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Solving problems with Playstation 4


The statement that the technology you care about lasts longer and breaks less frequently is true for computer peripherals. Especially for mechanical input devices. Disassemble (remove the buttons) regularly and clean the keyboard.

This, as a minimum, will avoid the inconvenience associated with incorrect typing and sticky keys. Cleaning is best done with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. To avoid corrosion of plastic and other materials used in the manufacture, acetone-based solvents cannot be used. Before cleaning, fix the order of the keys for yourself in the photo or in another way.

Prevention is necessary, but does not give iron guarantees, and for one reason or another, a breakdown can occur.

Keyboard malfunction related to hardware

Check connection. Make sure that the keyboard is correctly connected to the computer to start, try reconnecting it and restarting the PC. Disconnect it for 10-15 seconds, and then try connecting again. Use another USB port.

Check for mechanical damage.. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the keyboard from the socket and check the cable for the presence of “creases”. If it is connected via the PS / 2 port, you need to carefully examine it and if you notice that the contacts are bent, carefully fix them with tweezers.

Try using the device on another computer. Among other things, the PS / 2 port on the motherboard may not be working properly and you should try connecting the keyboard to another PC. When the connection is made via USB, located on the front panel of the system unit there is a possibility that the port’s contact with the motherboard is broken.

Keyboard malfunction due to software failure

The distributions of Windows operating systems, necessary for most of the devices used, are already integrated. But if the new multimedia keyboard does not respond to you, then the reason for the inoperability lies, most likely, in the absence of drivers or a malfunction in its operation.

First of all, check if the system correctly detects the device. To do this, click on the "Start" icon with the right mouse button. In the dialog box that opens, select the line “Control Panel”.

Next, in the control panel, select? "Equipment and sound"?

Without going into the "Devices and Printers" category? From the subcategory select “Device Manager”.

If there is a problem, an exclamation mark will appear in the window that appears opposite the line “keyboard”. However, even if it is not, it is worth trying to reinstall the driver.

In addition, it makes sense to right-click on the “keyboard” and update the hardware configuration, or perform an automatic driver update. The OS will automatically start searching the Internet and installing the necessary software.

Take advantage of programs that make the search process automated and do not require active intervention. Free: Driver Pack Solution, Driver Booster, Device Doctor or paid: Driver Detective, Driver Genius, Driver Reviver will come in handy even if you cannot find the software yourself.

Manual update. Selecting manual update, we see a new dialog box that prompts you to enter an address to search for update files. Specify the location of the driver, click next. First, make sure that the required driver is available on the hard disk. To do this, you should visit the manufacturer’s website and download the software corresponding to the labeling of your device.

A disc is included. Insert the disk into the drive, autorun will work, install the necessary programs in accordance with the prompts that appear. If the "autorun" did not work, then open the distribution folder and find the executable file. Launch it with a double click. The file has the extension .exe, in order to see this, enable the display of extensions in the computer settings. To do this, we go along the path: “Control Panel”? “Appearance and Personalization”? “Show hidden files and folders”.

In the window that opens, uncheck the option "Hide extensions for registered file types." "Apply."

The operating system is infected. We scan the OS with the antivirus installed on the computer or select an online virus scan on the appropriate service.

Keyboard needs to be connected in BIOS. This case is typical for a situation when you need to connect an additional keyboard to the laptop.

We reboot the OS, press the F2 button or the Delete button, other options are possible (depending on the manufacturer), at the time of loading, a prompt appears at the bottom of the screen.

In the BIOS, we find the tab on which the list of input / output devices is presented (see How to enter the BIOS). Find the USB Controller item and activate it by selecting Enabled. Next, in the USB Keyboard Support line, select the same value - Enabled. Changes are saved by pressing the F10 button.

Blue fire of death

Especially on the Playstation 4, problems with a constantly glowing blue indicator often occurred during the console’s release, that is, during the first sales. Now the probability of blue fire is minimal, but if this happens, the console does not display the image on the TV screen and constantly flashes blue.

