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TOP 12 things that every girl should carry in her purse


In the handbag you can find anything. Many men have a logical question, how does it all fit into a sometimes quite miniature handbag. However, the fact remains that a woman’s bag is simply a bottomless thing, and sometimes ladies themselves suffer greatly from this, because they often can’t find the right thing in this chaos. Because usually, she is hiding among a huge number of completely unnecessary and useless things, and a woman from powerlessness simply spills the entire contents of her purse onto the table. In order to avoid such an unpleasant situation, we have prepared for you a list of the most necessary things that should be in the handbag of every woman.

1. Documents

Passport, driver's license - this is something we can not do without. No need to carry with you a pile of all kinds of documents. But for a passport, it’s even better to allocate a separate pocket in your purse, so that, if necessary, do not spend a lot of time searching for it

It is better to put the keys to the house in a separate pocket, hang a beautiful keychain on them. And aesthetically, they will look better, and finding them with a keychain is much easier.

A wallet is another essential item in a handbag. Choosing a wallet is a separate topic, but the main thing is that you like it at the same time is not too bulky and roomy. The wallet should have a place to store a bank card, paper bills and trifles.

5. The minimum set of cosmetics

Do not stuff the entire makeup bag into the bag. You only need to carry a minimal set with you. Basically, it should consist of lipstick (gloss or lip balm) and powder. Even the most persistent lipstick will be worn off over time, and it will have to be refreshed. A good powder will help your skin look well-groomed and beautiful, hide the shine and give a matte finish.

7. Nail file

A nail file is also an indispensable attribute of a women's handbag. At any time, the enlarged nail may break. And so that this does not become a critical situation for you that will spoil your mood - do not carry with you the whole manicure set, but at least a nail file.

9. Miniature perfumes

Of course, you don’t need to carry a huge bottle of your favorite perfume with you. It is enough to throw a small bottle in your purse so that you can refresh your fragrance at any time. Famous brands often produce smaller copies of their basic fragrances, so you can easily buy your favorite.

10. Dry and wet wipes

Napkins are another indispensable resident of a woman's handbag. They will help you out in any situation: spilled coffee, stained hands or shoes. Everyone knows about the purpose of napkins, so there’s no point in delving into this.

13. Pen and notebook

Even in the age of information technology, a situation may arise when the gadget breaks or charging ends. At such a moment, your pen and notebook will become your best assistant. In addition, you can write down daily plans in your notebook so you don’t miss a thing, or even a shopping list.

14. Personal hygiene products

Many girls control “these” days and know exactly when they should start, but for some, menstruation does not always come on schedule, so just in case, personal care products should always be in your purse. They won’t take up a lot of space in the purse, but you will always be in full combat readiness, and you can help out a less thrifty girlfriend on occasion.

15. Elastic band for hair

This item is also indispensable in a women's handbag. Depending on the weather, your hairstyle can undergo all kinds of changes depending on the weather. Wind and snow make adjustments. If you have elastic or tape at hand, you can not only easily tidy your hair, but even change the look.

In addition to these required attributes, there are things that appear in a handbag depending on the season of the year. One of these attributes is an umbrella in rainy or snowy weather. In addition, you can also put in your purse an apple or diet cookies (for those who are watching their figure). You never know what can happen during the day, and walking all day on an empty stomach is not a good idea. If you are a big fan of music, and can not imagine yourself without headphones, then it is better to purchase a special case for them, which will save them from breakage and constant tangling.

TOP 12 things that every girl should carry in her purse

1. Wallet

It is impossible to imagine a bag without a wallet. Each girl should have a wallet for storing money and bank cards. Necessarily with cash, preferably with small bills so that you do not have to give the taxi driver 500 rubles in the morning when the fare is 11. A wallet is a convenient thing not only in terms of money: you can store business cards, notes, rings, earrings in it. Well, without a photograph of a loved one, he also rarely does.

