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8 ways to get more views on YouTube


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Share your video on social networks. Under each clip there are special buttons that allow you to quickly publish your video on the desired site. The more your account will be promoted, the more views you can collect. In addition, you can ask your friends to repost or simply copy this video to yourself.

The easiest but paid way is to advertise your video. You can go in several ways: advertise the video on YouTube itself or on third-party resources. In the first case, you also have two options: use the contextual advertising service from Google or pay for video ads from other users.

The latter method is the most profitable. You just need to find a popular channel of similar subjects, contact the author and offer accommodation. In some cases, they will help you even for free, but most often you will have to pay. The cost of one mention can range from hundreds of rubles to several thousand.

To advertise with Google, you’ll have to sign up for Adwords. To save money, you can use special coupons for the first replenishment. Suppose you put 500 rubles in the account and get 3,000 on top. There are many stores that sell them for nothing. If you don’t know how to make an announcement, leave a request: managers will contact you and explain everything.

Advertising on third-party resources is relevant to order only if you are confident in the quality of its audience. For example, if you have a culinary blog, then advertising on forums with recipes can bring a good effect, but it’s better not to post on playgrounds. The best option is to buy advertising in a group of similar subjects of a social network.

Free Ways

Optimize your video for search queries. Let's say you are talking in a video about how to defeat laziness. Be sure to include this keyword in the title. When compiling a description, be sure to include the phrase "how to defeat laziness." In the tags write “laziness”, “motivation”, “overcoming laziness”, “self-development”, etc. That is, you must fill out as much thematic information as possible.

Get help from YouTube. You can join the fan search program. To do this, you must accept the agreement, which can be found on the settings page. In this case, Google will advertise your channel alongside other videos absolutely free.


This is a very cool way to promote. At the time of publication, you consciously come up with a name for your video based on search queries, prescribe special tags and make a description that will bring new visitors to your channel.

How does optimization affect the number of views? Yes, very simple. Your video appears in the search results of Yandex and Google. Now, many people first of all want to watch a video on a particular topic, in search engines there are even special tabs of the same name. Do not miss the opportunity to be on the list of the best and take first place.

I can advise you on the book by Kirill Zhukovsky “YouTube Way to success". In it you will find a lot of tips not only about optimization, but also get recommendations for creating top videos, find out how much others earn and in which ways.

This information is also on my blog, but the book will undoubtedly have a number of advantages. My time, like other bloggers, unfortunately, is limited. If I write very long texts, then I simply will not have readers left.

Optimization will also help you to be in the list of "Related videos", you probably stumbled upon it. When a person finishes watching one clip, he is invited to a whole scattering of similar ones. It remains only to choose which one is of particular interest to him. You can also learn how to hook the viewer in the book, which I advised you a little earlier.

Social Media Pages

Perhaps you read my article on how to gather 100,000 VKontakte friends and why it is profitable. Yes, you can earn money on your personal page too. However, now we are not interested in this, but in the views. If you publish a video on your wall, then your friends see it, which means that the number of people who see it increases.

Nobody forbids you to create several accounts, look for new subscribers, and then use them to increase your profit. By the way, it is possible that your friends will also repost records, which means that the audience will double.

You can ask some of your especially popular friends for a repost. This is honest and probably free. If you have contacts of popular Vkontakte people, you can contact them and ask them to post a video on their page for money. I don’t think it will cost you very much. Give it a try.

Groups and communities

Another good way to increase the number of views is to create your own VKontakte group. You can post your videos there too. People will have the opportunity to subscribe to you on both resources. You increase the chances of popularity.

There are those who constantly sit Vkontakte and watch the video right here, without even paying attention to the popular video hosting. You will be counted for all the views that these people made through another popular network.

Other social networks

By the way, now I’ve talked about Vkontakte, but you should understand that there are also Odnoklassniki, as well as Facebook. No one is stopping you from creating on an additional profile also on these social networks. Both will do more good.

There are many foreigners on Facebook who willingly subscribe and become friends of our compatriots. If you create a video without sound or with subtitles, they may also become interested in the channel and become ardent fans of your art.

On Odnoklassniki in the stream displays the actions of friends. It is not necessary to repost, even if someone just likes your post, all the subscribers of this person will immediately know about it. Do not put an end to Odnoklassniki. Even here you can find the desired views and thereby increase your earnings very quickly without any markups and programs.

Electronic resource

Many bloggers, in addition to their YouTube channel, also have their own website. It is very simple and increases the chances of getting into search engines. The first place for a particular request, you can now win in two ways - a YouTube video and a text on your own site.

