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How to make sesame oil at home?


Sesame oil is an ancient symbol of youth and immortality. Over the past 7 thousand years, it has been widely used in Ayurveda to maintain health and beauty. It is based on the culinary arts of the eastern countries: India, China and Japan. Small sesame seeds contain many useful substances that rejuvenate the body and remove toxins, which is why they are widely used in cosmetic products for skin and hair.

Another name for sesame is sesame, from the Latin Sesamum. Sesame seeds are seeds of a low herbaceous plant that grows in Africa and India. The most valuable substances are contained in unrefined sesame oil of cold pressed light golden color, which retains its unique flavor and valuable trace elements during processing. Seeds are white and black, but in cosmetology most often they use white seeds.

Useful properties and contraindications of sesame oil

What is this oil good for?

Sesame oil is saturated with vitamins A, B, E, C, useful fatty acids: linoleic, oleic, palmitic. It enriches the body with antioxidants and detoxifies, promotes wound healing and cell regeneration.

In the seeds themselves there are many trace elements: calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium. Many people are interested in the question, if you take sesame oil inside, will it bring benefits or harm? Much depends on the daily dose, the characteristics of the body (allergy) and combination with other products.

The only contraindication to the use of sesame oil: take it in too large doses, as this leads to hypercalcemia and problems with the urinary system. Also, oil should not be used in combination with drugs such as aspirin and oxalic acid: when combined with calcium, these acids lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Sesame oil is used in medicine:

  1. Well cleansed buried in the eyes with various eye diseases.
  2. Perfectly strengthens bone tissue and tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay.
  3. Sesame oil is useful for anemia, is widely used to improve blood coagulation.
  4. This is a valuable source of calcium and folic acid for the whole organism as a whole, therefore it is especially recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
  5. Sesame oil as a dietary supplement can be used in bodybuilding, as it contributes to the rapid build-up of muscle mass.

You can buy it both in a pharmacy and in multidisciplinary supermarkets. Thanks to lecithin, the oil can be stored for a long time without loss of valuable properties and oxidation: from two years in a closed container and in a dark place. After opening, it is best to keep sesame oil in the refrigerator.

The use of sesame oil in cosmetology for face and hair

The use of sesame oil for hair and skin

Sesame oil is very useful for facial skin - it eliminates edema and fine wrinkles, stimulates metabolic processes and increases the elasticity of all layers of the skin. Its action is based on accelerating the removal of harmful metabolic products from tissues and maintaining the desired level of skin moisture. According to reviews of sesame oil, it quickly heals wounds, abrasions, cuts and burns - all thanks to its high lecithin content.

It also helps with acne, peeling and other irritations of the skin of the face and hands, as it has a very pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, known and used since antiquity. Sesame oil effectively moisturizes the thin skin around the eyes, eliminates edema of the eyelids and facial wrinkles. The product is perfect for sensitive baby skin.

Sesame Oil Face Mask Recipes

1. Vitamin Sesame. To prepare, mix sesame oil with a few drops of liquid vitamins A and E in a ratio of 2: 1: 1 and use for application before bedtime.

2. A citrus mask based on mixing 1 tablespoon of sesame oil with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of essential orange oil. This mask should be applied for only 10-20 minutes, as it brings the skin into tone in a record short time.

3. Sesame + cocoa butter. This is another invigorating face mask. To prepare, mix in equal proportions cocoa butter and sesame. Great not only for the face, but for the skin of the hands.

4. Coconut anti-aging. Prepared by mixing heated coconut oil and sesame oil. This recipe will help the production of your own collagen in the fibers of the dermis, which is why it is especially recommended in adulthood.

5. Sour cream - prepared by mixing sour cream and sesame oil in a ratio of 1 to 2, that is, 1 tbsp. spoon of sour cream should add 2 tablespoons of oily sesame product.

6. Egg mask - an excellent remedy for vitamin deficiency. In sesame oil, 1 tbsp. spoon, add beaten fresh egg and mix thoroughly. Keep for a short time for a maximum of 2-3 hours.

That is why it serves as a constant supplement to all cosmetic sunscreen products with a UV filter, which protect against sunburn.

