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Black cumin seeds: useful properties and contraindications


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Black cumin (also known as kalingini and chamomile) is a traditional home remedy that is widely used in many countries. It is believed that it strengthens the immune system and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. People use it to treat digestive problems and respiratory problems. In addition, studies have shown that the seeds of this plant contain substances that help fight cancer. To use black cumin, you must heat the raw seeds and grind them before use. In addition, it can be mixed with honey, water, yogurt or other food, as well as use black cumin oil for external use.

Beneficial features

Due to its rich composition, black cumin fruits have a healing effect on health.

They contain:

  • Vitamins (A, group B, C, E),
  • Macro and trace elements
  • Essential oils,
  • Volatile,
  • Protein,
  • Polysaturated Omega-3 Fatty Acids, 6.
  • Essential Acids

When using seeds, the benefit lies in their protective effect against the harmful effects of free radicals, mainly on skin cells. These particles are one of the causes of atherosclerosis, having a devastating effect on the walls of blood vessels. Black cumin prevents their spread and promotes excretion from the body.

  • For immunity - the substances that make up the seeds serve as reliable protection against the penetration of infections and viruses.
  • With diabetes, blood glucose levels return to normal.
  • In the body, cholesterol is reduced,
  • Lipid metabolism is normalized,
  • The cardiovascular system improves
  • The walls of blood vessels are strengthened, the risk of blood clots is reduced,
  • The hormonal background comes back to normal,
  • In case of respiratory diseases, they increase sputum excretion, thin it, promote excretion, destroy bacteria that enter the respiratory tract,
  • They accelerate the removal of toxins, toxins, other unnecessary substances from the body,

  • They have an uroseptic effect - they kill bacteria that can enter the urine and cause diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • Beneficial effect on the functioning of the thymus gland,
  • Seeds are a powerful antioxidant, prevent cell damage, slow down the aging process,
  • They have diuretic and choleretic effects,
  • Contribute to improving appetite,
  • Improve bone marrow condition, renew blood composition,
  • Prevent the oncology (blood cancer)
  • They are an antiemetic,
  • They are used as anti-inflammatory, antifungal, parasite treatment.

For women

  • have an analgesic effect during the menstrual cycle, if necessary, can provoke its onset with a delay,
  • prevent the appearance and development of cancer cells,
  • have a calming effect on the emotional state and nervous system,
  • increase milk production during breastfeeding,
  • during pregnancy, black caraway seeds are not recommended, it can cause premature birth.

For lactation, the fruits of the plant are beneficial in increasing the amount of milk. Infusion of 30 grams of seeds and 300 milliliters of boiling water, can be prepared in a thermos. After 15 hours, after combining the components, the product will be ready. Take it should be 2 tablespoons - 6 times a day.


Although in our country the plant is grown as an ornamental, it has been recognized by many generations as a good spice and medicine. This flower originally came from Southwest Asia, but its cultivation has gradually spread to other continents, adorning many gardens.

Black caraway is a one-year-old planting planted in spring or autumn, flaunting in summer with white or bluish-purple flowers, often until October. After flowering, “poppies” are formed containing small black seeds, which can serve as a spice for cooking or as a means to solve a number of health problems.

The benefits of black cumin for the human body provide the content of more than 100 active substances (some have not yet been identified).

Active ingredients and minerals:

  1. Myristic.
  2. Oleic.
  3. Palmitol.
  4. Arachidonic
  5. Linoleic.
  6. Palmitic.
  7. Stearin.
  8. Folic.

References to the use of black caraway seeds go to Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered a container of oil in the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, according to the ancient Egyptians, it was necessary to have it with you in the afterlife.

For men

  • The fruits of black caraway are used as a folk remedy for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, the risk of which increases in men over forty years of age. In combination with drug treatment, their use accelerates the elimination of this disease.
  • Prevention of inflammation of the prostate gland is the key to the health of the male body, ensuring sustainable potency and reproductive function.
  • With gout, which is more common in middle-aged men, the use of seeds helps to restore the balance of metabolism, eliminate rheumatic pains.

In the old days, weakened children were prescribed bathing in a product based on black caraway seeds, it was believed that this was useful for immunity. Indeed, the substances that make up the fruits contribute to enhancing the protective functions of the child's body.

The use of cough seed-based agents in children is very effective, even in chronic and advanced forms of respiratory diseases.

