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What you can do a slingshot with your own hands


No matter how trivial it may sound, our childhood was far more interesting than the current young generations. After classes, the girls hurried into the yard with rubber bands and ropes, and the boys, having thrown their briefcases after school, did not at all let go of their slingshots. Moreover, no one then bought them at the store, and each did his own. Today, children have become homebody, spend more time at a computer or with a tablet. Maybe, having come across this article, some boy will find it interesting and take advantage of the advice given in it. And we will talk about how to make a slingshot with your own hands.

You can make a slingshot from the simplest tools at hand. The most common and easiest option is wood.

How to make a slingshot from a tree

Necessary materials and tools: Y-shaped stick, elastic, piece of leather (rubber), knife.

You ask how to make a slingshot quickly, so that it can be used immediately. Of course, from the branch.

  1. To do this, you just need to find a suitable stick on the street, the correct shape and strong enough so that it can withstand the load and does not break. The stick will be the basis for the future slingshot.
  2. Extra branches and knots need to be cut with a knife.
  3. Further, you may need to dry the workpiece if the branch is fresh. You can use a conventional oven.
  4. The next step will be the preparation of rods. You need to take any gum, measure the required length and make two traction.
  5. At the edges of the horns of the branch, at the points of attachment of the rods, it is necessary to make recesses so that the elastic does not slip.
  6. Next, you need to make a platform for the projectile. It can be a piece of leather or rubber. You need to give it a rectangular shape and make holes for the elastic at the edges. It is convenient to use a hole punch, but if there is none, you can make cuts with a knife or scissors.
  7. This is followed by very elementary actions - the connection of all parts into a single design.

Homemade slingshot from a board or plywood

You can go on a more difficult path - to cut out the base for a slingshot with a jigsaw from a board or plywood.

Sharp corners will have to be rounded with emery or sandpaper, or wrap the handle with something. Most likely, every house has an electrical tape. A beautiful slingshot will come out, given that the electrical tape comes in various colors. You can also use soft skin or other material that needs to be easily fixed, it will not slip on the handle. A great idea would be to make a name inscription or some kind of symbol on the handle or horns. It used to be fashionable to burn various patterns on wooden products with a soldering iron on wood. In the case of a slingshot, it can also come in handy.

Wire slingshot

Since making a slingshot from wire is also very easy and fast, any boy can use this method.

Necessary materials and tools: wire with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 30-40 cm, an elastic band (money or fishing), pliers and a knife.

As you might have guessed, the wire will serve as the basis of the slingshot.

  1. The wire must be folded in half.
  2. Approximately in the middle, take both ends of the wire in different directions and bend up. Next, you will need to use pliers to make the horns even. The lower part of the workpiece - a double folded wire - will be the handle.
  3. At the ends of the horns, about a centimeter or more from the edge, with the help of a clerical knife or an ordinary one, it is necessary to carefully cut off the insulation so that it can be removed and then put back on.
  4. In the obtained cylinders from insulation, it is necessary to thread the ends of the gum and return the cylinders to their original place. Now they are tight enough to enter, preventing the gum from slipping out.

Here's how to make a slingshot with your own hands using wire.

How to make a slingshot from a bottle

An unusual option, but also a very simple design.

Necessary materials and tools: ordinary plastic bottle, ball and knife.

To make such a slingshot, you need:

  1. Cut the neck of the bottle
  2. Attach a ball to it.

All! Faster to do than to tell how to make a slingshot.

Which rubber is most ideal for a slingshot

The best option is catheters No. 22 or medical plaits. They can be bought at the pharmacy. They stretch well and contract very quickly, which allows the projectile to fly swiftly and far. Their disadvantage is that when the smallest burrs appear, they break.

The most durable rubber for a slingshot is a camera from a car. However, for the projectile to fly far (as if releasing it with a catheter), you will need more power from the shooter when pulling. But on the hunt, you can be completely sure that the slingshot will serve for a long time.

The camera from the ball or bandage rubber stretches twice or even three times more than the car camera, however, no option can boast of durability. All because of burrs. They are formed if the strips are cut off with scissors. It is only a matter of time how long such a weapon lasts. Usually very short. It’s better to cut off the parts with a blade, but the first time no one can do everything perfectly, here you need skill. Such rubber is a very delicate material.

How to shoot

All these slingshots are used for entertainment. Shells can be any round berries such as elderberry or mountain ash. You can also make homemade bullets of thin aluminum wire. To do this, cut the wire 2-3 cm and bend the letter V.

