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How to peel a tongue frozen to metal


Freezing your tongue to iron in winter is a simple matter: the moisture of the tongue when it comes in contact with cold metal itself turns into ice and “hooks” the child with an ice object (swing, horizontal bar, door handle, pipe, lock, etc.).

The kid can accidentally touch the iron with his tongue, and maybe just show curiosity, not in vain because he is so strongly forbidden to lick a swing. A minute ago he laughed merrily, and now he is crying from fear and pain. How to save a child from ice captivity?

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The language froze to iron - how to save

In no case do not delay the child and do not tear off the metal by force, so you can damage the mucous membrane of the tongue, which will heal for a long time and painfully. And try to reassure him so that he does not injure himself.

The only solution is to warm.

The heat in the breath is enough to help thaw the tongue. If the child is already of school age, explain to him how to breathe, exhaling steam on a piece of iron so that the tongue thaws. When the baby is still very small, you will need to “breathe” it from the swing. And do not waste time, as soon as the tongue starts to stick, deflect the child from the metal, because when you delay the steam from the breath, it can cool down and play a bad service - freeze it even harder.

You can also rescue the child by watering the adhered tongue with warm water. However, this method can rarely be used - it is unlikely that you will have a thermos with warm water or a cup of hot tea at hand. But if you can’t free your tongue by breathing, it’s better to look for water than to tear off the child by force, because it will definitely be a serious injury. Watering a stuck tongue, you will rescue your child in a matter of seconds.

If an accident happened at the playground, take heed of it by asking one of the walking parents to take out warm water. Feel free to ask for help. Of course, it is difficult to think when a native child beats nearby in hysterics, but the main rule of every mother is not to panic. No need to call an ambulance right away. They are unlikely to go to such a call at all, but even in the positive case, neighbors and casual passers-by will already help you while the car arrives.

What is not worth doing (bad advice)

  • You can meet on the Internet advice to heat the metal with a lighter. Now imagine if you are ready to bring fire to the face of your child? Forget about this know-how: firstly, you don’t warm the metal in the right place, and secondly, you can injure and even frighten the victim,
  • People of the old school sometimes advise, ahem, to urinate at the place of adhesion (an analog of warm water). For aesthetic reasons, we believe that this method can be applied only in extreme conditions, if the situation happened somewhere in a deserted taiga in a 30-degree frost and there’s no way to be saved anymore,
  • Some advise sharply tearing it away, for reasons: it is better to hurt, but quickly, the longer, but perhaps painfully. As we wrote at the beginning, this is absolutely not worth doing - there will definitely be an injury. But what if the child himself twitched and tore a piece of tongue?

What to do if the tongue is still injured

Go home right away, no snow or ice - just bring the infection.

At home, rinse the tongue with warm water and pat with a hydrogen peroxide swab. If the wound is quite large and the blood does not stop, make a gauze swab (wrap cotton wool with a bandage in several layers), moisten it with diluted peroxide and lay on the tongue. If nothing helps (although this is unlikely to happen), call an ambulance or take the child to the nearest hospital.

The next few days, until the mucous membrane is restored, it will be necessary to feed the child with grated food, since the tongue is also actively involved in chewing. Make sure that food is not hot, it can also hurt.

If, over the next two to three days, you do not see positive dynamics in the healing of the tongue, or, worse, it began to get dark - go to the doctor right away.

What to do so that the child does not want to touch the iron in the cold

Bans and moralizing often do not work. Remember yourself in childhood: the more forbidden, the more interesting. And therefore, so that the child satisfies his curiosity, but does not end up in this painful situation, there are such brave parents who conduct such an experiment with the child:

  1. Something metal (a spoon, an iron ruler, a wrench) is brought out to frost in advance, with which you can then return to the house.
  2. They give him a frozen piece of iron, make him touch his tongue.
  3. When the "clutch" occurred, the young experimenter tries to pull the frozen metal. He obviously will not succeed.
  4. Release the child with warm water.
  5. Discuss the results of the experiment. The baby's attention is especially drawn to the fact that with a cold spoon on your tongue you can go into the house and warm up, but you won’t be able to do it with a swing.

Such a simple experiment, on the one hand, will satisfy the curiosity of a young researcher, and on the other, it will clearly demonstrate what will happen if ... Most likely, the child will no longer be interested in freezing over to swings and horizontal bars.