Quantitative composition

The benefits of seeds for the body are a wide range of effects on organs and systems. These properties are provided by their rich chemical composition.

Nutrition value (g / 100 g):

  • squirrels - 14,
  • carbohydrates - 41,
  • fat - 16,
  • dietary fiber - 31,
  • water - 0.1.

Other substances (mg / 100 g):

  • iron - 21,
  • calcium - 1160,
  • magnesium - 398,
  • sodium - 93,
  • potassium - 1760,
  • Vitamin A - 144 IU,
  • vitamin B6 - 0.75,
  • Vitamin C 24.

How to take black cumin seeds for children?

Tea to strengthen the immune system will serve as a reliable protection for the children's body from colds.

  • ground caraway seeds - 5 grams,
  • boiling water - ½ liter.

Pour caraway seeds with water, leave for 20 minutes. Strain.

Drink two tablespoons during the day. For children under 12 years of age, reduce the dosage by half.

Use in traditional medicine

Egyptian traditional medicine used black cumin oil to calm the irritated stomachs of the pharaohs after their extravagant feasts. A natural remedy helped relieve headache and toothache, symptoms of colds and infections. Queen Nefertiti, known for her stunning beauty, used it to strengthen her nails and hair.

Concerning the beneficial properties and contraindications of black cumin, hundreds of studies have been carried out that have shown that miraculous seeds resist diseases by increasing the secretion of natural interferon and immune cells, and we will tell you later about who is not recommended to use them.

According to experts, healing fluid is useful for autoimmune disorders, in particular, oncology. One recent study has demonstrated its effectiveness against pancreatic cancer, one of the most dangerous and most severe types of oncology.

How to take black cumin in oncology? Dosage depends on the goal - prevention or maintenance treatment of cancer:

  • prevention: 1 tsp a spoonful of oil per day mixed with honey or fresh juice (for example, orange or tangerine), the best time to take is in the morning, before breakfast,
  • for treatment: 3 tsp per day along with a healthy diet.

Black cumin seed treatment

Treatment of diseases with seeds allows you to achieve a positive healing result with:

  • Pyelitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis,
  • Gastritis, prick, enterocolitis,
  • Intestinal dysbacteriosis - rotting processes stop, the amount of emitted gases decreases, normal microflora develops,
  • Hemorrhoids - internally and externally,
  • Rheumatism
  • Acute respiratory infections,
  • Intestinal infections
  • Liver disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

Black cumin oil is effectively used externally for skin diseases: fungal manifestations, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, acne.

This is interesting: since ancient times, Islamic medicine has offered recipes for the treatment of all diseases known at that time. Its most striking representative was Abu Ali Sina (980-1037), better known as Avicenna. Seeds of black caraway seeds were already included in the composition of medicinal potions in those days, it was believed that they can save from any misfortune, except death.

Beneficial effects

One of the most common and effective uses of oil is the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system: asthma, bronchitis, colds. It is also used in the treatment of rheumatism, to increase efficiency.
Oil calms the central nervous system, relieves pain, stimulates the production of urine, improves digestion, and helps reduce hypertension.

Seed extract is effective for ophthalmic abscesses and tumors, gastrointestinal carcinoma and liver due to the high concentration of the anti-tumor compound β-sitosterol.

Thanks to energy stimulation, black cumin eliminates fatigue. Oil is an effective treatment for skin diseases (allergies, eczema, acne, psoriasis), which has an antiparasitic effect. Its use eliminates flatulence, diarrhea, eliminates the symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation and dysentery.

Important! When purchasing black cumin oil, carefully check the label and product information! It is often confused with black sesame seeds and other products, but only Nigella sativa is a real black cumin with exceptional healing properties.

Of course, it is difficult to answer which one is better - each is characterized by certain effects on health, but it is black cumin that is effective with such a wide scale of ailments.

In folk medicine, the plant is used to treat more than 40 different health problems. Its benefits include the following specific pharmacological effects:

  1. Analgesic (analgesic).
  2. Antibacterial.
  3. Anti-inflammatory.
  4. Antiulcer.
  5. Anticholinergic (muting of nerve impulses).
  6. Antifungal.
  7. Antihypertensive.
  8. Antioxidant.
  9. Antispasm.
  10. Antiviral.
  11. Improving bronchial patency.
  12. Gluconeogenesis inhibitor (antidiabetic effect).
  13. Hepatoprotective (liver protection).
  14. Blood pressure stabilization.
  15. Increased sensitivity to insulin.
  16. Induction of the formation of interferon.
  17. Leukotriene antagonist (antiallergic effect).
  18. Kidney protection.
  19. Tumor necrosis factor α inhibitor.