You may also be interested in how to make a powerful slingshot.

Slingshot hilt

If the weapon is planned to be powerful, then the slingshot body should be made with emphasis. With this simple device, the holding hand will not get tired. If the slingshot for hunting is not very powerful, and the shooter is confident in the strength of his hand, then you can do without additional emphasis. In this case, the design becomes much simpler both in appearance and in execution.

Powerful slingshot

This design is not so simple, but also affordable for everyone.

Necessary materials and tools: a metal wire with a cross section of 5 mm in diameter and about 70 cm in length, 2 medical catheters No. 22, a piece of skin, a stick, electrical tape, pliers and tweezers.

  1. Using pliers, it is necessary to shape the wire. Bend it in half and form an emphasis, a handle and horns.
  2. Then, if there is a soft rubber or dense foam rubber cylinder, making a through hole in the center in it, thread it onto the wire and tighten it to the stop. This is necessary so that the wire does not crush the hand. You can also just wrap it well with iso or any other tape.
  3. Next, you need to trim the stick of the required length, trying it on your own hand. On the sides of the stick to make grooves under the wire.
  4. Insert the future handle into the workpiece and wrap with electrical tape or fix with another material.
  5. The ends of the horns must also be insulated.
  6. Now you need to prepare the site for the shells. Two holes must be made in the leather rectangle.
  7. Next, you need to cut off the tips of the catheters and make small holes in them along the edges, insert the catheter into the skin. Insert the other end of the catheter through the hole made using tweezers into the hole and tighten. Do the same with a different traction.
  8. The free ends of the catheter must be put on the slingshot, after wetting them with any alcohol.

The article selects the best options for how to make a slingshot at home. Use one of them, but do not forget that you can’t shoot at people and animals! It is better to make your own small shooting range, where tin cans will be the goals. Invite more friends and have fun together. At the same time, it will be possible to boast of a "personal weapon."

The origins of the slingshot

The meaning of the word "slingshot" according to some unreliable sources came from the word "horns". Indeed, they have certain similarities. Often it is compared with a catapult, only in this case it is a miniature device. Like many inventions that have survived to our time, the slingshot was created by Leonardo da Vinci. The original device was a rubber-free slingshot, and instead special rollers were placed on the axles. Inside were springs with chain hoists. A cord is attached to them, when stretched, the springs are stretched and form the conditions for an accurate and long-range shot. Over time, such a mechanism was replaced by a simpler replaceable rubber.

What a slingshot consists of

In appearance, the slingshot does not have a complex mechanism, however, it is divided into several important nodes:

  • The body of a slingshot, consisting of wood, less often of metal,
  • A tow for throwing, with which energy is stored,
  • Skin, heel or saddle. Serves to hold the projectile. It may be absent if the projectile is in the form of metal staples.

A slingshot similar to the standard model is mainly made of wood (walnut, cherry, elderberry). For the ideal form in the form of the letter Y, young branches are taken as a basis, young "horns" are connected with each other and in this form they are left for about two months. Then a regular slingshot is formed.

A serious approach to the manufacture of slingshots determines the accuracy in the symmetrical placement of the horns relative to the handle of the base.

After two months, the slingshot is cut. In order for the appliance to acquire a strong appearance, it should be cleaned of the upper layer of the bark and dried by wrapping it in the material for about two weeks. Then the slingshot is burned in an open flame. From this moment, achieve the ideal thickness and surface with sandpaper.

The right selection of material

  • The body of a slingshot. Having become a lover of youth, slingshot today is found in metal, plastic, wire, wood, cardboard. Naturally, the strong material of the above is metal, and then wood. Just a slider made of wood is more common due to the fact that the complexity of working from metal can not always be used at home. Plastic is no less durable, even mechanical impacts are not afraid of it. Cardboard is suitable only for playing with children, but do not underestimate its power of throwing bullets.
  • The choice of gum. According to numerous reviews, the most suitable option is rubber cable sheaths. The easiest option is a medical tourniquet, but only because it can be bought at a pharmacy. Many people advise a bandage martens, gas mask GP 5. A surgical latex drainage tube is considered to be very durable and malleable, but it is very difficult to get it. Simpler options are used by those who need a slingshot only for playing, for example, boys use rubber from a ball or a bicycle tire. It is available, and propellant properties absolutely meet their needs.
  • Skin. Almost always, it always has a rectangular shape. The material from which it will be made must be durable and provide reliable wear resistance. Usually it is leather, less often suede, dermantine.

