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How to stay awake all day if you haven’t slept all night


The co-author of this article is Chris M. Matsko, MD. Dr. Matsko is a former doctor from Pennsylvania. He graduated from Temple University Medical School in 2007.

The number of sources used in this article is 21. You will find a list of them at the bottom of the page.

You may be used to going to bed late. Or it may be that you simply have to do this, as you have been preparing for the upcoming exam for a long time. Be that as it may, you are probably interested in learning how to spend the next day on your feet after a sleepless night. Of course, it will be very difficult to stay awake without falling asleep on the go, but nothing is impossible. The tips in this article will help you survive the day after a sleepless night.

How to prepare for the working day

The best option is to sleep in the morning and a half hours. A short sleep relieves stress, increases the ability to absorb information, improves physical condition. The body receives a small supply of energy, which helps to hold out during the day. Do not think about how to wake up after a morning sleep if you have not slept all night. In 90 minutes, sleep will go through all stages, enter the fast phase. At this point, waking up is easy. After awakening, drowsiness and fatigue are not felt. When time is running out, try to sleep for 20 minutes. Drink coffee to get up easier. Caffeine will begin to function in 20 minutes and provide an easy awakening. No matter how much you want to stay in bed and take a nap for a couple of minutes, get up immediately. A moment may turn into a longer time. The brain will enter the phase of deep sleep and it will be very difficult to wake up.

The invigorating smells that activate the brain help to get up in the morning. Inhale after sleep the aroma of citrus, pine, eucalyptus, nutmeg, and juniper. If rummages at work, late parties, studying at night are normal for you, buy a bottle of aromatic oil and apply a few drops of a handkerchief. It can be used at work when it becomes sleepy. Thus, even if you did not sleep all night, you can be more or less awake all day.

The next stage in preparing the body for a working day after a sleepless night is a small morning exercise. It will help to finally wake up, improve well-being, activates the activity of all body systems.

Contrasting water treatments will greatly benefit. Such little stress for the body contributes to the release of adrenaline. A small release of the hormone stimulates the nervous system, provides the brain with additional blood. A contrasting shower washes away the remnants of lethargy, a person feels collected, ready for study or work.

If a woman has not slept all night, she will try to disguise her sleepy appearance. Bright light is considered the enemy of sleep. During gymnastics and beauty guidance, turn on the upper bright light, which will reduce drowsiness and give the brain a signal that it is time to wake up.

What to eat for breakfast

Do not neglect breakfast, especially after a sleepless night. Treat yourself to healthy foods that provide energy. A good option is oatmeal with berries or fruits. You can eat cottage cheese, egg, hard cheese. If not enough time, eat nuts. When it is difficult to wake up and get up in the morning, drink green tea instead of coffee. It gives a good tonic effect. There is only one trick: brew tea leaves for no more than two minutes. After a long brewing, the drink acquires soothing properties.

After a hard night, the morning will be awake if you eat a piece of dark chocolate. It promotes the production of endorphins, which will lift the mood and make the brain work. Good coffee will help to cheer up, but a few cups of an invigorating drink drunk in a row overexcite the nervous system.

How not to fall asleep during the day

Do not despair if you have not had time to follow the previous recommendations. A short sleep in transport will help to recover and significantly improve the condition. Nuts will replace breakfast, and a run to the place of work will invigorate.

A night without sleep reduces the perception of information. Set aside complicated matters until 10 a.m. The body adapts to this time. But by 13-14 hours drowsiness will again begin to prevail in the workplace. Constantly sleepy people know how to cheer up after a sleepless night. Try to find 20 minutes to sleep at lunch time. To make it easier to wake up, you need to repeat the coffee trick. The first minutes after waking up will be difficult, but later the body will thank for a short rest with an increase in working capacity. Enough energy until the end of the day. But what to do if you can’t sleep, but you need to focus on work?

A few tips will help you survive the day after a sleepless night:

  • Do a small charge.
    Jogging on the stairs, several sports exercises will increase the amount of blood flowing to the brain. You will immediately feel cheerful.
  • Freshen up.
    Wash yourself, or open a window, go outside, lower the temperature of the air conditioner.
  • Get distracted by food.
    Eat an apple or a light sandwich, a piece of chocolate. Heavy food will cause drowsiness. To sleep well at night, after lunch you will have to give up caffeinated drinks
  • Keep your posture straight.
    Correct posture while sitting allows you to maintain vigor.
  • Get distracted by the pleasant.
    Laughter and positive emotions stimulate brain activity.

The next peak drowsiness occurs at 18-19 hours. Overcome the desire to take a nap and go to bed at your usual time. A short sleep in the evening will break the regime. The day will end with wakefulness, you will not get enough sleep again. The morning will begin with a heavy awakening, and during the day will want to sleep again.

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Do not make important decisions

It's no secret that a sleepy person feels worse than a sleepy one. This is especially true of his intellectual state: as a rule, after a sleepless night you are less productive, less calm and much more inclined to make rash decisions. Put off until the morning all tasks that require great attention to detail. Today you are not capable of it.

