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How to wake up when you have a bad dream


In new and again I drove phrases into the search engine: strangle in a dream, I can’t move, the brownie strangles, someone strangles in a dream and everything like that, hoping to at least somehow explain to myself what has recently begun to happen.

However, I will tell in order. My name is Michael. I always try to relate to everything mystical and supernatural, so to speak, with skepticism and any phenomenon, I try to find a logical explanation.

Nevertheless, deep down I was hoping to some extent that our life was not so monotonous and boring, because there should be something else, something unknown, unknown and interesting.

My story began at 24 . In the middle of the night I opened my eyes and was completely sure that I really woke up. Surprisingly, I felt sleepy. I decided to turn to the other side and then I realized that I couldn’t move - neither my legs nor my arms obeyed.

From all this, fear began to build up. I tried with all my might to break through this stupor, started screaming, hoping that they would hear me, but instead of screaming there came a soft moan. Fear grew stronger and eventually turned into an uncontrollable panic, well, just a wild horror that I had never experienced in my life.

My whole body was buzzing, scary, loud noises appeared, and began to sense the presence of "someone" in my room. I understood that “this” was getting closer and closer to me.

Something ominous was already standing very close behind me, and even began to feel how the hair on the back of his head began to move from his breath.

What I felt at that moment would not want to experience anyone. He began to reassure himself and pray to God for the cessation of all this, and at some point he stirred and left the stupor. I was scared and shocked, after which I could not fall asleep for a long time.

Someone chokes in a dream, but I can’t move

At first, this happened once every two months according to similar scenarios. Sometimes it happened in a slightly different way: the body was also paralyzed, but something small, dark, piled on top of me and choked so that it caught my breath.

Once again, when it happened to me again and in order to somehow stir, I tried to slide down and fall out of bed. And I managed to do it, albeit with great difficulty - I fell to the floor and realized: here he is, a carpet, this is a bed, I was 100% sure that I was on the floor in real life, but after a while I was surprised to realize that I was already in the beds. This fall completely baffled me and completely confused me.

This state began to overtake me more and more, and I had no choice but to look for the answer to the question: "What is happening to me? "

At first I turned to a doctor for a consultation on a medical site - described everything that was happening to me and received an answer that I had health problems and needed to be examined. Of course, such a statement was alarming, but I went further and continued to "google" on this topic.

To my surprise, there were a lot of people like me. Then I thought that there are so many people and everyone has health problems? Cost to drive into a search engine strangled in a dream or can not move in a dream - sites, forums with discussions about these obscure phenomena are issued. Interestingly, people often describe very similar stories and are to some extent “glad” that they are not alone in their problem.

I did not find any logical explanations on these sites, again, only one questions remained. Sometimes comments slipped through something like “ASTRAL”, “EXIT FROM THE BODY”, “SHAITAN, BOTTOM HOUSES, DEMONS”, etc.

I do not believe in this! And even close did not want to know and hear about something like that.

He began to look for information about sleep paralysis, because perhaps it was with this phenomenon that I came across. But again, what kind of strange creatures come to me and lead to uncontrollable fear?

I read that, in addition to paralysis of the whole body, the most common symptoms are: a sense of horror, a feeling of pressure (especially on the chest) or shortness of breath, a sense of the presence of an extraneous creature.

So the feeling of the presence of someone nearby is a symptom of sleep paralysis ?! Well, how can I explain for myself the feeling of a real fall from the bed, because I 100% felt it?

From ignorance to true knowledge

As a result, I inevitably, slowly and steadily went to the search for answers in such dubious topics as “EXIT FROM THE BODY”, “CONSCIOUS DREAMS”, “ASTRAL”, etc. The longer I searched for information about all this, the more often the name Mikhail Raduga was found.

He went to his website and he explained that sleep paralysis should not be scared and all that frightens and bothers us there is our fears, which are easily manifested in this state, and it is very easy to use sleep paralysis to exit the body. So it was a way out of the body, though not consciously ?!

All this did not fit in my head, but I could not stop halfway and had to get to the bottom of the truth. And what do you think? Once again in a state of sleep paralysis, with my whole being I did not allow thoughts of those terrible, unknown creatures, but only thought that I needed to somehow get out of the body, which in the end did not work out for me.

But he realized that no one had crept up behind me, didn’t begin to choke and, for the first time, when I got out of paralysis, I felt just fine - a surge of strength, excitement, joy and good mood for the whole day were provided. It was at this moment that I realized that this state is controllable and I am going in the right direction, and I have not yet been able to leave the body due to the banal lack of knowledge and experience in this area.