How to choose a shell

The finished slingshot is so good that shells for it can be picked up even on the street, these can be ordinary stones. Size and shape are chosen by the owner for personal reasons. If you want to increase the lethal force, speed, as well as the blow when throwing, then opt for special metal bullets purchased in stores. It can be steel balls, lead shot, chopped lead, lots.

A simple option to do a slingshot with your own hands

  • A strong slingshot will not be worse than bought in a store, if you approach the homemade product responsibly. Find a branch similar to the letter Y. It is advisable to use sizes that are 15 to 20 cm long.
  1. To ensure that the branch is strong and reliable, before breaking it off the tree, make sure that there are no cracks and chips on it. It’s not scary if there are small scratches on the branch, they can be easily cut with a knife,
  2. The bark will become superfluous, so it is often removed. This is done in terms of aesthetic considerations.
  • The best option would be a fresh branch. But the humidity that it contains is superfluous, otherwise the design will lose reliability. How to dry it. The easiest way is to wrap it in a material and dry it in a microwave. Use the correct step-by-step instructions:
  1. Wrap the future slingshot in a small towel. Put in the microwave and leave for a few seconds at the highest degree.
  2. The stick will create a hiss when it stops, lay it down again for a few seconds and so several times.

The photo below shows what can happen if you put the stick for a long time without a towel. It may turn black, or even catch fire. So be careful, watch what you do.

  • We proceed to the creation of nicks. For this you need a construction knife. On each of the branches on top, make cuts, as shown in the photo.

  • We proceed to the choice of rubber. In this example, a medical tube will be used; in turn, you can use another rubber band, for example, a tourniquet, rubber from an old ball or a bicycle chamber. The diameter is 80 mm, and as for the length, you decide what it should be. The traction force depends on this. The shorter the elastic, the stronger the throwing. Do not forget that it still needs to be stretched, so you should not do too short either. When the length is chosen, cut two tubes in half and tie the end of each to your notch.
  • Tie a piece of dental floss around the tube. The thread will tighten the tube and make it durable.
  • We proceed to the creation of the skin. It is not difficult to cut from any durable fabric, it is better if it is leather. A rectangle with dimensions of 10x5 should have a small hole on each side (0.8 - 1.20 cm). Later, through these holes we will extend the tube for traction.

  • Now everything is simple. Pass each end of the rubber tube through the holes. Make a knot for each. Manipulation of dental floss can be used, and in this case, the design will become much stronger.
  • The slingshot is ready. Practice using your new slingshot to bring down any inanimate object, train your eyesight and accuracy.

This example is more suitable for the amateur method of throwing pebbles or other small equipment.

Original slingshot for homemade with children

It's no secret that most children who like slingshots are boys. Therefore, you can use this master class as a development program for your son or grandson. In order to start the process you will need improvised means:

  • Tube from toilet paper. You’ll have to prepare in advance, if you don’t start unwinding a whole skein
  • Insulating tape,
  • Pencil,
  • Rubber,
  • Scissors.
  1. Take a cylindrical shape from toilet paper and cut it vertically, so it will be more convenient to fold it. Twist into a stick and wrap with electrical tape.
  2. At the end of the cardboard stick, make a hole in the diameter of a simple pencil. Slide it by turning circle after circle.
  3. We pass to the skin. To make it, you need a strong cardboard. Use a pair of scissors to cut a rectangular shape, and make holes for the elastic at the edges with a hole punch.
  4. You determine the elastic by the length yourself, if you do not stretch only on one side, it is approximately equal to the length of the pencil. Insert it into the holes of the skin, tying each end into a knot. And wrap the other end onto the end of the pencil and tie it tightly. So you get a slingshot that you can play at home, and in the form of bullets you can think of anything. Suitable for example, soaked paper from which fingers form bullets.

Cardboard slingshots will be stronger when the handle, which accounts for the main force, is strong. Therefore, it is better to additionally wrap it with adhesive tape.

Slingshot device

What a slingshot does not need to be explained to any man. Homemade slingshot, made from improvised materials, was in the hands of almost every boy. But remember, still does not hurt. Moreover, modern hunting slingshots have undergone some improvements, and manufacturers have long been no longer using bifurcations specially looked out for a particular tree. Although the principle has remained unchanged.

So, a slingshot for hunting consists of three main parts:

  • The base, which simultaneously serves as a handle and a place for fastening the harness.
  • Harness. From the elasticity and resilience of which power and range depend.
  • Skin. A specially selected piece of dressed leather in which a shell is inserted.