The 19 indicated pharmacological effects are only a subset of a wider range of beneficial properties. How to use the gift of nature? Only 2 g of seeds daily leads to a decrease in glucose levels, insulin resistance, an increase in β-cell activity in the pancreas and a decrease in glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c).

  • regulatory and enhancing effect on the immune system, therefore, the use as a support agent in a number of diseases,
  • due to the content of nigeline magnesium, grains relieve bronchial spasms and contribute to the elimination of mucus,
  • anti-allergic effects eliminate the symptoms of hay fever, asthma, eczema, flatulence, relieve bronchial diseases, digestive and intestinal problems (studies have shown a decrease in allergic reactions up to 70%)
  • for young children and infants, the extract is used for abdominal pain (1 tsp per day, under the age of 1 year, diluted with other vegetable oils),
  • seeds are effective against parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungi, they are recommended for internal use during influenza diseases to increase immunity and protect the respiratory tract,
  • the extract is suitable for massage of dry and sensitive skin with a tendency to allergic reactions - the skin is naturally protected and regenerated.

Black cumin seeds in gynecology

They are used to restore hormonal balance. Black caraway seeds absorb the growths in the uterus when applied topically in the form of douching. They have powerful anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

Culinary application

Healthy grains are mainly used in Turkish cuisine. They have a taste similar to other types of plants, therefore it is mainly suitable for cooking salty dishes: meat, potatoes, salads, sauces, cheese dishes, pastes ...

What is useful black cumin for women? It has a diuretic effect and, thus, helps detoxify the body. The effect of active substances on smooth muscles helps to relieve abdominal pain, cramping, helps with intestinal problems or unpleasant menstrual periods, and is used as a “trigger” for delaying menstruation.

Oil and seeds have a beneficial effect on the female reproductive system. Grains contain plant estrogens, phytosterols, vitamins E and B, omega-6 and omega-9 acids, which regulate the optimal hormonal balance in women.

A useful product helps prevent the development of tumors and inflammatory processes in the female genital organs, including breast cancer.

For women, black sowing is recommended to alleviate problems with the menstrual cycle, concomitant treatment of female infertility, mastitis, many inflammatory and infectious diseases, and cancer of the female genital tract.

Important! Before taking a useful product inside, consult your doctor! He will determine the appropriateness of the application. Natural treatment should be supportive, and not a substitute for basic pharmacological therapy!

For immunity

To strengthen the body’s defense, it is recommended to use a decoction made from whole seeds of black caraway seeds (10 grams), flooded with water (250 milliliters). The mixture is brought to a boil and cooked over low heat for 3 minutes. After the agent has cooled to room temperature, it should be filtered.

Take 50 grams, before meals, four times a day.

Note: the shelf life of the seeds is at least two years. When stored in a dark place and sealed containers, can reach seven years. If the product is purchased through a distribution network, its warranty period is indicated on the packaging.

Pregnancy and lactation

Due to the effect (stimulation) on smooth muscles, nigella is not recommended for pregnant women!
During breastfeeding, it is useful due to the stimulation of lactation - the plant promotes the production of breast milk in the mammary glands, significantly improves the immune system of the mother and baby. Suitable for healing cracks in the nipples due to the healing ability.

In infants, seeds have a beneficial effect on digestion and help get rid of flatulence.

Useful properties for men include normalization of testosterone production, a positive effect on the spermatogenesis process (sperm count and activity). Improving blood circulation in the male genital organs protects against the development of inflammatory processes and problems with the prostate gland.

For men, regular consumption of the plant is recommended for the following health problems:

  • erectile dysfunction,
  • varicocele
  • prostatitis,
  • prostate cancer
  • male infertility
  • diseases of the male reproductive system.

Black cumin contains a complex of vitamins A and E, phytosterols, zinc, manganese and selenium, thereby actively contributing to increased libido and potency.

Disease treatment and overall health improvement

Consider the possibilities of treating diseases, methods of using black cumin seeds and detailed recipes for natural medicines. Below is a recipe for black cumin tea, which can be taken with most diseases.

1 tbsp chopped seeds pour 1/2 liter of boiling water, close and leave for 15 minutes. Strain and drink in sips throughout the day.

