continue checking , to continue.

You will then need to provide contact information for your business, including your federal employee identification number (if applicable) and any official documentation (registration certificate, articles of registration certificate, local business license or BBB accreditation).

Once you submit this information and receive approval from the user team of Facebook users, you will be fully controlled of your new location. There is no word on what will happen if you catch the personification of an employee, and we do not recommend trying.

How to disable Facebook places

Dive into Facebook places and decide that this is not for you? There are several settings that you will need to change in order to completely disable it. Start by switching to Account, Privacy Settings, and press Customize options in the Facebook Sharing section.

Here you will need to change the settings for the places where I check. People here and friends can check me for places (under the heading “Other materials”).

You will need to change another setting: go back to Privacy Settings, select Change settings in the "Applications and Sites" section and click Change settings for information available to your friends .

Uncheck The places I visited and you will be good for going. For a more detailed explanation of what each option does and where to find it, check if you haven't already done so, “Facebook Places: How to Set Privacy Settings.”

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