Previously, the process of making a slingshot began with the search for a suitable branch. The tree species also mattered. Oak, ash, cherry or apple tree were best suited for this purpose. A dense forked branch was tied with twine and left for some time so that it took the desired shape. Only then did the slingshot blank cut off. They removed the bark from it, polished it and burned it.

К верхним концам прикреплялся многослойный эластичный жгут, по середине которого был закреплён кожеток – небольшой по размеру кусочек выделанной кожи. Затем следовало рогатку пристрелять, потому что одинаковых по силе, дальности, точности и убойности изделий сделать невозможно.

Принцип стрельбы

В кожеток закладывается снаряд. Сильно натягивается жгут. Удалённость цели в этом случае роли не играет. The projectile should receive the maximum charge of kinetic energy. Not only power depends on this, but also the accuracy of the shot. Aiming is carried out. Then the skin is sharply released, the tourniquet is instantly shortened and sends the projectile. In this case, the speed can reach 70-90 m / s, and a range of 200-250 meters. These indicators are not applicable to all types of slingshots. Everything will depend on the material from which it is made, design features and the type of projectile.

Rules for Using Slingshot: Caution

Some types of slingshots are considered edged weapons, but even if the slingshot you bought is legal to be used everywhere, this does not open you the boundaries for shooting animals and people. Do not keep the slingshot at eye level and do not aim in the eyes of a person standing nearby, even a small bullet can lead to sad consequences.


Here the variety is not too big. But after many years and even centuries of practical exercises, three types of shells for hunting slingshots were chosen:

  • Balls made of plastic, various weights and sizes. Hunting is not very effective, or rather, too light, but ideal for training.
  • Metal buckshot and fraction. This is just combat options.
  • Well and, of course, small in size and suitable in shape pebbles. This type of shell can be easily found right on the spot.

Advantages and disadvantages

Disputes on this topic will never subside. Some consider the slingshot an ideal weapon for hunting. Others, on the contrary, do not compare it with the same bow or hunting crossbow. And about a good branded gun or carbine and say nothing. However, not all so simple.

Indisputable advantages of a slingshot:

  • Possibility of use in any circumstances. Even if you went to the forest for mushrooms or to go fishing in the river, you can make a targeted shot at any time.
  • Having certain skills, preparation for a shot takes only a few seconds. Which, coupled with noiselessness, makes it possible for the second attempt to hit the target, if the first was unsuccessful.
  • The slingshot is easy to carry and even with the supply of shells is quite light.
  • Relatively high power. There are slingshots whose lethal force reaches 70 meters or more. Of course, it can not be compared with a gun, but in a dense forest sometimes it can be residual even ten meters.
  • Noiselessness.
  • And the last argument is cheapness.

What other arguments could be in favor of a hunting slingshot? They undoubtedly have, as well as disadvantages:

  • To learn how to correctly and successfully use a slingshot for hunting, you need many days of training.
  • Big game is not available for this type of weapon, although there have been cases of the extraction of wild boars.
  • No matter how high-quality the harness is, its service life is very limited.
  • Not a big aiming range. This item was also noted in merits, so it all depends on the circumstances in which the slingshot is used.

Having examined both lists and considering that it will outweigh the advantages or disadvantages, it remains to make a choice: whether you will take a slingshot into service and go hunting for hares, squirrels and other small-sized game. Or prefer a more lethal weapon, which will provide an opportunity to get larger animals.

How to make a do-it-yourself slingshot

An ideal slingshot makes the correct design and it does not matter what material it will consist of. Elastic band in turn provides fast and accurate flight. To find the necessary forked branch you have to work hard, but you can use a jigsaw. In order to make a slingshot for hunting, we need:

  • Jigsaw and wood or a finished slingshot
  • Sandpaper for grinding,
  • Rubber,
  • Construction knife
  • Drill,
  • A small piece of leather.

When a branch in the form of a slingshot in your hands, we begin grinding from the tree bark. In case you decide to use a jigsaw, know that the handle should not be flat, and the horns must be made the same in both distance and length.

Cut out a flat flexible plate from the skin. We make holes on the sides for the gum and thread it at the ends.

To attach the elastic to the slingshot, you can use a drill and make corresponding holes on the ends of the horns, or you can make cuts with a knife. Both are welcome. The main thing is that the unit is durable.

Horns should be at the same angle from the handle. And the handle, in turn, should not be too thin, since you will often have to shoot from it, the design must be durable.

