Useful Tips

Mask of Truth


For adult Link only, a really big sword. True, it breaks easily. Can be bought for 200 rupees from the giant Goron. As an adult Link, find the wall on the third floor of the City of the Horons that you can blow up (it is between the two Colors of the Bomb), and go to the Giant Goron.

The kind of Giant Knife that won't break. Follow the Adult Link trading sequence to receive it. Note that you will need Epona to complete this trading sequence. Also remember that you must actually show participants the subject using the C-button, not only talk to them.

1 - Egg. Talk to the chicken house in Kakariko Village to get a mini chicken egg.

2 - Chicken. Wait a day for the chicken to hatch from the egg (or play the Song of the Sun twice).

3 - Blue Chicken. Use the mini chicken to wake Talon in the house below in Kakariko Village. Return the chicken to the chicken house to get a blue chicken.

4 - Strange Mushroom. Find the sleeping person in the Lost Forest (immediately to the left of the entrance) and wake him with the Blue Chicken. He will give you the Strange Mushroom.

5 - Strange Potion. Bring the Strange Mushroom to the Magic Potion Shop in Kakariko Village (go to the regular potion shop and walk along the corridor on the left to get to the fenced section of the village, then climb the stairs to the Magic Potion Shop) before time runs out. If you try to use Ocarina to teleport, then it will deteriorate immediately. You will shorten the path if your child planted a magic bean in soft soil in a section of the forest to the left of the sleeping person. You can drive to the bridge on a bean platform and then quickly exit the Kokiri Forest (this is the exit bridge). Give the mushroom to the store owner and you will receive the Strange Potion.

6 Saw of the Poacher. Find the little girl in the Lost Forest (where she was where the sleeping man was, to the left of the entrance) and exchange the strange potion for the Poacher Saw.

7 - Broken Sword of Horon. Give the Poacher Saw to the foreman of the carpenters in the Valley of Gerudo to receive the Broken Sword of Horon. You can cross a broken bridge by jumping on Epon or using the Long Shooting Hook.

8 - Recipe. Give the broken Goron Sword to the Big Goron at the top of Death Mountain (NOT the one in the City of Horons) and get a Recipe. Climb to the top of Mortal Mount and then look at the right edge of the plateau to find the Big Horon.

9 Eyed Frog. Bring the recipe to King Zora to get the Big Eyed Frog. Do not forget to first melt it with the magic blue fire, which you can buy in a potion shop in Kakariko Village for 300 rupees or get it in the Ice Cave.

10 Eye Drops. Bring the Eyed Frog to the professor at Lake Chili's laboratory before the time runs out to get Eye Drops. If you try to use Ocarina to teleport, she will immediately go bad. The fastest route: go left as soon as you exit the Zor Abode, and dive into a small pond to teleport to the Lost Forest. As soon as you find yourself in the forest, go left and you will find yourself in the Kokiri Forest. Then exit the forest, call the Epona of the Song of Epona and quickly jump south to Lake Chilia. Jump over the fences blocking the entrance to Lake Chilia, and jump on Epon right to the door of the laboratory.

11 - Receipt for receipt. Return the Eye Drops to the Big Mountain at the top of Death Mountain before the time runs out to receive the Receipt. The fastest way to get to it: jump on Epon to the Lost Forest, go right, left, forward to teleport to the City of Goron, then exit (go left, go along the second passage on the left, up the stairs, then right and the first passage with right side) and climb up to the Big Mountain. When you get to the place with falling stones (if you have not yet passed the Temple of Fire), tumbling (forward + constantly hold A) to avoid most of them. You will need to use the Shooting Hook or arrows to kill the skulltool on the wall if you cannot avoid them.

12 - Sword of the Big Goron. Wait three days and return to the Great Goron at the top of Death Mountain to receive the Great Goron Sword. If you can’t wait, you can play the Song of the Sun 6 times.