Blue Screen of Death on PS4 (BLOD).

This can happen for the following reasons:

  1. eating problems
  2. problems with the hard drive or with other hardware consoles.

Sony introduced the official list of actions that can help revitalize the console:

  1. Turn off the set-top box completely by touching the power button and hold your finger for about 7 seconds until the set-top box picks up twice.
  2. When all indicators turn off, disconnect the power cable from the console.
  3. Carefully check all cables, as well as the case of the console for external damage. You can also try connecting the console using other power cables and HDMI.
  4. Reboot the console.

If that doesn't work, it's time to check your hard drive:

  1. turn off the console, disconnect the power cable and all other laces,
  2. remove the housing cover, as shown in the picture (it slides sideways):
  3. removing the cover, you need to check whether the hard drive is well fixed and does not have external damage, it is fastened with just one bolt:
  4. when identifying fatal problems with the screw - it can be replaced by another (no thicker than 9.5 mm and at least 160 GB).

Another way to solve the problem is to reinstall the operating system. To do this, enter Safe Mode:

  1. when the set-top box is off, hold down the power button for 7 seconds,
  2. there will be two signals - the first when you just touched, the second after 7 seconds,
  3. connect the controller to the set-top box via a USB cable and press the PS button,
  4. in the menu that appears, select 7 point - Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).

be careful - when reinstalling the system ALL data from the hard drive will be deleted, including all games, saves, screenshots, account information, etc. The system will be reinstalled from the prepared USB flash drive, on which it is necessary to record the necessary files in advance.

If these methods do not work, then you should contact the service center and under warranty, replace the console with a working one.

Loud noise or red fire of death

If the PS4 is noisy, this means that the console temperature exceeds the permissible value and the cooler starts working at higher speeds. Usually the PS4 noise is caused by improper installation of the console, for example, if you put the console in some kind of bottleneck where there is no necessary air circulation. Some people think that it is possible to overcome the noise if the Playstation 4 is taken for repair, but this is not so - just install the console in a more spacious place, where there will be enough air for cooling.

It is not worth joking with overheating, because if you do not pay attention to the noise, then it is possible that the PS4 does not turn on due to the red bar due to the high temperature (red fire of death) Of course, it will not be able to burn - the alarm system will work and the prefix will simply turn off, but such "dances" in any case will not do the console any good and sooner or later it may fail completely.

Error saving games

This problem can also occur if the console comes from early parties. This is not a technical marriage of PS4, but only software, so everything can be easily solved.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the prefix simply reported an error "ce-34878-0", which damaged the preservation of games. Yes, that's right, after playing 15 hours in a single-player game, the user might be faced with the fact that he needs to restart the passage in order to see the ending.

This trouble can be solved quite simply - update the game and console firmware to the latest version. If this does not help, then the solution may suggest technical support PS4.

Problem with HDMI port

Some older Playstaion 4 models show factory defects - a small piece of metal is observed in the connector for the HDMI cable. If you apply force and try to push the cable into the connector, you can damage not only the connector for it, but also the cable itself.

However, the PS4 repair can be carried out at home - just drive the bulging metal down and everything will be fine.

Drive problems

Some Sonya owners report that the console itself turns on and removes the disk from the drive. An unpleasant problem, which, however, is quite easy to solve. There are only three solutions, maybe one of the following methods will help you.

  1. Rebuild the set-top box - when you turn on the PS4, you need to hold the power button for seven seconds (by entering Safe Mode) and then select the fifth item called "Rebuild Database".
  2. If it doesn’t help, go to the second point - delete the PS application from your mobile devices, there is a theory that there is a glitch in it - an order to the system to remove the disk from the drive.
  3. And the third option, which is most likely to help, is to set up the console so that the distance between the bottom of the console and the surface on which it stands is slightly larger. You may have a touch-sensitive button that ejects the disc, which is too sensitive.