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How to peel a tongue frozen to metal

Winter came and the time of frost. Hospitals in the country have already begun to register cases of language damage. How is that? Yes, everything is very simple, because even in our days there are lovers to check whether the tongue really freezes tightly in the cold in the cold. Most often this happens to children, and therefore it is important to explain to them why this should not be done, and also what should be done if such a thing happened.

The tongue freezes to a metal surface for one very simple reason - the moisture on it quickly turns into ice, which fetters the mucous membrane. If a person finds himself in such a situation, first of all, he needs to calm down and make sure that the victim of the incident does not make any sudden movements.

Categorically it is impossible in such a situation to try to tear the tongue from the metal. This will only lead to serious injury to the oral mucosa and the formation of a long healing wound on the tongue. Also, do not try to warm the metal with fire - there is a risk of burning the face of the unfortunate. But what then to do?

There is even a monument in honor of this!

In fact, everything is simple. First, you can start directing warm breath to a frozen tongue so that it thaws. Secondly, you can use the "grandfather" method and pour water on your tongue. Only water should not be hot (scald!). It is best if it is a little warm or even cold.

Remember that you should not touch the tongue of metal in the cold. You should not check whether the language can really freeze, from your own experience. Also, be sure to tell all this to your children and convey to them the importance of behaving correctly in the cold.

The content of the article

In childhood, many tried to lick in the cold something iron: a shovel, a door lock. Probably most often this is still a swing. The sensations of such a feat are unforgettable - the tongue immediately sticks to the surface of the iron. It is impossible to tear it off, just try - sparks from the eyes, and blood flows from the tongue.

How to help a child who sticks to iron with his tongue

Children grow up and become parents. And now they themselves are in a situation where a favorite child on a walk on a frosty day touches the language of a door handle or swing. It is possible to get rid of iron only by "peeling" the tongue, often with the skin.

Fortunately, such a wound is rarely deep, but it needs urgent washing. First, rinse it with warm boiled water, then with hydrogen peroxide. The action of peroxide will help remove dirt that has got inside and dry the wound a little. If the bleeding is slight, it will stop by itself. With a more extensive wound, a hemostatic sponge can help, a sterile bandage folded several times is also suitable - it is properly pressed to the damaged area and held until the bleeding stops completely.

In more severe cases, you must show the child to the doctor. But, as a rule, such a need almost never arises.

How to avoid severe injuries

If the parents failed to convince the child not to taste the piece of iron on the street, alas, it remains only to monitor him. Suppose a child nevertheless licked an iron swing and stuck to it. A few attempts are enough for him to understand how painful it is to tear off his tongue on his own. Parents in this situation can help to avoid too deep injuries.

Sticky place can be carefully poured with warm water. But this advice is not useful to everyone - hardly anyone takes a teapot with hot water for a walk. It will turn out this way only if the trouble happened in the yard of your house and warm water is in constant access. You can do this: show your child how to carefully breathe through your mouth to a sticky place. Warm air gradually warms the piece of iron and the tongue can be removed, but this must be done very carefully, millimeter by millimeter.

Be very attentive to children when walking. Take your time and talk about the consequences of touching metal objects in the cold. In each yard there is at least something of the facilities for children, which are made of metal - it can be slides, swings, and stairs. It is better to tell the child about it in time than to tear off the adhered tongue from the swing.

What can not be done if the tongue is cold?

And then an unpleasant thing happened, the child licked the iron in the cold. No no, don't tear it off. Let's start our conversation with what should not be done if the tongue in the cold stuck to the iron:

  • do not Cry. A scream can scare the child even more and provoke a sharp movement, and the mucous membrane of the adhered tongue or lips will be damaged,
  • do not tear the child by force from the ice surface,
  • Do not use a lighter to warm the iron. Firstly, it can be scary. Secondly, you can burn the face of the child. Thirdly, it is inefficient, since it will not work to warm the metal in the right place to the optimum temperature,
  • do not water the frozen place with urine, as some extreme people recommend.

What to take for a walk in the cold season?

Next, we will check whether you take everything with you for a walk in the winter. So-called The “recommended baggage” includes several useful items:

  1. Spare gloves or mittens for yourself and your child.
  2. Thermos with warm tea. Again for myself and the child.
  3. Napkins.
  4. Fatty cream for the baby that protects against frost.

What to do if the tongue froze to iron in the winter?

So, your baby licked iron in the cold. You are at a loss, he is scared.