The main shield of Adult Link. Young Link can use it to block falling rocks while climbing Mount Death. Can be purchased or found in the cemetery of Kakariko Village. Find a grave in the cemetery in front of which three flowers grow, and move it to get a shield.

It can be planted in soft soil. It can be bought from a character near the entrance to the Zora River for 10 rupees for the first and then plus 10 rupees for each subsequent one (thus, the second costs 20, the third 30, etc.).

Soft soil looks like a square of light mud with a hole in the middle. When the bean is planted by Young Link, it will become a magical moving platform for Adult Link. These magical moving bean platforms are very useful. In addition, in every spot of soft soil, besides the spot next to the merchant of Magic Beans, sits a golden scullula. Release a bottle of beetles onto soft soil to get it. It doesn’t matter if you already planted a bean there or not.

In total there are 10 places where you can plant beans, so you can only buy 10 beans. Soft Soil Locations for Magic Beans:

“To the right of the store in Kokiri Forest.” A store is a building with a red roof.

- In the Lost Forest, through two areas to the left of the first area.

- In the Lost Forest, go right, left, right, left, left.

- In the Northeast corner of the Kakariko Cemetery.

“At the entrance to the Dodongo Cave.”

- Near the bean seller in the Zora River.

- Near the Lake Chili Laboratory.

- In the Crater of Death Mountain (use the Fire Bolero to get there).

- In the Valley of Gerudo (jump onto the platform on the right side of the bridge to the far side of the river).

- At the Desert Colossus near the entrance to the Temple of the Spirit (use the Requiem of the Spirit).

Allows you to dive even deeper. Beat the record that you set as a young Link in a fishing pond (if you did not set a record, set it and then beat). Also, the fish should weigh more than 14 pounds.

You either have to plant a magic bean near the Lake Chilia Laboratory as a child, or go through the Water Temple, or use the Scarecrow Song and the Shooting Hook to get to the fishing pond. Try to find huge fish near sticks sticking out of the water, and under a log in the middle of the lake. Use Iron Boots to find her underwater.

Bottles can be used to carry potions, fairies, ghosts, blue fire, etc. EXTREMELY helpful.

Bottle number 1: Win the Talon Chicken game at Lon Lawn Ranch after waking Talon at Harjul Castle. He will give you a bottle of Lon Lon Milk. To make it easier to win, before starting, throw all the usual chickens into a corner, on the lower platform of the stairs.

Bottle number 2: Collect all the chickens in Kakariko Village and place them in the pen of the poultry house. Talk to her to get a bottle. A total of 7 chickens can be found in Kakariko Village.

1 - Near the entrance to the village.

2 - Near the pen of the poultry house.

3 On the way to the Northern part of the city, where a soldier guards the entrance to Death Mountain.

4 - Behind the fence next to the door of the damned rich family. Fly with the other chicken in your hands, then throw both chickens off the ledge and take each to the corral.

5 - In a fenced area in the Northeast of the city. It is not very simple. Take the chicken and climb the stairs next to the paddock. Now aim diagonally and jump, trying to get into the corner of the fence on the ledge. This can happen with several attempts. If you think you cannot do this, drop the chicken at the last second and grab the edge of the fence.

You can also try to get to the house with a guy sitting on the roof and go down the other side. Get there by climbing up on a high observation tower facing the construction site, then, holding Z and pressing left + A, jump to the side and climb over the fence. Now throw the chicken back over the fence (if you used it), then grab another chicken and throw it too. Then get over the fence and bring them to the corral.

6 - The same as chick 5, only after flying and throwing the chicken back, climb up the stairs to the ledge with a windmill. Somewhere out there you have to find a chicken.

7 When you enter the village, at the first house on your left, with a red roof, there is a box next to the wall. Punch open the drawer. Chicken in the drawer.

Bottle number 3: Can be found at the bottom of Lake Chili after receiving the Silver Scale. Inside is a note. Give the note to King Zora to use the bottle for anything else.

