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Options for jeans shorts, how to make a fashionable model yourself


The question of giving a new life to old jeans, to make fashionable shorts out of them, is relevant for every girl who has at least one pair of unnecessary, worn-out trousers lying in her closet. But many have some difficulties with the design options for a new product. We bring to your attention creative ideas for creating unique women's shorts from old jeans with a unique design.

Choose the length for the shorts

Modern fashionistas often wonder how to make fashionable shorts from old jeans. The choice of the length of future shorts depends not only on our desires and preferences. In order for the new product to turn out to be really beautiful and original, you need to take into account the shape of the jeans, as well as how tight they fit to the body. The most common are such varieties of shorts, depending on their length:

  • short
  • classic, which in length above the knees from 8 to 12 cm,
  • Bermuda, the length of which reaches the knee,
  • capri, calf-long, slightly shorter than regular trousers.
In order for the new product to turn out to be really beautiful and original, you must take into account the shape of the jeans, as well as how tight they fit to the body Bermuda shorts are good for urban style Super-short shorts will probably fit only on the beach

Advice!For short shorts and a capri it is rational to use skinny jeans. Ideal options for classic shorts and Bermuda will come from both loose and tight pants.

Short Ripped Denim Shorts: A Workshop

Very original and popular in the world of women's fashion today are short shorts with torn, shabby, worn effect. But not every girl thinks about how to make such fashionable shorts from her old, long-forgotten jeans. After all, quite a bit of time and effort will be required to create such a beauty of the house with your own hands, giving a second life to the torn pants.

So, you need to start this procedure with trying on trousers. Wearing jeans, chalk or pins, you need to make marks on them in those places where you plan to trim, for example, in the center of the thigh

So, you need to start this procedure with trying on trousers. Wearing jeans, chalk or pins, you need to make marks on them in those places where you plan to trim, for example, in the center of the thigh. Shorts conceived in this version will have fringe below. Therefore, the cut line must be marked 2-3 cm lower than the intended length of the finished product.

After removing the jeans, with chalk under the ruler, draw lines along which the legs will be cut off. Cut lines should preferably be drawn so that they give the shorts a V-shape. So the product will look much more interesting and original than with direct cropping. After preparing the jeans, they are trimmed.

We take old jeans We measure the length of the future product in other shorts Under the ruler, draw smooth cut lines For the convenience of work, you can first cut off the legs to only half

Next time to begin to design the edge of the fringe shorts. You can make it one of the ways:

The first option involves pulling the transverse fibers from the product by hand. Less time consuming second method. You need to wash the shorts in the washing machine in high speed mode. If, after the first wash, the fringe is not as lush as it was intended, the procedure can be repeated. After achieving the desired result, the edges of both legs must be flashed to avoid further disheartening in the process of wearing.

Cut lines should preferably be drawn so that they give the shorts a V-shape. So the product will look much more interesting and original than with direct cropping Next, you need to tear the threads along the cut line to give the product a mischievous look Shorts are ready. Then you can decorate them as you wish

To give a shabby effect, it is enough to rub them in selected places with sandpaper or an ordinary cheese grater. In front of the resulting shorts, you can make slots with scissors and an office knife, the edges of which can also be decorated with a fringe. And the new torn shorts are ready for fitting!

Advice!When creating torn shorts, it is important to remember that when worn and as a result of washing, holes will increase in size. Therefore, the slots should not be made very large.

DIY fashion ombre shorts

One of the trends today is gradient coloring, or the so-called ombre. This technique has gained wide popularity in the choice of colors for clothing. We propose to consider the process of how to make interesting options for fashionable women's shorts in this style from discarded old jeans.

Ombre Shorts

First you need to trim the old jeans to the required length, using the rules that were outlined earlier. After that, you can safely proceed to dye shorts.

For this, special acrylic paints on the fabric will be used. If this is dry paint, you should carefully study the instructions for it and dilute it with water in the right proportion.

It is worth highlighting two basic methods of gradient staining of the product:

  • using paint of the same color,
  • using paints of different colors.