Eat right

Lack of sleep will surely make you full of carbohydrates and sugar. Do not allow yourself this! According to research, for normal functioning with a lack of sleep, you should put in a breakfast rich in protein (for example, scrambled eggs with beef) - this will help to refrain from malnutrition during the day. Also, avoid fatty foods - it will be better if you lean on fruits and juices. Another tip: refrain from energy - they usually add a lot of sugar.

Careful with coffee

You will probably start the morning with him - and here we have no right to condemn you. A cup of coffee (or even two) can be life-saving after a sleepless night. But do not abuse this drink: after two cups it will not add energy to you, but then you will become nervous and, probably, will bring down your internal schedule. Do not drink afternoon coffee.

Open to the sun

The most obvious life hack after a sleepless night is to go out into the sun. Circadian rhythms (those that are responsible for wakefulness and sleep) are “controlled” by light and darkness: if your body is in the light, you will be sure that the day has come, which means that it needs to be active. And yes, sunlight is preferable to a lamp in the office: firstly, your body will receive the vitamin D it needs, and secondly, according to research, it will improve your night's sleep (when it comes).

Go to workout

Okay, this is not what you want after a sleepless night - presumably, you feel exhausted and tired. Nevertheless: physical activity will invigorate your body and add to your productivity and attentiveness. Killing in the simulator is not necessary: ​​even a walk in the lunch break will, in principle, be enough.

1 Trick: 26 minutes to reboot

Reboot with a brief sleep. Take a taxi to work, and take a nap along the way. NASA scientists found that sleeping for 26 minutes can increase the efficiency of pilots by 34%. It will help you

temporarily be more collected and improve reactions.

2 Trick: more glare

In the dark, a larger amount of the hormone melatonin begins to be secreted in the body, which is responsible for regulating the daily rhythm. The higher his level in the body, the more he wants to sleep. Accordingly, it is necessary to create conditions that slow down the secretion of the hormone. Bright light and light from the computer (a specific blue glow) will help.

If you work in an office in a dim light, find a place closer to the window.

3 Trick: quarrel with someone on the Internet

The moment has come when proving your point in the comments can be beneficial! The fierce the argument, the better. You will get a release of stress hormones, and this will mobilize the whole body. Internet controversy is the safest method to provoke greater secretion of adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol. Although you might as well have a fight with someone who you haven't liked for a long time, and then apologize, writing off everything as lack of sleep.

5 Trick: prioritize tasks

For effective non-routine work and solving complex problems, we use the prefrontal cortex. This is the youngest part of the brain that uses a huge amount of energy. These resources are finite, as, in fact, motivation. It is for this reason that rest is an incredibly important thing, and with an increase in the amount of working time, productivity decreases.
If you have important tasks ahead of a sleepless night, first of all do the most urgent and important ones, followed by those that have lower priority, and leave the analysis of mail and routine affairs in the end. We do things that are familiar to us on automatism, practically without using the prefrontal cortex. It is like driving a car along a familiar road. This requires much less energy than, for example, driving in an unfamiliar city, when the prefrontal cortex is used to maintain maximum attention and make decisions.

You can charge the prefrontal cortex with fast carbohydrates. Eat something sweet or drink a sugar drink.

6 Trick: useful stress + coffee or cola

As for drinks. Sugar provides energy to the brain, but there are helper substances that can excite the nervous system, such as caffeine. In the right concentration, they allow you to achieve the optimal level of stress.

Stress can be helpful. Scientists divide stress states into 3 categories: under-excitation, optimal stress level, and nervous system overexcitation. When you are too relaxed or too stressed, the ability to think and make brilliant decisions effectively is very low. But at the optimum level of arousal, you can be, if not a brilliant, then a savvy employee for sure.
After lack of sleep, the body is in a state of imbalance. A common mistake is that people try to awaken the body with huge amounts of caffeine. You do not need to pour in liters of coffee if you do not want to overexcite the nervous system and lose concentration. Drink coffee or cola (on sugar) in small portions every 3-4 hours. The main thing is not to exceed the permissible norms - 300 mg of caffeine for an adult per day. This is about 4-6 cups of espresso.

7 Trick: physical activity

If you feel that you are falling asleep, do a couple of exercises: squats, walking or a light workout. Studies show that walking in the fresh air for 15 minutes helps to improve concentration for 2 hours of work.

After a night without sleep, do not drive. The effect of lack of sleep is similar to alcohol intoxication. On average, the figure is displayed - 17 hours without sleep = 0.05 ppm, and after 24 hours it is comparable to a concentration of 0.1%. Your reactions will be inhibited, blurred vision may appear, and the body will carefully try to seize the moment for sleep.
Try to avoid nights without sleep. Regular sleep deprivation increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes.
If you suffer from insomnia, consult your doctor who will prescribe therapy. Perhaps you are missing a number of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), the secretion of sleep hormone is impaired, or the nervous system is very stressed.