Bottle number 4: It is given to the adult Link trader By at the entrance to the Market. Bring him 10 Big Po, and he will give you a bottle.

Searches for Big By: Big Po only appear on Hiryul Field and only when Adult Link jumps on Epon. Do not confuse them with conventional ones that appear when you do not ride Epon. You will recognize Big Poe because they fly away instead of attacking you, and they will tell you that it is Big Poe when you put it in a bottle. Catch them by shooting them with 2 arrows, then go to what is left of them. Make sure you have an empty bottle. If you find out exactly where Poe appears (try to slowly ride on Epon around the place where you saw Big Poe and stop as soon as you hear him), you can wait there, and Poe will reappear in the same place every 10 seconds or so the very place. Only 10 Big Po can be caught and brought to the Po Trader.

1 In the center of Hiryul Field near a tree near the entrance to the Lon Lawn Ranch.

2 Right in the center of Field Hiryul near a gray boulder south of the entrance to the Kokiri Forest.

3 To the upper right in the Khiryul Field near the hill hanging over the River Zora in front of the entrance to Kakariko Village. Try to go backwards on Epon to the hill, and Poe should appear in front of you.

4 Right in the center of Paul Hiryul, near a brick wall east of Lon Lon Ranch. Jump close to the outside of the wall, and when you go around the corner, it should appear.

5 In the center of Hiryul Field in front of Hiryul Castle, near the sign pointing to the Lon Lawn Ranch.

6 Left in the center of Paul Hiryul, on a triangular grass in the south-west near the path to the Valley of Gerudo, next to the outer wall of Paul Hiryul.

7 To the left in the center of the Field of Hiryul, near a solitary tree north of one of the roads leading to the Valley of Gerudo.

8 In the upper left in the Hiryul Field near a stream exiting from the western side of Hiryul Castle, next to one of the bushes.

9 Bottom right in the Hiryul Field near a green tree and a section of tall grass (which you can mow with a sword). Jump through it or stand in the middle of a section of tall grass.

10 Bottom right in Hiryul Field near a rock in a grove of brown trees. The grove is located next to a green tree with Po number 9. Stand or jump past a tree southeast of the stone.

Note: Top right, center right, etc. refers to the Paul Hiryul map. So, for example, the top right is actually northeast.

Also known as Young Link Trading Sequence. To avoid confusion, notice that the item in the title is the item you receive, NOT the item you use. For example, 6 Scary Mask A description of how to get a scary mask, not what to do with it.

1 - Egg. Get it from Malon at Hiryul Castle (at the castle entrance, after the market).

2 - Chicken. Wait a day for the chicken to hatch from the egg.

3 - Letter. Use chicken to wake Talon at the castle (assign it to C). Then pass the guards in the castle and find Princess Zelda. She will give you a letter.

4 - Keaton's mask. Show the letter to the guard at the entrance to Death Mountain in Kakariko Village. He will ask you to get him a mask. Go to the Happy Mask Store in the Market to borrow the mask.

5 - Skull Mask. Give Keaton's mask to the guard in Kakariko Village. Then return to the Happy Mask Store, pay the money and get a skull mask.

6 - The Scary Mask. Go to the Lost Forest (go there through the passage on the ledge above the house of Mido). Go left to find the Skull Baby. Stand on a stump, wearing a skull mask (note that you must first play the Song of Sariya for him, if you have not already done so). He will buy a mask from you. Return to the Happy Mask Store, pay the money and get a scary mask. Her hard see because it merges with the background, but it should be there. If not, try returning later.

7 - Rabbit Hood. Go to Kakariko Village during the day and talk to the child in the Kakariko Cemetery wearing a scary mask. He will buy it from you. Return to the Happy Mask Store and pay the money, then take the rabbit hood. When you put on the rabbit hood, you will not be disturbed by the skeletons in the Harjul Field.

