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How to crochet a dress, digest


Openwork dress from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Looks very nice on tanned skin. The color of aquamarine is perfect for blue-eyed girls.
The number of loops is calculated for clothing pits 36-38 and 40-42. Where only one number is indicated, means that this parameter is suitable for two variants of the solution.

To work for us is necessaryto cook:

  • 450-500g of yarn with a composition of 60% cotton, 40% viscose in the color of aquamarine,
  • 50g Linie 94Kariba yarn in blue,
  • hook No. 3,5 -4,
  • about 150g of satin tape.

Pattern Execution Description

In the main pattern, the total number of pet. must be a multiple of 3 + 1. We start knitting not traditionally with a chain of air. pet., and with the help of a typesetting edge from st-co with double crochet. Once we perform 2-4 p., After which we repeat only 3-4 p.

How to knit a typesetting edge? First we do 4 air. p., and then perform the yarn. Next, enter the hook in the first air. item, * pick up the thread pull 1p. and pick up the thread again. We knit only 1 st. Of all lying on the hook, and the remaining three need to be knitted in pairs in 2 steps, 1 yarn insert a hook for the left outer wall of the loop. Pattern from * to * to perform the required number of times.

The number of loops for the pattern of the skirt should be a multiple of 8. We will knit in circular rows. 1-5 p. we perform 1 time, and the pattern is 2-5 p. we repeat how much will be necessary.

The knitting density of the main pattern is 10 * 10 cm, which equals 24 pet * 10 row. And the density of knitting a skirt is 12 * 10 cm, which corresponds to 3 rapports * 7 row.

We begin by taking measurements, by which we then make a pattern. With this pattern we will consult during the knitting.

Description of the back

We make a set of 106 (112) double crochets, after which we knit pattern 35 (37) rapports +1 p. When the canvas reaches a length of 13 cm, we make out armholes. To do this, on each side we leave 9 pet. not knitted, but for the bevel even in each row we reduce 3 times 2 p. In the center, at an altitude of 24 (26) p. from the beginning of work, leave 44 pet. The remaining lateral 16 (19) pet. knit another 6cm. When the length of the canvas reaches 30 (32) cm, the work is completed.

Description of the front of the product

Before knitting, similar to the back. The only difference is that in the center, there are 44 knots not knitted. we leave at a height of 16 (18) cm from the starting row.

We proceed to the implementation of the sleeves. From 67 (76) single crochet stitches, we make the stitch edge. Next, we knit pattern 22 (25) rapport +1 pet. Upon reaching the canvas 30 cm draw up the okat. To do this, on each side we leave 9 pet. not knitted, after which in each row we reduce 10 (11) times 1 pet. and 3 times 2 pet. We finish work at a height of about 44 (45) cm and proceed to knitting the second.

First we sew the shoulder seams, then sew the sleeves. Next, we sew the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. If desired, you can tie the neck 1p. single crochet using blue yarn.

Description of the skirt

We knit a skirt in circular rows, starting from the last row of the upper part of the dress. The diagram in detail shows a pattern, which includes 208 (224) pet. or 26 (28) rapports. First we knit 1-5 p. 1 time, and then constantly repeat 2-5 rows. When the blade reaches approximately 56 cm, finish the job.

Please note that knitting should end with the 4th row of the pattern. Further, in each air pet. we knit 2-3 pillars. single crochet. Using Kariba yarn, we perform ruffles in the second row of the skirt. To make it beautiful, the hook needs to be inserted only in the top 2-3 strings of Kariba yarn.

Crochet fishnet beach dress with pineapple motif

A beautiful and delicate dress is suitable both for wearing on the beach, and for walking along the coastal territory of the resort. The product is simple in execution, even beginners can easily cope with it.
Finished Dress Size: 36

For work is necessaryto cook:

  • 400 g of turquoise yarn "Ivushka", which includes 50% cotton, 50% acrylic,
  • hook number 2.

Knit with a single fabric in a top-down direction.

We collect in the chain 240 air pet. and then we knit, as shown in the diagram. After 19 p the junction of the armhole should be noted as a bright thread. In the diagram, this place is indicated by arrows. Next, we knit only in front and the back is circular. First, we perform rows 20 to 22 1 time, and on the 22nd we repeat the required number of times. In the 38th row between tracks 3 ss2n, 2vp, 3 ss2n, we perform not 2, but 3vp. And in the 48th row, instead of 3 VP, we do 4.

When the product reaches 90 cm, finish the job. Tie the edge of the neck with arches of 6vp, inside which knit 10 stitches with a crochet

Elegant fishnet dress for the beach

This model sits well on the figure, sexually revealing one shoulder. The pattern of horizontal stripes will perfectly hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages.
What to us need to cook for work:

  • 600 g of melange yarn, in which 50% cotton, 50% polyamide,
  • hook number 3.5,
  • sewing needle.

We carry out the fan pattern according to the following scheme:

1st row - * in 1st pet. knit 3ssn, 2vp and 3ssn. Skip 4 pet. and next. we knit 1ssn, 1vp and 1ssn. Again, skip 4 pet. From * to * repeat.

2nd and subsequent rows - * in the arch of 2vp we knit 3cc, 2vp and 3cc. And in the arch of 1vp - 1ssp, 1sp, 1ssn * Repeat the pattern from * to *.

We will knit a dress in a circle in the direction from the bottom up. When the height of the canvas reaches the armholes, then all the work will need to be divided into 2 parts - in front and back. Further, we will knit each detail separately in straight and reverse rows.

First, we collect a series of 170vp, after which we connect it into a ring. Next, in a circle we knit about 7 rows with a half-column and 3 rows with fans, alternating the pattern. At a height of about 57 cm, divide the work into 2 parts, and finish each part separately. At the same time, 30 loops should be added to each side. After 80cm from the initial chain we finish the work, fasten the thread and cut it. We make the seams of the sleeves, and then sew their upper edges to 20cm. The neckline, as well as the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, are tied 1 next to the “step of the crib”.

