Useful Tips

How to hide


6. In an empty food container

Free one of the plastic containers from the products, rinse it thoroughly and the safe for keeping your cash is ready!

Then put this safe in the freezer. Of course, the money will be cold when you take it out of the container. But such a method will indeed be safe.

Or, if you do not want to keep money in the freezer, you can do the same with an empty cereal box.

To store money, you can also use clean cans from under various products.

Just make sure that someone doesn’t accidentally throw such a safe into the bin.

7. Inside the eaves

Most cornices have ends that detach.

If this is the case, then you can remove the curtain rod, secure the money in this void with a hard rubber band, put the ends back on the cap and fasten the curtain rod again.

8. In the sofa cushions

It’s easy to hide the money in the sofa cushions.

This is easy to do, because most pillows have a zipper with which you can quickly open the pillow, stuff it with money and fasten it again.

But the following things should be purchased for the house in order to hide money in them.

You can store your cash not only in those items that you already have at home, but you can also buy items that will mix with existing interior items. Here are some of these items:

9. Fake electrical outlet

A good idea would be to camouflage a safe under the guise of an ordinary electrical outlet.

This is really an unusual place where you can hide the money. However, make sure that all outlets are the same color.

Otherwise, the fact that one outlet is different from the others may cause suspicion among the uninvited guest.

A color mismatch will be revealed by your secret vault, and the thief will be interested in such a clear difference between one outlet and another.

Where do people hide money

10. In an empty Coca Cola bottle

Another great way to hide your money is with an empty Coca Cola jar. What is the advantage of such a safe?

It's simple: besides the fact that the can is tin and opaque, few people can suspect an ordinary can that it contains such valuable wealth.

Just be careful not to accidentally throw such a mini-safe.

11. In an empty shaving cream can

Since basically every man needs a daily shave, no ordinary shaving cream on a shelf in the bathroom will cause anyone to suspect.

But such an empty jar can do an excellent job: keep money in it. It’s just always worth remembering that the jar is non-empty and take it away from prying eyes.

12. Detergent can

A great place to store money is also the space under the sink.

If you want to hide money under the sink, then use an ordinary empty detergent jar.

However, do not forget that in addition to this can, there should be one more with a cleaning agent that you will need in case of cleaning.

You can also hide money in already used packaging from a deodorant.

13. Chip Packaging

To hide money in a box from under chips is a great idea if there are no frequent guests in your house.

Otherwise, it would not be entirely correct to pull out a box with supposedly chips from one of his friends, who would suddenly reach for it.

You do not tell your guests: "Sorry, you can’t eat these chips, I keep money in them."

But if you live alone and you have almost no guests, this way of storage may probably be a good option for you.

14. Hair brush

A real safe, which, moreover, is functional, is a hairbrush.

A comb is an item that cares for hair and at the same time stores cash.

In fact, this is one of the most beloved places where women like to keep money. After all, you can hide money in it, as well as use this item in everyday life on a regular basis.

Many of the other options are intended only for storing money, and this kind of safe is also useful for humans.

Want to keep your money in your books, like Andy did from the cult movie Shawshank Redemption? But this is real.

Although the hero of the picture used the Bible for these purposes, a dictionary or other book of impressive size is also suitable.

Two ways to store money in a book are worth noting: the first way is simply to put the bills in a thick book volume.

The second method is suitable for an impressive amount of money: cut out the so-called middle in the book and place a bundle of money in this void.

16. Wall clock

Hiding money in a wall clock is a great idea.

If you need frequent and convenient access to money, then use an ordinary wall clock as a safe.

If you hang the clock, you may need a ladder to take money from such a safe. This means that an uninvited guest will need a lot of effort to get to such a cache.

Like a hair brush, this safe is functional and safe.

Preliminary refinement

When developing a plan, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

1. How long are you going to hide?

2. Do you plan to live on savings or have to work?

3. How prepared are you to change your lifestyle?

In presenting the material, we will assume that it will be necessary to hide from several weeks to several months. If we are talking about years, then this is already a little different. In this case, you have to reincarnate into a new personality and actually start a new life. To get to the bottom and still continue to earn money is an extremely difficult task, therefore, within the framework of this material, we assume the existence of savings that we can live on. As for the change in lifestyle, then to some extent it will need to be changed. However, if you plan to return to your former life, global changes are unlikely to be required.