If we carry out gradient coloring of shorts with paint of the same color, then first we dilute a small amount in water so that the color of the liquid is not very saturated. Then in a container of water we place most of the product for five minutes. After we take out the shorts and dilute the remaining dye in the same water. In the liquid, which becomes darker, again lower the product for five minutes. But now for a shorter length than the previous time. The second line on the shorts will turn brighter and darker.

The length of the future product depends only on your imagination and taste preferences. Edges can not be torn, but rolled You can also experiment with children's jeans.

To perform gradient staining using several colors, paints must be applied alternately on both sides of the product, and at the borders to create a smooth transition mix colors.

Advice!In order to obtain a smooth transition between the shades of one when mixing paints, the paints must belong to a consistent palette. If a smooth transition is not planned, you can use a variety of colors.

For art lovers

A pretty good idea is to give old jeans a new life and make fashionable shorts adorned with graceful drawings. Drawings are created using paints on the fabric, as well as one of the means:

  • stencils
  • brushes
  • lace.
A pretty good idea is to give old jeans a new life and make fashionable shorts adorned with graceful drawings. The technique of creating patterns on the product using stencils is simple and straightforward. To do this, cut out the selected drawings on a sheet of cardboard, and then, applying it in the right places on the canvas of the product, apply paint with brushes or a sponge in the places of cutouts As stencils, ordinary lace can be used.

The technique of creating patterns on the product using stencils is simple and straightforward. To do this, cut out the selected drawings on a sheet of cardboard, and then, applying it in the right places on the canvas of the product, apply brushes or a sponge to paint in the places of cutouts. As stencils, ordinary lace can be used.

There is also another, no less interesting way of forming a pattern on shorts using lace elements. To do this, you need to moisten the lace in a solution of whiteness and attach it to the product for half an hour. Due to the fading of the fabric under the action of bleach, a lace ornament will appear on the shorts.

And the most creative way to create patterns on jeans shorts is to draw directly by hand. To do this, initially the drawing is applied with chalk on the product, and then painted with special paints.

There is also another, no less interesting way of forming a pattern on shorts using lace elements. To do this, lace must be moistened in a solution of whiteness and applied to the product for half an hour Due to the fading of the fabric under the action of bleach, lace ornament will appear on the shorts And the most creative way to create patterns on jeans shorts is to draw directly by hand.

Advice!Acrylic paints can be replaced with felt-tip pens on the fabric, since they are much more convenient to paint small elements.

Trendy "star" shorts from old jeans

An interesting way to create bright trendy shorts from old jeans trousers is to apply chaotic and shapeless blots, the composition of which creates a visual effect of starry outer space.

Pocket with a star

This design is worth using on dark jeans. To make it necessary:

  • multi-colored acrylic paints on fabrics,
  • aqueous solution of whiteness.

This colorful decor is advantageous in that it allows a wide range of imagination and creativity.

After the jeans have the desired length, the creative process begins. It is most rational to carry out painting on the floor, covering it first with a film or other coating that does not allow paint to pass through.

First, with a spray gun, the shorts are sprayed with whiteness, diluted in water, randomly, in different places. Spraying this solution should not be carried out very abundantly. After the faded faded violet spots appear on the black denim, they can be sprayed with whiteness once more for a stronger “eating” color.

Who said that the cut line must be absolutely flat? Such waves can be created by circling the shampoo cap. Cut out the circle and chic shorts are ready!

Then you need to go to the direct work with paints. They can be mixed together to obtain a variety of shades, and use pure colors. A sponge should be dipped in paint and applied around existing faded blots on shorts. Periodically applied colors need to be changed.

To create stars on a “space” denim, you can use a toothbrush. To do this, the brush is immersed in white paint, and then, by spraying the paint with a finger from the bristle, numerous small speckles are created. Individual parts of the shorts can also be highlighted more intensely in white.

