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Live a century, learn a century: 7 main mistakes that we make when cooking mashed potatoes


For mashed potatoes, you must first add a slice of 50-70 grams of butter, mash potatoes with it. At the same time, put on a fire to boil milk, while you crush the potatoes, the milk will begin to boil, as soon as it starts to rise on the fire, you need to remove and immediately pour in the cooked potato parts, while stirring the potato, as if whipping it. It will turn out very tasty. Do not forget to try on salt, since milk is not salty, you will need to add a little. Try and add to taste.

In any case, mashed potatoes will become a little denser than when hot. But to make the texture more tender, you can add raw egg, milk, cream and butter to the smoothie.

Although, in the case of the latter, we take into account that it becomes solid in the condition of the refrigerator.

As an option - initially make the mashed potatoes more liquid than necessary. And as it cools, it will become an acceptable consistency.

Putting something else is not worth it, it can distort the taste. And you can simply add a little clean water during heating in the pan - the excess will evaporate and nothing will burn, and the puree will heat up faster.

1. Using the wrong kind of potato

Choose potatoes with a higher starch content for a fluffy texture. Such varieties are also more easily saturated with tastes and aromas that you might want to add to potatoes. Wax or watery potatoes (for example, red or white varieties) require more grinding, which can lead to the fact that the dish turns into an ugly "potato paste".

Special lasagna

You probably imagine lasagna with minced meat, tomatoes and cheese, but you can create a different taste. To create a hearty meal ideal for cool weather, use lasagna sheets and layered with leftovers of mashed potatoes, grated cheese and other ingredients to your taste - for example, bacon, pepper or fried onions. Serve potato lasagna with sour cream or butter.

Mashed Potato Casserole

This is a versatile, simple and very tasty dish that you will surely want to cook again and again. Use mashed potatoes as a base for the casserole, which is suitable for garnish. You can mix potatoes with grated cheese, chopped ham, bacon, onions, or other ingredients that are in the fridge. Fold everything in a baking dish and send to the oven. In half an hour, the dish will be ready and you will be pleased that you used mashed potatoes in this way!

Deep-Fried Mashed Balls

Deep-fried dishes are incredibly mouth-watering. This option is suitable for moments when you want to eat something tasty and original. Making such balls is very simple - mix the mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon, and then give the desired shape, dip in the egg and roll in the breading, then fry for several minutes. The appetizer is ready!

Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are suitable both for garnish for dinner and breakfast, they go well with meat and fried egg. If you fry the mashed potatoes, you will get a delicious crust! You can add mashed potatoes with vegetables, for example, corn or peas. You can also add ham, cheese, green onions, beans - then it turns out not a side dish, but an independent dish. This idea allows you to create a variety of variations of taste, which can not be appreciated.

Potato muffins

Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a dinner without bread, but you can use potatoes to create baked goods! You will need a cupcake mold. Mix mashed potatoes with eggs and add any ingredients to taste. Arrange the resulting potato mixture into molds and bake. These muffins can be served with butter, sour cream or even cranberry sauce.

Potato waffles

If you have a waffle iron and you love a variety of waffles, you probably have favorite recipes. Enrich their list with mashed potato wafers. When you try these golden and crispy waffles, you will definitely not regret it. Use mashed potatoes like regular dough, you can also add it with grated cheese before sending to the waffle iron. Serve waffles with a variety of additives, for example with meat and gravy. You can also make hollandaise sauce and poached egg to make it especially delicious.

Irish Potato Farmers

If you've never heard of farbles, you are missing out on a traditional Irish meal that is perfect as a complement to any hearty breakfast. Just mix the mashed potatoes with flour, melted butter, salt and pepper. You can take the ingredients by eye. You should get a dense dough that will keep in shape. Roll it half a centimeter thick and the diameter of your skillet. Cut into several parts to make cakes easier, and fry on each side. Done! Serve with gravy, eggs and beans.