What you need to create a slingshot

  • 5 mm thick wire or wooden horn
  • suitable rubber
  • genuine leather or a very durable substitute for it,
  • insulating tape,
  • kapron threads,
  • good glue.

First you need to make the metal body of the slingshot. As mentioned above, it can be with or without emphasis. Or you can just cut a branch that fits in shape. If the case is made of wood, then you just need to peel the bark, give it the necessary size, make cuts for rubber at the ends of the horns and grind it. In the case when the slingshot with your own hands will be made of wire, you must first bend it, as shown in the figure, and insert a piece of hose in the forearm for the forearm so that the surface does not cut into the hand. After that, you need to saw off a piece of wood, which will become a hilt, for which the shooter will hold his weapon. We split this billet in half, make a slot in it where the wire enters, and then drill two holes for the bolts that tightly tighten the steel body and both parts of the handle.

We make the rubber part of the slingshot

The throwing element of a slingshot consists of two elastic bands that are connected by a leather heel. It is needed for good fixation, for example, of a stone at the time of a shot. A rectangle of 10 x 4 cm is cut out of the skin. Holes are made at the edges where a tourniquet or piece of the camera is inserted, and then fixed with a nylon thread. To make a slingshot with your own hands for a long time, all rubber parts must be attached carefully. And the nodes must be coated with glue.

Plastic bottle slingshot

You can expand your imagination and create a completely different type of slingshot using a plastic bottle. You will need:

  • Plastic bottle,
  • Construction knife
  • Rubber band for money,
  • Fingertip.

Cut off the top of the plastic bottle. We don’t need a lid. We put a fingertip on the neck and tighten it with an elastic band. Everything, the slingshot is ready, it remains only to put a shell inside and take aim.

The best degree of stretching for a slingshot is equal to 80% of the length in a relaxed state. A good option for a throwing tourniquet is latex.

Attachment of the throwing part to the wire rope

The slingshot harness or catheter is a thin hose that fits over the ends of the slings, lubricated with glue. After that, for reliability, it is wrapped on top with kapron thread or electrical tape.

Mounting sections of the camera or rubber bandage is slightly different. The edge of the rubber piece is applied to the metal horn, after which it is simply wrapped with thread and the assembly is fixed with glue. Then they are wrapped with electrical tape on top.

Attachment of the throwing part to the wooden horn

Everything is done very simply - rubber is placed in the slot at the ends of the horns, then wrapped with thread and tied. And, of course, the nodes are coated with glue so that they do not come loose during the shooting process. It is important not to use wire with such fasteners, because it can damage the rubber.

Pocket weapons: where you can use a slingshot

The first thing that comes to mind for a person who is not keen on this type of weapon is the game of the boys in the yard. But the slingshot has a much broader horizons and its properties very often become useful at home. Let's see where you can use handheld weapons.

  1. Whoever has a garden or a garden knows that very often he is attacked by such petty thieves as crows and other species of birds. You can be saved by a scarecrow, but if it does not help you can drive away the ill-wishers with the help of a slingshot. Just be extremely careful so that no one appears to be away from you when you miss.
  2. “A pear hangs - you can’t eat” - this is how the mystery, famous by all, begins, but today is not about it. The slingshot can be used for sighting of fruits that are located at the very top of the fruit tree.
  3. Tourists need to pay tribute to the slingshot. A foreign country is full of unexpected surprises, unless, of course, you are aware of some of its dangerous zones. In this case, the slingshot can be useful in scaring away wild animals and self-defense from dogs. If you decide to stay for the night in the forest for a few more days, then just try your weapons on small animals. Such hunting does not require licenses and special permits.
  4. Often, fishermen use a slingshot to cast fertilizer in the distance to a reservoir.
  5. With the help of a slingshot they develop accuracy. Using it for such purposes for a very short period you will shoot down targets from a very large distance.

As you can see, a slingshot is a very suitable throwing device that is accessible to every person. It can be put in a pocket and carried with you as a protective device.

Slingshot Sight

If you need a slingshot with an eye, then the latter can be easily made. It is necessary to make an arc from the wire, in the middle of which there will be a front sight in the form of a recess. She attaches herself between the horns of electrical tape. When aiming, it is worth connecting the front sight and the target, and then make a shot. However, in practice, such additional weapon attributes do not bring the desired result. But such devices even interfere with a person who knows how to shoot.

Slingshot Technique

This throwing weapon allows you to very clearly hit any target. However, for well-aimed hits, you need to feel it well. Only practice will allow you to develop a sense of distance and target, as well as strength for tension. Beginners often ask how to shoot from a slingshot, they try to understand the technique itself.