We make ripped shorts from whole classic jeans With a clerical knife, we make several cuts on the product and pull the threads from the fabric Half an hour of work and you have a new thing in your wardrobe Please note that during wear and washing, holes will only increase Do not get carried away too much with tearing up the threads, or even there will be nothing to wear Fashion shorts

After complete drying, the shorts are turned on the back side and decorated in the same way. You can create a "star" decor only in front. To fix the paints and final drying, the product should be left at least for a day.

Advice!It is better to use an aqueous solution of whiteness (1: 2), to avoid corroding tissue fibers and the formation of holes.

Original shorts with lace embellishment

Shorts decorated with lace inserts have a very elegant and feminine look. This decoration technique also belongs to the category of simple and time-saving. It is not necessary to be a skilled craftswoman in the field of cutting and sewing to sew small pieces of lace from the main fabric of the product.

Shorts decorated with lace inserts have a very elegant and feminine look. This decoration technique also belongs to the category of simple and time-saving.

There are many options for decorating jeans shorts with lace elements. Among the most popular are the following:

  • lace trim on the bottom edge,
  • denim shorts with a lace strap,
  • lateral lace inserts - external and internal,
  • lace patches on pockets,
  • lace patch on the entire product (front, back, on the one hand, on both sides - a flight of fancy).
The back pocket can also be decorated with lace Glue or sew a few decorative strips

As an example, consider how to decorate fashionable shorts made of old jeans with lace on the sides:

  • To do this, you need to take thin threads for sewing the appropriate tone, a needle, and, accordingly, cotton ribbon lace.
  • First you need to prepare the jeans - cut them to the intended length. Both short and classic shorts, as well as Bermuda and capri look original with lace decor.
  • Then the side seams of the new shorts are steamed to the desired length, a wedge is cut from the main fabric of the product. From the selected lace, it is also necessary to cut a similar wedge of the appropriate size. Using pins, lace the wedge from the outside to pin to the side seams of the shorts.
  • Be sure not to be too lazy to try on the product to make sure that it does not tighten on the sides. After that, sew the lace with neat, invisible stitches on the front side or sew on stitches. We get the original design of summer shorts.
  • In the same way, the lace wedge on the side can overlap on the wrong side. In this case, the edges of denim, which will be overlapped with lace, can be either trimmed or decorated with light fringe.
For needlewomen of the highest level, you can decorate shorts with embroidery

Advice!It is better to give preference to pastel colors of lace (for example, white, beige, peach) and avoid a bright decor so as not to overload the appearance of the product.

Chic shiny sequin shorts

One of the ways to make jewelry for fashionable women's shorts created from jeans is by sewing on various small decorative elements - rhinestones, rivets, sequins, beads, etc.

One of the ways to make jewelry for fashionable women's shorts created from jeans is by sewing on various small decorative elements - rhinestones, rivets, sequins, beads, etc. The way to decorate shorts with sequins using glue and iron

Decorating with these elements can also be done in different ways:

  • decoration of individual elements of shorts (pockets, belt, cuffs, lapels, etc.),
  • decor of the main fabric (with single elements, all over the fabric, back, front, one side, etc.).

We suggest exploring step by step the process of decorating the product with sequins to create a special glamorous image.

After the old jeans are cut to the required length, we proceed to decorate the new product. For this purpose, you need to purchase the necessary amount of jewelry and decide in advance how to distribute them among the shorts.

A scattering of straziks on shorts

The process of sewing sequins is not a quick one. It requires special care, focus and a significant investment of time. But then the effect obtained as a result is worth it.

Sequins are roll and piece. With rolled things, the situation is a bit simpler, since they are sewn by machine. It is more rational to use such sequins for decoration of a large area of ​​denim.

Extensive sequin decor For this method, it is better to choose a special shiny fabric and sew on shorts. Make a pattern on paper Cut the required piece of fabric Sew the fabric gently to the shorts. Awesome finished product

If the decor of the shorts will be moderate, you can use piece sequins. They are sewn by hand. The sequin should be put on the canvas, from the inside out, pull a needle and thread into its center and pull it on the front side. Then the needle should be turned inside out near the edge. Then the procedure is repeated, only now the needle with thread is displayed inside out at the other edge of the sequin.

