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How to make a tickler file


If you are struggling to keep your to-do list under control and thereby waste your precious time trying to organize everything, then the Tickler file will help you sort everything out. Tickler divides tasks and papers into: performed daily, weekly and / or monthly. Tickler is a particularly useful tool for organizing personal accounts and documents, meetings with clients, and upcoming personal / business phone calls or e-mails. See Step 1 for how to create a traditional paper file or use digital services to create an electronic version.

TickTick - the perfect task scheduler and note keeper

If you were looking for a convenient cross-platform task manager with wide functionality, try the TickTick application and service. In this review, we list TickTick features and explain how they can be used in the best way.

Create Lists

TickTick allows you to create many task lists. This is a basic feature that is available in all such applications. I have created three lists: work tasks, life tasks (household) and just notes.

In addition, even inside the task itself, you can create a list with active checkboxes.

Synchronize tasks between all devices

TickTick synchronizes tasks with the web version, applications for Android, iOS, extensions for Chrome and Firefox - wherever I am, my tasks are at your fingertips.

In more detail you can see the infographics of the web version on the developer's site, but I will describe below TickTick for Android.

Using widgets for quick access and a high level of usability

For me, as a user of Android devices, the key feature of TickTick is a convenient widget where you can see all your tasks, as well as note their completion, add new ones and switch lists. That is why I started using TickTick on Android.

In the application itself, you can swipe tasks left and right, and the functions performed depend on the length of the swipe. A short swipe to the right places the task in the archive, a long one - displays the priority setting window. A short swipe to the left displays a window for setting reminders and dates, a long one - to move the task between your lists. Swipe from the left edge opens your lists.

Very conveniently made alerts in the curtain. The total number of tasks for today is shown, a button for adding a new task and a slider for turning over actual tasks (without going into the application).

In fact, the usability of both applications and the service is thought out to the smallest detail.

3 priority levels

It is possible to set the task to one of three priorities: important (red), medium (yellow), low (blue). In accordance with these priorities, tasks in the lists are sorted. The picture shows the priority setting with a gesture (long swipe from left to right for the task).

Time & Location Reminders

TickTick allows you to create a reminder for a task when I’m either at the moment of arrival or leaving the place at a specific address. For example, I attach a store address to the task “Buy a loaf”. The minimum radius is 100 meters, and you can increase it by pulling the circle. This is a very useful feature, especially for everyday small tasks, which I recently began to use constantly.

For a given time (for example, at 10 am), you can schedule a message to appear with a list of all tasks for today.

Set up flexible recurring tasks

My wife breeds different plants. Sometimes, when she goes on a business trip, the task falls on me to water some of them every three days, and others every five days. It is clear that the wife got into this habit and she always remembers when and what to water, but for me it became a problem. The solution was to create a recurring task in TickTick. An additional convenience of this function is that there is no rigid binding of the task to the deadline. It can be done a day earlier or later - there will be nothing to worry about. For example, flowers can be watered a day later, and it is from this moment that the task is repeated three days ahead.

The ability to share your collaboration task lists with your wife

Sometimes it becomes necessary to transfer a task or to puzzle someone else, such as a wife. To do this, I installed the TickTick application and opened access to her task sheet. And now I can, for example, set my wife the task of buying a loaf, with a reminder and high priority.

To share a sheet, you need to open it, go to the settings in the upper right corner and then click on “Sharing”. Please note that you can only share a separate task sheet, not the “All” or “Inbox” sheet.

Unfortunately, in the free version you can only share with your wife (that is, with one person).

Dictate tasks using Google Now voice commands

In 2014, the quality of voice recognition in Russian reached the level on Android that it became really convenient to use. Now the phrase “OK Google” can be said on any home screen - both in ordinary Google Launcher, and in third-party ones like Nova Launcher.

I say: “Ok Google. Create a note “Buy a loaf” ”- and the note will be added to my TickTick tasks.

Integration with calendar applications

TickTick can both display tasks added to your Google Calendar and put them there.

To do this, copy the unique ICS link from the settings of your TickTick account (click on the upper right corner of your profile picture) into the Google Calendar settings (click on the gear in the upper right corner). In the Google Calendar settings go to the calendar settings and click on the link “View interesting calendars”. Next, click on the link “Add Calendar by URL” and insert your TickTick link into the opened form.

Click "Add Calendar" and TickTick tasks with an associated due date appear on your Google calendar.

Other TickTick Features

  • Various sorting options (in order, date, name, priority).
  • Add notes or comments to tasks.
  • Batch editing tasks.
  • Quick task search.

All of the above functions are implemented in a convenient interface - it only takes a few minutes to get used to it, start using it, stop forgetting everything and work more productively.

Differences between the free and the Pro version

The free version has several limitations:

  • Up to 19 task sheets, 99 tasks per sheet, 19 check lists within tasks.
  • You can share a sheet with only one person.
  • You can attach only one file (photo, audio or other files) per day.
  • Planning an agenda on a calendar.
  • Change history.
  • Experimental Functions

These restrictions do not interfere with household or simple business tasks.

More details on the differences between the free and Pro versions can be found on this page.


The iOS version is now less functional than the version for Android, but the creators of the application are working on it and promise to complete it within a few months.

Thus, TickTick is the most functional solution at the moment that can be used in everyday life and in business. Now you have all the tasks recorded and planned, and you need to complete them. But that is another story.

Write in the comments which planner for business and household tasks do you use and why?