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What to do if the video file is damaged and does not open


In the article, we will analyze in detail the characteristics of this format, and also tell you how to open MP4 on.

In the article, we will analyze in detail the characteristics of this format, and also tell you how to open MP4 on smartphones with Android and iOS and a computer running Windows.

General description of the MP4 format

The MPEG-4 standard appeared in 2001, but is now using a version reissued in 2003.

Video and audio streams, subtitles and metadata (creation time, album information, duration) are packed in the MP4 media format. An MP4 file contains media content encoded in Advanced Audio Coding.

MP4 is based on Apple’s QuickTime format and contains various types of name extensions that help you understand what content is in the file. Extension types are divided into:

  • mp4 for audiovisual files,
  • m4a for insecure content,
  • m4p indicates that the dock is protected by Fairplay encryption.

Due to the fact that the MP4 format is a “media container” in which different types of files are stored, for MP4 there is no own way of encoding processing. For it, specific codecs are used.

The format has gained popularity among users because it allows you to compress large files, while maintaining the quality of sound and video. For example, DVD when converting to MP4 is reduced to 700 MB versus 4 GB.

On a Windows computer

Let's start by opening the MP4 file on a computer. MP4 Player - a program for viewing MP4 on early builds of Windows. This utility is suitable for you if you plan to play only MP4 on your computer. Unfortunately, the program is not “friendly” with other formats. Movies and audio recordings of a different format do not play correctly.

The program works in two modes: compact and full-screen, supports subtitles and tag viewing. The software manually adjusts the image quality and tone of sound.

How to open mp4 file on Android

Let's see how to open MP4 on an Android smartphone.

The “Video Player for Android” application plays not only MP4, but also other media formats: AVI, M4V, MOV, MKV.

The player automatically adjusts the picture to fit the screen. Detects the extension, displays files on the internal memory and flash drive, plays audio recordings. For smooth video playback, hardware decoding is used. Installation requires a revision of Android 7 and above.

Open mp4 format on iPhone

Owners of the iPhone will help the universal player RockPlayer2.

The application is free, supports AirPlay for Apple TV. Player Functionality:

  • gesture management
  • display of srt subtitles,
  • soundtrack selection
  • file sharing RockShare, AirPlay.

The control panel is configured in accordance with the wishes of the user.

What could be the problems with the MP4 file

Some players do not play MP4 files correctly. For example, only an audio track without video is played (if it is a movie), the image “lags behind” the sound and vice versa.

If you encounter such a problem in the Sony Vegas player, we’ll tell you how to fix the situation.

Sony Vegas does not open MP4

If Sony Vegas does not open MP4 on the computer, the reason is that the file is packed with the codec that is not supported by the player.

Download and install the K-Lite Code Pack.

If this method did not help, and Sony Vegas still does not open the MP4 file, try manually converting it on the online platform and upload to the player.

Vegas player does not open MP4, if the document is damaged. Check if the recording is playing in other players. If not, then the problem is directly in the code. Take advantage of the free DivX Repair, which will restore the file.

VLC Media Player

This popular media player can, among other things, fix damaged videos.

To get started, let's just try to open a damaged video file in VLC. The player will display an error message.

Click on "Build index, then lose." Building a video file index can take a lot of time. But in most cases, these actions are enough - the file will open.

If you have a lot of damaged video files and don’t want to open them one at a time, go to the player’s settings and select “Repair if necessary” in the “Input / Codecs” section.

Please note that VLC does not fix your file, but creates a temporary fixed copy of it, which disappears after playback is completed. If you try to open the file in another player, it cannot be played. To make a corrected copy of the damaged file, select "Media" → "Save or Convert" in the menu and convert the file to another format. Or the same.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Effective media recovery tool for Windows and Mac. But the price bites, so you should buy it only if you are constantly working with damaged videos. Can recover files in MP4, MOV, 3GP, M4V, M4A, 3G2 and F4V format. The free version allows you to recover files up to 10 MB in size. The full version costs $ 69.99.

DivFix ++ has not been updated for a long time, but nonetheless works great. She can only restore AVI, but she does it well. Just download and unzip the application, add the damaged files and click on the Fix button.

Video repair

A good video recovery application. True, it costs 99 euros. In the free version, Video Repair recovers only half of your video.

But there is an opportunity to deceive this application by slipping it a file of double size. Open the command line through the Start menu and navigate to the desired folder in it. To do this, right-click with the Shift key pressed in the directory where the damaged file is stored, copy its path and enter the command in the command line that opens:

Then enter the following:

copy / b file_name.mp4 + file_name.mp4 double_file_name.mp4

A double video file will be created. Feed him Video Repair. Since the application will recover only half, you will get the restored original file.

Failed to restore the file in one of the ways - try another. If you know other solutions to the problem, share them in the comments.