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Where does it come from and how to overcome the fear of losing a job?


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The thought of a possible job loss can be really very scary. How will you provide for yourself and your family if you suddenly lose your source of income? Unfortunately, fear of losing a job can turn into an obsession. In addition, the fear of dismissal drastically reduces a person’s productivity and hinders his career advancement. If you want to show your potential, you have to give up the fear of being fired.

Symptoms of fear of losing a job

Phobia to lose a source of income, to remain without work gives rise to other unpleasant mental problems:

  • neurosis
  • Depression
  • nightmares,
  • constant false foreboding of impending disaster.

This often ends with a sad “self-fulfilling prophecy” - the fear of unemployment reduces productivity and concentration. And there is a stone's throw to the real dismissal.

Why is there a fear of losing my job?

The main causes of fear are several:

  1. Leadership, colleagues at work cause trouble. The boss is too demanding, employees weave intrigues, hook up each other, and engage in informative activities. This causes fear of dismissal.
  2. "Permanent revolution" that engulfed the company. Some leaders shy back and forth, constantly changing the requirements for employees. Instability instills fear that the company will soon go bankrupt, employees will be on the street.

There are more “subjective” causes of phobia. For example, an employee related to colleagues. He is afraid of losing friends, support.

A phobia is left without work, a financial source, a sea of ​​painful physical, mental manifestations. When fear covers a person:

  • the shaking begins. The whole body walks like a hodun: lips, hips, arms,
  • the stomach refuses to properly digest food, appetite is sharply worsened,
  • my heart is pounding, my blood pressure is racing
  • fever attacks - it gets hot in winter, cold in summer,
  • head breaks up, nauseous,
  • Visits "escapism" - a great desire to remove anxiety for the workplace, to "run away" into a bottle of alcohol, to do computer games.

Fear of losing a job paralyzes the will, dramatically reduces productivity.

Recognize the Illusion of Fear

For a person, fear is normal. The main thing is to understand how real fear is. Imagine walking peacefully in a park. Suddenly a tiger jumped out of the bushes. Here, of course, wild horror, heart-rending cry are fully justified. But if there is a fear of remaining unemployed, this tiger may be paper, just a figment of imagination. Therefore, always remember: the unemployed status is not very similar to the “zombie apocalypse,” it’s easy to find a new place and retrain.

Put the tiger on a chain, beat on fear with psychoanalytic logic. Maybe they recently dismissed a colleague for no reason, a relative fell under reduction? Suddenly it began to seem: you are next. But this is sheer stupidity, born of a fear of being left without money, a fear of being left with nothing.

It’s also nice to talk collectively. Then, to your surprise, discover: many colleagues are also afraid to be on the street, worry that the boss is not happy with them. You are far from alone. Remember: the leader is engaged in "large-scale" affairs. The chief is dissatisfied “globally”, with the whole process, and not with someone personally.

Create a financial airbag

Thoughts of job loss deprived of sleep? Create a financial airbag. Start spending less, putting more in the bank. For six months or a year of small savings, a good amount will come up. A solid bank deposit will give confidence. When you find funds for successful investments (real estate, securities), then the dismissal will not be scary at all. Fear of losing a job will dissipate.

Build an alternate aerodrome

Panicky afraid of contraction? Force an irrational fear to benefit. Start to learn a new specialty, look for another job. Make a resume, go for interviews, probe the labor market. Even when they get fired, there will be nothing to fear, because in advance, build a "backup airfield." You will become more decisive, informed, stop being afraid of interviews, and find out which companies need you.

Untie your self from work

If you lose 5,000 rubles, then lose your self? Of course not! Same thing with work. You are not a job. Own personality is much more important than earnings, positions. Reflect a little on your own life, goals. Remember relatives, friends, hobbies. Think about personal good qualities - patience, caring, honesty. It is all you. From job loss it is not going anywhere.

Learn to value your contribution.

Fear of being reduced is associated with an underestimation of one's own efforts. Remember often, all the useful things that have been done for the company, learn to see your own unique contribution to its development, stop perceiving yourself as a simple screw, which is easy to replace with another. Periodically celebrate everything that you have achieved, thank yourself for your achievements. Even such praise is a pretty good incentive to move forward. So gain confidence, you will know your own price, reduce the fear of losing your job.

Treat dismissal as a chance to achieve more

Forget the stupid: "a tit is better than a crane." Think: do you really need this "tit". Especially if it brings so much stress, steals peace of mind? It might be better to do something else. More interesting, less stressful. Let at first less profitable.

And remember the "great quitters" people who risked quitting work. About Joan Rowling - Harry Potter's “mom”. Before starting to create her best seller, the illustrious writer even lost her own home, not to mention work! Bravely decided to drop everything and the financier Michael Bloomberg. The future billionaire fearlessly left a warm spot in the investment bank, and based on the issued financial “golden parachute” he founded one of the most successful companies providing financial information.

Take a vacation regularly

Without normal rest, psychological burnout, overload will come very soon, more and more often the fear of losing a job will begin to annoy. Everyone needs to regain strength from time to time. Forget about emails, phone calls, conversations, tasks. To do something not burdensome, relaxing - a favorite hobby, relax, spend a pleasant evening with family, friends.

See a therapist

Different specialists have different methods of overcoming the fear of losing their jobs, fear of staying with empty pockets. The most effective are:

  • cognitive-behavioral adjustment,
  • psychoanalytic identification of the "center" of fear,
  • hypnotherapy.

A behavioral specialist, using the help of leading questions, will find out the causes of the phobia. Then he will teach the patient to treat fear differently. He will give concrete examples and explain the groundlessness of fear.

A psychoanalyst with a client will delve into the distant past, find the cause of phobia, help sublimate fear, turn it into an incentive for development.

A hypnotherapist with the help of positive attitudes will inspire confidence in the patient and teach him to ignore the phobia. Nikita Valerievich Baturin, a practical psychologist-hypnologist, has been successfully helping people for many years who were tormented by the fear of being left without money (and other fears and phobias). With the help of hypnosis, the study of sensations, this specialist relieves from life-poisoning fears.

Fear of losing a job will disappear when we begin to value ourselves whether we have a job or not, value our own skills, positive qualities of character. If we understand: there are many places where we are willing to pay generously for our professionalism.