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How to become the perfect girl for a guy


It would seem that the simple question “how to be the best friend for a beloved husband?” Sometimes confuses us. And regardless of age and social status, all of us women are afraid to lose our husband.

I offer some practical tips that I hope will help you. So to the point.

1. Be attentive to him.
The basis of true friendship is caring for the well-being of another person and the ability to demonstrate your love and appreciation.

Communication skills and good manners are also important, for example, the ability to listen readily without interruption. People like those with whom they feel good. If you are annoyed at a friend, you can temporarily stop talking to her until your irritation settles down. But no matter how irritated your husband is because he forgot to put the bin in its place, in the evening you still have to have dinner together, and go to bed with him at night. Therefore, despite the difficulty, be polite.

2. Control your emotions.
The family takes a huge amount of energy. Energy goes into being a friend of your spouse. And by the time you turn your attention to each other by the end of the next long day, you are both empty.

You may be thinking, “He is my husband. "Can't I afford to get tired and pokryaznichat, being sure that he will still love me?" Yes and no. When you are irritable in communicating with your husband, you, in fact, tell him two things. Firstly: "I trust you enough to behave this way with you," and secondly: "I will humble myself if you behave the same way."

But here lies the danger. Often women are much more critical of their husbands than of friends. But does the person whom we vowed to love in joy and sorrow not deserve at least the same attention?

3. Learn patience.
You need to decide for yourself that your goal is to be tolerant, and try to achieve it. To achieve this goal, you need to train as if, for example, you want to become a good swimmer, because for this you need to work hard, swimming from the end of the pool to the other end more than once.

In other words, you have to exercise. Train to be careful when you are not disposed to this. Practice silence when you want to say something sharp. I think married women, of course, will understand what is at stake.

Over time, you will actually become more tolerant, easier to communicate. As a dieter should not keep sweets at home, you must eliminate the leak of good mood, which makes it difficult to achieve your goal.

4. Learn his language.
Despite the recent weakening of traditional roles, men still express themselves mainly through their work.

If, suppose your husband comes home upset and informs you that the boss didn’t react at all to his detailed report, then the real reason for his grief may be the fear that he is not doing his job. And you probably want to know the "true reason." And just this can cause a backlash: your husband, most likely, will become isolated. However, showing him your openness, support and interest, you can create such an atmosphere that he himself will want to pour out his soul.

On the other hand, it may be that when your husband talks about work, he really only means it. But here, too, the first rule of friendship is to listen.

Being charming and sincere is much better than reproducing verbal patterns and stereotypes. During communication, your husband should feel that you are not indifferent to his inner world: admire his ideas and thoughts, if they deserve it!

5. Do not complicate his problems.
If your friend’s affairs are not going well, you can sympathize, because her problems are not your problems. But when something goes wrong with your spouse, this also applies to you. You start harassing him with questions: “How did this happen?”, “What are you going to do?”, And you think that you are taking part in it, but you really want your husband to calm you down. And at this time he already regrets that he trusted you.

Even if you are scared, then the most reasonable thing is to restrain your emotions. Because the husband may take your emotional outburst as a sign of selfishness and lack of support.

A woman who is truly her husband’s best friend understands and acts the way he needs it, a difficult time for him. He should be in the center of her attention.

Friendship means respect. Love must be present, but friendship transforms love into a vital partnership. And this is exactly what makes a good family happy.

How to become the perfect girl for your boyfriend

First of all, you need to look not at others, but at yourself.

For a start, try to look at yourself from the side with maximum objectivity. Without excessive criticism and self-indulgence, but without closing your eyes to the flaws, as well as to the virtues that you, perhaps, until recently, yourself did not notice. Is the list of external and internal qualities that need to be adjusted is ready? Move on.

Choosing the right moment so as not to cause a storm in a glass, ask your beloved what exactly confuses him in you. Compare it and your "list." It is possible that there are many common points. If you clearly understood that it was not your faults, but a crisis of feelings, then we say: “Stop!”

And try to understand how much your relationship will stretch. If the guy gave delicate and useful recommendations - we begin to implement them.

Many guys like it when girls change their image: hair color and length, clothing style, makeup, make tattoos or decorate themselves with piercings. The taste and color, as they say. So men unconsciously realize their dream of a "small harem." If the proposed changes suit you, a hairdresser, a gym and a company store are at your service. True, one should not refuse things dear to the heart. Vintage in clothes, and in love is always in fashion.

