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Zero Android settings to factory settings


The easiest way to reset the smartphone to factory settings is to use the corresponding menu item in the phone settings.

From the main menu, go to “Settings”, select “General Settings”, then “Reset” and “Data Reset”.

In different devices, the name of the desired menu item may differ. The necessary menu items can also be called “Restore and Reset”, “Reset to Factory Settings”, “Archive and Reset”, “Restore and Reset”, etc. At the same time, the general principle remains unchanged.

Using Recovery Keys

If you can’t use the first method, there is a recovery method through Recovery mode. To enter this mode, you need to hold down a certain combination of buttons on the turned off smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. Below are the key combinations that are used to enter recovery mode on most smartphones.

  • Power button + Home button + Volume button ↓ or ↑
  • Power button + Volume button ↓ or ↑
  • Power button + home button + volume button ↓ and ↑
  • Power Button + Volume Button ↓ and ↑

In most cases, the Recovery menu is as follows.

Navigation is done using the volume buttons. The choice is with the power key. To reset the settings, select the “Wipe data / factory reset” item. The phone will go into reboot and return to the factory settings.

Using computer

You can use a PC to restore factory settings. To do this, you need to download the Android System Development Kit. After installing the program, click RMB on "My Computer", select "Properties". Click on "Advanced System Settings" and on the "Advanced" tab, select "Environment Variables." Next, click on the “Path” option and select “Modify”.

Scroll the window that opens to the end and write down the path to the directory where you installed the ADK. Click “OK” to save.

Press the key combination “Windows + R” on the keyboard, in the window that appears, type “cmd”. A command prompt window will open. Turn on your smartphone and connect it to the computer via a USB cable. Type “adb shell” on the command line and press “Enter”. When the ADK connects to your mobile device, write “wipe_data” and press “Enter”.

Your phone will reboot in recovery mode and will automatically reset to factory settings.

Data storage

If you are not going to sell the gadget, but only want to clean it, you should first save its contents. How?

  • Go to "Settings", and then to the "Restore and reset" tab (in some gadgets it is called "Privacy" or "Backup and reset").
  • Check the “Data backup” box.
  • Below, register the Google account to which you want to perform this action.
  • Put one more checkmark in the checkbox "Auto Restore".

Now you are not afraid of data loss, as they themselves will return to their original place after cleaning the system.

Via "Settings"

  • Go to the same tab as when backing up, only this time click on the “Reset Settings” section.

  • You will receive a warning that all content will be deleted. Confirm your decision.
  • Next you will see a list of parameters that will be erased. Give it the go-ahead.

Your participation will not be required anymore: the gadget will do everything by itself, restart and you will get the system zeroed.

Using service codes

As for any other system, there are special codes for Android, entering which you will return to the factory settings.

This option is suitable in cases where you can only get into the emergency dial menu.

But you can also enter combinations with the same menu as other phone numbers.

Please note that ciphers may vary and differ for different gadgets. Try one of these:

Using hardware keys

Does the gadget freeze upon loading? Can't navigate the menu? Forgot your password? Perform a full cleaning through Recovery mode. How to activate it? First you need to turn off the device, and then hold down a certain combination of buttons. Different manufacturers have it different:

- volume down + power button.

- Assumes a couple of options for different models:

- Press the volume up and shutdown keys for at least 10 seconds,

- The same thing, only the first need to reap in the middle. Wait for the logo to appear and release only Power. When you see an Android robot with gears, slide your finger to the “up” volume and press until a green download bar appears.

Lenovo There are also several combinations:

- Volume “+ and -” together with the power key,

- Hold the last button until vibration, and then - increase the volume,

- Volume "up" and the start button at the same time.

- Power + volume down. When you see the logo, release the buttons for a second and push them again until recovery mode is activated.

- Volume “up” or “down” and “Power”.

- “Home” + volume up + power or the last and volume down.

- Volume up + power,

- Plug the gadget into the network. When the charge indicator appears, press the Reset button with a paper clip. As soon as the display lights up, hold down the Power button for a couple of seconds.

Xiaomi, Meizu:

- Turn on + increase volume. When you see the picture, release only the first.

What to do when you enter the Recovery menu?

  • Navigate to the Wipe data / factory reset section.

  • Agree that the information is erased.
  • When the reset is completed, click on the Reboot System item to restart the device.

If the sensor refuses to work, move through the menu with the volume keys, and select an action using the power button.

By the way. Important remark.

If the selection is not carried out by the volume buttons and the device goes into reboot, then try to remove the flash card.

Correction of errors in the engineering menu

You went to the engineering menu and did something wrong? You can return the previous parameters in this way:

  • Follow the path: Root folder - data - NVRAM - APCFG - APRDCL.
  • You are in the engineering menu options. If you know for sure which ones do not suit you, delete them individually. After a reboot, they will be overwritten by the factory settings.
    You are not sure what exactly needs to be changed?

You can completely erase the last folder. Do not be afraid to do this, because the standard parameters are embedded in the kernel and the system will automatically restore them.

How to reset settings on android via PC?

Resetting the settings on a mobile gadget via a computer is more suitable for advanced users, but if a beginner follows the instructions clearly, he will succeed :). So:

  • Download the Android System Development Kit from the official site.
  • Unzip the archive, click the "Browse" button and specify the path "C: Program Files".
  • Go to the folder with the extracted files and press F2 to give it a simple name that you like.
  • Right-click on the "My Computer" icon or on the corresponding section in the "Start" menu to get to the "Properties".
  • You will need the section “Advanced system parameters”, where in the tab “Advanced” you should click on the button “Environment variables”.

  • In the "System Variables" window, select the "Path" field, and then "Change".
  • Another window will open. Go down and set the path to the unpacked archive with a semicolon at the very beginning. For example, C: Program Files ADT sdk platform-tools .
  • Is that all right? Click OK.
  • Call up the command line. To do this, either go to "Search" and type in "cmd", or hold down the Win + R keys.
  • Connect your mobile device to your computer via USB.
  • Write “adb shell” in the line.
  • Click the Enter key.
  • When the ADB connects to the device, add “—wipe_data”.

  • Enter again.
  • The gadget will reboot and return to its default settings.

More on the topic of how to reset the settings on the android to the factory I have nothing to add.