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We monitor stock prices on the MICEX in real time


If you know how to track stocks, then you have the opportunity to make a profit. The volatility of stock prices leads to a profit, then to a complete loss of funds. The ability to properly track stocks reduces the risk of losing money and increases your chances of making a profit from this stock.

To properly track stocks, you need to know what each category is and how much each of them corresponds to a particular stock. The main tool for stock tracking is websites that provide stock price information. However, if suddenly at the moment you do not have the opportunity to connect to the Internet, you can use information about promotions from periodicals. In this article, you will learn how to manage the stock tracking process.

Why do you need real-time quotes

One of the main tenets of technical analysis is the assertion that the current price of an asset includes both an estimate of its current value and all possible positive and negative changes in the future. The equilibrium price of the current moment is the result of a superposition of opinions of all analytical and financial institutions on the value of an asset.

From this point of view, any change in the price of shares beyond the established range of volatility indicates the positive or negative changes that have occurred to the company, industry or even the country. Even the experienced analysts cannot always explain the reason for the change in value; often, the general public will learn about the reasons for the rise or fall in the price of stocks, when the market has already started a correction after a strong movement.

Important! Having operational information on the change in the price of his asset, the investor can make a timely decision on the transaction.

By receiving stock quotes on the MICEX in real time, you can significantly limit losses when stock prices fall, and also make a profitable transaction by buying a growing asset at the beginning of its movement.

The issue of responsiveness comes first in all scalping strategies, as well as when using robotic trading algorithms that are used by professionals, both institutional and private traders.

For the proper use of the information received, considerable experience and discipline are needed. Otherwise, even the flow of trading information in real time will not be interpreted correctly, or will not lead to a transaction for psychological reasons.

Therefore, first of all, you should understand the duration of your investments, the ability to quickly manage them, formalize your trading strategy, and then look for the opportunity to receive online quotes.

What are the ways

The MICEX exchange on its website provides quotes for traded instruments with a delay of 15 minutes. The same policies on their sites are followed by brokers and large news agencies. Currently, there are the following ways to get quotes in real time for financial instruments of interest.

Use of thematic sites

Sites that position themselves as trading communities provide visitors with an online stock price to generate traffic for resource users. In addition to the cost of the resource, you can display price sequences in the form of graphs, apply basic indicators and figures of technical analysis to them. Information about quotes is usually available to any visitor to the site for free and without registering an account. Such sites have a news feed in the form of blogging, where, under each newsletter, a discussion begins between traders regarding its impact on the future of the market. This information is enough for a quick analysis of the status of your position or an express assessment of the possible risks / benefits when important news is released. Here are some of these sites:,,

Connection to trading through a broker terminal

The vast majority of exchange intermediaries in Russia offer customers the Quik software package. There are versions for desktop PCs, mobile computers and tablets, as well as a web interface for trading, available in the personal account of the client. Any of these methods requires the registration of registered keys on the exchange, which is carried out after the conclusion of an agreement on brokerage services.

At the same time, it is assumed that the client will deposit some assets into his account with the broker, for example, cash or securities. Although it is possible for individual companies to sign documents, register keys and gain access to bidding, you can’t deposit any funds into your account. This method gives access to the full functionality of the trading system, which includes the entire set of price and graphic data, analytics, news and technical support. In addition, in the terminals you can make transactions for the purchase and sale of financial instruments traded on organized platforms.

Connection to specialized trading systems

Connection to specialized trading systems with request for quotes through a direct gateway from the exchange. This option is usually used by professional private traders and institutions. There are a number of software packages for analysis and transactions with the possibility of deep automation of trading processes, such as Metatrader, Ninja Trader, X_trader.

In the case of high-frequency trading, information on the formulation and execution of the application must be received at the terminal with a minimum time delay. Therefore, a standard delay of 50-100 ms is not suitable for such clients, and they connect a direct gateway to the exchange servers, reducing the delay by 2-3 times from normal. The cost of such a connection depends on the number of transactions made, and starts from 5000 rubles per month.

The easiest way to find out the value of Russian stocks today for investors and those interested in the stock market is through free news portals, the exchange website, as well as RBC TV channel, where the delay in quotes is 15 minutes.

Attention! If you want to track quotes in real time, it is more convenient to work with a broker. In addition to transactions, the client receives a newsletter and all relevant statistics.