I downloaded a textbook on the site of Mikhail Rainbow and here, it was here that I found all the answers to my questions. The hum of the body is the so-called vibration that can be used to exit. A rumble, a roar in the ears - sounds that can also be applied.

Nothing could stop me, I literally glared at the textbook and eagerly began to scoop up information about this new discovery for me.

And cheers! My first conscious exit!

It was a dream that I was sitting at a computer table, I could not see anything on the monitor, everything was blurry. I understood that this could not be and at that moment I realized that I was sleeping ?!

An instant tremor began in the body. I already knew that these were vibrations, you had to somehow get out of the body. He began to try to do at least something to do this and suddenly, even he didn’t understand how, he ended up in the middle of the room.

I started jumping for joy, because I did it. I saw my room, I fully realized and understood that this was not the physical world and was emotionally shocked by this. I felt some ease in movements, lightness.

She sat on a chair, I began to prove to her that this was all not real and we were in a dream. I tried to fly up to the ceiling and I succeeded (the sensations are certainly indescribable), but my mother was not even surprised. My sister came and asked for some reason to replenish me (in my life I am thin), well, I told her that without problems, but no matter how much I tried, it didn’t work out.

I already had some information about this phenomenon and understood that something needed to be done. Mom suggested to self-medicate, and I remembered the video of Mikhail Rainbow that you can find any pill and take it. We went into the kitchen, and I began to look for pills in all the boxes, but could not find. Then I circled my arms over the table and two capsules showed up. I was very surprised that I did it. My mom and I took them. Well, then apparently lost consciousness and everything turned into a normal dream.

After such an experience, my life turned upside down in the literal sense of the word. I realized that I had discovered something new and very interesting. This is really a very interesting and all-consuming experience, emotionally just “blows” you. There is nothing more surprising, with full awareness, to arrive somewhere there and understand that you are outside your physical body.

In any case, many will not believe my story, and I am not going to blame anyone for this. I myself would not have believed it if it had not happened to me. One thing I will say for sure is that I am very glad to meet this phenomenon and, at the same time, I regret that I have not encountered it before.

The purpose of this article is not to convince you, dear reader, of the possibility of an out-of-body experience, since you yourself did not want to hear about this from the very beginning. The main thing is to catch that there is an answer and it consists in controlling fear, after which all these frightening images lose their power.

If an attack of paralysis catches you again, you already know that there is no need to panic. Just watch the condition, it is very interesting in itself, but at the same time you can think about something good and pleasant.

Be sure to check out the article sleep paralysis, stupor, which describes simple steps on how to get out of it. Or just go all-in - use

This may seem like the beginning of the next series of "X-Files", but it happens in reality. A man wakes up in the middle of the night and feels the presence of some strange people in the corner of the room. He cannot see them, but he clearly hears their speech. They agree on a murder. But instead of jumping out of bed and running away, a person feels that his body is completely paralyzed. He is horrified to realize that his moments in this world are numbered. Strange strangers come to bed and stand at the head of the bed. The man closes his eyes, but immediately feels a vile spit in his face. Maybe it's a dream?


As part of a scientific project dedicated to sleep paralysis, scientists are investigating a condition where a person waking up at night cannot move, experiencing nightmare hallucinations. In October 2015, the documentary film "Nightmare" was released in the UK. The film completely recreates 8 stories of real people who told about their nightly hallucinations. Despite the fact that the phenomenon is quite common, scientists still do not conduct large-scale studies of carotid paralysis. In fact, it is a shame for all science to move so slowly and reluctantly toward a solution to the mystery.

Hallucinations and risk factors

Sleep paralysis most often occurs either at the beginning of the night, simultaneously with falling asleep, or at the end of the night, immediately before waking up. Such hallucinations are usually divided into three categories. The first category makes you feel the presence of a stranger in the room, the second shows a feeling of strong pressure on the chest or strangulation, and the third makes you feel your own body flying above the bed. The third category of illusory experiences is usually isolated and does not intersect with the first two.

In fact, this phenomenon is more common than it might seem at first glance. In the UK, a study was recently conducted in which nearly 30% of respondents said they had experienced at least one episode related to sleep paralysis in their lifetime. 8% of 862 respondents reported more frequent hallucinations. This indicator overlaps with a sample of 30 studies from other countries. So, on average, 10% of respondents experience a similar state.

