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Conference Organization Features


The conference allows you to gather people who are representatives of a particular group or community to discuss topics of interest and to exchange experiences.

The organization of the conference is usually carried out by a dedicated person or agency; its tasks include professional organization of the conference, which must meet the necessary requirements and goals of the planned conference.

The format of such an event as a conference is not something new in the modern world; similar events were held long before our era. Previously, only urban nobles, philosophers and scientists could take part in such events. Now anyone can take part in the conference as a spectator, as well as a speaker.

Conference preparations

After the topic of the conference is defined and the target audience is known, you need to approach the process of preparing the event. This process can take from several months to one year, depending on the scale of the event and on the complexity of the topic. For example, if you plan to organize a scientific conference, you need to understand that the speakers will need to prepare extensive scientific material, and it is even possible to conduct some kind of scientific research, the results of which they will report at the conference.

The professional organization of the conference requires the organizer of experience and excellent knowledge of the industry in organizing this format of events, since any mistake can ruin the event, and it costs a lot. Indeed, many events are going to such events and it’s better not to disappoint such a number of people, since very quickly the reputation can be undermined both by the organizer of the event and the speakers.

So how to professionally organize a conference?

Conference program development

The development of the conference program includes a detailed study of the program for each day of the conference, as well as the selection of participants. In accordance with the theme of the conference, the composition of the speakers is determined, the ways of establishing communication with each of the participants are determined and the conditions for participation in the conference are communicated to them. Keep in mind that preparing for a conference for a speaker is a waste of time, so you need to think in advance what benefit the speaker will get from speaking at the conference. The benefit can be either material or another type. If your conference is in a non-commercial format, then in this case you need to provide maximum information support to each speaker during preparation for the conference, as well as after the conference.

A detailed study of the program of each day of the conference includes:

  • elaboration of the schedule of conference days - what happens in each specific time period,
  • setting the time for each speaker to speak and preparing a brochure for each conference participant,
  • mandatory inclusion of rest breaks, communication between participants and snacks. If the conference lasts all day, then you need to take care to provide food for all participants at the conference: coffee breaks, lunch.

Development of a conference promotion plan

The development of a conference promotion plan should be carried out by a marketer whose task is to inform the target audience about the planned conference. If the conference is large-scale, then you should enlist the support of the media, here you can connect a PR manager with media relations.

The marketer needs to think over a strategy for promoting the event in such a way as to attract as many people of the target group as possible.

In the promotion of the conference, you can connect both standard marketing methods - offline marketing tools, and Internet marketing tools. When using Internet marketing tools, you can target the target audience much more accurately, which can significantly save advertising costs.

If participation in the conference is paid, then you can pre-sell tickets for participation. For example, you can declare a discount for full payment of participation in the conference before a certain date. Discounts can be managed in such a way that the closer to the date of the event, the discount becomes smaller - this will help to sell a large share of tickets long before the day of the conference.

Technical Organization

The technical organization of the conference is almost the most decisive point, since without professional technical support for the event, success is unlikely.

What is included in it:

  • selection of the site for the conference. Here you need to be guided by the planned number of participants, as this is very, very important. Each participant at the conference should be comfortable and comfortable sitting, watching and listening. Therefore, you should carefully calculate your capabilities,
  • catering at the conference. When planning the schedule for each day of the conference, it is worth paying special attention to food breaks - coffee breaks, lunch or even dinner. To do this, it is worth highlighting a special room in which tables with food will be prepared in advance, as well as waiters for serving drinks. To organize lunch, of course, the building should have a dining room or cafe where hot meals will be organized. In order for each participant to get into the dining room, you need to prepare personalized food coupons that are issued when registering for the conference,
  • technical equipment for the conference. In this case, it is worth contacting a specialized company that is engaged in the rental of equipment for business events.

What equipment is needed:

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  • Handout. It can include brochures with the conference program, visual aids, a notebook for writing with a pen, a folder, as well as advertising materials for conference sponsors. All handouts should be of good quality and made in a single corporate style of the conference.