In principle, everything is simple - you need to visually imagine the line between the rubber bands on the horn, and align the center with the target. After that, a shot must be fired. However, it is not so simple. When pulling the rubber, it is easy to shift, and therefore the projectile can go to the side. The beginner will not be able to feel such a shift, and therefore the sight in this weapon is useless. Another shooter is able to move the leather heel vertically when fired, which will also lead to a miss.

Only practice will develop muscle memory that will allow you to feel these displacements and eliminate them. This is precisely the secret of accuracy from any type of weapon, and especially when shooting from a slingshot.

A do-it-yourself slingshot should be convenient, and the less effort a shooter makes for a long-range shot, the better. Some simple solutions will allow you to shoot longer, while your hand will get tired less. If the sternum itself is long, then due to such a lever, the load on the hand increases. This is especially true for those models that are not equipped with emphasis. Therefore, you need to make horns as small as possible - two centimeters is enough. Depending on the rubber, even a little less can be done.

When pulling, the roasting strongly rests against the area of ​​the hand between the thumb and forefinger. Therefore, a thin grip will strongly pressure this place, which also does not contribute to long-term hunting. To ease the pressure as much as possible, the handle should be made rather thick - this will distribute the pressure and reduce its strength over a larger area. Putting into practice these structural nuances of geometry, you will get such an excellent weapon as a slingshot, an advanced and very convenient one. Usually, having made your first weapon, you will understand what needs to be changed when shooting. And subsequently a new slingshot is created, more convenient and improved. However, the main nuances that should be adhered to during manufacture are fully described here.

Safety precautions

There are some rules that will allow you to safely use the slingshot. To protect the wrist from hitting rubber and pressing pain during prolonged shooting, it is worth putting a glove on the hand that holds the horn. Rarely, but it happens that the rubber under tightness can break and hit the eyes. To protect yourself from this, it is worth putting on

From time immemorial, the slingshot was perceived as an attribute of defense and attack by all the boys in the yard. For the easy way to make her model, which you can do with your own hands, she has become a favorite toy and even a weapon in adult men for small game. Currently, the slingshot is still very popular and has unconditional reverence among boys of different ages. Despite its external simplicity, its manufacture can be different from each other, as well as the material used.

It is erroneous to believe that a slingshot is just a small mini-weapon for bully boys. A professional slingshot in the hands of a fighter can become a real weapon with which it is not scary to go to the enemy. To get such a weapons unit, experts use the highest quality material: titanium, carbon fiber. Complemented by a laser pointer or a collimator sight, it was often used as a clean-up during riots. Another combat slingshot is used as the first "assistant" when a firearm was not used expediently. The purpose of the slingshot is not spelled out, everyone uses it for different purposes. Later we will describe the ways without which you can do without a slingshot, but with its help to facilitate the work. Let's look at why a slingshot is needed, how to make it ourselves, and we will figure out what material is preferable in everyday life.

A slingshot is a throwing weapon in which a projectile acquires the kinetic energy of potential energy stored in a stretched elastic.

How to make a slingshot for fishing

Perhaps for many it will be a revelation that slingshots are used to feed fish 30-40 meters away from the coast, but not for the fishermen themselves. This unpretentious device is popular at present. A characteristic feature for the slingshot used in the fishing industry is rubber. The strength of the flight depends on its rigidity. The softer the rubber, the closer and vice versa. In fishing stores you can find two types of slingshots: for friable mixtures of complementary foods and complementary foods in lumps. Consider a master class slingshot, which in fact will be no worse than the factory version.

  • Pezzer's catheter,
  • Durable thread
  • A branch resembling the letter Y
  • Scissors, knife,
  • A small piece of skin.
  1. We clean the finished branch from the bark. You can do this with a knife or take sandpaper.
  2. We get rid of the existing moisture using a microwave, after wrapping it with a cloth or drying it for about a month, if there is time for this.
  3. In the upper axis of the branch, cut small transverse grooves.
  4. We attach each end of the catheter with a dense thread to two holes.
  5. From leather we cut out the leathers necessary in the form.
  6. Make holes on the sides and attach the ends of the catheter to them. Tightly fasten with a thread.

To ensure that the flight force is as high as possible, it is recommended to keep the slingshot upright. Make the balls the same, of the same weight to know the approximate footage from the shore. Elastic band should be pulled with maximum effort.

They say that even a stick shoots once a year, so take the slingshot very seriously. Use it for its intended purpose, namely: for falling into objects for the development of accuracy, for game, top dressing and for household help.