8 - Mask of Truth. Walk around Paul Hiryul and find a running man. He will not appear until you receive the Ocarin of Time. To quickly find it, from the exit from the Market, go to the right side of the Lon Lawn Ranch, go around it several times and you will see it in the distance. If you cannot find it, try again after becoming an adult Link. When you find him, run after him until he gets tired and sits down (he will not talk to you until he does). It will get tired faster if you play the Song of the Sun and wait a bit. Put on the rabbit’s hood, talk to him and he will pay you a lot of money for the mask. Return to the Happy Mask Store, pay them the money and you can borrow the Mask of Truth! The Mask of Truth, when you put it on, allows you to speak with Gossip Stones. Gossip stones are those rubber stones that tell you the time when you strike them with a sword.

9 - Other Masks. Also now you can borrow the mask of Goron, the mask of Gerudo and the mask of Zora. Try to put them on in different places and look at the reaction of people.

On Lake Chilia, walk along the bridges to the tree. Play Ocarina for the night to come. Keep your Bow ready. Play the flute again, then shoot in the sun.

1. Entrance to the Training Ground of Gerudo. Inside the Training Ground there are three doors with Lion Heads that lead to various dungeon trials. You will have to pass tests in each part of the dungeon. Start at the door left of the entrance.

2. The Battle For Time. On the first test, you must fight against two Stalfos for a minute. A timer is on the screen so you can see how much time you have left. To give interest, if you stand for too long in one place in the sand, you will begin to suck. Z-aim at one of Stalfos and attack quickly when he jumps or attacks to defeat him. You will earn a small key and be able to move to the next room.

3. Collecting Gemstones For A Time. In the second test, you must collect all the White Jewels in a minute and a half, avoiding traps and dangers. Collecting the first three Jewels is easy. From the entrance they are located on the top left, bottom left and bottom right in the room, when viewed from above. The fourth is on the ramp on the right, and you need to jump from the ledge to grab it. The fifth is hidden above the ceiling entrance. Use the Shooting Hook on the target above the gem to collect it. After the grate has warmed up, you can move on, but be careful, as the traps are still active.

4. The battle with the Wolves. In this room you will fight against the Wolves. Defeat them by stunning the Nuts Deco or Shooting Hook and airborne sword attacks. Once they are defeated, a chest with a bunch of arrows will appear. Above the small fake door is a secret passage that you can see through the Lens of Truth. Use the Shooting Hook to pull up into a small room. The inscribed door contains another small key, but you will need the Silver Gauntlets to move the stone.

5. Circles of Logic. Before jumping to the statues, run to the far door and take the small key. Return to the room with the statues, jump down and shoot into the eyes of all four statues to see the chest with a small key. Use the Shooting Hook, go back and continue on to the next challenge. You can also re-visit this room, going all the way first to pick up the small key on the upper aisle. The closed door will open when the mystery of the statue is solved.

6. The Fiery Room. On this test, there are two Fiery Slugs and some Fiery Keyes in the room. Kill with Fire Keyes arrows and attacks with Z-aiming Fire Slugs. When the enemies are defeated, a chest with a bunch of arrows will appear. Use the Megaton Hammer to smash the blocks on the walls to see the Eye switch and the switch in the floor. The Eye switch removes the output grille. Выключатель в полу убирает огонь вокруг сундука в центре, в котором лежит маленький ключ. Идите через отпертую дверь.

7. Море Огня. В море огня вы должны собрать все Серебряные Рупии, рассеянные по всей комнате. Первую легко взять, потому что она прямо перед вами. Встаньте около края, повернитесь и используйте Стреляющий Крюк, чтобы подтянуться и взять её. Спрыгните на первый столб и возьмите второй драгоценный камень. Прыгните к следующему ближайшему столбу и сыграйте Песню Времени. A stone will appear that will facilitate the achievement of the remaining gems. Use the new gem to get to the small key at the top of the stairs and to the other two gems. The last gem will require you to step on the switch to extinguish the fire, and then jump from the top of the Time stone. As soon as you take the last gem, pull the Shooting Hook to a safe place. Exit through the unlocked door.