Advice!Intense sequin decor for stretch jeans shorts is not recommended. Since fabrics of this type are elastic and tend to stretch, this can cause tearing of tight seams and shedding of sequins.

Thus, it is not necessary to throw away old, worn jeans. It is much more interesting to give them a second chance for existence - in the form of original fashionable shorts. The new product will delight both you and those around you, first of all, because it will significantly stand out among the clothes of other girls - after all, it is unlikely that you will be able to find an exact copy of the design created by you yourself somewhere else.

How to choose jeans for making shorts

The first thing you need to do to get a fashionable product at the exit is to choose the right jeans for this procedure. There are several recommendations:

  • if you pick up old women's jeans that fit freely on the figure, then the shorts will turn out to be too baggy,
  • when choosing tight skinny jeans, there is a risk of getting too tight a product: legs at the places where the shorts end will look puffed, this will require additional cuts from the converted product, which will extend the time for processing the edge,
  • при изготовлении шорт из старых джинсов своими руками не стоит использовать стрейчевые материалы: после обрезки они будут выглядеть некрасиво – пластиковые нити вылезут наружу, что доставит моднице эстетический дискомфорт,
  • актуальными станут штаны из чистого денима, они имеют прямой покрой. Such jeans will not fit your leg too much, they will also not be loose, which is exactly what is required for tailoring stylish shorts.

In addition to jeans material, you can choose cotton pants of any color, also cutting them to the desired length.

Determine the length

Before making original shorts from old jeans, it is recommended to wash the product well. You need to do this in the normal mode, in which jeans were previously washed. After washing, the material will settle slightly, which will cause difficulties during the determination of length.

So that after washing the jeans fit the figure again, you need to put them on yourself and walk around the apartment for an hour - after that you can choose the length.

There are several length variations that are popular among young people and the mature generation.

Cropped shortsThe most popular option among girls under 25 years old. When remaking, you can make shorts with a twist - so they will look stylish and simple at the same time. Such a wardrobe item is suitable for owners of slim legs.
BermudaThey remind everyone of the well-known breeches: the length is slightly above the knee or covers it. Bermuda is suitable for daily wear, for walking, meeting with friends. They are combined with T-shirts, T-shirts, tops.
CapriThe standard capri length is the middle of the calf muscle. To exactly determine this length, it is enough to put on jeans and draw soap or chalk along the line of the calf muscle.
Medium ShortsThe option above the knee at 10 cm is considered the classic length of the shorts. Such products will not greatly expose the leg, but will not make you feel the heat on a sultry day.

It is worth remembering the presence of pockets: now it has become fashionable when pockets in cropped shorts are casually visible from under this element of the wardrobe. To leave such a move or hide the pockets inside is up to the fashionista herself.

How to trim exactly

When the problem with the length is solved, it is necessary to proceed to cropping shorts. To trim your jeans beautifully and evenly, it’s important to follow a few simple but effective rules. To begin with, it is worth arming yourself with sharp tailor's scissors - ordinary stationery will not work, they just will not take thick denim. You will also need a bar of soap, it can be replaced with white chalk.

The best way to trim jeans evenly under shorts is to pre-mark the lines on yourself. To do this, put on jeans, fasten them on the belt, check that the product fits perfectly on the figure. After that, they approach the mirror, arm themselves with small pieces and draw two even, equal lines at the level of the future slice. Jeans are removed and cut with scissors along the lines.

So that the legs do not turn out to be different in length, before trimming the jeans, take a centimeter tape and measure the distance from the motny to the drawn line - the segments on both legs should match.

Further you can use the following tips:

  • if future shorts will be decorated with fringe, it is necessary to take into account the fact that over time they will become shorter: therefore, it is necessary to measure the length with a margin,
  • do not forget about allowances for seams, if the shorts will have a classic style,
  • if the model will be with a turn, you need to leave an additional 7 cm for hemming and edge processing.

Before doing the doorway or decorating the product in another way, it is recommended to process the edges with a sewing machine: subsequently, the threads from the jeans will not come out.