How to connect to quotes

Finding real-time quotes on the Internet is easy. Just enter the appropriate query in the search bar and select the appropriate site.

When connecting to a broker, you must first select a company with good financial performance and look at the reviews. Then call the customer service office and drive up to draw up an agreement with a passport. The connection diagram is modular, i.e. additional sites and services can subsequently be attached to the basic contract.

Broker support includes analytical packages and services with the provision of trading recommendations, up to and including connecting a personal financial adviser. The choice of a service implies various monetary commissions, as well as a mandatory minimum amount of assets in the client’s account.

Note! Connecting direct gateways is usually demanded by professional traders who have come a long way in self-training or work in specialized financial companies, such as banks or investment funds.

1. Exchange quotes

Information on the current value of shares on exchanges, i.e. at what price can you buy or sell shares now.

The main criterion is the frequency of updating stock data and access speed. Here, the top three looks like this:

Moscow Exchange Quotes:

    Finam - selection by tools + graphics

BCS - quick access to Moscow Exchange quotes

Mosbirzha - the history of quotations of the Moscow Exchange

Smart-lab - quotes + quick analysis

Quotes of foreign exchanges:

Investing - quotes of the American stock exchange

Investfunds - stock exchanges New-York, London, Honk Kong

Trading view - US market quotes with deep filters

Pros and cons of different options

Consider the distinctive features of the various options for obtaining quotes.

When using specialized sites, the benefits are as follows:

  • it’s easy to find a resource and save it to your browser’s bookmarks,
  • there is no need for registration, information is provided in the minimum necessary amount,
  • there is a community of traders on the resource, which helps the user to make a decision in a particular case.

At the same time, to complete the transaction it is necessary to call the broker or go to the issuer to conclude a purchase / sale agreement, which reduces the efficiency.

When using a brokerage account with a connected terminal, the advantages are as follows:

  • the ability to save individual settings of graphs and technical analysis tools,
  • analytical and technical support,
  • efficiency in managing funds.

At the same time, the disadvantages include the presence of direct and hidden commissions, the need to spend time concluding an agreement and registering the keys of the trading system.

In general, we can say that the option of connecting an account with a broker to find out how much MICEX stocks are online is preferred. The financial market is complex, so any help from the outside will save time and money by reducing the number of inevitable mistakes of a beginner.

2. News and events of companies

What news and events have occurred with companies lately, the stronger the news, the more significant impact it has on stock prices

The main criterion is reliability, legitimacy, efficiency

Finam - company news from the largest broker in Russia

Interfax - corporate disclosure center from the largest private news agency in Russia

NSD - feed of the events of the Central Securities Depository of Russia

Opening - broker's depository news Opening

3. Meetings of shareholders

At shareholders meetings, significant decisions are made that can significantly affect the company's activities and the value of its shares.

Smart-lab - shareholders meeting calendar

Finam - Upcoming Company Events

Interfax - search for company management solutions

5. Dividends and dates

Dividend dates are needed to determine the cutoff at which time investors holding shares in the company will receive dividends for the announced period

BCS - dividend calendar of companies listed on the stock exchange

Smart-lab - closest cut-off dates (closing shareholders registers)

Opening - the calendar can be filtered by yield, date, list

Income - filter on company dividends

6. Forecasts and opinions of analysts

They are needed as a method of expert assessments, i.e. the more different opinions of experts you read, the more you look at the situation in the company

Finam - reviews and forecasts of the leading broker of the Russian Federation

Discovery - invest ideas and market reviews from Discovery Bank

Smart-lab - forum of stocks of the community of traders

Investing - analytics of the stock market of the largest portal

7. Fundamental stock analysis

This is an analysis of the company in terms of multipliers, i.e. common metrics by which you can compare among themselves different in size and industry companies to predict the future value of the company or its shares

Smart-lab - analysis by sector and industry

Investing - stock filter by indicators and multiples

Investfunds - Graphical Comparison of Companies by Their Performance

Video reviews of the best stock analysis sites

We have prepared video reviews of sites for the analysis of quotes. In these reviews, more sites are presented, the features of each site are considered.

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Foreign stock markets

Company News and Events

Shareholder meetings

Company Reporting

Dividends and dates

Forecasts and opinions of analysts

Fundamental analysis of stocks of companies

Technical analysis of stocks of companies

Event calendars: reports, meetings, registry closures, statistics