This tea helps to strengthen the immune system, which is important, in particular, during the incidence of colds - in the winter.

Note! If you are going to give black cumin seeds for immunity to children, reduce the dose taken by 2 times! The rule applies to children under 12 years old.

Sowing nigella is successfully used in the fight against infectious diseases due to the antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects of the plant.

Tea is suitable for the treatment of cough, rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, therefore it is used to eliminate gastric and intestinal infections, diarrhea, food poisoning.

In Asia, the drink is used to eliminate intestinal parasites. A diuretic effect helps detoxify the body.

Due to its beneficial effects on metabolism and digestion, black cumin seeds are suitable for weight loss. How to take them?

  1. Oil - 1 tsp diluted in water or juice 1-2 times a day. The product is taken on an empty stomach (30-60 minutes before meals).
  2. Seeds - 1-2 tsp 1-2 times a day. Grains before use should be heated in a pan, stirring continuously, until slightly cracked. Cool and grind (in a mortar or coffee grinder).

Before taking grains for weight loss, make sure that you do not belong to a group with contraindications (see below).

For the treatment of infertility, try the following recipe. 5 times a day, prepare a decoction: 1/4 tsp. cook chernushka oil and a pinch of caraway seeds for 5 minutes, cook, sweeten 1 tsp. honey. The course is 40 days.

There are substances in the seeds of nigella that help regulate glycemia and are associated with the natural secretion of insulin (vitamins A, E, D, B1, B3, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, zinc, amino acids).
To compensate for diabetes, prepare the medicine according to the following prescription.
You need:

  • 1 glass of crushed caraway seeds and cress,
  • 1.5 cups chopped pomegranate peel,
  • caraway seed oil.

Mix dry ingredients. Take a mixture of 1 tbsp. per day mixed with 1 tablespoon oils.

To ease coughing, it is recommended to drink peppermint tea with 5 drops of cinnamon oil. Frequency of use - 3-4 times a day. The course is 1 week.

Internal intake of natural medicine is recommended for people suffering from joint diseases. Thanks for the beneficial effects should be the substance thymoquinone, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

To eliminate the manifestations of arthritis, arthrosis, gout, rheumatic diseases, take water tincture. 1 tsp chopped raw materials pour 250 ml of boiling water. Insist 3 hours, take 4 times a day, dividing the total amount into 4 doses.

Scientific studies have shown that regular use of the plant alleviates epileptic seizures.

The plant is rich in thymoquinone, a substance effective in treating symptoms of asthma and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

A study in mice showed that grass, due to the presence of 5-fluorouracil, inhibits tumor growth in the colon.

The antibacterial substances contained in the plant will help in the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus.

Application in cosmetology

Due to the content of a number of active substances, in particular, fatty acids and minerals, sowing cinnamon is used in cosmetology - it has a beneficial effect on both the skin and hair condition.

Use for facial skin is advisable for inflammatory diseases, for example, acne. Mix olive and caraway oil (1: 1), apply on face for 20 minutes. Such a mask will not only eliminate acne, but also restore elasticity and a healthy appearance to the skin.

Benefits for hair provides the content of fatty acids and other important components. Chernushka sowing eliminates dandruff, strengthens hair. You can try the following hair mask. Combine olive (almond) and caraway oil, apply on hair and scalp for 30 minutes. Rinse off with shampoo.


Before taking black cumin, consider not only the benefits, and the possible harm to the plant. In addition to pregnancy, contraindications include a period of recovery after transplantation in recipients - due to increased immunity, a negative reaction to a transplanted organ may occur. Harm is provided to people with individual intolerance to natural medicines (rash, indigestion).

A very interesting video, it details about all the properties and uses of seeds.

1. They have antioxidant effects

Antioxidants are substances that neutralize harmful free radicals and prevent oxidative damage to cells. Studies show that antioxidants can have a dramatic effect on overall health.

Some studies show that antioxidants can protect against several types of chronic conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity (1).

Several compounds found in black caraway seeds, such as thymoquinone, carvacrol, t-anethole and 4-terpineol, provide powerful antioxidant properties of this plant.

One study found that black cumin seed essential oil also acts as an antioxidant (2).

However, further research is needed to determine how the antioxidants found in kalonji can affect people's health.

Some studies have shown that high levels of antioxidants in black cumin seeds can help protect against many diseases.

