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How to make yogurt


Yogurt is a fermented milk product that is loved by adults and children for its pleasant taste and benefit. The composition of natural yogurt includes only milk and sour-milk bacteria. They make this product so beneficial for the body.

Its regular use improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the metabolism, and strengthens the immune system. This is the most easily digestible dairy product. Even people suffering from lactose intolerance can eat yogurt, since beneficial sour-milk bacteria ferment it in milk.

Benefits of Homemade Yogurt

Now yogurt can be found in any supermarket. However, before buying, you should carefully read the information on the label. If the composition includes any stabilizers, flavors, flavorings, then the product cannot be considered natural and will be less useful.

But when preparing a fermented milk product at home, there is always confidence in the quality and correctness of its composition. This also applies to various additives, at home they will only be healthy and natural: fruits, nuts, granola.

Moreover, you can independently regulate the fat content of the product by choosing more or less fat content of the source milk. This is important for those who monitor the calorie intake.

Therefore, cooking yogurt yourself at home is definitely worth it. Moreover, it is not difficult to do this if you have special equipment in the form of a yogurt maker and even without it.

General cooking rules:

  1. Ultra-pasteurized industrial milk is the safest and most ready to use. Other types of milk, including rustic fresh milk, must first be boiled. This is done because the cooking temperature of about 40 0 ​​C is favorable for the development not only of beneficial bacteria, but also of pathogens,
  2. At the same time, it is better not to take sterilized industrial milk. The taste will be just as pleasant, but the expected benefit in the product will not be,
  3. Dry sourdough for yogurt is sold in pharmacies and health food stores. An instruction is attached to it, according to which a dairy product must be prepared,
  4. Bio-yogurt from the supermarket is also suitable as a starter. You just need to familiarize yourself with the label and make sure of its naturalness. Well, if the composition is only milk and dairy crops. One cup is enough for a liter of milk,
  5. It is very important to mix the starter and milk thoroughly. It’s better to first dilute it in a small amount, and only then combine it with the main volume of milk,
  6. The dishes for cooking must be thoroughly washed, sterilized or rinsed with boiling water,
  7. Try to “disturb” the yogurt as little as possible during cooking - do not mix, do not shake, do not shake,
  8. Cooked yogurt can also be used as sourdough. However, it is not recommended to re-ferment it more than 5 times, because with each time the composition will change.

Cooking without yogurt maker

Making natural yogurt is possible at home even without the use of special equipment. The main thing is to comply with all recommendations and withstand temperature conditions.

The easiest option is to combine milk and sourdough at a temperature of 45 ° C in a clean saucepan. The pan is covered, wrapped in a warm blanket and placed next to the battery for 8 hours. Then the blanket is removed, the pan is allowed to cool to room temperature and the finished product is placed in the refrigerator.

After mixing all the ingredients in a pan, pour the mixture into sterilized glass jars. Tighten the jars with foil and place in a mold with warm water. Tighten the form with cling film and put in the oven, turned off, but before that preheated to 50 0 C. Keep at least 6 hours.

Yogurt in a slow cooker: easy and simple

If the house has a yogurt maker, the process of preparing this healthy product is simplified as much as possible. The device creates the necessary temperature conditions, heats the jars with leaven the necessary amount of time, and then automatically turns off.

All that is required is to dilute milk and sourdough in the correct ratio, mix well and pour into the jars that come with the yogurt maker in the kit.

And then the equipment will take care of everything. The jars are equipped with convenient lids; they can be stored in the refrigerator with the finished product for up to 7 days.

A slow cooker is another assistant in cooking yogurt at home. Many models even have a special mode and cups in the kit. In this case, it is enough just to pour the mixture of milk and sourdough into containers, place them in the multicooker bowl and select the desired program. After 8 hours, the yogurt will be ready.

If the crock-pot is not equipped with such a cooking regime, it is still possible to make homemade yogurt in it. In this case, the mixture is poured into jars.

It is very convenient to take cans from under baby food. They are covered with cling film and placed in a multicooker bowl, where warm water is poured about 40 0 ​​C. The water should reach the "shoulders" of the jars.

