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I have problems disabling the remote control buttons, such as “fast forward”, “pause”, etc. in the Roku app. This is a very simple application that has only one main scene, which creates only a video node that plays a live broadcast of our television channel. Roku agreed that they require you to disable the stunt buttons, such as fast-forward during a live broadcast. The documentation says that this should be handled using the onKeyEvent () function. If an event is processed, it “should not” pop up and be processed by the firmware. I can console the log to prove that the function is starting, but when I switch “processed” to true and return it, this seems to have no effect. all buttons continue to work and do their job.

I used the example provided by him and even simplified it to a simple transformation of the “processed” into the true, unconditionally. (by the way) I tried to move it from the brs file of the video scene to main (where everything is initialized) and move it, but I'm at a dead end. It fires when the buttons are pressed, but returning true seems to do nothing.

The application just starts, creates a video node and starts playing the stream. In addition to triggering the Google Analytics event, it does nothing else.

Is there something missing about this? If anyone knows how to disable these buttons, I would be more than grateful.

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You do not need to do this in the onKeyEvent function, as you mentioned in your question.

Just set the “Live” field to true in the content metadata for the video node, as indicated in the documentation

If will handle the video controls for your live content.

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I wonder why you did not use the "enableTrickPlay" and "enableUI" fields of the Video node for this purpose. Please check: in the "User Interface Fields" section

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You can try setting the enableUI and enableTrickPlay fields on the video node. In addition, if the video node has focus, it will automatically process certain keystrokes. If it is not focused, it will not process these keystrokes automatically. Pressing keys that are not processed will exit the video player and move up the focus chain. What the focus chain is depends on your code. But it should look something like this from top to bottom.

main.brs MainScene All the rest of your components

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You can customize a custom component that extends the Roku component Video and redefines its function onKeyEvent, as shown below

APPLE TV - replenish the collection of apples

The biggest advantage of Apple TV is the ability to play saved shows or movies from any iOS device via AirPlay. AirPlay also allows you to use AirPlay compatible speakers, giving you wireless surround sound. AirPlay allows you to stream from your iPad, iPhone, Mac to your TV in full screen with high definition.

FROM Apple tv You'll get access to Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, but if you prefer Amazon Instant, Showtime, or Vudu, you won't be much upset. Cloud storage will allow you to save any purchases from iTunes in digital space. Apple TV is amazing.


ChromecastIt is by far the cheapest streaming device of all. It is also the easiest and most difficult to use. After you insert the voluptuous key deeply and firmly into the HDMI port, you need to download the ChromeCast interface application, for some it will be a simple question that will allow you to watch your favorite TV shows in a few minutes, for others it will be a long battle trying to convince ChromeCast to connect to your home network.

ChromeCast has numerous flaws in providing streaming services. To watch YouTube, Google play, Netflix, and Hulu, everything will be fine, but with Vudu or Amazon Instant, not everything is so good. You can of course use some third-party services, but additional applications will be required to make it work. Chromecast works well while the wireless router is in the room with it.

ROKU 3 - Stream Only

The biggest advantage to use RokuHe doesn’t try to squeeze his proprietary service into your delicate holes like Google, Apple and Amazon do. This makes its device more versatile. With Roku, you'll get access to Amazon Instant, HBO Go, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, and Showtime, don't expect to get access to Google Play and iTunes.

One of the nicest features of Roku is its remote control with headphone jack. The remote control looks cheap, but for that it is easy to use that Roku will work without the hassle, additional applications and other software.

WD TV LIVE - Multiple Tasks

Western Digital TV Live appeared out of nowhere. It has better streaming options than Chromecast or Apple TV with Showtime and Amazon Instant combined. Western Digital TV Live works with both Android and iOS devices. It has the ability to wired or wireless, which will allow you to work with any existing device, even if you have tons of material, you can easily review all this using TV Live. It is easy to use, works with any remote control or with a smartphone as a remote control.

TV Live has two drawbacks: the lack of backups and updates with bugs that will turn your TV Live into a brick. Nevertheless, it is a great device for streaming and for using your personal media collection.

TIVO ROAMIO PLUS - home treasure

You are ready to completely cut the cable, you want a solid experience in streaming with the addition of a DVR and it will definitely not leave a dry place in your home. It has all the most popular streaming services: Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Amazon, as well as some add-ons like Pandora and Blockbuster. In addition, Roamio works with most existing television systems, which can be done with either a wired or wireless network connection. It includes a DVR, which has a capacity of 3 TB and can record up to 6 TV shows simultaneously.

Disadvantage in TiVo is that it is still a DVR and only then an impressive streaming device. It will work with iOS devices and iTunes, but not with Android and Google Play. It does not support Vudu, HBO Go, Showtime, ESPN, and many other representatives of streaming services. Different models have different properties, so check the box before purchase correctly.