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How to check the originality of Chanel glasses


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Many websites sell sunglasses. Some sellers claim that they sell genuine goods, while some do not write anything, but try to sell you a copy as the original. In reality, you need to be a competent buyer who can determine which sites you can trust. Use common sense when searching for genuine glasses.

How to determine the authenticity of points in online shopping

Finding original Chanel glasses in a sea of ​​fakes is no easy task. We’ll tell you what you need to pay attention to in order to choose an original thing. It is most reliable to buy a fashion accessory in a company salon, but on the Internet the prices are much more attractive.

First things first, read reviews about the seller. On large sites such as Amazon and eBay, you can evaluate the work of an online store. Pay attention to the problems: they send the wrong product, delay delivery, refuse to return the money. How are conflicts resolved - does the seller ignore claims or try to resolve them? Look also for positive feedback. Do they look like custom ones?

If the reviews are not suspicious, and you decide on an online purchase, then ask the seller for photos:

  • inside of the right and left arms,
  • a lock fastening the frame and the handle,
  • Chanel logo on each of the lenses (there was no such inscription on older models),
  • logo on the outside of the arms
  • serial number on the right lens, which is applied by laser engraving. Previously, marking was carried out on one of the arms. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find it on rare models.

Of course, all images must be of good quality. Vague, taken from afar, photos make you think about the good faith of the seller. Of course, even with good photos, it’s impossible to determine 100% fake Chanel glasses. However, such forethought will save you from buying a crude fake.

Suppose the seller sent clear photos taken in close-up. We proceed to identify the fake Chanel.

Chanel glasses - how to distinguish a fake photo

Be attentive to details: a good visual memory will help in identifying fake glasses. We, in turn, will tell you how to check the originality of Chanel glasses to weed out the likelihood of buying a crude fake.

The manufacturer of the Chanel glasses is the Italian company Luxottica Group, as indicated by the inscription MADE IN ITALY from inside the right arm. After the inscription are indicated the letters "CE", which stands for "Conformite Europeenne" ("Conforms to European standards"). That is, the goods are manufactured in accordance with the legislative standards of the European Union. Before the inscription MADE IN ITALY - the name of the brand. The copyright symbol "©" should appear before the word CHANEL, and the trademark "™" should appear after it.

Checking fonts is the surest way to find out a fake. All letters must be capitalized. But the inscriptions CHANEL and MADE IN ITALY should be in different fonts.

Fake Chanel glassesOriginal Chanel Glasses

For genuine Chanel glasses, locks have only one loop. However, manufacturers of fakes persistently produce models with two-loop locks.

FakeReal Chanel glasses

For real Chanel glasses, the model number is located on the back of the left arm. It includes two components: the eyeglass model code and the color code. For example, the popular Mother of Pearl model codes will look like this:

  • 5076-H 502/73 - tortoiseshell frame / brown lenses,
  • 5076-H 501/87 - black frame / black gradient lenses.

The absence of a code is a 100% sign of fraud. Check if the code really matches the model of glasses, for which use the official Chanel website.

Fake Chanel GlassesReal Chanel Glasses

Fake manufacturers are not so stupid: they even write the correct model code. However, there are obvious problems with font selection. Also remember that the letter “c” before the model code is always lowercase. Counterfeit manufacturers often neglect such a detail and print the capital “C”.

Laser applied on the right lens. Fake manufacturers also learned not to forget about this number, but they are often mistaken in fonts. Also remember that there should not be a space between the letters and numbers of the serial number.


If you buy with a hand or in a store, remember one simple way to distinguish the fake Chanel anti-glare glasses.

  1. Take the glasses and bring them almost close to the computer monitor.
  2. Slowly turn the monitor to the right, while looking at it through the glass.
  3. Having reached a certain angle relative to the glasses, the light of the monitor dims. This is called the anti-glare effect.

If there is no change in brightness, then before you is either a fake, or glasses with defective lenses.

Now you know how to check the originality of Chanel glasses and can practice this skill. Take points, the authenticity of which is beyond doubt, and go shopping with them. Having consolidated your knowledge in practice, proceed to the selection of a suitable model.