One of the symptoms of sleep disorder

In medicine, the term "narcolepsy" exists, which describes a nervous system disease associated with sleep disturbance. In this condition, the brain is not able to regulate the normal sleep and wake cycle. The condition described by us is one of the main symptoms of narcolepsy. It can also be caused by a number of other mental illnesses, or by the stress that patients experience in the post-traumatic period.

Unfortunately, many people experience this condition for no apparent reason, without suffering psychiatric or neurological diseases. However, stressful situations, painful experiences, heavy thoughts, and poor quality of sleep can have a definite effect on the occurrence of such situations. So, people working on shifts or on a rotational basis, having disturbances in the sleep cycle, often indicated sleep paralysis.

What is the role of genetics?

In order to detect a genetic predisposition to carotid paralysis, scientists compared the incidence of carotid paralysis in identical twins. They share almost 100% of the genes with their brothers or sisters, while non-identical twins share only 50% of the genes with their second half. It turned out that the genetic relationship of this manifestation really exists. Scientists have suggested that for sleep paralysis, a change in a specific gene involved in the regulation of sleep and wake cycles is responsible. However, these assumptions have not yet been confirmed, and scientists still have a long and painstaking work in this direction.

Dream Interpretation - Feelings and Conditions in a Dream

Rejoice in a dream - confidence in their affairs.

Frantically rejoice - to grief.

Laughing - you can’t achieve the goal.

Laugh uncontrollably - to sadness

Curiosity in a dream - beware of gullibility.

Feeling great excitement - strive for clear self-awareness.

Crying in a dream - to joy and to all that is good.

Feeling offended - disputes with loved ones.

Repentance to worry - your adviser is right.

Feeling irritated - a good friend will help.

Feel indignation - to live in peace, but in an unfavorable environment.

Aversion to people - caution is needed.

Aversion to objects - your stomach is out of order.

Feeling envy - a true heart cannot forget you.

Pity - you have the right to a calm conscience.

Anger - loyalty, a joyous day to come.

Raging in anger - a small delusion will have grave consequences for you.

Revenge in a dream - for a long time you can’t achieve justice.

Fear in a dream is a danger from joyful hopes. Secret cares that you drive during the day, the danger of what you love. Feelings of guilt, obsessions.

Shame and shame in a dream - beware of trusting others, hindrances from your own restraint in feelings.

To be slandered - beware of rashly disclosing a secret.

Judge in a dream - they will ridicule you.

To be late in a dream is near death.

To be lazy in a dream, to be indifferent - to sadness, loss.

Avaricious to be in a dream, to be greedy - you have to survive the horror.

Be cruel in a dream - you have to leave your home.

Interpretation of dreams from

When a person dreams that he is not able to wake up - in reality he will experience troubles with which he will not be easy to cope. However, in some cases, such a dream can promise a clearance in business, you only need to pay attention to small details.

What if I can’t wake up dreaming?

If the dreamer is sleeping with her husband and cannot wake up, then in reality she closes her eyes to many things, including the countless betrayals of her husband. Of course, she keeps her marriage, but she is not better. She must learn to respect herself, otherwise her husband will continue to wipe her feet on her. If the dreamer could not wake up in a dream, and he dreamed that he was late for work, then he will face serious problems in the service. Perhaps the boss will find fault with him for nothing and a serious conflict will arise between them. Also, such a dream can promise ordinary lateness, which will cause a storm of indignation among the leader. If the dreamer dreamed that in a dream she could not wake up to her own wedding, then in reality she would be disappointed in the chosen one. Perhaps she learns nasty things about him, or he will do something that she does not like.

If a girl in a dream overslept a date with her lover, then in reality she will have a difficult conversation with him. It will end with mutual reproaches and insults. As a result, the relationship will end, but this is for the better, as the dreamer will soon meet her future husband.

If a person constantly thinks in a dream: “I can’t wake up, but I need not to be late for the plane”, then in reality they will be offered a very profitable deal that will be fraught with a certain risk. However, no matter how tempting the prospects of getting a lot of money look, one should not agree to this, since one can get into jail for several years. When a girl dreams on the eve of her wedding that she cannot wake up to get married, then in reality she should think twice before saying “Yes” to her fiancé. Her life with him will not be easy, he will insult and beat his spouse, so she should refuse to celebrate and go to live in another city. By doing so, she will soon meet a person with whom she will be very happy. If such a dream was dreamed by a man, then in reality he will greatly offend his beloved. As a result, she will break off all relations with him.

What portends?

