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How to unlock hidden items in Mario Kart Wii


This guide describes how to unlock all available characters in the Mario Kart Wii game. The characters in the Mario Kart Wii game are divided into light, medium and heavy. It all depends on the type of bike they use. Characters differ from each other in various qualities. For example, baby Mario has a bonus in weight and control, more than, for example, Tod. The difference between the characters is often quite small. Try to play with different characters and choose the one you like the most.

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Or how to make friends hate you.

Let's take a look at the basic mechanics, strategies, and tips that will help you beat your friends.

Unlock content. The fastest way to open all the characters and all the details of the karts is to pass the 50 cm 3 Grand Prix four. You will not only easily get gold on each track, but four players will also collect the maximum number of coins for you.

The rewards for 150 cm 3 also include rewards for the lower grades. This advice is the opposite of the previous one: if you are a super-hardcore racer, you can immediately take all the medals in the most difficult 150 cm 3 championship. You will immediately be credited with all the awards for completing the "junior" classes, and you will not have to participate in them against the will.

Map options. The next step is to find the cards that are right for you. When choosing a map (or motorcycle), you can press the "+" button to see its five parameters. "Speed" determines your maximum speed in a straight line. Acceleration is how quickly you reach this maximum speed. “Mass” affects how much you suffer or not suffer from a collision with other racers. The accuracy of cornering depends on “handling”, and on your “off-roading” your success on the roads.

A lot of characters. Racers are divided into seven weight categories, which are not mentioned anywhere in the game:

Light as a feather: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, Baby Rosalina, Lemmy, Light Mii (Mii's weight depends on height),

Lungs: Toad, Toadetta, Wendy, Larry, Lakitu, Kupa Corpse, Shy,

Medium: Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Middle Mii,

Massive: Mario, Luigi, Ludwig, Iggy,

Heavy: Donkey Kong, Roy, Valuigi, Rosalina,

Metal: Mario Metal, Peach in Rose Gold, Heavy Mii,

Extra heavy: Vario, Morton, Bowser.

Light feathers have an advantage in acceleration, but lose at maximum speed (and, of course, suffer more in collisions). Super-heavy - on the contrary, they accelerate more slowly, but get an advantage on long lines and in contact wrestling. You should try different combinations of racers and karts to find the most suitable option for you.

Jet start. Now that you’ve figured out the characteristics of racers and karts, it’s time to learn the different types of afterburner. First of all, a jet launch. Before starting the race, carefully monitor the countdown that leads Lakita. As soon as you see the "deuce", immediately click on the "gas" to get additional acceleration right at the start.

Coinski. Each matched coin will give you a little extra acceleration. In addition, with each coin selected (until there are ten), you slightly increase your maximum speed. However, you should not specifically chase coins on the sidelines, since there are plenty of them on the trajectory on each track.

Fast and Furious for tricks. Press on the “jump” at the moment when you jump from any cliff and get a little extra acceleration for the done trick. It also works on all other bumps in the track, so make yourself a habit of doing tricks at every opportunity. You can get more detailed information about such subtleties from our video:

Play from defense. In Mario Kart 8, you can no longer pick up an item if you are already holding one behind you. Despite this, more often than not, it will still be useful for you to play from the defense and cover your rear from the shells thrown by your rivals.

Super Horn. If you are a leader in a race and suddenly get this item, take care of it in case of danger of the Shell Kolyuchkin. Super-beep is the only means of protection against it. So, no matter how great the temptation to spend this item in a crowd of opponents, remember that if the Shell of Kolyuchkin is thrown at you, it is the presence or absence of the Superhudp in the reserve that will determine for you the difference between the first place and the flow of annoyed abuse.

Crazy Eight. Our professional advice is to apply the obtained items as quickly as possible so that other players do not have time to steal your Superstar or the Mushroom of acceleration.

Theft of items. And super-professional advice - steal enemy Superstars and Mushrooms whenever possible.

Cut the way. Using the shortest route, you can drive a circle already a few seconds faster. Although, if you are already the first, then you should think twice before risking a fall into the abyss, trying to cut the path in a dangerous place. For a better understanding of all your possibilities, check out our video:

Attack in the air. Try to shoot other racers when they are in the air. This will lead to the longest animation of returning to the track and will cause the most irritation for your opponents.

Perhaps I have everything. But remember guys: this is just my best game method! If you have your cool ideas, share them in the comments with each other!