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Pool party? Easily!


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Pool Party

When plotting to have a pool party, you need to turn on one hundred percent imagination and foresight. They will determine whether your festival will “float” or “drown”.
This article picks up some ideas about planning a party by the swimming pool, invitations, menus and entertainment that will help keep your party afloat ...

Organizing a pool party will take time and good preliminary planning, despite all the seeming informality of the event. It’s all about the little details that you need to consider and foresee, so that everything goes smoothly afterwards.

Start by choosing a date for a pool party. Will it be in the daytime or evening? Consider whether the weather will contribute to your event and if you have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Whether the date of your party will coincide with any official holiday - this may affect the number of guests. Work well with the guest list, write down who usually stays in the city, who leaves the city, and who may suddenly decide to visit relatives, and make the necessary calls.

When discussing the topic of guests, it is necessary to remember for which particular contingent a pool party is being held, whether it will be a children's, adult or family event. If there will be at least several children among those present, you should provide for a person who would constantly observe them in the pool. It even makes sense to hire a professional lifeguard for one day or use a security guard for this purpose who would tirelessly watch some of the guests.
Do not think that you can handle it yourself - you will be too busy with the chores with food, music and other duties of the owner.

Think about how many people will be able to withstand your pool headquarters party if all guests want to splash around in the pool at the same time. It seems that the last thing you need is a pool overflowing with bodies, in which no one can not only swim, but generally move.

If you are having a pool party in your own home, there are a few more things to think about in advance. For example, identify inaccessible areas in your home and somehow convey this to the guests. No matter how you try to focus the activity of guests on the territory near the house, you most likely will not succeed. Your guests can get very hot and need to take refuge somewhere in the house, or, conversely, they will cool off in the cool water of the pool, and will look for a cozy corner to catch their breath and warm up. One solution is to bandage the “non-access” zones with beautiful ribbons - a clear sign that entry is undesirable. Just closed doors are unlikely to serve as a sufficiently clear sign. Another problem that needs to be solved is places of “public use”, and they will inevitably be needed.
Once you have decided on the date, place and time, as well as the list of guests, it is time to send out invitations.

Instead of banal postcards bought at the store, you should create a small masterpiece invitation that would clearly tell your guests that they are invited to be unconventional and have a lot of fun. Use colored cardboard, felt-tip pens and imagination and create invitations in the form of a pool, swimming circle or ball for beach volleyball.

Take care to inform the guests of all the necessary accompanying information: when the pool party begins and ends, specify the venue and even show on the map how to get there, and take care of parking if the space is limited.

This may seem obvious to you, but it will not be out of place to remind guests to bring bathing accessories, a beach towel, suntan lotion, lip balm and some appropriate shoes and clothes.

Send your invitations 2–3 weeks or even earlier if the aquapathy coincides with a weekend or holiday.
Food and entertainment are two key elements that guests expect from your pool party. In addition to a good menu, provide an exciting relaxation program so that your friends do not have to get bored. Here are a few ideas for example.

Use candles, party lights to create a real "pool" mood. Your guests will also be grateful for the backgammon candles placed around the pool in the evening: this way you will scare away different bugs.

Music is an essential element of a pool party that will help revitalize the atmosphere. Put a disc with “beach” music or invite a DJ to play for you.

Evening or afternoon pool parties are not just for swimming. Provide your guests with water guns, inflatable mattresses, water polo and beach volleyball balls, nets and a playground. If you are the owner of a sufficiently large swimming pool, then you can organize many sports games - for example, swimming races, racing on air mattresses and much more.
Plan a menu that suits most of your guests. Remember that food should be as light as possible and match the style of the party: exotic fruits, light fruit salads. For dessert, ice cream is the best solution. Of course, few parties take place without alcohol. But do not forget that alcohol and swimming can be a bad combination. But if there is still alcohol, then let someone (maybe even a bartender) monitor how much the guests drink, and the lifeguard looks at what is happening in the pool. Let you have a large selection of soft drinks - mineral water, cola, soda, lemonade.

Provide things your guests might forget to bring with them: spare towels, suntan lotion, rubber caps and sunglasses. Well, almost everything is ready for a fun pool party, which you and your guests will then often and with pleasure recall.

And now everything is in the pool.

Hello party!

Vacation with friends after an energetic swim in the pool can be the most enjoyable part of the day. The pool makes it easier to come up with entertainment and make them more fun. The pool can be used for a day party in preference, and when organizing a barbecue party. Here are some ideas you can use in your pool.

With work colleagues Invite some close associates to rest near their “lagoon”. Meet everyone with the greeting “aloha” and wear a wreath of flowers at each entrance.

Play near the pool with ocean sounds. Serve fruit soft drinks in a coconut shell. Weave a grass skirt for everyone, distribute wide-brimmed straw hats, and your colleagues will feel as if they and the office are separated by millions of kilometers!

If you have friends with whom you regularly plan to play cards once a week, then why not include swimming and fitness elements in the schedule of your mini-club, but at the same time switch to low-calorie lunches, etc.? Let each friend meet by the pool, in turn, come up with a script, musical accompaniment and exercises ...