No sign of life when turned on

If your Playstation 4 does not turn on, you should see if it shows any signs of work. If, when turned on, no indicators light up and the console looks completely broken, be sure to check the power cable, because the problem may be in it. For example, you can take a cable from a friend or use a similar cable from PS Vita.

It didn’t help and even after these actions you don’t turn on the Sony Playstation 4? You can try to disconnect the power cable from the console, wait half an hour and try again.

But what if the PS4 doesn't turn on anyway? There is only one answer - bring it to a service center and change it under warranty.

Problems connecting a flash drive

For some owners, ps4 does not see a flash drive. The first possible solution to this problem is to use the correct drive file system. Format your USB flash drive using standard Windows tools in the FAT32 format.

The second solution is related to the incorrect use of a flash drive - at the moment the drive can only be used to update software or to copy saves, screenshots or videos. Sony promises to add other functions in future firmware.

PS4 does not connect to WiFi

The console does not see the network, disconnects during the download of something, or sees the network, but does not connect.

The solution is to properly configure your router, for example, you can set the channel to the ninth, if the default is "auto".

The second option is to register DNS manually -, as well as

The third solution is to restore the router to its default settings.

If even this does not help, you can simply connect not via Wi-Fi, but use a cable.

Washable Sticks

If there are not many complaints about the above problems, then there are a lot of complaints about the poor-quality stick material. After buying a PS4 from many users, the sticks wear out very quickly and the gamepad does not look very nice.

The solution is simple - to purchase special pads that eliminate this problem.

Let's end on this, the main problems are indicated. I want to note that after reading this article you may have the wrong opinion that the Playstation 4 consists entirely of flaws. This is far from the case - Sony claims that in the very first batch of PS4 the marriage rate was only 0.4%, so the vast majority of users did not encounter any of the above troubles.

And the consoles of this company have long received a reputation for reliable devices that can work for years without any troubles.

As you can see, all problems can be solved, so you should not postpone the purchase, especially since the library of games is gradually being filled with hits.

Finally, I want to add a couple more videos.

Some keys do not work, F-keys on a laptop?

Check if sticking mode is on. This can happen when you press the Shift key five times. For some laptops, F-keys are locked with a special button. If the digital part of the buttons located on the keyboard on the right does not work, press the NumLock key. The active state will be signaled by a burning diode.

Are the lights blinking but nothing is happening?

  • The device is out of order
  • Damaged USB controller of the motherboard,
  • Damaged cable or connectors for connection,
  • Liquid got inside the keyboard, as a result of which the contact between the sensor film and the controller was broken.

Please check out our general troubleshooting tips for the PlayStation 2 system.

Make sure that the disc is inserted into the PlayStation 2 system correctly (upside down if the PlayStation 2 system is horizontal).

  • Make sure the drive is clean. Use a lint-free cleaning cloth for CD / DVD to clean the disc. Such wipes are usually sold in computer stores. It is recommended to clean the disc by moving in a straight line from the inner circle to the outside. It is not recommended to clean in a circular motion, as new scratches may appear on the surface of the disc. [Note: other materials, such as towels or T-shirts, may also scratch the disc. Scratches, dirt, or fingerprints on the surface of the disc may interfere with normal operation.]
  • Check how the PlayStation 2 system reads other game discs or CDs and DVDs.
  • To find out if the problem is related to the disc, try playing it on another PlayStation 2 system (PS one system, CD / DVD player, if the format of the disc allows).
  • Do not use game modification devices. Unlicensed devices can interfere with the proper functioning of programs. It is not recommended to use game modification devices or unlicensed products.
  • Ensure that the format of the disc you are using is supported by the PlayStation 2. For details, see below.

