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How to get the top five with ease and become an excellent student? Tips for all students


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Listen carefully to the teacher in the lesson.

It is very important to listen carefully to the teacher from the very beginning of the lesson. As a rule, first the teacher briefly explains the essence of the material being studied, then dictates the definition and then explains the lesson with examples. It is at this moment that you need to be extremely careful. Even if it’s completely incomprehensible what it’s about, do not immediately interrupt the teacher. It’s better to wait until he asks you to ask questions. Of course, there are times when you can raise your hand and immediately clarify what is unclear while the situation is relevant.

Attentiveness is needed especially in such subjects as physics, chemistry, mathematics. How to get the "five" in these so difficult sciences? Only listening to the teacher and doing homework. In addition, explanations of examples and tasks can be sought after the lesson.

What do teachers expect from us

Each responsible teacher wishes that his work is not in vain. The more students will understand his subject, the better for everyone. Often it happens, unfortunately, that the teacher does not know how or does not want to explain something, referring to textbooks or excellent schoolmates. What to do in this case? We have to act exactly as he says.

But any teacher actually knows his science much deeper than he gives in the classroom. It is impossible and absolutely not necessary to delve into the topic so that there is no ambiguity on the part of the students. Simplicity and clarity are very important. Therefore, in an ordinary high school, the basics are studied. In specialized classes, in-depth study is practiced.

Despite the fact that the teacher gives the material concisely, the student should navigate the topic. For example, we study the topic of radiation physics. There are few examples in the book. But the teacher may ask to list what in everyday life is a source of radiation. If the student has figured it out, he will easily list and get the "five".

Proper lesson preparation

When you come home, take a break, then start your studies. Do not relate to lessons learned and to homework negligently. You can’t think like this: "I'm tired, morning is wiser than evening." This is actually a big mistake. In the morning in a hurry, barely waking up, you can not do anything. And in the evening there is enough time for mastering the topics. Day and evening, you can manage to memorize something by heart, repeat before bedtime, and remember in the morning.

How to get the "five" guaranteed? Only responsible preparation on the eve or earlier. In addition, the topic still needs to be worked out.

What questions can ask

Get ready for the fact that you can be called to the board at any time, or the control work will begin without warning. Your task is to be always ready. In addition, the habit of learning also needs to be developed.

How to get the "five" without difficulty and rejoice? Only thorough preparation. There is a golden saying, “Without labor, you can’t get a fish out of a pond.” This also applies to the hard work of learning. It is impossible to succeed without making an effort.

Additional sources of knowledge

Textbooks provide only the most basic information. Often children become bored of reading them; they cannot remember anything. Therefore, involuntarily, books are not taken seriously. To make science interesting, it is better to use additional materials. For example, an encyclopedia, special literature or the Internet. In the latter, you can find free video tutorials in all subjects.

How to get the "five" at school, if there is no way to get the right material? You can ask high school students, adults. It is also recommended to go to the teacher after the lesson and ask. Teachers are pleased when students are interested. At the same time, this will be a plus for you.

Positive attitude towards life

To become a good or excellent student, you should change your outlook on life, learn to love everything around. A good relationship with others, including classmates, teachers, always leads to a positive result.

In order for the mood to be good, you need to ask yourself not how many fives you need to get, but how to prepare for the lesson so that it is both interesting and useful for the future.

Need to train memory and develop thinking

At a young age, memory should be trained. Much that has been studied before school and in the lower grades is remembered for a lifetime. Thinking should also be developed in order to learn how to make responsible decisions in difficult situations.

Let's say how to get the "five" in English, and what will it give? Firstly, for a high mark you need to prepare, learn unfamiliar words, translate texts, remember the rules. In the future, this item may come in handy both during travel and at work.

How to make friends with the sciences and the team

How to build a relationship? Be sure to be interested in everything that is relevant. But do not be intrusive. In addition, the knowledge gained can be discussed with classmates. It will be great if you take part in events and projects.

How to get the "five" more and more? Let your work, combined with attentiveness and interest, become companions for the whole time you study. We wish you success and good mood!