Then select the heating mode and hold for 20 minutes. Turn off the appliance, leaving the jars inside, repeat the heating procedure after an hour, turn off the multicooker again and stand the yogurt in the bowl for 6-8 hours.

Greek yogurt: a delicious recipe

Greek yogurt in its composition is similar to ordinary, but differs in a denser consistency and rather resembles soft cheese. It is eaten as an independent product, and also used to prepare various dishes.

The procedure for preparing Greek yogurt is the same as for ordinary. The milk is combined with sourdough, poured into a container and create suitable temperature conditions for 8 hours.

And then, to get the desired consistency, the finished yogurt mixture is thrown onto a sieve lined with two layers of gauze and allowed to drain the serum for a couple of hours.

As a result, Greek yogurt is obtained less than usual from the same amount of milk by about half.

The product is extremely healthy, it has a lot of calcium and protein and a little milk sugar that comes with whey.

If you plan to leave Greek yogurt for sourdough, then you need to do this before excess fluid is squeezed out of it.

Frozen Yogurt: How to Cook at Home

Frozen yogurt is a delicious and low-calorie dessert rich in calcium, which also contains beneficial sour-milk bacteria. In utility, it is significantly superior to ice cream.

The frozen dessert is based on natural yogurt, cooked at home in any convenient way. To make the product tasty, fruits, berries are added to it, sweetened with sugar or honey. Fruits and berries are best added to the yogurt mixture in the form of mashed potatoes or finely chopped.

The ideal dessert consistency without interspersing ice cubes is obtained when cooking in an ice cream maker. But, if not, cooking in the freezer is possible. You only have to set a timer and every 20-30 minutes get the yoghurt-fruit mixture from the freezer and beat until it thickens at all. The frozen treat will turn out to be tender and plastic, similar in texture to ice cream.

You can do it easier and freeze the mixture by spilling on the molds. The taste and benefits of the product will continue, but soft and plastic mass will not work.

We have collected the best recipes for homemade yogurt in a yogurt maker - take note.

Prepare cottage cheese and yogurt cream for the cake, it is useful and not very high-calorie, read the recipe.

Thermos fermented milk drink recipe

On the one hand, a thermos is an ideal tool for preparing delicious yogurt at home in the absence of a yogurt maker. Since it is able to maintain the desired temperature for a long time. On the other hand, using a thermos is more difficult to achieve sterile cooking conditions.

It is quite difficult to rinse it thoroughly, especially the cover. Therefore, when preparing yogurt, it is better to choose a wide-necked thermos. It is recommended not only to pour over it with boiling water, but also to wipe with alcohol.

The rest of the cooking process is simple. You will need a liter of milk and dry sourdough in the right proportion or a glass of natural industrial yogurt. To make the finished product tastier, it is better to take milk with a fat content of at least 3%. Any milk, except ultra-pasteurized, must be boiled and cooled.

In a clean bowl, mix milk and sourdough, heated to 40 ° C. Pour the mixture into a thermos, close the lid, leave at least 8 hours. During this period, try not to rearrange and shake the thermos. Pour the finished yogurt into a glass dish and store in the refrigerator.

Greek recipe

This recipe for homemade yogurt differs in consistency, where the dessert resembles a soft cheese, similar to a cream. This product also has a different cooking scheme.

  1. We boil milk in a saucepan and cool to the already known 40 degrees,
  2. Combine and stir 200 g of the freshest yogurt without additives with a small amount of milk, then add to the general pan,
  3. Close the container tightly with a lid and wrap it with a warm blanket or a terry towel,
  4. We leave the pan motionless for 6-7 hours warm, then move it to the refrigerator,
  5. We cover the colander with gauze in several layers or with a paper filter and slowly pour out the resulting product,
  6. Cover the colander on top and let the excess serum come out. In the end, you get about 400 g of the finished "Greek product".

Experimenting with taste

Despite all the benefits of natural yogurt, children, and many adults, are also more fond of sweet sour-milk products with various additives in the form of dried fruits, chocolate chips, jam. Of course, at home, the whole variety of yogurt tastes is also available.

The only thing is not to add fillers to the mixture until the fermentation process is over. Otherwise, beneficial bacteria, instead of fermenting lactose, will switch to other sweets, fruits, or sugar. And yogurt just won't work.