Wedding on the "shore" of the pool

A poolside wedding party is romantic and welcoming. Invite the musicians to play on one side of the pool, on the other, let the flowers float on the water. The bride can throw her shoe into the pool water and let single men compete who gets it. To create a romantic mood, seat the guests around the pool and watch the sunset. And at night, candles fired on floating stands on the water will create a special mood, touching and unforgettable moments of a lifetime ...

For their Olympic champions

During the summer, when the children are on vacation, prepare and host your Olympic Games.

Make a list of sporting events that can be held in the pool, from swimming with a dog to relay races. Prepare homemade medals and ribbons and reward the winners after each contest.

But do not leave children in the pool unattended and take care of safety on the water.

Pool for teens

For teens, you can organize a dance competition in the pool. Make light snacks and sugary drinks.

You can turn on the music of your youth, so that children imbued with the mood of their parents, once in the era of "disco". Let the winning dance couple come up with and choose the next event in the pool.

"Chic" Party

Thinking of a “high-class” party by the gorgeous pool, where everyone will have something to talk about? You can create a modern “chic” atmosphere using a basic black and white theme. Expose a few black and white armchairs. Make a small hip bar with a snack, such as sweet potatoes. Create some original cocktails and serve them in stylish glasses. Several air mattresses and chairs on the water are ideal for relaxing while sipping a cocktail. Hand out inexpensive slippers that guests can wear at the party and keep as a keepsake.

Hawaiian luau

Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular topics for parties, because decorations and decorations in this case are the easiest to do. Invite your friends to the magical state of Aloha! Guests should wear their brightest Hawaiian print shirts and t-shirts. Make them yourself, or buy ready-made ones, and your guests will pass the “dress code”. Vibrant tropical colors, bamboo accents, Hawaiian-themed accessories from your nearest gift shop. Bright tables scattered across the tables and the surface of the water in the pool create an atmosphere of a wonderful evening. Pineapples, chicken or ham should be the main appetizers of the holiday. Also complement the holiday with a large selection of fruits and vegetables, create a real garden of paradise.

Why a pool party?

Hot. And we say depressingly, weather like "I don't want to do anything." But this is a special case (or not!), And you are responsible for organizing the party! The smartest way to quit low maintenance, high collection of fun? Take it outside. For the pool more specifically. He takes everyone out of the house (therefore, without prior cleaning), and you have a built-in event that will make adults and children work for hours. In addition, since you are already on the street, it makes sense to start the grill and release some ready-made salads and applications. This is one type of party that is very convenient to hold.

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Beach party

It's easy to have a beach party by your backyard pool. The outfit is simple - swimwear and slippers! Use the children's sandbox to build a sand castle. Decorate tables with shells and fishing nets. Hang beach towels on the chairs. Use plastic buckets and shovels, and even frisbee, to serve food and drinks. Toy floating boats in the pool. Make hot hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob, as well as classic “sidewalk” foods such as popcorn, ice cream, and french fries for your family and friends.

Figure out your subject

The beauty of a pool party is that it is itself a party theme. There really is no need to come up with another way to present this. However, it is worth considering adding colorful elements of decor, beach towels and dishes to make it more fun. The brighter the better. Nothing speaks of summer as saturated shades, right? Most of the pool party theme is that your decor will also be practical. Towels will help guests dry out while the floats in the pool not only look cute, but also provide hours of entertainment!

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Go to Easy Clean-Up

In addition, since you are near the pool, you will want to cut any glassware. In case someone accidentally drops a plate or glass, you do not have to worry about barefoot guests stepping on broken glass. Our favorite summer backdrops are beautiful paper plates - try Shop Sweet Lulu, Happy Oh Day Party, Meri Meri or Oh Joy for Target. Or, if you want something that lasts from season to season, try melamine versions. Stores like Crate Barrel, Walmart, Target, and almost any major household goods retailer sell it when the weather gets warm.

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50s Party

Move the party straight from the time of Chuck Berry. Buy records with 50s hits. Turn on music to greet guests when they arrive. Inflatable or plastic palm trees in the pool and towels in shades of white, black, pink and turquoise will help create the right atmosphere. Add balls in the form of notes for playing in the pool. Serve classic 50s food: fondue. Offer pieces of bread or meat on special plastic skewers with which they can dip their food into the fondue. For those who want something more substantial, give cheeseburgers and french fries. Serve drinks of this time, such as martini. For dessert, milkshakes and ice cream are great.

Night in Vegas

Transfer your guests on a hot summer night in Las Vegas. Buy neon tubes of juicy flowers such as hot pink or lemon-yellow, and place them on the sides of the pool. Help your friends feel like in Vegas by placing a large buffet in front of the pool with elements of various cuisines such as sushi, Parmigiana chicken and Reuben sandwiches. Choose the area where you will put tables and chairs, and guests will be able to play games such as blackjack, poker. Also give out cards and tokens, which guests can later exchange for prizes.