If someone thinks that in case of danger he can quickly grab everything necessary and disappear without a trace, then he will face cruel disappointment. This way you can only get away from amateurs, and even then not for long, since most likely you will have to periodically appear in known places and get in touch to solve current issues and facilitate everyday life. At least 90% of success falls precisely on the preparatory stage and the maintenance of an appropriate lifestyle. So, what kind of lifestyle do you need to lead in order to allow yourself the luxury of hiding from anyone at any moment?

1. Dependencies. If any living creatures depend on you, starting from kitty-dogs and ending with young children, then you will not be able to hide. This either should not be, or at any moment you should be able to delegate all this for an indefinite period to people whom you can then not control. On the other hand, you should pay attention to your own dependencies. It is an order of magnitude more difficult to hide for an insulin-dependent patient or drug addict, and even such a trifle as the habit of smoking, under certain circumstances, can significantly complicate life.

2. Cases. If you are an entrepreneur, or occupy a serious position, then your business most likely will not survive your absence for a month or more. It either should not be, or you should be prepared to lose it. In some cases, the case will endure conservation or remote management, but counting on this is not recommended. Especially in the second option, serving one of the loopholes, using which you can be found.

3. Property. In order to lay low with a calm soul, one must be sure that your apartment will not be burned, not flooded, and not plundered. Or to have such an apartment that all this will not spoil much. People suggesting the need to hide are recommended to live in an apartment (or house), which, in principle, is not a pity to leave. In any case, no collections, no antiques and valuables, no expensive repairs. And keep in mind: everything that counters are installed at the place of residence, attackers can reel in such a way that paying later will be problematic. This, by the way, can be used to exert psychological pressure. So, ideally, you do not need to have your own home at all.

The same applies to other property. It is highly discouraged to have a registered weapon. If you disappear with it, it can turn out quite ugly. Everything that cannot be hidden in a small suitcase must be either rented or disposable. Part of the money can be kept in a bank, but so that it is possible to transfer it to a card remotely, and then cash it at any ATM. But it is better to keep fixed assets in cash and, as it is not trite, in hiding places. Consider the option of bitcoin.

4. Health. We begin to notice many things only by losing them. This includes, for example, the ability to call an ambulance or to see a doctor. Despite the fact that now you can get medical care in a paid clinic without too much publicity, doing this in hiding is quite problematic. So before you seriously plan to get down to the bottom, you have to thoroughly take care of your health and acquire self-medication skills. You should not train to sew up your wounds like Rambo, but you must be able to equip the first-aid kit and confidently use its contents. Read more about this here.

Bottom line: anyone who wants to be able to instantly hide should lead a very specific lifestyle, denying himself some of the details that are important to most. And it is precisely by this way of life that the potential "runner" can be calculated. When the stakes are high, they purport to surround themselves with supposedly native creatures, who then ruthlessly rush to the mercy of fate. Because the first thing that serious people will do to find you is to put fingers on the door to the people closest to you. Insert in the figurative sense of the word. Or in direct.

Preparatory stage

The implementation of the preparatory phase is divided into two parts, which must be implemented at the same time. The first part deals with what you are leaving. Actually, this is the adoption of the lifestyle mentioned above. Get rid of everything that is impossible to take with you. And with it, by and large, it will turn out to take only documents, money and a laptop. Take special care to protect yourself from the troubles of those really close to you. You will not have to communicate with them on the phone registered on you, they should not be friends in the pages of social networks and in the contacts of your Skype. And you will have to see them observing truly espionage precautions. In some cases, such contacts are disguised as workers. If possible, do so.

The second part is where you go. This, in fact, is the organization of the living space in which you have to exist for the entire period of bedding. You can go along the difficult path of acquiring an apartment through nominees or even try to break through abroad. Some craftsmen are methodically "developing" a new life for themselves in a new place, appearing there regularly, appearing with a different name and growing in bonds. This gives some advantages, especially if you have to not only lie at the bottom, but also work. But we do not advise. The more complex the system, the more vulnerable it is, not to mention the cost. Everyone dedicated to your X day plans is a potential source of information leakage.

For exceptionally healthy lovers of absolutely thrills, there is a diametrically opposite way to hide. Skillful application of it can give amazing results, allowing a person to literally dissolve in the air, and to furnish even scorched detectives. Especially a rich person. Namely - to transform into a homeless person. It would never occur to anyone that a boss can voluntarily move to the trash, especially since such a trick requires outstanding volitional and acting abilities. However, there is nothing to think of doing this without preparation. If the stakes are high, and you are considering this way as a working option, you should prepare in advance. You will have to periodically try on a masquerade, and become, if not your own, then at least familiar to local homeless people. This is useful not only as a workout, but also for safety. An expert in espionage games may ask local bums if a new tramp suddenly appeared. If you get caught during one of these trainings, then everything can be explained by a dispute or an extreme tour. And keep in mind - transformation into a homeless person requires knowledge of the psychology of the marginalized sections of society and a virtuoso ability to work with hiding places. This technique is mainly used to implement the first part of the plan beyond reach. Do not count on the possibility of a long existence in this state.