“Carving with a knife. Crafts from branches ”- a book that is sure to come in handy this summer for boys and those adults who do not consider a folding knife a dangerous pampering in the hands of children. Having mastered the basic ones, the first thing is to make a slingshot - real, well-aimed and very durable. Today’s do-it-yourself slingshot workshop will show you how to do this.

I became interested in slingshots as a child, quite naturally, as well as bows with arrows, various traps, tree houses and airguns (we used small clay balls to shoot through our wonderful bamboo tubes). Although not everything that I did with my many slingshots, I can be proud of, it was fascinating, and also useful - for example, you could get a mango that hung inaccessible far on a thin branch.

This work, of course, was for two. One stood under a huge, beautiful, ripe mango, and the second stood aside, armed with a good slingshot with charges of solid immature guava or nuts. Naturally, the goal was not the mango itself. Ingestion would mercilessly damage him. The goal was a long stalk of mangoes. If the "bullet" cut it off, then the mango fell directly into the hands (as one hoped) of the waiting catcher.

So, here are the components of a Brazilian slingshot, the Mato Grosso brand, model of the 1950s (modernization of 2005, author Lückemann): a fairly symmetrical deciduous tree stag, a high-quality rubber medical tube (the thickness depends on the tension you need), a piece of durable skin for a skin and dental floss (yes, yes, dental floss! - it is possible with menthol, it can be odorless, but I usually use waxed).

Здесь должен признаться, что мальчишкой в джунглях я применял старую добрую резину автомобильных камер шин, язычки старых ботинок и шнурки! Но подозреваю, что сегодня трудно найти автомобильную камеру из настоящей резины и совсем непросто встретить кожаный язычок ботинка. А что касается зубной нити, то я не помню, как я начал использовать ее, но работает она великолепно! Она очень прочная и не соскальзывает, когда ее привязываешь.

  • Симметрично (в разумных пределах) разветвляющаяся ветка лиственного дерева
  • Sandpaper for grinding - a pair of species from small to very small (150 and 220).
  • Good quality rubber medical tube
  • Leather for peel (saddles, heels)
  • Dental floss
  1. Trim the handle to your length. Round off the branch tips.

  1. In this particular slingshot we will remove the entire bark. In some of my slingshots, I left part of the bark, depending on the type I wanted.

  1. Cut a shallow “neck” at the upper ends of the slingshot.

  1. Cut the tubes to the required length, making an allowance that their ends will both be wrapped around the ends of the slingshot, and fold through the neatly cut holes of the peel.

When cutting these holes, proceed very carefully, making sure the edges of the hole are smooth, without any burrs or cuts that could cause the skin to rupture.

  1. Tie gum to a slingshot must be together! One holds the slingshot and pulls the elastic (its “tongue” should be outside the branch), and the second, pulling the thread, tightly winds the thread on the elastic and ties it.

Do not save the thread! Fold it in half and use a long thread. And tie a few knots in the winding process.

  1. As an additional fastening, I cross the thread several times on the front side of the covering part of the gum and around the neck of the slingshot.

  1. Firmly tie the elastic bands (also pulling them) to both holes of the skin.

  1. Done! Slingshots can bring a lot of pleasure and benefit if used correctly. In some places (for example, in summer cottages) there are special restrictions on slingshots as throwing weapons. Be sure to check before use. That says it all!

  1. The branch we used for this slingshot, although made of solid wood, is probably a bit thinner than I usually used for the rubber we used. A branch would be more thicker - the one in the photo below.

Next time we will make a wooden fork for frying something delicious at the stake.

The main thing is to be careful with such toys)), the kids are nimble now.

Dear Dads and Moms. no need to give your child slingshots. since childhood, I had a scar just below the navel due to a slingshot. the boys from the neighboring yard were naughty.

Although I’m a girl, as a child, I was terrified as I loved to shoot cats and dogs from a slingshot)) as I recall. I shudder. Poor animals! What they just did not tolerate from me (

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The correct shooting technique

This concept includes two components: aiming and the stance of the hunter. Having properly mastered both of these, you can achieve amazing results. Experienced hunters are able to hit a target that does not stand still. And to shoot, being on the move himself, is also not rare.

In this light, it is worth considering two aiming techniques.

Instinctive shooting

This method is based more on imagination and feelings, although it does not cancel the laws of physics. Aiming is done with both eyes, and the slingshot is controlled with sensations, because it is completely outside the direct gaze. When the hunter feels that the direction of fire has been chosen correctly, lowering the hand with the skin clasped in the fingers, the trajectory and range of the projectile are regulated.