Decor Methods

The most popular and easiest to make is the decor of new fringe shorts. To make such stylish shorts, it is enough to arm yourself with the tools that are in every home.

You should not send cropped jeans to the washing machine in the hope that after washing the fringe will appear by itself. This technique can lead to damage to household appliances.

How to make shorts from old jeans was described above, and in order to independently complete the decor, you can use 3 methods. You can make torn edges, dye the thing and decorate it with lace and rhinestones.

Proper cropping jeans

Prepare the necessary materials:

  1. Scissors or blade with a handle.
  2. Needles, preferably of different thicknesses (you can do one).
  3. Thread to match jeans, if you do not plan to completely repaint them.
  4. Sewing machine.
  5. Chalk or other pigment, with which you can easily put the basting, and if necessary, completely wash off.

Before trimming jeans to the state of shorts, it is necessary to determine and carefully measure the appropriate length. The parameters depend not only on the preferences of the owner, but also on the presence of obvious defects below a certain level, the features of the picture. To determine the optimal length, it is recommended to try on jeans. When the exact length of the shorts is determined, a few centimeters should be left at the edges in order to trim.

Marking the length of the shorts

Sometimes people form a double hem at the ends of the resulting shorts to ensure the durability and appearance of things from the store. In this case, 4-5 additional centimeters will be required. Mark the edge with chalk or light soap. If you decide to create very short shorts, lengthen the back, and the front can be reduced as much as possible.

When the fitting is finished and the necessary marks are made, you should check the correctness of their level by folding jeans and checking the indicators at the edges. When the exact parameters are determined, draw a straight line between the marks. This is necessary so that when cutting off excess, focus not on the symmetry of the strip, but on the evenness of the edges of future shorts. Trim the trousers to the intended edge.

To guarantee evenness of the cut, it is necessary to take very sharp scissors or to grind them first.

When a piece of tissue has already been completely separated, it should not be immediately put aside. It will be required to control the cut on the second leg. So, with accurate work, you can guarantee the exact cut level even if the owner of the item cannot draw 2 absolutely identical lines by eye.

Marking and cutting the second leg

Create, if necessary, check and correct the mark again. Trim the excess fabric as on the first leg.

If you haven’t practiced fabric cutting or are new to jeans, especially when remodeling fairly thick trousers, take precautions. Cut the fabric only to the knee to exercise. Constantly bend, level the canvas and check with the necessary parameters, making regular fitting. Finally cut the fabric to the desired length.

Fringe at the ends

Fork shortening

This is the easiest, but aesthetic and stylish option. Work on the free edge of the learned shorts. To do this, separate several lines from the canvas in a horizontal direction. Use tweezers or a needle to facilitate operation.

Finished Fringed Shorts

The length of the fringe depends on the discretion of the owners of the shorts, but it is not recommended to make it wider than 2.5-3 cm. When all the interfering threads are pulled out, make the fringe as fluffy as possible with a brush, but do not deform it.

Edge decoration

This is a complicated but unusual option. First, prepare a template by applying the desired (preferably light) pattern on a dense paper. Lean the stencil against the edges of the legs, while adjusting its position to the intended length. Brush the edges with soap. Use a pen if necessary, but be sure to draw on the wrong side.

Drawing an ornament on shorts

Cut the edge exactly according to the pre-printed pattern.

Stitching the edges of shorts on a typewriter

Fold the edges and sew them on the sewing machine. If the selected denim is sufficiently dense and of high quality, bending is optional.

Torn edges

This is the most fashionable and popular option, so if you have enough time, you can choose it so that it is guaranteed not to make a mistake.

Excessive efforts do not have to. When you do the initial cropping of the edge, most likely it will already turn out to be uneven. Simply modify its structure. Take the blade, in the absence of a regular clerical knife will do. Create several horizontal cuts, rising slightly from the edge of the shorts.

Short cut for creating decorative holes

Make the cuts more disheveled. You can try to shape them with your hands, but it is advisable to use sandpaper for this. Use it carefully so as not to spoil the whole denim.

