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Wedding colors: the best solutions

Wedding is a triumph of love. This is a holiday in which the newlyweds want to share their joy with the nearest and dearest. And of course, on this day everything around should be especially beautiful and create an appropriate mood. Fresh flowers are the best decor for a wedding celebration. The Planet Flora specialist will tell you how to choose them, where and how to use them.

What color is the most fashionable for a wedding in 2019?

One can argue endlessly about tastes, but many listen to the advice of fashion critics. This also applies to flowers for a wedding. Having decided on a fashionable color, complement it with suitable shades. So the celebration will continue to be subject to fashionable criteria, but with your personal touch. It is so great to bring something personal to the celebration.

The most fashionable color schemes for the wedding this year include:

  • Shades of red, especially the fiesta,
  • Marsala and other shades of burgundy,
  • Delicate rose quartz,
  • Juicy shades of green
  • Blue-gray color for wedding decoration,
  • The color of ice coffee, coffee with milk will emphasize the confident and calm wedding style of the bride,
  • Sunny yellow in combination with olive or purple. The juicy color of fresh grass will add mood and brightness.

Beating the chosen primary color, you can emphasize the lightness and playfulness of the celebration or, conversely, make the ceremony restrained and strict. What to stop is decided exclusively by lovers. In the meantime, we suggest viewing the color combination for decorating a wedding in a photo in our articles.

Wedding decoration in color: red, blue, white.

A stylish wedding in the color of your favorite shade is an exceptional occasion for the joy of young people. Of particular popularity, as before, are the classic colors that always remain in fashion. After reading our articles, listening to the advice of experts, you can unusually beat even the most stringent color schemes, making the celebration bright and special.

How to beat a wedding in red:

  • A red-gold wedding, as a sign of luxury and wealth,
  • Red and white celebration. Gentle notes, complemented by the color of passion, will make the event vivid, and the photos stylish and beautiful,
  • Black and red ceremony. A bold choice for cheeky newlyweds. White is often used as an additional color,
  • Red and green will saturate the wedding with a juicy mood. The main thing is not to go too far with these shades.

A wedding in blue will be remembered if you combine:

  • Blue and yellow. Bright colors remind of the warm summer sky and sea breeze.
  • Blue shades with white. A great option for a romantic and light wedding,
  • Correctly selected color of blue in tandem with black is sure to surprise and will be remembered by each guest with an original combination,
  • A noble gray accentuates bright blue notes, emphasizing the elegance of the event.

The final decision, in what color to make the wedding, lies entirely on the shoulders of future spouses. Ideal to choose shades - this is the whole art. Spend a little more time on this issue before the holiday.

Choosing a wedding color scheme - the best colors of 2020

The rapidly changing trends in bridal fashion each year bring something new and different. The color scheme of the wedding is also regularly updated, delighting brides with fresh ideas and impulses for inspiration.

When choosing a color scheme for a wedding in 2020, we advise you to pay attention to the following basic shades:

  1. Dark orange. Suitable for a calm and confident couple. We recommend combining with peach or beige color,
  2. Mustard. Cranberry color will help add color, and beige or lilac brown emphasize the coziness and warm atmosphere of the event,
  3. Amethyst, or pink-purple. Pale lilac gamma or pale green shades will become the personification of tenderness and lightness.

We will not reveal all the secrets at once. The information in full is of interest below in the author’s articles. Hurry first to find out how to choose the right wedding style, taking into account the latest fashion trends.

Color wedding: fashionable color combinations

It is not enough just to choose the color of the wedding, it is very important to complement it with shades that emphasize the main color and the idea of ​​celebration. You can find ideas for a colored wedding on the portal for young We not only share experiences and tips, but also help to avoid ridiculous mistakes. A lot of photos will definitely help you make the right choice. After all, the color palette of the wedding is the basis for the celebration.

Many brides love to play with shades on their own, choosing the perfect combination for themselves. Are you afraid to lose in this “unequal battle”? Then, specially for you, teams of experienced wedding decorators and designers made up fashionable color combinations. You just have to decide on the style of color weddings and realize ideas. Go for it!

8 secrets of the perfect bridal bouquet

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a bouquet is its harmonious combination with the image of the bride herself and her outfit. That is why it is not recommended to make an overly bright bouquet - against the background of a white dress and the bride’s tenderness, it will look like an absurdly awkward spot, but at the same time attract eyes and distract the bride from admiring. If you still dream of a bright bouquet, then do a “theatrical” makeup, then the color balance will be observed.

If your Wedding Dress - not snow-white (boiling white), but, for example, milky white, give preference to pink and cream plants so that the outfit does not seem dirty. In general, it is believed that in any case it is better to pick flowers one or two shades darker than the dress, which is when the most harmonious image of the ideal bride is obtained.

Do not make the bouquet heavy and very large. Firstly, the bride holds him for half a day (and, according to wedding signs, she should not let him out of her hands at all), and she may be tired. And secondly, with such a bouquet it is simply inconvenient to be photographed - he either crawls out over the edge of the frame or covers the dress or the face of the newlywed.

If you are going to ride around the city and visit any memorable places after registering a marriage, then choose a bouquet in a capsule - then the flowers will keep fresh throughout the wedding.