We usually recommend to our cadets not to go to extremes, but to follow a simple but true path, which is the golden mean. To do this, you need to rent the cheapest apartment in a residential area in the nearest city with a population of over one million, stating that you have come to work. If the landlord is not a special services veteran and you don’t make a mysterious face and answer simple questions wisely, then the maximum data of your passport will be rewritten to a piece of paper that will be lost in three days. And you, forgotten by all, will be able to live in the removed pimped until bulldozers come to demolish it. Of course, when moving and subsequent living in a rented apartment, you will have to strictly follow certain rules, which will be discussed below. And most importantly, do not make your debut in "combat" conditions. Do not be lazy, and exercise in a relaxed atmosphere. Spend one of your holidays not in Spain or Turkey, but on an exciting tour of Moscow or St. Petersburg slums. You will get invaluable experience and a lot of impressions!


The moment when you cease to be reachable is brief, but extremely important. To avoid mistakes, you must adhere to the following rules.

1. The suddenness. It is necessary to disappear suddenly. Nobody should know about your plans, except for those who are directly involved in them. But it’s better that they don’t know what exactly they are helping you with. And even better, that they were not at all. And in any case, no one should be warned in advance. Create the appearance of a planned stormy activity - fill out a diary, make appointments, buy tickets to the theater. By no sign should it be apparent that you are closing things down.

2. Ordinary. Your behavior should be so commonplace that even the most sensitive do not suspect the unusual moment. The most common mistakes are distracted reverie, stiffness, impatient haste, and looking around. Now in order. A person who is going and is afraid to forget something, immersed in himself a little more than usual, can react slowly and out of place. Stiffness is most visible in a gait. If someone is trying to depict a walking step, but at the same time he is holding on like a crowbar, be sure that something is wrong with him. Haste and objects falling out of hand speak for themselves. Looking around is more interesting. Anxious, a person unconsciously begins to look around more often. Analyzing the video surveillance record, the psychologist will surely calculate how many times you looked back and draw conclusions. Of course, friends and colleagues will not count, but your sense of anxiety can be transmitted to them, and they will unconsciously suspect something is amiss.

3. Speed. It is necessary to disappear quickly. The less time the procedure takes, and the greater the distance you can move per unit of time, the better. The fact is that all structures are inert. And the larger and more powerful the structure, the slower it is. Ideally, you should not start looking for you before you reach the end point of your journey. Then there are good chances even against very serious opponents. You also need to take care not to alert anyone ahead of time. To tell his wife that you will arrive in five minutes or take leave in the toilet at the meeting, after which no one will see you again, is a good idea for a mystical thriller, but not for real life.

4. Suitable conditions. Any saboteur knows - good weather is bad weather. Helicopters with search teams do not fly in the rain and storm, radars and communications in general work worse, meteo-addicts have a headache, twist joints and impair attention. And since people who are most likely to be looking for you personally have nothing against you, once again they will check something in a downpour or a severe frost. Therefore, if it is possible to choose, then choose the appropriate conditions to hide. And not necessarily the weather. For urban conditions, a holiday is best. If you disappear on December 31, it will be easier for you to mix with the idle crowd, less numerous and more relaxed performers will look for you. And it is possible that you will only last after the New Year holidays.

Центральным звеном всей операции является подготовка и размещение тревожного комплекта, или, как его еще называют, тревожного чемоданчика. О том, как его правильно укомплектовать, подробно читайте здесь. А сейчас мы поговорим о том, как им воспользоваться.

Начнем с того, что тревожных чемоданчиков может быть несколько, с одинаковым содержимым. The most important thing - documents, money and a USB flash drive - can always be carried with you, and the rest is laid out in different places in the same configuration. Thus, it will be possible to successfully disappear from work, and from home, and from any other suitable place. You need to place the alarm kit where you can easily get to it, while others will not have such an opportunity. At home, this is quite simple, at work it is more difficult. Even if you are the boss, or have your own room at the place of work, it is difficult to protect the suitcase from the access of strangers. Therefore, in such places you need to additionally set an alarm, the operation of which will notify you of the movement or violation of the integrity of the kit. If you have sufficient knowledge of the technique of working with hiding places, alarm sets can be placed in several hiding places on probable routes. Caches, of course, should not be done in a forest or open field, but rather, close to crowded places. If it is necessary to go to deserted places, it will be useful to build caches with foodstuffs and other useful trifles along the entire route.