8. Underwater Test. Play a Time Song in this room to remove rocks above the underwater room. Dive down wearing Blue Tunic and Iron Boots. Thus, you can stay under water for as long as you need to collect all the gems. Use the Long Shooting Hook to attract targets near gems. You can also take off your Iron Boots to swim upstairs and wear them to get back down. As soon as you collect all the gems, a chest with a small key will appear above the room. Return to the Sea of ​​Fire and exit through the next door.

9. More Time To Kill. In this test, you must defeat the two Dinalfos, avoiding the edges of the room (from which fire layers grow) and the center (in which Bimos stands). Avoid the affected area of ​​Beamos and use arrows or sword attacks to defeat Dinalfo. When they are defeated, drop the Bomb at Bimos to destroy it. You will earn a small key and can move on.

10. Seven Keys For Seven Doors. In the final maze, go left. In the first unlocked room, you can see through the Lens of Truth a room with a small key. You will need seven keys to unlock all the doors leading to the Ice Arrows. In the first unlocked room, look through the Lens of Truth at the hidden key on the ceiling. Use the fence to climb to it. On the way to the Ice Arrows, you will find chests with various treasures. As soon as you take the Ice Arrows, exit the dungeon.

When you get all the medallions, go to the Temple of Time. There you will find Zelda, and she will give it to you.

Enlargement Nuts Deco 1.

In the Lost Forest, go right, left, right, left, right, left, and blow up a stone there. Jump into the hole, defeat the first Bush and pay him 40 rupees for increasing the number of Deco Nuts to 30.

Enlargement Nuts Deco 2.

In the Lost Forest, go right, left, right, left, left and jump into the hole in the grass near the butterflies. Put on the Mask of Truth and go to the spot of light. The bushes will decide that you are ugly, but will give you an increase in Deco Nuts to 40. There is a bug in the game due to which you will not be able to get an increase after becoming an adult Link. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of Deco Nuts a second time, you must do this immediately after receiving the Mask of Truth, respectively, you should receive the Mask of Truth as soon as possible (immediately after receiving the Ocary of Time).

Increase Seed Deco 1.

Go to the Lost Forest. Go right and you will see a round gray object hanging on a tree. Shoot him from the Slingshot. Hit the bullseye three times in a row (bullseye - 100 points) and you will get a Big Bag for Deco Seeds, which will fit 40 Deco Seeds.

Increase Seed Deco 2.

Play in the dash at the market. Hit all targets to increase your ability to carry Deco Seeds to 50 seeds.

Enlarging Sticks Deco 1.

Go to the Lost Forest. Go from the entrance to the left and go into the next passage. Walk to the slope on the other side. There will be a Business Bush. Defeat him by repelling his shot at him and he will ask you for 40 rupees. Pay 40 rupees and you can carry up to 20 Deco Sticks.

Increase Stick Deco 2.

Child lend the Skull Mask to the Happy Mask Store. Go to the Lost Forest and go right, left, right, left, left. Walk along the grass to the wall near a few butterflies until you fall into a secret hole. Put on your Skull Mask and go forward. All the little bushes will start jumping around you. Make your way to the right to the large shrub that is still in the ground, and talk to him to get the ability to carry up to 30 Sticks to Deco. You can also wear other masks in this place to receive other prizes.

Increase Bombs 1.

In the City of Horons on the third floor there is a rolling Goron. Using a bomb, stop him from rolling when he is in the tunnel. He will give you a larger Bomb Bag that will allow you to carry 30 bombs.

Increase Bombs 2.

One of the random prizes in the Bombu Bowling game will be the Big Bomb Bag, which will allow you to carry 40 bombs.

Increase Arrows 1.

You can get a bigger quiver (holds 40 arrows) by winning at Tire in Kakariko Village.