It is not recommended to add citrus or kiwi, the fruit acids contained in these fruits are incompatible with milk, the product will curdle.

Therefore, it is better to add all sorts of goodies in natural yogurt immediately before serving or after it has already been prepared, before cooling.

If the natural sour-milk taste does not seem sweet enough and you want to add sugar, it is better to use powdered sugar. Or make sugar syrup - dilute the required amount of granulated sugar in water, and then pour into the finished yogurt and mix.

Useful Tips

Sometimes you need to cook a thick, dense, consistent yogurt. You can achieve density in the following ways:

  • Before fermentation, add a couple of tablespoons of milk powder to the milk mixture,
  • When the yogurt is ready, put corn starch in it, at the rate of 1 teaspoon per serving glass,
  • Before cooling, add agar-agar to the finished product.

Natural yogurt should be stored only in the refrigerator and not more than a week. After 7 days, the usefulness of the product is significantly reduced.

In addition to consuming yogurt in its natural form and with sweet additives, this fermented milk product goes well with greens such as cilantro, dill, parsley and various spices. And if you salt it, add pepper and finely chopped garlic, you get a tasty and easy salad dressing.

Also, meat for barbecue is marinated in yogurt, it is able to neutralize excess fat, for example, pork. Conversely, lean meat when marinated in yogurt will become juicier.

It should be remembered that the fermented milk product coagulates at high temperatures. Therefore, it is added to hot dishes, gradually interfering at the end of cooking, while the yogurt itself should not be chilled, but at room temperature.

Thus, home-made yogurt is not only healthy and tasty, but also can be widely used in home cooking.

Cooking in the oven

You can cook homemade yogurt in a slow cooker, but if you don’t have a “smart” device, you can make your favorite treat in the oven. The dessert will be amazing in either of these two options.

  1. This step is the same as in the previous recipes,
  2. Dilute 200 g of sour cream (20%) or natural fresh yogurt product in half a glass of milk, then pour into a common container and slowly stir,
  3. Pour the mixture into jars, tightly closing each foil, and place them on a baking sheet,
  4. Warm the oven to 50 degrees, then turn it off. Put a baking sheet in it and close the door,
  5. Then warm the oven to 50 degrees every hour. The cooking process itself takes about 7 hours,
  6. Ready food to remove in the cold overnight.

On sour cream

The recipe for yogurt at home can be without sourdough. One option is cooking on sour cream. Of course, the cooking process will be a little delayed, but the result is worth it.

  1. This step is exactly the same as in the instructions described above,
  2. Heat the sour cream a little (up to 38 degrees), add to milk and slowly mix with a whisk,
  3. Put the container with the resulting mass in a warm place, wrap it with a blanket or blanket and leave it to ferment for 12 hours,
  4. At the final stage, fermented milk is sent to the refrigerator for 4 hours. After that, you can try it.

The taste and color of the finished treat can be varied by the addition of various fillers, for example, jam, chocolate chips, jam, fresh fruits or dried fruits. But to bring all this magnificence is necessary only after the end of the ripening process. This is due to the fact that beneficial bacteria can switch instead of lactose to the introduced additives, and the dish can turn out to be of poor quality or even deteriorate.

It is also better not to add slices of kiwi or citrus, because they are not compatible with milk, so the finished product may curl.

How to choose the right ingredients

  • To obtain a nutritious and healthy sour-milk product, you need to choose natural milk with the highest percentage of fat content.
  • To ferment yogurt, any starter culture with yogurt bacteria. Sourdoughs sell markets in bottles.
  • For making homemade yogurt suitable bacterial culture sold in pharmacies. It is enclosed in ampoules, not in vials.
  • In addition to yogurt, you can cook yogurt by wrapping it in a blanket. An ideal option is a thermos, because the temperature in it lasts a very long time. Anyone who has a heated oven can even make yogurt in the oven.
  • In some recipes, granulated sugar and vanilla sugar are present; they can be safely considered optional components.

Sourdough Yogurt Recipe

Homemade fermented milk products are good because they lack preservatives, stabilizers or starch, colorants and synthetic flavorings. Today, everything is much simpler - there are yogurt makers and equipment that greatly facilitate housekeeping. I want to share a couple - a triple of recipes, thanks to which you can even make yogurt at home without special sourdough, by buying a finished yogurt product.

