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If you have an old treasure map, then they can kill you for it. You can play it safe and give the card to your friend, but it will not save you from death. In the last days of June, a scandalous biker, a timid violinist and a bespectacled student go to Kazakhstan in search of the treasures of Genghis Khan. Their sudden departure looks more like an escape. They have to fly on an airplane, ride a bus and hike with heavy backpacks. Inexperienced, but believing in the success of treasure hunters, meets a strange guide and along with the food, metal detector and the book "The Art of Survival" leads into the wilds of the forest. But, as it later turns out, thousands of kilometers away, forests and mountains do not stop the killer-persecutors. . Further

. For almost two hundred years, the treasures of Oak Island have been exciting the minds and hearts of the entire curious population of the planet. This book is another attempt to unveil the veil of secrecy. Today, at last, you will learn about what was actually hidden in the bowels of the island, and where all this eventually happened, and besides, you will hear the real story of Oak. . Further

Back in 1943, Hitler’s Field Marshal Rommel, looting gold, jewelry and rare artifacts, hid treasures in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. A very limited circle of people knew about this, including Oberfuhrer Rauff and Obersturmfuhrer Schreiber, who survived to this day. The mystery of the "Rommel gold" haunted neither the former Nazis nor the Masonic society "Committee". A real hunt begins behind the treasure, in which the commander of a special detachment of combat swimmers, Captain Cherenkov, was accidentally involved. The officer spent his vacation on the same ship where dangerous adventurers were developing plans, ready for the sake of treasures to take the most extreme and inhuman measures .... Further

Kir Glinnikov is sure that the search is completed. The mystery of the Black Book is unraveled, the centuries-old confrontation is over and the powerful enemy is defeated .... Further

But for the ancient Order, which quickly regained its influence, everything is just beginning. Using the search results of Cyrus, the new master of the Order concludes that there is a real opportunity to go on the trail of the Cup of the New Testament, and is developing a new plan. Having put at stake all its power and existence itself, the Order begins the final stage of the search, the aim of which is to find the Chalice. The Order has long known how and for what purposes to use it. Everything has already been prepared for the last rite ...

The master understands that it is impossible to achieve success without participating in the search for Cyrus himself, and acts decisively and brutally. Faced with a dilemma: to find or die, Kir Glinnikov enters the final, deadly battle .... Further

This story began in the tenths of the twentieth century in St. Petersburg and spread to the early nineties in France and Leningrad, just renamed again to St. Petersburg. The same mystical Petersburg - the origins of secrets and mysteries of which come from a tragic history, the interweaving of myths, past and non-fables. . Further

Obsessed with the passion to get rich, the treasure hunter is ready for anything to achieve his goal. But a treasure, made at a terrible price - a rare gold jewelry with a scarlet ruby ​​and the sign of Osiris - leads him to death. The jeweler Yevgeny Kovalevsky, who was brought an earring with a mysterious stone, was also killed. Valeria is convinced that she is also in danger. Her fear intensifies when she discovers a ruby ​​in her apartment. She is desperate to find a way out. And asks for help. . Further

Vlad and Siur, the investigators, understand that this complicated case is strangely connected with the figure of a smiling Buddha. But how did a jewel with a ruby ​​get to a jeweler? Where is the second earring? And who is the mistress of this fateful jewelry?

During the investigation, the number of puzzles only increases.

Mysteriously, real events are intertwined with the life and death of the beautiful Sabhidari, the beloved Raja, who centuries ago received rubies from him as a gift.

The novel is published in a new edition. Previously, the novel came out under the title "Illusions of Red."

The book also included an excerpt from the next novel “Beware of the gaze of the queen of snakes”. . Further

The mysterious treasures of King Solomon ... They say that these diamonds are cursed and bring only misfortune. Many looked for them, but no one came back - like the brother of Sir Henry, who disappeared without a trace in the unknown side. In search of him and hoping to get rich, three desperate daredevils go to the Country of Kukuan, lost in the very heart of Africa ... Further

The publication also included the novels Benita and The Adventures of Allan Quatermain. . Further

Lawyer Dee is not driven by the search for truth. Everything is simpler - he knows where the basalts inlaid with gold, marble chests with Ogro stones lie. The religious fanatic captain drowned the golden millions to free humanity from strife and blood. But Dee does not believe in morality. . Further

The action-packed novel begins in Cape Town, where the main character, Matvey Krylov, turns out to be a tourist. But instead of a calm and measured rest, fate throws him an unexpected meeting, love and a whole series of adventures, which have their roots in the time of the Boer War of 1899 - 1902. It was during this turbulent time of the late XIX - early XX centuries that the distant ancestor of the main character, Masha Telegin, Lawrence Tellegen bravely fights with the enslavers of her homeland, learns the secret of the great sorcerer, but is captured. However, Lawrence runs away from him swimming, finding himself on a Russian ship and then in distant Russia. Here he meets his love, with which he will again go to South Africa after the many volunteers from around the world participating in the war against the invaders. The heroes of the novel act in extreme circumstances, but courageously overcome all difficulties in order to find the sacred relic and artifact of unprecedented power - the mask of the God of death, which is also hunted by international terrorists. . Further

The idea is not new, but still. Suddenly, someone at my suggestion will remember her and decide to arrange a surprise for the children. The first time I did a “treasure hunt” for my husband’s birthday.

The idea is not new, but still. Suddenly, someone at my suggestion will remember her and decide to arrange a surprise for the children.

The first time I went on a “treasure hunt” for my husband's birthday, when we were still childless, and I had one romance and a lot of enthusiasm in my head. What I wrote in the notes - I do not remember any riddles on the topic of our joint life. But he really liked the surprise.

For this New Year, in search of some holiday jokes in the wilds of the Internet, I came across a mention of this hunt, and the thought worked :)

My husband and I bought a set of little toys from the Littlest Pet Shop series, hid them around the house with simple puzzles, in which there were tips to hide another toy. While the children and their grandparents were busy playing, the husband planted the first toy with a note at the entrance and rang the doorbell. I had to call three times, finally my daughter heard and rushed off to check who was there. Well, it started.

The delight was unreal, the daughter with burning eyes guessed another riddle (the mouse hid where the yogurt is stored, look for the dog where the mother sits most often, that is, at the computer), rushed to look for the toy, squealed with happiness when she found it! The kid also squealed, for the company. He didn’t understand much, of course, but he liked running around the house up and down! The last note found in the basement said that because the children saved from Tpruka (we have such an awesome character from children's nursery rhymes, for which we bring down all the negativity that occasionally happens) all the toys, a gift was left for them under the tree - DVD with cartoons.

How much joy, I think, can not describe! The main thing is that the daughter believed 100% - then she gave us the whole theory, they say, an uncle brought toys, and Tpruka saw them and wanted to drag them into the forest, the toys got scared and hid, found pieces of paper from us, wrote notes. And I'm sure to this day that cartoons gave them toys too! God, how touching they are! How wonderful that they can create a fairy tale!

For older children who no longer believe in Tpruka's comrades, but love to play a fairy tale, you can print a map of the treasure island - a plan of a house or apartment, paint on a bit, I liked the idea of ​​a gas stove-volcano, a bathroom, a huge lake, etc. Or hide pieces of the card, and write notes in riddles about the place where the card is hidden. There are many options, right up to the costume show! For the first time, the primitive fit us.