2. Mobile phone

Today it is difficult to imagine a person who does not use this achievement of science. There is even a special pocket in the phone bag. A mobile phone is one of the most commonly used things, so he needs to allocate a place of honor in his purse, which can be reached in the shortest possible time, rather than shaking the entire bag.

3. Cosmetics (necessary minimum, and not the entire arsenal of available cosmetics)

Regardless of the season, weather and mood, every girl wants to be beautiful. Therefore, lipstick (lip gloss or lip balm) and powder should occupy the proper place in the purse. Properly selected lipstick will always help to look spectacular, the more often it is quickly erased, and if you have it, you can always tweak your makeup. A lip balm is a must on hot summer days to moisturize your lips. The powder will help to refresh the complexion, hide the shine, give a dull and velvety skin.

4. A small mirror

In case you need to check and correct your makeup, a small mirror will be just the way. Now the screens of many phones are quite photosensitive and you can see their reflection quite well in them, and many girls look like a mirror in them - someone is happy with this option.

5. Nail file

Hands are the part of the body that is paid attention to no less than the face. So that an accidentally broken nail does not spoil your mood - always carry a nail file. Today there are nail files of various shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that fits even in the smallest handbag.

6. Comb

I think there’s not much to say about the need for a comb. Without it, you can’t put your hair in order, especially if you have long or naughty hair, and they get very tangled.

7. Handkerchiefs, napkins

Disposable wipes are another necessary thing in a women's handbag. Her hands got dirty - she took a wet towel out of her purse and everything was ready. They will also come to the rescue when you need to correct makeup.

8. Perfume Bottle

Our smell is important not only for the opposite sex, but also for ourselves, so in the purse there is always a bottle with your favorite perfume. To perfume does not take up much space, you can buy a smaller version of your favorite perfume.

9. Notebook and pen

For a notebook you can always find a place in your purse and if you need to urgently write something down - a piece of paper in front of you. It is also possible to write down plans for the day, a shopping list, important phone numbers. Accordingly, do not do without a pen or pencil. True, in an emergency, they are easily replaced with a cosmetic pencil for lips, eyes or eyebrows. But in order not to write the phone number with lipstick on a napkin - keep a notebook and pen in your purse.

10. Personal hygiene products

When that very red day of the calendar comes with 100% accuracy, you can’t say. Therefore, just in case, it is better to have everything you need with you. It won’t take up much space, but it won’t catch by surprise. In extreme cases, help out some less thrifty girlfriend.

11. Anesthetic

We are all living people and a couple of tablets of aspirin, a nospa or other painkiller should always be at hand (and well, if it is not needed).

12. Identity document

Just in case ... And it is not necessary to carry a passport with you, it can be a student or library card, work certificate, rights, etc. The main thing is that with a photo and a surname.

Models and Styles

Current manufacturers produce a huge number of different bags for young beauties. Today, you can choose the perfect option for any set of clothes, from everyday to school.

Consider in detail the models of girl's handbags.

Bag backpack

It is very important to choose the right roomy and beautiful school bag. Preference should be given to backpacks and shoulder models. They are the most convenient. If you decide to buy a backpack, it is recommended to give preference to models with an orthopedic back.

When choosing such a product, special attention must be paid to its spaciousness. Books, notebooks and stationery should easily fit in a bag. The most functional and useful are instances that have several isolated compartments and pockets. In such an internal part, you can place all objects as comfortably and systematically as possible.

The school bag must have a strict or neutral design. Too bright models with colorful prints and shiny decorative elements will not fit into the student dress code.

It is recommended to select models that are close to the timeless classics or business style.

Saddle and Hobo

No less responsibly you need to approach the selection of bags for everyday wear. There are a lot of options for such handbags. Let's consider some of them.

Saddlebags look great in a youthful way. They have a rounded bottom and taper up. Genuine leather or its good substitute allows such bags to keep in shape.

A hit of recent seasons are hobo bags. These are such hipster accessories, made in a freedom-loving and serene vein. For a youth ensemble, they are just amazing! Hobo bags can be of any design and are often complemented by a variety of decorative details: embroideries, patterns, badges, pendants, tassels, etc.