Increase Arrows 2.

Gather 1500 points at the shooting range of the Fortress of Gerudo (after you receive the Part of the Heart for 1000) to get a quiver for 50 arrows.

Epona - Adult Link horse. You can use it to drive around Field Hirule much faster. She can also jump over a broken bridge in the Valley of Gerudo, and Epona is your only way to discover Big Po. To get Epona, follow these steps:

1 - Learn Songs of Epona. As a child, speak with Malon in the coral at Lon Lawn Ranch anytime after meeting Princess Zelda. Talk to her again and show her your ocarina, then she will teach you how to play Song of Epona.

2 - Become an adult Link and accumulate at least 70 rupees.

3 - Talk to Mr. Ingo at the coral at Lon Lawn Ranch and pay 10 rupees to ride a horse. Instead of riding a horse, play Song of Epona, and Epona will come to you. Download on it for a practice pad. Wait until the time runs out.

4 - Talk to Mr. Ingo again and pay for the second trip. Play the Song of Epona and sit on the Epona. This time on Epon, jump to Mr. Ingo and use the Z-aiming to talk to him. He will offer to compete in the race for 50 rupees.

5 - Win the race with Mr. Ingo. He will offer to compete in the second race. Win again and you will get Epona.

6 - Use the A button so that Epona quickly jumps and jump over any fence to get out of the ranch.

Tips For Racing: Racing with Mr. Ingo can be quite difficult. Push forward on the joystick as soon as the race begins. Use 1 carrot (press A to use the carrot), and wait until it appears again, then use it again to keep up with Mr. Ingo. Cuddle up to the fence and wait until it moves out of your way. Then use up all the carrots that you have, EXCEPT LAST, to speed up and outrun it. Then wait until a second carrot appears and use it. Keep doing this until you defeat Mr. Ingo. NEVER USE YOUR LAST CARROT! Always use only the penultimate carrot. If you use the latter, you will lose speed and lose.

Now you can play the Song of Epon when you are on the Hirule Field to summon it to you. You can also now wake Talon in a house in Kakariko Village to return to the ranch, and then speak with Malon, sitting on Epon, to race the obstacles and win your own cow.

Locations of Fey Fountains.

- At the top level of the forest maze, in the hole.

- In the cemetery behind the wall, which can be blown up, in the grave under the gravestone with flowers in the first row of gravestones (where you found the Hilian Shield).

- In the hole under the boulder at the top of the ledge near the beginning of the Zora River. As a child, you can use a chicken (fly to a small ledge at its base, where there is a ladder), or for adults use a magic bean platform.

- In the sand pit near the Desert Colossus (play the Storm Song on a nearby stone to activate it).

- At the Fortress of Gerudo in a place next to two pairs of boxes, near the right pair. Play the Storm Song to open the hole leading to the fountain.

- When you exit the Market, turn right and walk along the castle wall to the boulder. Blast a boulder to see the hole leading to the fairies fountain.

- If you play the Storm Song on an island in the Zora Abode (as an island, on which the zora stands next to the stairs) as a child, a hole will appear with a fairy fountain inside.

1 Circular Attack and the First Level of Magic. Press and hold B and wait for your sword to charge to use this magic. Hold B longer for a more powerful attack.

Go to the top of Mortal Mountain and blast the rock to the left of the sign to find the Great Fairy.

2 - Fire Dean. Creates a ball of fire around you, burning enemies and lighting torches.

Go to Hiryul Castle (behind the Market) and find a rock with a sign that says Tupik . Bomb the rock and enter the cave to find the Great Fairy.

3 - Wind Farore. Sets the teleportation point in the last doorway you went through, and then if you use it again, you can either scatter the point or teleport to it.

Go to the Fountain of Zora (behind the King of Zora in the Dwelling of Zora) and look beyond Jaba-Jaba to find a small island. Blast a stone against the wall to find this Great Fairy.

