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Tip 1: How to Raise Your Authority in the Classroom


You may think that other children at school do not respect you at all, but you can change their minds. Children may be cruel to each other, but they are also able to recognize that a person is doing the right thing. The best way to earn the recognition of your peers is to treat everyone with respect and goodwill. You should also establish yourself as an open, reliable and mature person. Be true to yourself and demonstrate skills and ingenuity.

The content of the article

There are many ways to increase your credibility in a team. Someone goes in search of books on psychoanalysis, and someone signs up for special trainings. Authoritative members of the work team feel much better in the office than those who are not respected and who are not considered. What should be done to succeed in this direction?

First steps

It must be said that to begin to gain their authority in the work team is necessary from the first moment of appearing in the office. Because then it will be very difficult to change the current opinion about yourself. Friendliness, friendliness and sincere interest in colleagues are the “three pillars” on which the authority in the team rests. Having won the sympathy of as many employees as possible for your person, it is much easier and faster to become, if not a leader, then someone closer to him.

Do not lock yourself and keep silent. You can put an end to your authority in the team if you constantly evade corporate parties and holiday gatherings with colleagues. Such an employee may be thought to be disdainful of their company. However, caution is needed here, you can not give colleagues a reason for ridicule, so you need to leave the gatherings on your own feet and in a fairly sober state. A sense of humor and the ability to defuse the situation is worth its weight in gold, if there is no such skill, it needs to be developed. Do not rush to be the first to speak out about emerging problems at work - to create the image of a wise, reasonable and authoritative employee, you first need to listen to the opinions of other colleagues and, having analyzed all the options, support the most faithful.

What can not be done

You can increase your authority in the team only if you are yourself, and not play - you can always notice the game. If one of the members of the collective does not cause a feeling of sympathy, then it is better not to talk about him at all, not to gossip behind his back and not to sneak at his superiors. You can and should reason your opponent when his statements affect generally accepted norms of morality, if you see that a colleague deliberately provokes certain actions, you should listen to him with the most unperturbed appearance, swinging his leg, playing with a pencil in his hand and brazenly looking at him nose, ears and other features. It can be guaranteed that next time he will pass coldly and indifferently. Do not give false promises and let your colleagues down, you can increase your authority if you constantly keep your word.

As you know, they don’t go to someone else’s monastery with their charter. It is foolish to criticize the established order and norms, it is possible that gradually something useless will go away by itself if you make some effort invisible to the eyes of others. And it’s not customary in the work team to devote colleagues to all the vicissitudes of their personal lives, but it is also not worth answering monosyllables - you can give the most detailed answer without going into details.

Key steps to building your credibility

Have you decided to become an authority for others? This is a great goal, just keep in mind that you have to work on yourself until the seventh sweat. Forget about the "magic pills", they do not exist. So, to make your dream a reality, follow these 6 steps in any order:

1. Start pumping self-confidence. This is a key factor in your success. If a worm of doubt sits inside you and constantly tells you which of you can gain credibility, if you have no education, money, rich parents, attractive appearance, etc., then your undertaking is doomed to failure. There are several ways to become more confident in yourself: keep a success diary where you will write down all your achievements, even the smallest, and regularly read it (at least once a day), write a list of what causes you positive emotions and read it in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed (when you are in a positive mood, you are always confident in yourself), do all the things you promised to do for yourself or other people (the more often you keep your word, the more confident you become).

2. Select a topic in which you are going to become an authority. Search and read all the books that you will find in the subject of your interest. Without knowledge, you cannot convince anyone that you have a good command of your topic.

3. Be the person responsible for your life. Authority is a person whose opinion is listened to, whose advice is followed. And since you get the opportunity to influence the lives of other people, you must clearly understand: you are responsible for your followers. Therefore, first of all, learn to be responsible for yourself. Remember what you promised to do for yourself or others, but for some reason did not fulfill. Make a list of such cases and immediately begin to close the “tails”. Use the most effective way to pump responsibility - to give a public commitment to people whose opinion is not indifferent to you. This will give you extra strength on the way to your goal, help you not to break down in the event of imminent difficulties. You don’t want to be idle talk, do you?

4. Learn to speak clearly and clearly. Authority in any field should be able to clearly convey its position, explain it and, if necessary, defend and defend. To train this skill, find a speaker course. Continuously polish your skills, speaking to your loved ones or even to your reflection in the mirror if there is no audience within walking distance in front of which you can show off the syllable.

5. Exercise your physical health. One of the reasons for the influence of authority on people's minds is his stupid energy, which he literally radiates around. The basis of such energy is the excellent condition of his body. Sign up for the gym, sports section, or start at least doing exercises in the morning.

6. Tidy up your appearance. Will you listen to the words of a person who smells bad of sweat, unshaven, with unshaved nails, dirty hair and wrinkled clothes? Unlikely. Therefore, if you have problems with the appearance, immediately engage in the cultivation of the habit of watching and caring for yourself.

Common mistakes

Beginning authorities, not knowing what and in what sequence should be done, often make a lot of mistakes in their actions and do not even understand which ones they committed. So:

1. The desire to acquire authority status in a few days or a couple of months. For such a short period of time, your new thinking and character will not have time to fully rebuild, since your whole life until you made a fateful decision you lived differently. Old habits and beliefs just will not go away, you have to fight with them for a long time and hard.

2. Taking responsibility, with which you definitely can’t cope, reassessing your capabilities. Most likely, you will be crushed by a heavy load on your shoulders, and this will inevitably affect your self-confidence and delay the achievement of the goal for an indefinite period.

3. A stop in its development. Do not think that once having shown will, diligence and desire to achieve your goal, you will be able to rest on our laurels forever. In a rapidly changing world, new information is constantly appearing in almost any field of human activity, and if you do not study, sooner or later your knowledge will become outdated, and competitors will throw you off Olympus.