Spa day for girls

This topic will definitely be popular! Imagine yourself lying by the pool while sipping a cocktail. Indulge yourself! Rent a beautician for a day and offer your guests a manicure or pedicure. Place separate containers for each girl with a nail file, a separator for toes on tables draped with pink paper or a lilac cloth, and small bowls filled with water with a flower floating in it. The food can be light, chips and crackers, mini sandwiches with various fillings, muffins!

Pirate Theme Party

At a pirate party, children can plow the oceans and take part in unforgettable pirate adventures. Invite guests to your party with a treasure map that will lead them to the pool. Draw or print a map of the area, make a treasure chest, place it by the pool. You must include there all the necessary information about the party, such as date, time, guest names, author name. Or manually deliver messages in a bottle for your guests. Roll up the invitations, put them in a bottle and let the guests get it, open a message to find out all the details about your pirate party.
Let the children splash around in the pool playing "pirate" games. Create an intrigue for the children and make them find the treasure. Throw objects into the water, for example, large plastic coins and small toys that will be immersed in the pool, and let the children jump and try to find them. The child who scored the most points wins the treasure. If you decide to play this game, make sure your guests swim well and there are several adults to look after the children. Older children can walk on the board (or springboard). Children can also fight with swords using plastic swords, or special foam.
Choose red and black themes for your party. Throw red and black beach balls into the pool or hang them indoors, as well as use red and black beach towels, tablecloths. Find toy boats and run them into the pool, and let guests enjoy them throughout the party. Find a flag with crossbones and a skull, and hang over the pool.

The scenery for the fiesta!

Try to ensure that the natural beauty of your landscape is the star of this party. But if you want to add some pizza to the patio, can we offer some simple decor items?

A variety of sizes and colors of balloons are always fun and relatively inexpensive. Put the different sizes together to form an airy garland if you feel even more ambitious. If you don’t have a place to hang it, consider letting it swim right in the pool, if your guests like to sit by the pool more than splashing around. You can also fill the transparent oversized confetti balloons before adding helium for a little extra color.

Colorful paper garlands or cell lights are perfect accents for your buffet or drink tables. Возглавьте столы, соберите букеты ярких летних цветов или попробуйте те милые нарисованные вершины ананасов, которые были большими прошлым летом.

Сделай сам Fiesta Party Garland от Телль Лав и Парти

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Легкие закуски

Не усложняйте пальчиковую пищу — подумайте, сколько прохладных свежих фруктов и овощей, чтобы люди чувствовали себя увлажненными и насыщенными в течение всего дня. Crudité и сливочный соус и блюдо с фруктами — классика по разным причинам. Since people will be on the go, try to stick to small bites, such as cherry tomatoes stuffed with mozzarella or watermelon, feta and mint cheese, which can be put on skewers instead of serving in bowls. Fried chicken wings or various kinds of meat kebabs are also great snacks. For all food served at any outdoor party, make sure that you comply with food safety standards. You really have to be careful when the temperature is high.

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Awesome parties

If your main dishes are fresh on the grill, you should keep the side dishes beautiful and cool. Don't worry about inventing the wheel with your sides. Stick to the classics that guests will expect and love. After a long day in the sun there is nothing better than a home party. Try these suggestions: coleslaw, potato salad, broccoli, baked beans, and popcorn. Yum! You will be so happy to have leftovers the next day.

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Get grill

Grill is a real star of a meal at a summer party. The best thing you can do before the meeting is to do a quick check to make sure everything is operational for the day. This means that you need to check that your propane tank is full, and even grab a backup tank, make sure that the grill racks are neat and clean, and that you have all the necessary grill accessories. On this day you can cook hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken and vegetables. Remember to ask guests before the party whether they eat meat or not. Then plan accordingly!

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In addition to standard soda, beer or canned wine (pink, please). You might want to mix a few signature cocktail basics. Fresh citrus fruits, strawberries or watermelon are great basics for smoothies. Some ideas to get you started: Spilzer with strawberry thyme, thyme lemonade with vodka, or Paloma pineapple.

TipWhen you allow guests to add their own alcohol, this allows people who will not drink to still enjoy these delicious libations. Just make sure you have plenty of water on hand. When people are in the sun and drink all day, it is very easy for them to dehydrate.

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Dessert room

Adhering to the theme of this whole party - be easier. Do not worry about baking something complicated. Who wants to turn on the oven anyway? Instead, why not try ice cream with ice cream? Take a few different types of ice cream, all settings, whipped cream and cherries, and let the guests help themselves. Or try making fruit flavored popsicles. Fresh and delicious, guests will love to devour these iced desserts.

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Splash around

The pool really is the star of the show, and most people who don't just sunbathe will splash around. Buy some playful floats by the pool - we offer a slice of pizza, unicorn, flamingo, swan or popsicle. They are so funny and will look great when swimming in the water. You can always add other water toys. Hula-hoops and diving rings will make your imagination work all day. It will be fun to see who will be the winner of the diving competition!