The algorithm of your actions should include several successive steps:

  1. Reassure the child. Explain that there are troubles and you are not angry.
  2. Have your child breathe by directing air toward the metal. Try to also breathe purposefully. Perhaps the ice will melt from warm breathing, and you can free the baby.
  3. You can try to warm the metal with your hands.
  4. If you or other mothers have water (not necessarily warm), pour it between the adhering tongue and the iron.
  5. If there is no water and people nearby, try to melt the snow (unhygienic, but this is better than tearing it off by force).

How can prevent such a situation?

There are also “preventive” measures that can be used to prevent metal licking in the cold:

  1. Offer your child an experiment. Take a clean metal object (spoon, buckle) from home. Let it cool in the cold and offer to lick it with your tongue so that it sticks. Since the item is small, it will easily warm up, and it will be possible to go home with it.
  2. Or another option. Let the child hold the cold object with his hand so that he feels sticking with his hand. Explain that peeling off the tongue and lips will be even more difficult.

What to do upon returning home?

But still it happened that the baby jerked and damaged the delicate mucous membrane of the tongue. How to treat such a wound? What can be done to help your child at home:

  • you came home. The baby cries, blood flows from the tongue or lip. Wash your hands first, take either a bandage or sterile wipes. Give the child and try to persuade him to press the napkin to the wound and hold it with his hand. If the baby is small or, most likely, afraid of even greater pain, blot the blood yourself.
  • look what you have from antiseptics, treat the wound (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine),
  • within a few days after the injury, the tongue will swell and hurt, which means that it is necessary to give the child a mild mashed food, rinse his mouth with a decoction of chamomile, saline, soda solution,
  • it is possible to use children's sprays to treat throat. They need to be sprayed on the wound.

If discharge appears from the wound or the mucous membrane darkens, consult a doctor.

When winter comes, do not stint on time. Explain safety precautions to your child. You are a mother, and he will listen to you sooner than anyone else. After all, if the child’s tongue is already frozen, it’s too late to explain.

Enjoy your winter walks!

Freezing your tongue to iron in winter is a simple matter: the moisture of the tongue when it comes in contact with cold metal itself turns into ice and “hooks” the child with an ice object (swing, horizontal bar, door handle, pipe, lock, etc.).

The kid can accidentally touch the iron with his lips, and maybe just show curiosity, not in vain because he is so strongly forbidden to lick a swing. A minute ago he laughed merrily, and now he is crying from fear and pain. How to save a child from ice captivity?

Method 1 Assessment

  1. Do not panic!

The worst thing you can do is tear your tongue from the pillar in a fit of panic. This, in turn, can lead to serious injury. Try to think about the current situation first. Find out if someone around you can help you.

  • If there is another person next to you, convince him that this is not a joke and that your language is really freezing.
  • Understand why your tongue freezes to metal.

    This happened due to the freezing of your saliva. Metal is an excellent conductor, so the freezing process on it is much faster than on other surfaces.

    To peel off your tongue, you must heat the metal above freezing.

    • When the tongue touches the metal, the metal so quickly removes heat from the saliva that the contact surface adapts to its temperature. This reaction is called heat balance. It runs so fast that your body does not have time to make up for the difference in heat.
  • Make a noise so that someone comes to your aid.

    It will be easier for you to peel off the language if someone helps you. When someone responds to your call, ask this person to bring warm water and slowly pour it into your tongue.

    • Do not let embarrassment stop you from calling for help. Although you find yourself in a rather humiliating situation, it’s better to experience a little shame than to get a trauma to the tongue.
  • Method 2 How to Peel a Tongue from a Frozen Metal

    1. Pour warm water over your tongue and metal.

    Pour warm water slowly so that it falls into the area between the metal and your tongue. This should increase the temperature of the metal and unfreeze your saliva.

    • Make sure the water is not too hot. Do not add to your problems a burn of the tongue!
    • Do not pour water too quickly. Pour it slowly and continuously so that the heat acts on the frozen metal.
  • With your free hand, gently peel off your tongue.

    If the tongue is only slightly frozen to the metal, you can carefully peel it off. But if your tongue starts to hurt, stop pulling and find another solution to the problem.

    • Try twisting the tongue and peeling it off. Hope this helps the tongue detach from the metal.
  • Take a deep breath and then exhale warm air into your tongue.

    Exhale several times until your tongue comes off. You may need to cover your mouth with your hands so that warm air stays around your tongue.

    • Do this several times until the metal heats up and your tongue thaws.
    • Never touch your tongue with metal in the cold! Try to avoid such situations altogether.


    • If you try to tear your tongue from the frozen metal, you will be very hurt. Never do it!

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