Ideally, if the flowers in the bride’s bouquet are combined with a buttonhole on the lapel, in the buttonhole or in the pocket of the groom’s jacket. This adds a couple of charm, makes their image unified, and on a mystical level ties the young to each other even more tightly. This tradition is rooted in antiquity and has a truly sacred meaning, which is why it is better to follow it.

Bridal bouquet: how to choose, how to make, signs

If the bride’s hairstyle involves the use of flowers, then they should be ordered together with wedding bouquet and pick up the same plants that make up the main composition. In this case, give preference to those colors that can "live" for a long time without water, while maintaining their natural beauty. It is better to refuse artificial flowers both in the hair and in the bouquet itself. They symbolize the falsity, insincerity of relations and the fragility of the marriage.

It is advisable to wrap the stalks of flowers so that the greens do not stain the dress and gloves of the bride. And if you make a bouquet of roses, then the thorns must be cut off in advance so that the lady does not hurt her hands and is not scratched. Moreover, according to popular beliefs, the thorns of roses symbolize troubles and resentments, so it is worth getting rid of all these troubles in advance. Well, or at least try to do it.

Refrain from using intensely smelling flowers in your wedding bouquet. They will be in direct contact with the bride too long, so they can cause not only a headache, but also an allergy. For example, if you want your bouquet to consist of lilies, then give preference to the so-called “Asians”. They have no aroma, and, in addition, their pollen, unlike ordinary lilies, is not so dirty. However, if you adore some flowers precisely because of their smell, then this rule can not be followed, because your head does not hurt from your favorite perfumes. So the warning primarily applies to exotic plants that you have never encountered before.

What flowers to choose for a wedding

Fresh flowers give a special charm to the interior. But if the buds are wilted by the end of the holiday, this will not add charm. Therefore, in the first place, preference should be given to flowers that retain freshness longer. Yes, florists can work miracles and extend the life of even the most delicate inflorescences, but this is a lot of work and even greater costs. Meanwhile, roses and chrysanthemums, for example, do not need special preparation, but look very festive. Due to the variety of shades and varieties, you can compose compositions for any interior style. The same persistent colors include freesia, alstroemeria, eustoma.

Speaking of style. You need to select flowers not only by color scheme. So, for a classic wedding, large compositions of roses, freesia, possibly greens or gypsophila, orchids are suitable. No wonder they say - classics are always in fashion, this saying also applies to weddings.

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This style is distinguished by sophistication, moderation in everything, impeccability and sophisticated luxury.

The decor of the eco-wedding is different in natural shades, calm and neutral, even the classic green color will be appropriate in this design. Wildflowers, leaves and a lot of greenery, as well as blue flowers, as the personification of the sky and water, are perfect for decoration. An eco-wedding, by the way, is very fashionable this season. A bride’s bouquet, for example, may contain such a decorative element as a bamboo branch. You can also play with the design of compositions, they can be created using packaging made from natural fabrics - jute, burlap.

White gladiolus and spikelets of wild herbs are originally and gently combined. For example, such an arch for a wedding ceremony will become one of the main accents of an eco-wedding.

Vintage style implies pastel shades. The most common white color, pale green, cream, pink. Peonies will come in handy. Mandatory attribute of a wedding of this style should be lace. The bride’s dress with lace decor, lace in the design of the bride’s bouquet and always in the decor.

In general, if we ignore some clear style of wedding, often the choice of flowers depends on the time of year. In summer, bright bouquets and compositions become relevant. "Summer flowers" are used, most often these are peonies.

In winter, you can include sprigs of conifers in the decor.

Unique decorations for the autumn wedding will come from pumpkins and rowan berries.

How to use flowers to decorate a wedding

The table of the newlyweds is decorated with large elongated compositions of fresh flowers. The composition should set the tone for the whole design idea.

You can also decorate the wall behind the bride and groom with fresh flowers. Voluminous hearts, rings, swans made of flowers look luxurious. Thematic inscriptions are also relevant: capital letters of the names of the bride and groom or just the word “Love”.

Tables for guests should definitely be decorated with bouquets. But it is better to choose the more modest, which will not take up much space. It is worth making sure that the decorations will not block the guests. It is not necessary to take strongly smelling plants so as not to provoke an allergy among guests and not to interrupt the aroma of dishes.

Tall vases decorated with crystal beads look luxurious.

Small bouquets or flower buds on the chairs for guests in combination with drapery look very gently and festively.

The original decoration, for example, of the exit registration area or tent, if you decide to celebrate your wedding in the open air, will be transparent vases hanging on thin ribbons or threads. Miniature bouquets will soar lightly above their heads, and create a magical mood.

Be sure to use rose petals for decoration. They can draw patterns on paths, decorate tables. And if you string them on threads, you get air garlands.

Arches, columns, stairs, chandeliers can be decorated with flowers. Such decoration may not be cheap, but these costs will not be in vain - floral splendor will turn any room into luxurious.

In addition, it is not necessary to spend too much, because you can choose flowers at wholesale prices, for example, in Planet Flora hypermarkets in Pushkino or Schelkovo. They have a wide selection of colors from classic to exotic, varied decor and attractive prices - everything to make the wedding beautiful and unique! There, in stores, you can get advice from florists who will help determine the choice of flowers.