2. May lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in the human body. And despite the fact that cholesterol performs important functions in the body, its large amount can accumulate in the blood and increase the risk of heart disease.

Black cumin seeds have been proven to be especially effective in lowering cholesterol.

One review of 17 studies showed that the addition of black cumin seeds to the diet contributed to a significant reduction in both total and "bad" LDL cholesterol, as well as blood triglycerides. Interestingly, he also discovered that black cumin seed oil has a greater effect than seed powder. However, only seed powder was able to influence the increase in the level of “good” HDL cholesterol (3).

Another study in 57 people with diabetes showed that eating black cumin seeds for one year reduced total LDL cholesterol while increasing the level of “good” HDL cholesterol (4).

A similar study conducted in 94 people with diabetes had similar results, reporting that taking 2 grams of black cumin seeds daily for 12 weeks had an effect on reducing both total and “bad” LDL cholesterol (5).

Several studies have found the benefits of black cumin seeds to lower both total and “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Immune tincture of black cumin seeds in alcohol

This home-made alcoholic drink is popular in some Scandinavian and European countries. The first mention of it in our country dates back to the time of Peter the Great.

  • caraway seeds - 5 grams,
  • cloves - 1 pc.,
  • vodka - ½ liter.

  • Combine all components in a saucepan, cover.
  • Heat to a temperature of about 60-65 degrees.
  • Cool, filter through several layers of gauze.

When using alcohol-containing tinctures, it should be remembered that their abuse is harmful to health.

3. May be useful in the treatment of tumor diseases

Black cumin seeds have a high content of antioxidants, which help neutralize harmful free radicals that contribute to the development of diseases such as cancer. There are a number of laboratory studies that prove the ability of black cumin to be useful in treating cancer.

Studies have shown some impressive results regarding the potential anticancer effects of calonge and thymoquinone, its active compound. For example, in one study, thymoquinone was found to induce death in cancer patients (6).

Another study showed that black cumin seed extract helped inactivate breast cancer cells (7).

Recent studies show that black cumin seeds and its components can also be effective against several other types of cancer, including cancer of the pancreas, lungs, cervix, prostate, skin and colon (8).

However, human studies have not yet been conducted, so there is no exact data on whether the effect achieved in the laboratory will have the same success for real patients.

Studies in medical laboratories have shown that black cumin seeds and its components can exhibit anti-cancer effects.

4. Possess antibacterial and antiparasitic action

Diseases caused by bacteria often affect the human body. It can be as simple as acute respiratory infections, as well as various ear infections and even pneumonia.

In some laboratory studies, it was found that black cumin seeds have antibacterial properties and can be effective in controlling certain strains of bacteria.

In one study, black cumin seeds were used topically for newborns with staph infections of the skin. Black cumin has been found to be as effective as the standard antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections (9).

In another study, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacterial strain that is difficult to treat and resistant to antibiotics, was isolated from the wounds of patients with diabetes. Black cumin seeds killed bacteria in more than half of the samples (10).

Several other laboratory studies have shown that black cumin can help inhibit the growth of MRSA, as well as many other bacterial strains (11, 12).

However, human studies are limited today, and more research is needed to see how black cumin can affect different strains of bacteria in the body.

It is also proven that black cumin has antiparasitic action, along with cloves, wormwood and tansy. Seeds of black caraway seeds are included in the well-known Russian medicine for parasites "Triplet". It is noteworthy that caraway can act not only on adults, but also on parasite larvae.

In both laboratory and human studies, it has been found that black cumin seeds can be effective against several types of bacterial infections as well as parasites.

5. They have anti-inflammatory properties

In most cases, inflammation is a normal immune response that helps protect the body from injury and infection. On the other hand, chronic inflammation, which is not treated for a long time, contributes to various diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Some studies have shown that black cumin seeds can have a strong anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

In one study, 42 people with rheumatoid arthritis who took 1000 mg of black cumin seed oil daily for eight weeks had reduced markers of inflammation and oxidative stress (13).

In another rat study, black cumin seeds were able to induce inflammation in the rat brain and spinal cord (14).

Laboratory studies have shown that thymoquinone, an active compound in black caraway seeds, has helped reduce inflammation in the cancer cells of the pancreas (15).

Despite these promising results, most human studies are still limited, so more research is needed to have a more serious evidence base regarding the anti-inflammatory properties of black cumin.

Some studies have shown that black cumin seeds and its active ingredients can help reduce markers of inflammation.

