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Why emo culture suddenly revives in 2017


Every educated person knows what is decent to do in society, and what should be discarded so as not to injure the psyche of others. But we are all people who, although they have reached unprecedented heights in development, but who still have not lost their habit of such mundane and, frankly, disgusting habits, like finding treasure in your nose or eating jam with your finger from a can, until no one sees it. And if, after reading the article, you say: “Fuuuu, I never do such a thing!”, Then be deceiving, since we all have our own secret terrible habits, which we prefer to remain silent about.

You pick your nose actively, and then with great interest study the contents of what you managed to get

Prepare a terrible dish that you can only call a bourdois, which nobody likes, but gives you joy

Nibble old skin from your lips and swallow it

Trim your nails all over the apartment and don’t remove the leftovers

Eat food that is not intended for this in bed, and then wonder where the crumbs and stains on your bedclothes come from in your bed?

After eating, deliberately belch until you start gagging

Enjoy your own gases, especially when you can do it loud and smelly

Spend too much time on the toilet just because you enjoy sitting there

Browse other people's profiles on a social network and see photos of people to find out how they looked before and how they look now

Smear with your foot what you spilled, taking it out of the refrigerator instead of wiping it with a floor cloth

Being naked, take the most impartial pose in the world to surf the Internet

Seeing yourself in the reflection of the monitor, you notice that you have seven chins and your mouth is slightly open

Planning to find a place where you can scratch your ass, which has never itched like this before

Nibble your nails, bite off and chew a cuticle and generally lick your fingers

Vigorously blow your nose in the shower

You write in the shower even when you could go to the toilet before

Eat peanut butter, jam and condensed milk directly from the can

Sniff your clothes to see if you need to wash them.

Distribute clothes that are too smelly to wear again and those that can still be worn

You sniff your armpits to understand the antiperspirant will save you or you still need to go to the shower

Not really worried about how often you need to wash your bra

Eat by opening the refrigerator door

Drink from the throat from bottles, if you have roommates, because you are too lazy to pour into a glass and then wash it

Soak pots for 48 hours or longer, explaining that they better soak