In search of an answer to the question of what I’m dreaming of, that I can’t wake up, I should look at several dream books, maybe in one of them there will be an optimal interpretation. For example, the respected Dr. Freud is of the opinion that a person does not like to be pushed into frames. He needs more freedom of action, then he can be fully realized. Dream interpretation Hasse portends the dreamer problems in the service, so he should be more industrious and be attentive to the requests of colleagues. Nostradamus promises a person a disease, so he should contact a doctor as soon as possible, so he can catch an ailment at an early stage. The modern dream book promises the sleeping family troubles that will inflict enormous damage on the relationship. Миллер придерживается мнения, что человек проспит много удачных возможностей, а все из-за своего качества слишком много думать и принимать решения в последнюю очередь.

If the dreamer dreamed that he could not wake up, and he needed it, since he had an important meeting in the morning, then in reality he would miss the chance to become a rich man, because he would hesitate and would not sign a profitable contract, but his friend would do it.

When a sleeping person sees that she is not able to wake up, in most cases this does not bode well. However, in his hands to correct the situation, for this you will need to correctly interpret the dream and make the only right decision.

Most often, such a dream is associated with overwork of the body. You need to have a good rest, otherwise there may be health problems.

If you know for sure that there is no overwork, such a dream means that you are missing something important. You can oversleep an event that will change your life.

Imagine that you wake up and immediately engage in vigorous activity.

If you dreamed that you go to bed and fall asleep, - the dream says that in reality you are too careless and lazy.

Your affairs are upset, trade bears losses, your superiors are unhappy - but it is as if you have no business. Be careful: your behavior is fraught with very unpleasant consequences. You urgently need to get down to business.

If you saw in a dream that you were lying in bed, trying to sleep, but because of insomnia, there is no sleep, you are worried about some forgotten business, maybe a mistake of the past or an accidental sin.

In this case, you need to give yourself the task the next night to see a forgotten situation, to remember that you are so worried.

Interpretation of dreams from

Understand that this is a dream and no one can harm you. To make sure that it’s unrealistic, just try to do something that you simply couldn’t physically do in real life.

Take a look around. Try to notice something strange, for example, if you see a flying pig, you will immediately realize that you are sleeping, because in life this does not happen. Once you realize that you are sleeping, you can wake up at any time.

Decide what you want: run away from the object of fear or fight with it.

To “get out” of sleep, look down and start spinning in place. Images will begin to spin in front of you, so you will begin to dream another dream, and you don’t even have to wake up.

First of all, try the main method to wake up. Throw your head back and try to open your eyes. Concentrate on awakening and use all your will to do this. If you can’t do it, don’t worry, many people need practice for this.

If the previous step did not work, try to control your dreams. This will work best if you have a good fantasy. For example, try to teleport to some safe place or somewhere where there is an alarm clock.

If you want to wake up, try to read the inscriptions or some written phrases in a dream. Focus on what is written there. This usually activates a part of your brain that shuts off during the REM phase. Remember that you need training. For the same reason, you should not panic if in a dream you are not as smart and strong as in real life.

Blink! Close your eyes and wait a few seconds before opening them again. Since in real life the eyes are already closed, opening your eyes again in a dream, you can open them in real life. Thus, you will be able to "escape" from a bad dream. Perhaps this technique will not be available to you the first time.

Classical: try pinching yourself. This usually works.

If you didn’t succeed in any of the above, just try to fly away! This will be a signal to your brain that you are in a dream. To do this, first jump, and then just ... fly!

Stop thinking about the nightmare. Close your eyes and try to think about the real world. Think about your bed, about your room, about how everything looks when you wake up. Talk to yourself, and then try to open your eyes. You will feel that your eyes do not give in. Just try again to focus on the real world.

Another escape method: climb onto some structure or tall building, and then try to jump off.

Run right into the wall. You won’t be hurt! You just wake up. Or let the adversary or object of your fear hurt you. Do not be afraid, you will not die and you will not suffer in any way - just wake up.

If you can talk in a dream, repeat to yourself: Wake up!

Folk ways

The easiest way not to worry about a bad dream is to forget about it the moment you lift your head from the pillow. But what if you can’t get rid of negative emotions so easily? We share the proven "recipes" of our wise ancestors.