Potato soup

Is there anything better than a hot and satisfying soup? Use the remains of mashed potatoes to create an incredibly cozy and warming dish, it's very simple. You can control the density to your taste using the desired amount of mashed potatoes with broth. Use your favorite seasonings, add leek, cheese, onions, celery or another favorite ingredient. Get the perfect texture that will conquer the whole family!

Shepherd's pie

This British dish is sure to delight you. Usually a shepherd’s pie is made with lamb, and there is a rustic cake made with beef, but you can use any other filling option. On top of it should be a layer of the remaining mashed potatoes. It is the top of the potatoes that makes the dish so satisfying and mouth-watering. If you serve mashed potatoes in this form, it will turn out much tastier than just heating the leftovers in a frying pan. You can sprinkle the pie on top of cheese - for a cold winter evening this is a wonderful dinner.

Mashed Pizza

Potatoes and pizza? Do not succumb to skepticism, just try, and believe me, you will definitely not be disappointed. You just need to mix the mashed potatoes with a small amount of milk so that it becomes creamier, and then spread a thin layer over the dough. Use other additives that will enrich the taste of your dish. Everything that goes with the usual pizza is suitable: adding sausage or sausages, vegetables and cheese, you will definitely not be mistaken. Serve pizza with sour cream.

If you are wondering what Kolkannon is, you should know that this is a simple Irish dish that will transform your opinion about mashed potatoes. You need to chop cabbage, leek, chives and parsley. Put it out a little, add mashed potatoes and butter. Mix well. After some time, the dish can be served at the table - this is a great alternative to traditional puree, which allows you to easily add more vegetables to the diet. Even those who do not like cabbage will like it.

Quiche crust

Who does not like the delicious pie with vegetables and eggs, known as quiche? It doesn’t matter what specific vegetables you decide to use for your pie and what your favorite recipe is, you can use mashed potatoes instead of dough. Potatoes will perfectly replace a delicious crust for quiche!

Potato croquettes

Even if you prefer french fries, you probably won’t be able to refuse golden croquettes. This is a dish that many children adore. Divide the mashed potatoes into small pieces, roll in parchment paper to give a characteristic oblong shape. Fry and serve with your favorite tomato sauce. No one will be disappointed with such a side dish!

Strange but tasty sweets

Potato dessert? Yes! All you have to do is mix powdered sugar with mashed potatoes. Stir until you get a very thick cookie dough texture. It will take a lot of sugar. Roll out the dough on baking paper, grease with peanut butter and twist into a tight roll. Wrap with baking paper and refrigerate. In half an hour you will get a very original treat! You probably did not even realize that the basis of the candy could be mashed potatoes!

Garnish for later

Modern life is characterized by an accelerated pace, sometimes you have absolutely no strength to prepare a full dinner. Why not simplify your task and make a side dish in advance? You can divide the remaining mashed potatoes into portions and freeze them. Then it will be much easier for you to prepare a side dish. Just put the mashed potatoes on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, hold in the freezer for a couple of hours, and then you can remove it from the paper and transfer the frozen mashed potatoes to a bag. Before eating, it will be enough to warm the mashed potatoes in the oven. It is fast and tasty!

6. Shredding

Swollen starch granules in cooked potatoes are in a very delicate condition. If you break them down too much (for example, in a food processor) or take them too long, they release a lot of starch, which can make the mash sticky and unappetizing. Carefully, but at the same time, quickly carry out all operations with potatoes, and you will be rewarded with light, fluffy mashed potatoes and happy, well-fed guests.

7. Prepare mashed potatoes in advance

We love to cook food ahead of time, especially when guests come to us, but the potato does not like to sit in the pan for a long time. It can be refrigerated for the night, but the next day there will be no trace of the seasoned texture. Do you still need to cook it in advance? Then you can keep the finished mashed potatoes in a heat-resistant bowl, covered with plastic wrap, in a steam bath for 2 hours. If you have a slowcock, this will work too. Warm the mashed potatoes again before serving.