Price is the first thing you should pay attention to!

It is unlikely that the glasses of this brand (with the exception of children's models) will cost now less than 6 thousand rubles.

Be carefull!
Original Ray-Ban Product Costs in stores starts at $ 100!
But in itself is not a sign and a guarantee of authenticity!

Check the marking on the glasses:

The presence of a brand logo on the right lens is another indicator of authenticity. It should be crisp, neat and not too big. Cheap copies of Ray-Ban have a metal emblem (inscription) located on the outside on both sides - it has a different shape from the original.
On the left lens laser engraved RB: this is not on the fake or the inscription is painted with paint, which is easily erased with little effort!

On the inner surface of the right arm of the original Ray-Ban, “Made in Italy” is applied. BUT today, Luxottica manufactures many models at one of its other five plants, which can be found on the CE label (as well as in a factory in China, these glasses come with the label "Made in China by Luxottica Tristar") .

On the inside of the left arm there is a marking of glasses (model number, size and degree of blackout), and on the outside there is a clear and neat Ray-Ban logo.

If one of the above items is missing, then in front of you again a fake!

Signs of the original Wayfarer:

Real Wayfarer can most often be distinguished by:

  1. Fastenings of the arms to the frame - the loops should be triple, in fakes often go single.
  2. Fictional model number that does not match the color of the lenses or frames with the official number on the site
  3. Case - recently fakes are often equipped with black carbon covers from TECH models.
  4. Popular Wayfarer 2140 have a characteristic angle of inclination of the front of the frame - fakes don't have it!

Wayfarer is equipped with a gray box with a red Ray-Ban logo, at the end there is a sticker with a model number and a bar code. If you were given another box for Wifarerams (for example, black, from the TECH series) - then this is an alarming sign! But again, in many stores they do not observe the numbering on the glasses and cases, but simply give the one in which they fit.

Visual inspection of the frame:

The hinges due to which the arches are connected and the main part of the spectacle frame must be metal. All bolts and fasteners are coated with special powder paint. Its application takes place under the influence of high temperatures, which allows to obtain a high-quality coating, which does not peel off over time. In non-original ray-ban paint begins to peel off at the slightest impact on bolts and loops.

When examining glasses, be sure to check for gaps in the frame, and pay attention to the uniformity of the lens bore. On the inside, the glasses on the original Ray-Ban are curved and go non-perpendicular to the frame. For fakes, the bore is never perfected; one lens may be slightly larger than the other.

Check also the attachment of the nose bridge bridge - in the Aviator series models it is usually made in the form of a question mark. The material here is high-quality and flexible metal, which can be changed if necessary.

The color of the lenses is another indicator by which it is possible to recognize a fake (in the sun they usually have a light green tint). In the original glasses, dark green lenses do not change their color under any circumstances!
If you have the opportunity - check the lenses before buying for ultraviolet with the help of "Diopter". Real glasses let in up to 2% of ultraviolet radiation and are able to protect your eyes from direct sunlight by 98-100%, and in poor-quality marriage, it is much higher - from 15 to 40%!

If you have the original Ray-Ban, then picking up a frank “leftist” - you will immediately realize that this is a fake. Wrong weight. Slightly different curvature of the frames. Shine differently. The reflections in the lenses are different, and the glass / lenses themselves in a fake will never really protect you from harmful UVs. And completely different sensations from wearing. Having once worn the original glasses, you will never want to exchange them for a fake or a replica.

Checking equipment and accessories:

Original ray-ban cases come in brown or black (outside). Its inner side should be only black (velor to the touch fabric). On the brown case there is a branded black seal, on the black - golden. On the buttons, the inscription of the brand name is necessarily extruded. The accessory is wrapped in a plastic bag, no trinkets and ropes should be included - all these are signs of a fake!

Complete with original accessories, in addition to a storage case, there is a gray box with a bar code (if it was not previously removed by the supplier), a company brochure, a gray microfiber cloth, and a booklet of the corresponding line.

And most importantly - select points in a trusted official store with Ray Ban authorization. This is the most reliable and guaranteed way to purchase genuine goods of a famous brand. Take care of your eyes and be careful!