Creating the effect of tattered decorative holes on shorts

So denim shorts become visually worn.

1 method (using bleach)

Take Bleach or Domestos. The use of gloves should not be neglected. It is advisable to wear sufficiently long clothes and cover the table or other surface on which the work will be carried out with a waterproof tablecloth.

Coloring shorts using bleach

Follow the step-by-step diagram:

  1. Dilute 1 part of water into 4 parts of bleach. If you decide to apply Domestos, dilute it with water one to one. For sufficiently long shorts, the solution should be made more concentrated.
  2. Place in the finished mixture those sections of shorts that need to be clarified.
  3. Expect half an hour or more before dyeing your shorts. It is sometimes advisable to remove them to check the effect of clarification, so that when you achieve the result you like, immediately remove the fabric from the solution. You can do it differently: first wet the shorts completely in water, and apply Domestos on those areas that should be brighter.
  4. When the necessary sections of the thing completely go through the bleaching process, you need to rinse it with water with vinegar 2 times. Wash the shorts after that.

2 method (staining)

If you are going to dye dark enough shorts, then do not choose light shades. The exception is cases in which professional dyes are used. Then you can work in any color. You can use different tones, but it is advisable to refrain from brown and dark, as these are dark enough colors for the summer pores. If you decide to recolor shorts in light shades, first use bleach, and then proceed with applying light tones.

Colored Denim Shorts

For dyeing shorts, you can use any dye. Usually it is dissolved in water in the proportion indicated on the package. The more saturated the concentration of the solution, the more intense is its coloring ability. Do not immediately go overboard with the consistency, since too light a shade can be made brighter and darker, and to eliminate the saturated dye you have to bleach the thing.

Follow this procedure:

  1. Place the jeans in soda ash, observing the dosage indicated on the bundle. Using this solution, you can guarantee the safety of the paint, as well as reduce the intensity of discoloration of the thing during the washing process.
  2. The shorts are soaked for at least 20 minutes, then removed and wrung out. When this action is completed, you should place the item on a horizontal clean surface, leveling it as best as possible.
  3. If you purchased liquid dye, you just have to pour it into a suitable container. Powder dye requires an initial dilution, and then poured into a bottle with a stopper, which ensures proper dosage of the product.
  4. If there are no special containers, use shampoo, conditioner and similar products for dyestuff packaging. Allow yourself the ability to control the quantity and quality of the poured paint.

Video - How to make ripped, studded, ombre denim shorts

Paint with a specific pattern or in a chaotic manner. Work one side first, then turn the fabric over. If you need to change the color intensity, you can dilute the paint with water or vice versa rub it heavily into the fabric. When a monophonic pattern is planned, it is not necessary to fill the dye into the dispenser. You can put the product in a basin, soak the shorts in it, keeping them until the optimal color is obtained. At the end of the procedure, leave the shorts on plastic wrap for at least 6 hours.

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Options for shorts from regular straight women's jeans

Any old jeans can be turned into fashionable and beautiful shorts. Straight high-rise jeans are especially good for this. It is quite possible to make shorts of any model and length from seductive mini to capri out of them. This is done very simply:

  1. Put on your pants and mark the desired length of the shorts with needles or chalk in front of the mirror.
  2. Remove the pants, lay them flat on the table and draw a cut line. If the shorts are planned to be short, make the line a little diagonally from the middle up to the sides.
  3. Cut with scissors on the intended line.
  4. Try on shorts, if everything suits you, then you can proceed to the processing of the bottom or decor. If correction is required, then trim the edge, then try again.
    Shorts from old jeans

Tip. If you decide to make shorts with a lapel, you will need to add a few centimeters per lapel to the intended length. Usually the lapel is doubled and added on average 2 times 3 or 3.5 cm.

Fold the edge twice and fasten with stitches along the inner and outer side seam for reliability.

Twisted Shorts

If you need torn shorts, then make cuts with manicure scissors in those places where holes are planned. Then loosen the horizontal threads at the edges and pull out the neatly cut vertical threads. You can simply fluff the edge of the shorts or holes by pulling out a few extreme horizontal threads.