The undoubted advantage of this aiming method is that the arrow does not matter which eye he sees better. But the minuses include two facts:

  • If the hunter is poorly able to imagine the trajectory of the projectile, it is unlikely that he will achieve any success. This is the very imagination on which the method is based.
  • The second is the fact that after replacing the worn out harness, you will have to spend some time on the sighting.

Mastering this method requires a lot of training. But having mastered it, the hunter is unlikely to leave the forest without trophies.

Aiming with eye

Installing a landmark on a slingshot can significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of shooting even for an inexperienced shooter. But here there are some nuances:

  • You have to aim with one eye, the one that is sharper.
  • The reference point should be set a little to the side, since the hand with the skin will be in close proximity to the face, and this fact can adversely affect accuracy.
  • When choosing an overlay for a landmark, you need to make sure that it matches the individual color sensations.

The essence of aiming with an eye is reduced to the following: three points should be aligned on one line. Eye, sight and target. The flight range is determined in the same way as in the previous method.

A well-made and individually targeted eye meter can be easily used with several types of slingshots, simply rearranging it from one to another, which can significantly increase hunting results.

Hunter stance

During hunting with a slingshot, sometimes there is no time left to occupy the correct stance. Find leg support, fall on one knee, or vice versa straighten up. All these movements in the forest, where any movement means danger to the beast, can frighten off prey, and you will have to spend some more time searching for it. Therefore, the hunter's stance comes down to two concepts, from which the method of aiming follows.

  • In move. Experienced shooters advise not to try to keep the sight on the target while moving. It is almost impossible to do this, and by and large it is not required. The sight can move along a certain trajectory, an ideal example of which is the infinity sign - an eight that fell on its side. The junction of imaginary lines will be the aiming point. As soon as the shooter senses that the movements converged at this point, and she, in turn, coincided with the target, a shot is fired. Infinity is not the only option. Select the trajectory of the sight should be individually.
  • Fixed aiming. At first glance, nothing complicated. Aim the target, make sure that all three points coincide and release the skin. But there are subtleties. Learning to hold a stretched slingshot exactly throughout the entire time of the sight is not easy enough. And one more thing: between the moment when the sight found the target and the shot, the delay should be 5, maximum 7 seconds. In the forest, this method is rarely used for hunting, since you can’t sit in ambush with a slingshot, so it is more suitable for aiming for sporting events and shooting.

In general, there are nuances. However, having mastered all these skills, you can safely take a slingshot into service.

How to make a slingshot for hunting with your own hands

The hunting equipment store offers a fairly wide selection of slingshots, but remembering your childhood and making it yourself is also not difficult. To do this, you need a very large set of materials and tools:

  • A suitable piece of branch. Can be replaced with a plastic or metal part.
  • Rubber or special harness.
  • A piece of leather.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Drill.
  • Scissors.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Knife.

The algorithm of actions is the same as in a happy, happy childhood.

  • A carefully selected horned branch should be cleaned of bark and treated with sandpaper.
  • On each horn of the aiming part, approximately two centimeters below the ends, we remove the annular chamfer for the elastic.
  • The elastic band is wrapped around the horns, tied in knots, and the knots are wrapped in threads.
  • The center of the gum is measured and cut.
  • In a piece of skin selected under the skin, holes are made at the edges.
  • The ends of the gum are passed into these holes and tied in a knot.

A homemade slingshot is ready and no drawings were needed. The main thing is that the ends of the elastic bands are the same in length, otherwise the skin will be shifted to one side. It remains to pick up suitable shells and start shooting.

Overview of several popular models

But back to the store. It is quite difficult for an inexperienced person to choose a truly high-quality slingshot for hunting, and even strong, accurate and durable. Therefore, here are a couple of the most popular models:

  • Truemark FS-1 Very light. The kit includes a clip for shells. Removable palm rest. Designed almost 50 years ago, but is still one of the best-selling models.
  • Survival Slingshot Archer Complete. Purely hunting model. Flashlight included. Use of arrows is possible.
  • The so-called combat slingshot. Collapsible model in anodized aluminum. There is a large spread when shooting, since the aiming part is too wide.
  • The base is made of aviation aluminum due to which it is lightweight. Due to the thin rubber, the accuracy of hitting the target has been increased.

The list is far from complete, but the listed models are enough to understand that finding a slingshot by your arm will not be difficult.