It doesn’t matter which development method you choose. I can advise you some designers, in this case even they are suitable. You just need a platform to increase your popularity.

Although, I would still advise you to use the exchange Kwork. Here, for only 500 rubles, they will help you create a good, modern website on some kind of free hosting. I strongly advise you to read about the WordPress dashboard, sites created on this engine have a number of advantages compared to others.

You can, of course, be confused yourself and do everything right, without investments, but it will take so much time that you have time to go crazy.

I see no reason to learn a new profession, and even more than one (layout designer, designer, programmer) to make one single site. Although, if you have such a desire, I can offer the course " WordPress 4: website creation example».

Foreign sites

Another option to increase the number of views is to publish on third-party sites. There are forums where you can add a video, why not take this chance?

If the site is close to your subject, then you can try to leave a comment and leave a link to your video in the application. Of course, it’s not a fact that the moderator will skip your message, but if you write in a topic, you can get a lot of traffic.

For example, your channel is dedicated to working in Photoshop. You recorded a screencast on how to turn a photo into a pencil drawing. Find a blog that has the exact same article but no video instructions. Attach it to the comment with the message that you worked according to the instructions described in the text. I think that in this case, every blogger will want to publish your work!

Programs for wrapping

A novice will be helped to collect the required number of subscribers of the wrapping services. In fact, at the beginning of activity, almost everyone uses this method, so I advise you to pay attention to it. For example, I know excellent service SocLike . Here you can buy views or subscribers to choose from.

The most important advantage of this particular service is that you can not be afraid of a ban. Everything is fairly honest.

Promotion Services

Another way of promotion is online services that connect with advertising sites and bloggers for you. Those, in turn, for the money agree to leave a link in their text, on the wall or somewhere else with your video.

I can offer you . Its significant drawback is that I did not understand anything about prices, but the information is impressive. The guys promise to pick up people who will be shown the video based on gender, age and the type of device that they use (phone or PC).

In addition, you can apply exactly where you want to advertise - on social networks or blogs. I will not deceive you, I have not used this method myself, so if you dare, I will be glad to leave comments on this article and your assessment of the guys' activities, as well as at least some specific information about prices.

That's all for me, don’t forget about the opportunity to subscribe to the blog newsletter to keep abreast of new topics that I cover. You also have the opportunity to join Start-Luck group VKontakte . Until we meet again and good luck in your endeavors.

How to increase YouTube video views

Beginning authors from scratch in most cases can not shoot, it is very difficult. However, the more good, high-quality, optimized videos you have on various topics and key search queries covering various popular topics, the more likely your video views will increase. Also, it’s more likely that some video will shoot, and thus you get not only a large amount of traffic, but also greater chances for the successful development of the channel. Such a video will sooner or later cling to algorithms and fall into similar videos.

How to optimize video clips correctly is described in the article “Channel Promotion and YouTube Promotion”. I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself.Work systematically, do not quit what you started, do new videos regularly, do not quit the channel for a month, two or three. By this you simply do not motivate the audience, they will already know that you are not getting a new video. You lose the dynamics of traffic, the trust of subscribers and everything becomes bad. So, regularly release videos, at least 2-3 videos a week do. Ideally, you should stick to the publication schedule. This also helps us maintain good traffic dynamics when viewers know that on such a day, at such a time, a new video is definitely coming out, and they are already waiting for it and watching, increasing the number of views.

YouTube algorithms also like when you work systematically. Moreover, there is a scheduled publishing feature that facilitates this process. You can record videos and then publish them on a schedule. Also a good option. Simple tips, basic, without any tricks and chips, but they will help you understand what is happening on your channel, what you need to do and how to increase video views.

Of course, remember the quality of the content and how to meet the expectations of the audience, your target audience. Because if you do something that the audience does not like, if the retention drops, if there is no activity in interacting with the video, that is, there are no likes, dislikes, reposts, comments and so on. So you are doing something wrong. For what reason? It’s necessary to think, it’s necessary to analyze, maybe some boring topics, maybe the flow is boring. Maybe the plot is long, maybe some other problems. It must be eliminated.

Do not be afraid to ask the audience, watch analytics, pay attention to this and then you will certainly find the answer to your question, how to increase the number of video views on your YouTube channel. It may be necessary to conduct an advertising campaign, investing good amounts of such money in the promotion of your channel. I recommend only white promotion methods, no cheating, no bought subscribers, likes, views and so on. That's bullshit. This is dangerous. This can lead to the fact that your channel will at least lose ground, and at the very least it will be banned. Work, do not lose heart, analyze and you will understand what needs to be done and in which direction to move. Any questions, forgive me in the comments.

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