Tip. The usual scuffs on the legs can be done using large sandpaper or a cheese grater.

Here are some tricks to help you get started:

  1. If you make very short shorts, be careful with pockets. They should be turned outward or bent up before you begin to cut off the length of the leg.
  2. In order to make it more convenient to work, cut off the length of the legs by half, and then measure and carefully cut the planned length.
  3. First cut one leg, then measure it and cut the second so that the shorts are symmetrical.

That's how simple and quick you can turn your old bored trousers into a stylish wardrobe item with your own hands. Below I will talk about how to decorate a new thing.

How to make your own skinny jeans shorts

Skinny jeans work best in very short mini shorts. It is necessary to cut off the pants briefly, preferably trying on their own. Pay attention to the front and rear pockets. Their inner part can stick out from below, it is now fashionable. Pants with a high fit are good for such models, but they also fit with a lowered waist for very daring extreme girls. After all, such shorts are more like panties. This model is best worn on vacation on the beach, for example.

Giving a second life to men's jeans

Women's or men's shorts can be made from men's jeans trousers. For men, it is better to focus on the length just above the knee, to the knee or slightly lower. To do this, simply cut off the legs to the desired length. If you plan a coup, then do not forget to add 9 centimeters for it.

Men's shorts from old trousers

Women's shorts from men's jeans are not recommended, because the cut in trousers is always focused on the floor of their owner. However, so-called boyfriend jeans are in fashion today. Therefore, today's fashion opens up a lot of opportunities for girls in terms of the style of jeans shorts. Their men's jeans make shorts of medium length or to the knee.

Decorating shorts

I would also like to dwell on shorts with lace. This is both feminine, elegant and stylish, which can be obtained from old jeans trousers by simple actions with them. Make short shorts as described above and decorate the trouser legs along the edge with thin lace, stitching it on the machine or gently sewing it with your hands. In addition, lace can be used to decorate a pocket on the back by cutting it over the entire area of ​​an old jeans pocket and sewing it in its place.

Lace decor

On the sides, you can sew lace from large flowers or motifs, starting from the bottom of the leg and all the way to the waist along the side seam.

With thin, light lace, you can trim the pockets on the front by sewing it lightly into the assembly. Any stripes of lace in selected places on the shorts will look stylish and relevant.

Other decor options may include:

  1. All kinds of stripes, chevrons, appliques.
  2. Embroidery with threads or ribbons.
  3. Rivets, sequins sequins.

Sequin decor

A very interesting option for creating stylish shorts is to decorate the front with details cut out of bilateral fabric with sequins. You need to cut the front part straight over the shorts and carefully sew it over the jeans.

Tip. A piping and floral cotton belt will turn denim shorts into a stylish summer item.

This is what I managed to find or come up with for you, but there are tons of options for design and imagination. Come up with something yourself or put together a few proposed options and you will get unique designer shorts.

Надеюсь, что вы найдете что-то полезное для себя среди всех советов и секретов по рукоделию в нашей статье как сделать шорты из джинсов своими руками, представленных у меня на странице. Предлагаю вам подписаться на мои обновления и быть в курсе всех интересных находок и женских секретов по рукоделию и домоводству. Поделитесь ссылкой на блог в соцсетях. Я прощаюсь с вами до новых интересных встреч!

Использование кружев и страз

Another interesting option is shorts with lace. Stylish denim products blend perfectly with lace in various patterns and colors. If you add rhinestones to the fabric, you can get a fashionable wardrobe item. The work process looks like this:

  • a strip of lace 5 cm wide is cut into 2 segments, the length of the pocket shorts,
  • laces are sewn on top of pockets so that they are visible,
  • if desired, lace can decorate the bottom of the denim,
  • rhinestones are attached to the edge of the pocket: they can be glued to superglue or rhinestones with rivets on fabric can be purchased.

Now, knowing how to make shorts from old jeans with your own hands, you can go in search of the necessary material. Self-made original shorts will be individual and unique.