The path to the heart of a man lies. Grandmothers knew what they were talking about. We prepare new dishes, arrange a romantic dinner for two. It works flawlessly.

In search of an answer to the question: "How to be the perfect girl for a guy"? - sometimes, most importantly, not the end result, but the process itself. Improving yourself, you improve your love, extend it. Ata representatives of the beautiful ox who perform this real “female feat” have the right to small weaknesses and touching cute flaws.

People will always talk. And very rarely they will say good. If you are worried about becoming the perfect girl for a guy, do not forget that only his opinion is important to you.

No one else should bother you. Of course, your young man should help you and support you - no girl will be perfect without the support of her beloved man,

Do not go too far. In everything. In conversations, in errands, in help, in the time spent on you. Otherwise, the guy will have the feeling that he is needed only for going to the supermarket or traveling to the country with your parents,

Do not forget about the most important thing: you love each other. And that means they are already perfect for each other. All that is needed to become the perfect girl for a guy is to remember the little things, spend time with each other and take care. After all, you are still so young, your whole life lies ahead

Become everything to him. Hope, support, air and happiness. If a girl loves and is loved, she always turns into a beautiful swan, that one, the one.

If you want to become the perfect girl for a guy, the one that he will idolize, do not forget to look after yourself. Today, a well-groomed girl is, above all, a natural girl.

In the age when Hollywood is full of glamorous dolls, the era has finally come when naturalness and natural beauty are once again valued. Therefore, it should not be neglected. Every beauty is different, but beautiful in its own way.

Appreciate yourself and never change for a person who is not worth it. There can be many guys, and you are one and only one. Do not forget about it, and everything in your relationship will always be wonderful.

Are there perfect women at all? Probably not, if only for the reason that each person has a different idea of ​​ideals. Opinions may not even completely coincide - for some, beauty is important, for someone - intelligence.

But, nevertheless, there are some factors, the views on which differ in general character, and most people agree in their opinions. So what does the perfect girl look like?

A woman is a beautiful and incomprehensible creature, poets and writers have always portrayed her as mysterious, magnificent, gentle, loving, alluring, passionate, interesting, changeable and unusual. But the greatest merit of a woman is to remain the same in life.

But, unfortunately, not every girl can be called perfect. And the point is not in the dazzling beauty - you just always need to remember your belonging to the female sex, and always look and behave accordingly.

Always be well-groomed

Very often you have to see how girls, who always looked invisible, at the festival manage to simply amaze with their appearance. But is it possible to do makeup, hair and fashionable dress only on holidays?

This attitude towards oneself indicates a low self-esteem, and men who are primarily attracted to women who know their own worth. To become an ideal girl for a guy, you also need to be well-groomed in everyday life - light makeup, clean and beautiful clothes, washed and neatly collected hair ... Holidays should only emphasize the opportunity to be more beautiful.

Do not be vulgar

There is no need to explain much. Men want to see a gentle and defenseless creature in a girl (as a rule), and a real woman should be cunning enough to hide her strength. Therefore, you do not need to swear, put on too loud and frank outfits and flirt with everyone around.

Get rid of bad habits

Do not smoke with a man like a steam locomotive and do not get drunk - he is unlikely to want to see such a person as the mother of his children. And if you already drink with it - let it be a glass of wine or champagne!

Do not be mercantile

Men are scared away by women who openly encroach on their money. Moreover, it is simply indecent. If the man is “real”, he will take care that his girlfriend does not need anything.

Of course, there can be a lot of similar tips on how an ideal girl looks. But the main thing is to feel unique and beautiful!

What a perfectly groomed girl looks like

To look beautiful is a rather difficult science, because you always have to take care of yourself. You can often hear that men are attracted to well-groomed girls. In this regard, the question “What does a well-groomed girl look like” may arise?

Every woman can be well-groomed and irresistible. And this is almost not connected with beauty - to look after oneself and look well-groomed is a women's duty.

First, you need to understand that you can’t look well-groomed if you do everything in a hurry. What clothes you will wear, what color to dye your hair is everyone's personal business. But some rules need to be obeyed. It looks well-groomed - this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money - you just have to take care of yourself regularly to become the perfect girl for a guy.