6. Are hepatoprotectors

The liver is an incredibly important organ. It removes toxins, metabolizes drugs, processes nutrients and produces proteins and chemicals that are critical to health.

Several promising animal studies have found that black cumin seeds can help protect the liver from injury and damage.

In one study, rats were injected with a toxic chemical, one with black caraway seeds and the other without it. Black cumin has been found to reduce the toxicity of the chemical and protect against damage to the liver and kidneys (16).

In another animal study, similar data were obtained showing that black cumin seeds protect against induced liver damage compared with the control group (17).

One scientific review explains the hepatoprotective effects of black cumin seeds with its antioxidant content and ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress (18).

However, more research is needed to gauge the benefits that black cumin seeds can have in people with liver health.

Animal studies have shown that black cumin seeds can protect the liver from injury and damage caused by exposure to chemicals.

7. May help regulate blood sugar

High blood sugar can cause many negative symptoms, including increased thirst, unintended weight loss, fatigue, and decreased attention span. In the long run, uncontrolled high blood sugar can lead to even more serious consequences, such as nerve damage, changes in vision, and slow healing of wounds.

Some evidence suggests that black cumin seeds can help maintain blood sugar levels and thus prevent these dangerous side effects.

One review of seven studies showed that eating black cumin seeds improves blood sugar (19).

Similarly, another study in 94 people showed that taking black cumin seeds on an empty stomach daily for three months significantly reduces blood sugar, average blood sugar and insulin resistance (20).

Studies show that adding black cumin seeds can help lower your blood sugar.

8. May prevent stomach ulcers

A stomach ulcer is a painful wound that forms when stomach acid corrodes the walls of the stomach.

Some studies show that black cumin can help preserve the inner wall of the stomach and prevent ulceration.

In one animal study (20 rats with stomach ulcers), treatment was performed using black cumin seeds. This not only led to healing effects in approximately 83% of the rats, but was also as effective as the usual drug for treating stomach ulcers (21).

Another animal study showed that black cumin seeds and its active ingredients prevent the development of ulcers and protect the inner wall of the stomach from exposure to alcohol (22).

Keep in mind that current studies are limited to animal studies. Further research is needed to determine how black cumin seeds can affect the development of gastric ulcers in humans.

Animal studies have found the benefits of black cumin seeds for the inner wall of the stomach, which allows the plant to be used to protect against the development of gastric ulcers

Black cumin seeds with wine vinegar for inflammation

Used externally to get rid of acne, with psoriasis, herpes, to eliminate local foci of inflammation of the skin. To prepare a healing balm, powdered seeds are combined with wine vinegar in a ratio of 2 to 1 and mixed to form a homogeneous mass. The resulting product is applied to the affected areas of the skin.

How to take black cumin seeds for oncology?

In oncology, oil from black cumin seeds is used. Thanks to the presence of thymoquinone, a powerful plant antioxidant, it is possible to achieve a positive effect. When applied externally, in cases of skin cancer, the product is applied to the affected areas.

The use of black cumin seeds for weight loss

In dietetics, caraway fruits have been used relatively recently. Their inclusion in the diet when losing weight, along with a diet and a complex of physical activity and exercise, activates the metabolism. Slag formations, toxic substances, excess fluid are removed from the body. The work of the liver and the entire excretory system is stimulated.

To get rid of extra pounds and figure correction, a drink from the fruits of black caraway seeds is used.

  • seeds - 10 grams,
  • hot water or green tea - 300 milliliters.

  • Pour seeds, cover, warm, insist 20 minutes.
  • Take 100 grams, three times a day, before meals, in the form of heat.

Harm and contraindications

Side effects after eating black cumin fruits, in the form of nausea, general malaise, rashes on the skin, can occur in case of overdose or individual intolerance. With such symptoms, you should stop taking them.

The use of the product is contraindicated in:

  • Pregnancy
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Ischemia.

It is forbidden to take along with drugs that lower blood sugar and pressure.

Inna, 42 years old: Work is connected with business trips, noticed that she began to get sick more often. I read that immunologists advise to strengthen immunity. Given my rhythm of life on wheels, I chose the seeds of black cumin in capsules. You can take them with you and drink even on the go.

Alina, 26 years old: On the recommendation of a nutritionist, in order to lose weight, she included tea from black caraway seeds in the diet. I don’t know exactly what affected the result, but in a month I managed to lose four kilograms. The body feels some lightness, overall health has improved.