Popular ways to forget about a bad dream:

  1. Do not tell anyone about what you dreamed. There is a sign: if you shared the plot of a nightmare with a friend or someone else, problems can not be avoided. The dream will either come true, or you will incur some other misfortune
  2. Waking up, immediately go to the bathroom. Turn on the water and say on the tap: "Where the water, go to sleep!". This simple conspiracy must be spoken three times. Then take a breath and get down to your usual morning routine.
  3. If you haven’t gotten up yet, then without lifting your head from the pillow, look in the window glass and repeat three times: “Where is the night, there and the dream, after the moon he left, died at sunrise”
  4. If the previous manipulations did not help, and painful emotions continue to haunt you, a ritual with water and salt will help. Salt the water, utter a conspiracy over it: "The salt has dissolved, like a dream gone into oblivion." Pour the liquid into the ground, out the window, or flush it into the toilet
  5. If time permits, take a pen and paper, describe the dream in detail. Tell us about your negative emotions, throw them all out without a trace. Burn the paper, then the fire will destroy all bad memories.
  6. If nightmares torment you quite often, put a large, heavy stone next to the bed. If a bad dream catches up again, take the cobblestone in your hand in the morning and say: “So that the stone will strike a nightmare”

And most importantly: control your thoughts. As soon as you feel that the memories of a nightmare have been covered again, force them to change them into positive statements. Try to remember something good and joyful.

Gradually, you will learn to ensure that you do not allow thoughts of nightmares into your subconscious. Then the dreams will be only light and pleasant.

Why do you have nightmares?

The above methods, like a medicine, eliminate only the symptom. If you do not solve the cause of the problem - nightmares, then they will come back again and again. Try to determine why horrors happen to you in the kingdom of Morpheus.

The causes of bad dreams can be as follows:

  • In real life, you are covered in a series of serious problems and troubles. The subconscious in a dream releases negative emotions: anxiety, anxiety, fear and fatigue, transforming them into mind-boggling images. Once you solve all the difficulties, scary dreams will stop immediately
  • You are sick, or some kind of chronic disease has worsened. As soon as you recover, the reason will be eliminated, and the dreams will become pleasant, calm
  • You are sick, but still do not know about it. With the help of dreams, the subconscious sends an alarm. Try to remember where in the body the discomfort after nightmares is concentrated. Most likely, the diseased organ is located there.
  • Sometimes nightmares dream if you have a tight meal before bedtime. The same effect may occur after alcohol, drug use or potent drugs.

Once you eliminate the cause, the nightmares will cease.

When do bad dreams dream of disease?

Freud, while studying dreams, discovered that they can be a harbinger of disease. The subconscious mind thus warns a person: a health problem, you need to pay attention.

You should be wary in the following cases:

  1. If in a dream you run away from some monster, serial killer, maniac or try to escape from any other threat, you need to check your heart. Such a dream speaks of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. If you are choking in a dream, you cannot breathe or suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, check the lungs - not everything is alright with them
  3. If in a dream you see a swamp, rotting corpses of people or animals, you feel stench and unpleasant smells, this may indicate liver problems
  4. Dreams in which fire is present: for example, you try to escape from a fire, they talk about diseases of the digestive tract
  5. If in a dream you get lost in the dark streets or are looking for a way out of the maze, then in real life you are one step away from depression. Such a dream speaks of deep psychological problems.

Watch a video on what to do if you had a bad dream:

When does a bad dream mean nothing?

Not all dreams need to be given meaning. Therefore, study the information below to understand when you should not worry because of dreamed horrors.

When a bad dream doesn’t mean anything:

  • Dreaming of a waning moon. During this period, lunar energy is aimed at expelling from the human life all that is superfluous, unpleasant, unnecessary. In a dream, your subconscious mind is only freed from the accumulated negativity. Rejoice that this is not happening in real life, and forget about the nightmare
  • Sometimes nightmares dream on the full moon. Such dreams also do not need to be given significance - these are just games of the subconscious, release of your inner fears, complexes and problems
  • A dream on the 29th lunar day is empty, it will never come true, although it can be very unpleasant. On such a night, almost every person visits bad dreams, but not everyone remembers them

Remember the days when your night visions resonate with lunar energy, and try to forget about the nightmare as soon as you wake up. It is worth worrying only when terrible dreams are repeated again and again.

Guess today with the Tarot card "Card of the Day"!

For correct fortune-telling: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything for at least 1-2 minutes.

Why are people immobilized?

As you know, sleep has three stages. During the REM sleep phase, the human brain has increased activity. At this time, rapid eye movement occurs, and colorful and realistic dreams invade the human mind. In addition to the brain and heart, only eyeballs and the respiratory system are involved in the work. But all the muscles of the body are temporarily completely paralyzed. Awakening during the REM phase automatically starts the muscles back into action. However, with sleep disorders or a malfunction in the genetic code, atony continues after awakening. This condition does not last long, and most people have enough minutes to fully recover.