Homemade Hair Mask Recipes

photo of the use of oil before and after

Using sesame oil as a hair mask is an ideal solution to the problem of excessive dryness or excessive oily hair. It affects directly the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the head, bringing it back to normal.

Regular lubrication of the scalp and hair with sesame oil is especially recommended in the summer, as it protects the hair structure from the negative effects of harmful ultraviolet rays and salty sea water, further saving moisture. Sesame oil makes hair supple, strong and shiny.

1. Universal - based on the use of the purest undiluted sesame oil. It is enough just to warm the product in the microwave and apply it on the scalp with rubbing movements and distribute along the entire length of the strands, then (as usual when using oily products) wrap with polyethylene, a towel and hold for about 40-50 minutes.

2. Egg-honey. To prepare, you need to mix warm sesame oil and liquid unsweetened honey with the addition of beaten eggs. 1 tbsp of oil is enough 1 tbsp. dessert spoon of honey and 1 egg. To prepare such a product with a margin does not work, but you can mix honey and sesame oil in advance, and then add 1 egg for each procedure.

3. Classic vitamin mask. Based on a mixture of sesame oil with vitamins A and E. It is advisable to add essential oils of citrus, bergamot, rosemary, lavender or ylang-ylang to the mixture. For 1 tablespoon of sesame product, 5 drops of vitamins A and E are required. Hold the mask for about 40-60 minutes under a thin plastic wrap and a cloth towel.

4. Nourishing mask based on floral oils. For cooking, you need to combine 50 ml of sesame oil with 15 drops of bergamot and lavender oils. Keep on your head and strands for about 30 minutes, and rinse off preferably with a well-foaming shampoo.

Cooking Application

Sesame oil is especially appreciated in the cuisine of many countries for its unique nutty-spicy taste and sweetness. The most significant is the product obtained by cold pressing without refining and other purifications: it is then that the oil retains a unique aroma.

For cooking, dark sesame seed oil is also used. Dark color also appears as a result of squeezing from fried seeds.

Sesame oil in Indian and East Asian cuisine is added to soups, meat and fish dishes, they are seasoned with salads, fish is pickled in it, since the product is considered a source of longevity and youth. Korean cooks roast meat on it: the cooked product removes toxins and harmful substances from our body.

In Russian cuisine, as in Asian cuisine, sesame seeds and oil are added to bread and pastry products, pies, rolls, pancakes. Add a few drops of sesame oil to add original taste and special aroma to porridges for soups and other dishes. Sesame goes well with soy sauce, various additives, honey and sweets.

How to make sesame oil at home - folk recipes

  • Recipe number 1. "Squeezing" oil from sesame seeds.

The essence of the recipe for sesame oil is already in its name. In order to get a little real oil at home, sesame seeds are heated a little in a pan. The pan should be dry and clean, and during heating, the sesame must be stirred so that it does not stick.

Warm seeds are thoroughly ground in a blender, or ground in any other available way. At the end, 1 teaspoon of chopped sesame seeds is wrapped in a piece of gauze and passed through a garlic press. The resulting few drops and there are drops of sesame oil.

  • Recipe number 2. Warming up the seeds and getting oil.

As you can guess, the first method of obtaining oil is very time-consuming, although it guarantees a high quality product.

In the following recipe, Beauty Pantry invites you not only to heat, but also to slightly fry sesame seeds. During frying, sesame is also stirred so that it does not burn.

Warm sesame seeds are crushed in a blender and again poured into a frying pan. After that, add vegetable oil so that it barely covers the seeds in a frying pan.

The crushed sesame seeds are once again heated over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. The resulting mixture is poured into a glass container and insisted for a day. Filter before use. The resulting product is an oil mixture with a high content of sesame oil.

Recipe number 3. How to make aromatic sesame oil?

An easy-to-cook recipe that without any extra effort will allow you to get sesame oil at home.

Sesame seeds are heated in a pan for 3-5 minutes, and immediately pour vegetable oil, which should completely cover the seeds. Sesame is kept on the smallest fire for about an hour, occasionally stirred. After a while, the oil mixture on a fire begins to acquire a pronounced aroma of sesame. Before use, the oil is carefully filtered.