If you are not a super-spy, which all the world's special services are hunting for, then the maximum you can count on is tracking your movements on your cell phone, a beacon in clothes and / or a car, in some places wiretapping, and sluggish waging by one outdoor team. But this is generally a ceiling, which, incidentally, will cost the customer a round sum. In practice, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the matter is limited to a beacon, and of dubious professionalism a “guardianship” by someone from your environment who has managed to be invented. The latter will from time to time rummage through your things, read the diary, and strive to copy information from your laptop. What, of course, must be used to feed interested people with delicious misinformation.

The moment itself, when you move from your usual state to the invisible, is very simple. It is necessary to take off absolutely all clothes, shoes, and in general everything that is somehow attached or put on the body, change clothes and change shoes in the contents of the alarm kit. Without turning off completely, but turning off the sound, leave your phone, donated jewelry and everything else where an electronic surprise can nest. From the kit, not including, and not even inserting a battery, get a completely new phone with an anonymous or purchased card in the name of a drop card. Next, using the means taken from the same set of tools, you need to change your appearance, and take the city transport. This option is best suited for leaving your home or workplace where you can equip a cache. Then, according to the classics of the genre, they leave through the attic from another entrance or from the back door at work. This method has an advantage - outdoor advertising will record your stay at home, and normal signals will regularly arrive from electronic devices. But after finding things left where they should not be, it becomes clear that you had a well-planned action. Ideally, this option works in places where you can store replaceable clothes and shoes without causing suspicion.

When leaving in the countryside, things and gadgets can be weighted and thrown into a deep reservoir. Only it is necessary to make heavier with a margin - a pile of things is not so easy to quickly drown. If you have beacons installed, or your phone is constantly monitored for a signal, this action will cause great excitement among interested citizens. Therefore, you need to pack at the very last moment, and immediately move very quickly. In special cases, containers that are impervious to radio waves are used, and they even fry things in the microwave, but this, in general, does not need any exotic.

Hiding right

After you have switched to the "invisible" state, you must ensure that it remains so. After removing the alarm kit from the cache and getting rid of old things, you need to not be recognized, and especially not fixed to the camera. To do this, it is quite enough to slightly change the appearance and gait, as well as to dress in things that are atypical for you. However, it is important not to overdo it - black half-face glasses, hoods and hoods pulled down attract the attention of the police. Try to use public transport, dodging cameras if they are installed there. For long journeys, use a taxi. Attract private traders with caution, they can be bandits. It is better to start using a taxi away from the place from which you started the journey, as taxi drivers can be questioned.

The following precautions should be followed:

1. Do not categorically call, meet, and in any other way get in touch with people who knew you before.

2. Do not appear in places where they can recognize you. Avoid visiting places equipped with video surveillance.

3. Do not use bank cards and do not register anything with yourself. It is also strictly forbidden to go online so that you can be identified. In most cases, for this it’s enough not to go to any services with your old login.

A bit of spy psychology

If you have never lived in an illegal situation, at first on the run it will be very difficult for you psychologically. Most likely there will be a feeling of loneliness, abandonment by everyone, as well as a feeling that the surrounding area is teeming with predators ready to swallow you. Of course, this is an illusion. The world, by and large, you are indifferent, with the exception of those units who dream to settle accounts with you. And of course he did not change after you went to the bottom. Having dissolved in it, over time you will cease to be interesting even to those who are very angry with you - time erases and dulls everything.

However, inner experiences should not spoil life objectively and lead to unrespiration. You should not follow your desire to hide in the sink in all life manifestations, since a person hiding something, on the contrary, attracts additional attention. Do not look back, do not slouch, do not keep your hands in your pockets, do not hide your face behind black glasses, a raised collar and a hat pulled over your eyes. Speak in a normal tone and at a normal volume for your surroundings. Never change the pace or trajectory of your movement, and do not look away when you see a patrol. The gaze should move with normal speed from one object on the street to another, and as if to pass people through.

And the last one. When designing an operation, consider not only how to hide, but also how to reappear. To do this, you will need tools to monitor the situation at the place of your absence. It is very important to appear at the right moment when circumstances begin to play on your side. It is not advisable to miss this moment, as the situation may subsequently change.