With a multicooker, its manufacturing process becomes very simple. You just need to take into account certain nuances in order to get quality products.


Cow's milk (pasteurized)800 ml
Ready yogurt (Activia)150 g
Vanilla sugar1 sachet
Granulated sugar3 tbsp. l
Fruits, berriestaste

Step-by-step production of simple homemade yogurt

  1. Boil 800 ml of cow's milk.
  2. Pour one bag of vanilla sugar and three tablespoons of granulated sugar into boiled milk.
  3. Leave the pan on the stove for 1-2 minutes, constantly stirring the contents, then turn off the burner.
  4. Cool the mixture to a temperature of 40-45 ° C, add 150 g of finished yogurt and mix well with a whisk.

Video recipe for making homemade yogurt without sourdough

I offer you to watch an educational video - how to cook yogurt at home without sourdough based on the finished product. In this case, the author suggests using the classic Activation containing a lively yogurt culture.

If you prefer the classic version of fermented milk products, take a look at the recipe for traditional yogurt in a slow cooker with a bacterial sourdough.

Cereal-Flavored Yogurt Recipe

I offer a recipe for low-calorie yogurt with cereals at home. I will tell you in stages how to cook it in a slow cooker. The main thing is to remember that if you cook for 8 hours, the yogurt turns thinner, there is little serum in it. A thicker product is obtained with a 12-hour cooking mode, but there will be much more whey at the output.

Step-by-step preparation of a low-calorie yogurt drink

  1. Pour 2-3 liters of milk into the multicooker bowl, close the lid. Set the “Multipovar” program for 8 hours, setting the temperature mode to 40 ° C.
  2. After 10 minutes from the start of operation of the equipment, add 3-4 teaspoons of warmed milk to the bottle with a lactic acid culture.
  3. Хорошо его встряхнуть, чтобы перемешать бактерии, вылить содержимое флакончика обратно в чашу и хорошенько перемешать.
  4. Через 8 часов открыть крышку, отложить 350-400 мл заквашенного молока в стакан блендера.
  5. Слегка взбить, чтобы оно стало жидким.
  6. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and ground nutmeg to a glass, add two tablespoons of fiber and a pinch of ground hot red pepper.
  7. Beat. The table is served immediately upon availability.

Video recipe for making yogurt with cereals at home

A very educational video about home-made yogurt-free yogurt maker technology using a step-by-step recipe using a slow cooker, including the option of a cereal-based drinkable product. From the video you can learn not only the basic principles of cooking, but also a lot of other useful information. Look - you will not regret it!

Step-by-step production of sour cream-curd dessert

  1. Place one hundred grams of cottage cheese in a blender bowl.
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream and 50 ml of milk.
  3. Put raspberries, strawberries or blackberries to taste.
  4. Beat well in a homogeneous mass.
  5. Bon Appetit!

How and with what yogurt is served

Milk fermented with the help of yogurt bacteria is an excellent breakfast, an ideal dinner or a simple low-calorie snack. Before serving, add berries or pieces of fruit to the table and simply mix with a spoon. If you prepare drinking yogurt - it must be beaten with a mixer so that it becomes airy and fluid.

Basic Truths

  • Yogurt culture - lactic acid bacteria, which are a protein structure. At temperatures above 42 ° C, protein bonds break down and the culture dies. That is why milk is only slightly warmed up before adding the starter culture to it.
  • Before cooking yogurt, the dishes in which it will be insisted should be washed well and rinsed with boiling water. Better yet, sterilize. A double boiler is perfect for these purposes.
  • If there is no yogurt maker, before starting cooking, you should prepare a place and a heater, such as a plaid or thermos, to keep the temperature inside the container with the fermented milk product as long as possible.

Recommended Recipes

If you often use a slow cooker and constantly cook in it, you just need to know the recipe for classic yogurt in a yogurt maker. Additional special equipment is simply necessary for those who prefer to eat healthy food. A healthy diet also includes fruit salad with yogurt. Check out the recipe for its preparation and believe that it will become a frequent guest at your table.

I offer you another interesting recipe. Take an interest in the basic principles of cooking Greek yogurt. I think you will like it too.