How to treat this condition?

Unfortunately, to date, no effective therapeutic measures have been found to eliminate sleep paralysis. Just too little work has been done. In severe cases, doctors prescribe antidepressants to patients, in other cases they are advised to improve the quality of sleep. These measures are likely to help only reduce the incidence of episodes.

Despite the fact that such a manifestation looks terrible, people need to realize that this is only a temporary and absolutely harmless event. It’s like a nightmare, only a little more realistic. If researchers finally get down to business and find an effective medicine, then in the future people will completely get rid of terrible hallucinations.

Most often, such a dream is associated with overwork of the body. You need to have a good rest, otherwise there may be health problems.

If you know for sure that there is no overwork, such a dream means that you are missing something important. You can oversleep an event that will change your life.

Imagine that you wake up and immediately engage in vigorous activity.

If you dreamed that you go to bed and fall asleep, - the dream says that in reality you are too careless and lazy.

Your affairs are upset, trade bears losses, your superiors are unhappy - but it is as if you have no business. Be careful: your behavior is fraught with very unpleasant consequences. You urgently need to get down to business.

If you saw in a dream that you were lying in bed, trying to sleep, but because of insomnia, there is no sleep, you are worried about some forgotten business, maybe a mistake of the past or an accidental sin.

In this case, you need to give yourself the task the next night to see a forgotten situation, to remember that you are so worried.

Interpretation of dreams from

“Raise - they lifted, but forgot to wake up,” - this phrase became the sad motto of those who automatically get up at the signal of the alarm clock and then try to cheer up for a long time and without success. “I can’t wake up,” the poor man complains, clinging tightly to a cup of steaming coffee, placing hopes on the drink for an early awakening.

However, even strong coffee does not always help to wake up in the morning in an active state and in a positive mood. To get up in the mornings without problems, you need to find the reasons for the difficult climb and, depending on them, make changes to your daily routine.

Do not curse the alarm clock and drink strong coffee in liters. Find out why you are so hard to wake up.

Obsessed with life circumstances

Surely you are familiar with the situation: go to bed, and thoughts in your head run in circles. Problems at work, domestic troubles, family circumstances: what to do with all this ... There can be no talk of a healthy dream: it will not be possible to fall asleep right away, the quality of sleep will leave much to be desired. The result - morning weakness and unwillingness to get up.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is a delicate matter, it is easy to spoil it with banal things. If, before you go to bed, you can watch TV before midnight, enjoying aromatic strong tea, the next day it will be difficult to wake up. Going to bed after midnight, you lose the most valuable hours during which the body recovers.

Evening overeating

This reason overlaps with sleep hygiene, but it is so common that it should be considered separately. “I go to bed early, but still I can’t wake up on time,” lovers complain of a tight dinner after a busy day. Gastronomic pleasures in the form of smoked, fried, fatty foods load the body, create heaviness in the stomach, the result is difficulties with the morning rise.

Discomfort in the setting

Pay attention to how comfortable the sleeping conditions are. It may be too stuffy, hot, or very dry air in the room where you sleep. Maybe the bed is too soft, or vice versa, too hard. Create conditions in which the dream will be light and pleasant, and then it will be possible to get up in the morning without any problems!

Lack of sleep

It is believed that a man on average needs 8 hours of sleep per day, women and children - for V9 hours.

Of course, these are average indicators; each person has these needs individually. It’s enough for someone to sleep 5-6 hours, and someone only after 9 hours spent in bed is capable of active life.

The famous female politician Margaret Thatcher slept no more than 4-5 hours a day.

If, subject to all other conditions of healthy sleep, it is difficult for you to wake up in the morning, review your schedule. Perhaps, in order to facilitate early climbs, it is enough to learn how to turn off the TV or exit the Internet in time.

Motivation is everything

Morning rise is the very case when the success of a business directly depends on motivation. How attractive is the prospect of an early rise on a gray, cold morning? The strongest desire for many in this situation is to press the alarm button and go to the "dosyp": at least 10 more minutes! You have to force yourself to get up at the cost of tremendous effort. In other words, the motivation to start a new day is so insignificant that it makes no sense to talk about it.

Imagine that you have to spend the long-awaited vacation at sea, and you need to get up at 4 in the morning on a plane. Will the early rise this morning be painful? How many times do you set the alarm to repeat, wanting to sleep another 5-10 minutes? Motivation is the main answer to the question "how to get up quickly!"