Yarn selection

For summer models, it is better to choose natural yarn.

Fine yarn, the main component of which is cotton or bamboo fiber, is suitable. Microfiber, acrylic, lycra or rayon, which is present in the thread, will give additional properties to the product.
Crochet models of dresses with delicate elements in the waist, neckline or along the contour of the dress look very impressive.

The base of the dress is crocheted with a number 1, 2 or 3. The openwork of the elements is achieved by using a larger hook in the work or by including elements with a large number of air loops.

If you are a beginner, you can crochet a children's summer sundress or a dress of a straight model, assembled on a drawstring or belt. Such a dress does not need to make patterns and a snug fit on the figure.

There are many models of incredibly feminine dresses that are suitable for a gala evening or for a romantic date. Crocheted dresses are most often obtained light and delicate. But this is logical, for the hook, most of the pattern patterns are air and summer. The most chic is considered a crocheted dress using the technique of Irish lace. Only the most experienced craftswomen will undertake the creation of such a masterpiece.

What yarn to choose for a warm crocheted dress?

For crocheting dresses designed to be worn during the cold season, thicker yarn is suitable. The warmest items will be knitted from yarn, which at least 50% consists of wool. But be careful if the wool in the composition of the thread is 70% or more, the product can turn out to be prickly. Choose imported yarn or merino so that the coat is soft.

The presence of acrylic in such a yarn makes the knitted dress soft, airy and voluminous. Even on the coldest winter evening you will feel comfortable in it.
It is better to knit such a product with thicker hooks, number 4 or 5.

And to this day, a model of a winter dress that looks like a sweater with a high collar and a length up to the middle of the thigh or just above the knee looks quite popular.

Crochet dress in vintage style. Fillet knitting

So it turns out that many of my custom-made models have not yet been knitted. And I'm like a discoverer))). Today I decided to share with you my achievements on such a wonderful dress on the floor

Crochet dress in the style of boho. The work of Tatyana Kolesnichenko Tarchevskaya

My embodiment of sewn work. I have long dreamed of turning a sewn model into a knitted one! Dreams Come True! And not only mine! Thank you Olenka for ordering such an interesting thing. While the name worked, it was not invented, but after the photo shoot it came by itself!

Dress Sandy heart. The work of Tamara Matus

Dress "Sandy Heart" from Italian cotton Anna made crochet 1.5. An elegant evening dress of a tight-fitting silhouette, half a length of 150cm. Under the dress, a full-length lining is recommended. Thread consumption 1kg. Patterns for knitting dresses: Pattern between hearts: Pattern for connecting stripes: Pattern

Simple applique beach skirt

The model of the beach skirt was taken from the magazine “Knitting is fashionable and simple” No. 6/2012. The beach skirt with applique crocheted No. 2 of 150 g of Pelican yarn (100% cotton, 330 m / 50 g), the remains of yellow, blue, orange and green flowers.

Crochet Beach Skirt Pattern

The modelka fits easily enough, but for beginner knitters, we prepared a master class on video

How to Knit a Blue Pearl Skirt

The description is taken from the magazine “Knitting is fashionable and simple” No. 5/2010. The skirt “Blue Pearl” is crocheted No. 3,5 from 350-400 g of yarn “Pearl” (90% cotton, 10% viscose, 195 m / 100 g ) Size 38/40.

How to crochet a skirt

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Pattern for knitting a summer short skirt

Short lace skirt crocheted. The skirt consists of several rows of openwork tiers. The length of the skirt reaches the middle of the thigh, this length is optimal for slim girls. However, you can change the length of the skirt at your discretion by continuing the alternation of tiers. The skirt is worn on the hips, held by a wide belt. The skirt is quite openwork, so be sure to sew an impermeable cover for this skirt. Next, see a selection of patterns for crocheting a skirt.

Short skirt eight-blade for summer

We will need:

  • yarn, 100% cotton, 150g at 750m - 300g,
  • hook No. 1,5,
  • buttons for the color of yarn - 5 pcs.


The skirt is tied with individual wedges, which are then sewn together. The hem is decorated with delicate motifs.

It is necessary to knit 8 identical parts.
We recruit 20VP and work on cx. No1, performing with 1p. to 16r. We are finishing work.
Having connected eight wedges, we connect them together according to cx. No2 in a one-piece circular canvas skirt.

Bottom trim
It is necessary to link 24 motives.
For each we collect 12 VP and, connecting them into a ring, we knit round with 1p. 3 r. Scheme No3. When tying the 3rd r. we attach motifs along the edge of the skirt and connect them together. On the bottom we tie the product with arches from VP. This row at cx. No3 is depicted in pink.

We connect the thread to the upper r. skirts and knit with 1p. 4 r. cx No4. Finish the work. We tie one end of the belt along cx. No5 making a hole for the buttons, the second - b / n columns. Sew on buttons.

Knitting a white beach skirt

Short skirt for the beach crocheted. The skirt is knitted from white yarn, and can make an excellent set for a swimsuit of any color and style. The skirt is crocheted of two rows consisting of square motifs. Between the rows of square motifs is a narrow hem. The bottom of the beach skirt is decorated with a patterned edge. The skirt is worn along the line of the hips and pulled together on a cord, which is also crocheted. You can familiarize yourself with crochet skirt patterns below.

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Short skirt

The belt skirt can be worn over the dress, as well as even over the trousers. However, it is ideal for replacing pareos on the beach when worn with a swimsuit. By the way, such a pareo belt can be the perfect complement to a closed swimsuit. It can be either a contrasting color or repeating a swimsuit.