Supported Data Formats

PlayStation 2 System Models


Supported Data Formats

PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM
PlayStation 2 CD-ROM
PlayStation CD-ROM
Audio cd
DVD video

PlayStation 2 System Models

SCPH-77003SS *
* Limited edition

Supported Data Formats

PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM
PlayStation 2 CD-ROM
PlayStation CD-ROM
Audio cd
DVD video

Macrovision Information

If the PlayStation 2 system is connected to the TV via a VCR, you will not be able to watch some movies on DVD. This is due to encryption for protection against illegal copying, which is used by DVD manufacturers. If the PlayStation 2 system is connected to a VCR or all-in-one (TV + VCR), try connecting the PlayStation 2 to the video and audio input of the TV directly.

Check system operating conditions

Make sure that the PlayStation 2 is away from areas with a high concentration of dust and smoke and that it is not exposed to high temperature, steam, high humidity and direct sunlight. See the PlayStation 2 User Guide for safety, security, use, and maintenance information.


Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) recommends using only products approved and officially licensed for use with PlayStation products. If you use products that are not released and not licensed by SIEE for use with PlayStation 2, we recommend that you no longer use them. Please be aware that products that do not comply with SIEE's strict quality standards can damage the PlayStation 2 system immediately or after prolonged use. SIEE is not responsible for damage caused by unverified or unlicensed products, and Sony's limited warranty for the product will be voided. Liability for damage caused to SIEE products by unlicensed goods shall be borne by the manufacturer of this product.

Except for CDR / CDRW / DVDR / DVDRW format discs.

Please be aware that some discs recorded with DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD + R / DVD + RW / CDR / CDRW recorders may not play due to scratches, dirt, dust, fingerprints or problems. that occurred during recording or due to the state of the disc at the time of recording. You can play only those discs that were finalized after recording (the process that ends recording, after which further recording is not possible). Фрагменты видео, записанные на диски DVD-RW, совместимые с CPRM (защита данных для записываемых носителей), с использованием однократного копирования, не будут воспроизводиться.

Шлейфы, контакты, мотор

К сожалению, простых решений проблемы порой недостаточно. Ремонт привода PS2 чаще всего заключается в восстановлении поврежденных шлейфов, а также замене сгоревших контактов-предохранителей и двигателя.

Привод PlayStation 2

В первом случае, неисправность можно проверить самостоятельно. Достаточно снять крышку и осмотреть ленточные кабели на наличие дефектов. Manually replacing the loops will be quite difficult, and you may need to change additional drive components.

If the blown contacts are to blame, the prefix will think that drive cover openeven if it is not. In such cases, a lock is triggered and the disk does not start.

Well, the last reason why Playstation 2 does not read discs is “motor death”. It can be changed in specialized services. Of course you can take a chance and carry out the replacement procedure at homebut if you don’t understand, it’s better not to torture the console.

Finding out about engine problems is not difficult. Try spinning the drive manually (the console should be turned off). If in the process extraneous noise is heard: crackling, creaking, etc., as well as noticeable friction, probably there is still a malfunction.

If the drive on the PS2 does not work, that is - it does not show any signs of life at all, with a probability of 99% the problem lies precisely in the motor.

By the way, clips holding the disc in a horizontal position can also be damaged. In that case, when DVD cluttered to one side, the prefix simply will not see it.

Where to repair

We already mentioned this, but better to repeat it again. If you do not consider yourself an expert who can handle any, even the most difficult job of restoring electronics, you should not take the risk and try to cope on your own. Even if you find somewhere very detailed instructions, the chance of a mistake will be extremely high.

Beginners in the repair of equipment often ignore special equipment using improvised tools. Then it turns out that even in the process of disassembly, when it is still a long way to replacing the desired element, they themselves spoil some important component or cable. In order not to be one of them, we we recommend contacting a service center.

Situation when PS2 does not read discs- This is a long-passed stage for those who are professionally engaged in the restoration of consoles, so they already know all the ways to solve the problem. Accordingly, the wizard will be able to perform any work both quickly and efficiently.