In order to get up in the mornings without problems, it is necessary to gradually, step by step, increase the level of motivation for the early climbs.

Unfortunately, not every day when we wake up, an airplane awaits us, ready to take it to rest to the sea. How to create the necessary motivation in a series of gray everyday life to easily wake up in the morning? The path to its formation consists of 5 consecutive steps.

1. Do it once: evening thoughts of morning awakening

Sleep preparation should include more than just a set of standard hygiene procedures. Every evening you need to consciously form in your head a positive expectation regarding the next morning.

Falling asleep in anticipation that the next day is a birthday (the first day of vacation, the long-awaited holiday), in the morning a person will get up quickly and easily, happily meeting a new day. And vice versa, if the last thought before falling asleep becomes a similar one: “Tomorrow you need to get up at 6 o’clock. How can you wake up so early? I definitely won’t get enough sleep and will be overwhelmed all day, ”there can be no talk of a vigorous rise.

Ложитесь спать, настроив себя на радостную встречу нового дня, на легкий и приятный подъем. Пусть утро ассоциируется со свежестью, активностью и позитивом. Именно такими должным быть мысли перед засыпанием, чтобы рано утром легко и непринужденно начать день.

2. Делай два: подальше от будильника

How to learn to get up on an alarm clock without torment and on time, without translating it to a repeated signal several times? In the evening, position gadget as far from the bed as possible. In this case, in the morning you will not be able to half-press the snooze button, simply holding out your hand. Sometimes a sleeping person perceives an alarm as a continuation of sleep and does it without waking up.

You will have to at least get up and take a few steps. This forced movement will cheer up and make drowsiness easier.

3. Do three: freshness hygiene

Turning off the alarm, you must immediately do the standard hygiene procedures: brush your teeth and wash with cool water.

This banal and at the same time effective recommendation. The feeling of a refreshing taste of toothpaste in the mouth and cool moisture on the face will invigorate and drive away the remnants of drowsiness.

5. Do five: active morning

Wear sportswear that pleases you with one look. Morning physical activity is not in vain called exercise: it allows you to achieve a level of emotional and psychological state in which the coming day will be as productive as possible.

If morning exercises become an indispensable element of the routine, the question of how to quickly wake up will disappear by itself. Even if it takes only a few minutes, it will increase the level of vitality, strengthen health and self-confidence, and allow you to think more effectively. Whether it is a jog, walk, lesson in the gym or a small set of exercises at home - is decided individually.

How to force yourself to do exercises in the morning? “I don’t have time for morning exercises,” is a very common argument. Of course, if you wish, you can find any excuse instead of revising life principles.

Morning physical activity is good because its duration varies depending on individual capabilities. Running on the spot, squats or push-ups for a minute can wake the body and make a person active, focused, capable of productive actions.

Having formed the right motivation for yourself, you will soon realize that getting up in the morning has become easier. To maintain a positive attitude towards easy lifting, we advise you to follow simple rules that will improve the quality of sleep.

Evening meal mode

The recommendation not to eat heavy high-calorie foods in the evening is relevant not only for weight loss. This is also the answer to the question - how easy is it to get up in the morning. The body should have time to digest dinner before you go to bed, so eating up before bedtime is undesirable. End your evening meal a few hours before bedtime. Let it be easily digestible products. Exclude chocolate, coffee, alcohol from the evening menu.

Reject negative

To easily wake up in the morning and not want to sleep, when you fall asleep you need to put your thoughts in order. You can not go into sleep in an embittered, irritated, anxious state. Make every effort to restore peace of mind.

Shortly before falling asleep, stop active correspondence on the Internet, do not flip through the news feed, turn off the TV, do not conduct intense conversations. Turn on classical music, read a book.

Awakening Attributes

Awakening lays the foundation for the coming day, so there can be no trifles in it. Let the early rise accompanied by the attributes of convenience and comfort. From yesterday, prepare a glass of water to drink after lifting. Put in a prominent place spectacular sports equipment, one glance at which will enhance your mood and give energy. Get some beautiful breakfast utensils.

Make friends with an alarm clock

Do not take the alarm clock as an enemy, you just need to understand how to wake up correctly on it. Responsibly select the signal that wakes you up. Change it periodically: the body may get used to the same melody and not react.

If you use an alarm in your phone, it may have a message setting function. In the evening, leave a motivational note for yourself, something like “Get up for a run! You can!". As an option - write such notes on paper and attach to the alarm clock.