It is rare when you can bring yourself back to normal in a short time, if you do not engage in your appearance at all. But if you take care of your figure, face, hair and nails, when you suddenly need to go on a holiday, your appearance will not fail. So what does a well-groomed girl look like?

No deodorant can hide the smell of sweat if you do not take a shower daily. It is impossible to look well-groomed even when the hair has not been washed for several days - therefore water procedures are required. In addition, before applying any cosmetic product, you first need to clean the skin, otherwise the result will be zero.

Nails of different lengths, broken out from the line of eyebrow hairs, split ends give an unkempt look. Therefore, in the handbag should always be a nail file. Once a month, be sure to visit the hairdresser, even if you are growing your hair.

Many women dye their hair. If you have already decided on this, then once a month tint the roots - the regrown hair of a different color will give you untidiness. If you decide to regain your natural color, then dye your hair in the color that is as close as possible to your natural.

Regularly cleanse your skin, fight wrinkles, acne, and use scrubs to become the perfect girl for a guy. Do not forget about depilation - no matter what you choose (laser, epilator, razor) you should not have a single hair at any time of the year!

Do not forget to do manicures and pedicures on time. Regardless of whether your nails are natural or extended, they should always look well-groomed, not peel off, be clean and of the same length. The peeling varnish looks very untidy.

Try to choose cosmetics from one series - a variety of aromas will turn you into a perfume factory. There is also no need to douche - the smell should be light and unobtrusive, and not leave a trail of suffocating smell.

5 signs of a perfect girl for a guy

1. The ideal girl is independent

An ideal girl should have her own interests and hobbies. She does not live only the life of her man. The girl needs to have her hobby, communicate with friends, work or study, and you can combine both classes. If you are not yet married, then you can even disappear for a while to make the man feel like he misses you.

Everyone knows that men love with their eyes, look after themselves, emphasize their advantages with makeup, hairstyles and clothes. However, do not forget that behind the outer gloss of the ideal girl, inner beauty should be hidden.

The main thing here is to know and feel what exactly your man wants, and correspond to his ideas about sexuality. After all, someone is crazy about outfits, and someone, on the contrary, is a modest appeal. An ideal lover should know how to become an ideal girl for a guy in bed, and therefore about the most secret dreams of his man.

4. Intelligent and considerate

Whatever beauty you possess, tactlessness and empty talk will reduce all your efforts to "no." A man’s dream should be able to maintain a conversation and know about manners of behavior; she should not be bored.

The most annoying trait of a female character is grunts. To become an ideal girl for a guy, do not be too grouchy and picky, no one will listen to your whining and sawing for a long time. By such behavior you only provoke aggression from the side of the chosen one.

As you can see, these are very simple rules, following which every day, you can become for your chosen one, and maybe not only for him, an ideal girl, a real dream of men.

5. Perfect girl respects her boyfriend

The ideal girl will not insult her man, belittle his dignity, even if he is wrong. A woman should listen and understand her chosen one.

The ideal girl should appreciate and respect her man, and therefore, not require a constant presence nearby and give the man time to realize his hobbies and habits.

The further humanity goes, the more demanding we become to our future partners. Yes, in some ways this is possible and wrong, but this process is irreversible. If a couple of decades ago we were worried about the spiritual world of our partner, now we add to this appearance, social status and so on, so on, so on.

Disadvantages and advantages

Of course, any girl meets a wave of criticism on social networks and on the streets. Among friends who have long openly expressed their dissatisfaction with everything that may or may not be pleasant.

And then searches and questions begin: what is wrong with me? Why am I worse than others? Why don't I like me? To become the perfect girl for a guy means to be herself, and not copy others.

In which case does a person want a relationship?

When he himself is mature enough and understands that it is important for him to take care of a partner and give him more, but then he filters the candidates at the entrance and doesn’t call anyone in the relationship.

There is another option. This is when a person is of a neurotic type and he needs, roughly speaking, to “stick” to anyone who has an “umbilical cord”. And then you need to go to the specialists and correct the situation. Because relationships for the sake of just being there or for the sake of regular sex are harmful. Not only will they not last long, but they will also bring a lot of discomfort to both of you.

To finally decide on this issue, read the following article: “How to understand that a relationship needs to be maintained?” . We hope that after reading the article you found the answer to the question "how not to become a friend." Если нет — приходи на наши бесплатные мастер-классы и задавай вопрос лично тренеру.