4 - Doubled Magic Level. You will need the Megaton Hammer from the Temple of Fire. Go to the King of the Horons room. Go to the back of his room and enter the Crater of Death Mountain. Walk across the bridge to a cave blocked by two red stones. Using the Hammer, smash the red stones and enter the cave to find the Great Fairy.

5 - Love to Naira. For a while it includes a protective barrier around you.

Transfer to the Desert Colossus and find 2 palm trees with a gap between them. Blast a crack in the wall to find this Great Fairy.

6 - Double Protection. Allows to halve damage from enemies.

After you receive the Golden Gauntlets at the Castle of Ganon, go outside. Go to where the Great Fairy that gave you the Fire Dean was, and pick up the huge black pillar to find the last Great Fairy.

The location of the Ocarina buttons on the Nintendo 64 joystick is the same as on the real Ocarina! The Z button simulates the bottom hole. Try to hold the Z button while playing a note, and you will hear that the note changes in the same way as on a real Ocarina! The R button also changes the sound of the note. In addition, if you play on the ocarina and press on the analog stick in different directions, you will change the tone to simulate the same effect as if you were playing on a real ocarina.

Left C, Top C, Right C, Left C, Top C, Right C.

Zelda's Lullaby Everywhere is used to prove that you are a royal messenger. Play it every time you see the symbol of Trophors. When nothing helps, try playing this song. Also, if you play this song near one of those stones that tell you time (they are called gossip stones), you will be awarded a fairy fairy. Zelda's Lullaby is also known as the Royal Family Song. If you chop the sign into pieces, you can reassemble it by playing Zelda's Lullaby on your ocarina. The sign will magically be restored before your eyes. Studied by Impa after the first meeting with Zelda.

Top C, Left C, Right C, Top C, Left C, Right C.

Song of Epona Used to tame and summon horse Epona. Also, if you play it next to the cow, you will get some milk. Studied by Malon in Lon Lon Ranch after meeting with Zelda.

Lower C, Right C, Left C, Lower C, Right C, Left C.

Song of saria Used to communicate with Sariya, talk with Navi and discover some secrets related to forests. Also used to make the King of the Horons dance and become happy. Studied by Sariya on the Sacred Forest Meadow in a lost forest. To get to the meadow from the entrance to the Lost Forest, listen to where the music comes from loudest and go in that direction. The path for the lazy: right, left, right, left, forward, left, right.

Right C, lower C, upper C, right C, lower C, upper C.

Song of the Sun Used to change night to day and day to night anytime! Also freezes zombies and mummies. Go at night to the Kakariko Cemetery and go to the large tombstone in the back. Check the two gravestones on the sides and fight with the brothers Po. Once they are defeated, play the Lullaby of Zelda to open the Royal Tombstone. Jump into the hole, kill all the bats to open the doorway, and go to the grave to learn the Song of the Sun.

Right C, A, lower C, right C, A, lower C.

Song of Time Used to open the Stone Door in the Temple of Time. Also used to move or remove Blue stones with the symbol of the Temple of Time. Learn telepathically from Zelda


Mask of truth is a regularly appearing mask in the series The legend of zelda. This mysterious mask, transmitted by the Sheikans, allows the owner to read the thoughts of the Rumor Stones. The mask has the shape of the Sheiks emblem, namely, an eye with a tear. Obtaining this mask is not required to complete any game.

Curse Edit

The Mask of Truth in itself never turns its owner into a monster.

A man wore a mask because of greed. This is confirmed by the story of how he turned into a monster, and when Link raises a dog in the same room as the person who wore the Mask of Truth, he is told that his master wore the mask because of his greed. Obviously, when a person put on a mask, he committed an act of greed.

In Khayrul, particularly in Ocarina of Time, Link sees a whole family cursed because of their greed. The physical manifestation of the curse was that the spiders scattered throughout Khayrul, and the family turned into spiders. This curse, born of greed, proves that it exists.