Create a habit

Psychologists say that a person needs 21 days to form a habit. Get up at the same time in the morning, and after 3 weeks, early rises will become a habit and will not cause discomfort.

The first hour immediately following awakening determines the success of the day. Do not spend this time in torment and suffering, trying to get out of a comfortable bed. Create the necessary motivation and conditions for a healthy sleep, so that an early rise gives rise to a sense of joy and fullness of strength that will be enough for a successful day.

Surely, everyone knows the feeling of lack of sleep, weakness, dullness in the morning. It is especially difficult to get up in rainy, cold weather or when it is still dark outside the window. But for some, the morning rise turns out to be an overwhelming occupation even in the warm daylight hours, no matter how swiftly the birds sing and the sun shines brightly.

Once again, we give ourselves a little respite: “Another five minutes, and get up!” - and wake up. During this period, neither a regular cup of coffee, nor an invigorating shower, nor a cheerful voice of DJs from a radio receiver will save.

What are the reasons for such a heavy swing in the morning?

The first reason is a banal lack of sleep

Men need eight hours of healthy sleep for a good rest. The female and children's body needs at least nine hours to restore the body. In constant haste and the race for survival, we simply do not have enough time to sleep. You have to fall for four to five or six hours. In such conditions it is naturally hard to wake up in the morning. And what affects such a grueling schedule? Urgent business, blockage at work or inability to turn off the computer and TV in a timely manner?

Reason Two - Overeating

But why can not I wake up in the morning, if I go to bed on time? This is a fairly common question. And watch what time you have dinner? What dishes do you choose for an evening meal? Heavy food and alcohol negatively affect sleep quality. It is especially difficult for the body to process carbohydrate-rich foods, smoked and fried foods. Sleep immediately after dinner is a big burden for the body. Heaviness in the stomach and a heavy morning rise are standard consequences of overeating.

Reason Three - Lack of Regime

I can’t wake up in the morning, what should I do? First of all, review your daily routine. Some activities force us not to sleep at night. A few hours of sleep during the day is not enough for a good rest. But when evening comes, the body actively resists sleep. The thing is that the mode gets off. As a result, we return for a long time, we consider the lambs, we can not sleep. In the morning, we dream of sleeping another five minutes, which are always lacking.

Reason Five - Indiscipline

It’s hard to get up in the morning because we are postponing the climb. Turning off the alarm or changing it for five to ten minutes is a common mistake. The body is easier to wake up in the phase of superficial sleep. Not getting up immediately after waking up, you risk falling into a deep sleep. It will be much more difficult to get out of this state.

Reason Six - Overvoltage

Mental stress and impair sleep quality. Locking on work problems and family circumstances prevents us from relaxing. Thoughts in the head live "their own life", causing our brain to strain. In this case, relaxation before bedtime is necessary. Distract from thoughts, do breathing exercises, drink herbal tea. You need to calm down before going to bed. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep, and then it is difficult to get up in the morning.

Reason seven - pharmacology

Is it hard for you to wake up in the morning? Maybe you are taking medication? Allergies, antidepressants, painkillers, drugs to lower blood pressure? Drugs of these groups negatively affect the quality of sleep. The body does not fully recover. Because of this, you do not feel rested.

Reason 8 - lack of comfort

Quite often, sleep disturbance occurs due to lack of comfort. A bed that is too hard or too soft can prevent the body from relaxing and recovering. Or maybe you have a high and uncomfortable pillow and unpleasant bedding for the body. Dry air and uncomfortable temperature conditions also interfere with full sleep.

Reason Eight - Ignoring Sleep Hygiene

It is sometimes difficult to get up in the morning because of commonplace things. Did you watch TV until midnight or surf the internet? Or maybe you decided to treat yourself to strong tea or aromatic coffee before bedtime? Then you should not be surprised that the dream does not go, and in the morning it is so hard to wake up. Many of us deliberately destroy sleep, keep an eye on what you are doing.

Reason 10 - restless legs syndrome

Excessive activity of the lower extremities provokes a deterioration in sleep quality. Swelling, numbness and cramps make us look for a more comfortable position. Because of which we toss and turn a lot. Morning lethargy is a consequence of this phenomenon.

If you find it difficult to get up in the morning, it means that your body does not recover during a night's sleep. Be sure to determine the cause of poor sleep. Defective sleep is a big stress for the body. It provokes a decrease in performance and a bad mood. By eliminating the causes of inferior sleep, you can improve the quality of your life and make the awakening more enjoyable. Still, the day begins in the morning, but it should be joyful.

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