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How to make money on a video blog - step by step instructions


There are several reasons for maintaining a personal video blog on YouTube or other video hosting. If the creator is driven by the desire to express themselves and convey something important or interesting to the audience, such a blog in most cases is doomed to success.

In the case when the content is created from nothing or built on plagiarism for the sake of obtaining financial benefits, the probability of failure is high. It is important to understand that you can earn money in any field, and when choosing video blogging, you need to have talent and interest in this.

The reason to create a personal channel for posting videos may be fixing various life situations when the author has something to share with the audience. We are talking about travel, personal affairs, hobbies, various experiments.

And another important motivator is popularity, recognition and the so-called “hype”. When the author wants to somehow stand out, but does not have any talents or wants to quickly become a meme, there is an option to be a freak. Such video bloggers are very discussed and recognizable, but there is a high probability that they will soon be forgotten when a new reason for hype appears.

And finally, the desire to speak out or share personal stories with a large audience. Such blocks are usually conducted by girls, telling something about their personal lives, answering tricky questions, giving advice to their subscribers and subscribers.

When there are several reasons for creating a blog, this is a good start, and you can start the project. First, everything should be clearly planned, because the probability of “shooting" and quickly gaining subscribers is not as high as in the case of the famous video bloggers Ivan Rudsky and Sergey Druzhko. Even with the example of these authors of millionaire channels, it can be seen that if you take off quickly, the same sharp decline is possible.

Sergei Druzhko’s famous phrase “hi-ping a little” and Ivan’s constant greeting “hi hai Ivangai with you” are rarely heard now. One of the reasons for this is that popularity is hard to maintain when new faces appear on video blogging almost every day and old ones get bored. And in order to become not just another video blogger, but the author of a channel with high-quality content, you should develop your plan.

Blog Instruction

Stages of creating a personal video blog:

  • registration on YouTube or another platform
  • filling in information in your personal account
  • Indication in the video direction profile

registration on the site

The first thing you need to do to create your own video blog is to register on the YouTube website or another site. It is very simple to do this, the user is given all kinds of hints and recommendations. The most basic thing starts after registration.

At the first stage of creating a blog, it is important to give a catchy name to the channel, which will generally describe what the author is doing. It can be just a name and surname or such definitions of a direction as “top 5”, “reviews of something,” but given the large number of such channels, it is better to show more originality.

In the process of filling out an account on the site, you must correctly specify the channel genre and make an attractive description. You should also consider the heading of the main page, as well as place links to various social networks in the appropriate form.

Important! When registering, it is better to use a single Google account, which will allow you to effectively use the channel promotion tools in the search system in the future.

When the account is ready, and you can begin to create a video, the most difficult part begins. The first video should show the audience what the further videos will be about, and whether to subscribe to such a channel. You don’t need to send the first low-quality video that comes across, because this can negatively affect your reputation.

However, it is important to understand that you cannot lower the quality bar, and if you work only on the first video, the audience will quickly leave, because their expectations will be unjustified.

Features of starting a video blog

An obligatory step in creating a channel on YouTube will be to determine the audience. It can be children, adolescents, athletes, housewives, businessmen and many other categories. As the experience of well-known video bloggers shows, it is almost impossible to capture several target audiences at once. The subscriber is likely to leave if, after watching an interesting video, the subsequent ones will be of a completely different subject.

Having decided on this, as well as creating your own mini-studio for video recording, you can start writing the script. The latter may be absent when improvisation is taken as the basis, but if the author is still inexperienced and shy, it is better to stock up on a crib and think through all the points from beginning to end. Greeting will be important. It can be standard or memorable, so that only on it subscribers can identify the author.

The quality of the shot will be important. You can see how the currently popular video bloggers started with a not-so-good camera and light correction, but over time they acquired the best equipment, sparing no money, realizing how significant it is.

How to choose a genre for a video channel

Video blogging is represented by such major genres as:

  • let’s plays - shooting a computer screen during an online game, while the author can show his face through a webcam, but not necessarily, subscribers can write chat and make donations, that is, send money to the player by sending a message
  • blogs are one of the easiest directions, but only at first glance, because it involves shooting your daily life without a script and any special motives, and there are many well-known video bloggers in this genre, especially those who do strange things and are especially fond of the audience yourself unpredictably

These are not all genres that can become the basis of the channel, but they are now gaining great popularity. You can also highlight sketches, shows, dialogs, trolling interviews, guides, various training videos.

Do not forget about the quality of content

The quality of the content is not only a beautiful picture and good sound. The video blogger should be interesting and catch the viewer so that he returns to the channel again and again. But at the same time, sound and picture remain the same important elements.

Recommendations for creating quality video blogging content:

  • follow trends, revise popular videos of famous video bloggers, but not for plagiarism, but to see how they work in the frame
  • don’t make mistakes of the authors of well-known channels, which will be discussed in more detail later
  • constantly develop in your field, watch instructional videos, read articles, if possible, purchase high-quality equipment for shooting
  • let yourself relax, because a tired video blogger is less happy for his subscribers, and if it is chronic fatigue and strain, you can get a nervous breakdown, losing inspiration for a long time

To maintain and gain popularity, you need to be in good shape. You should not give all your free time to video blogging, unless it is a source of energy.

You can see how lettlers, streamers broadcast for more than a day, some for the sake of monetary gain, and some completely immersed in the online world. The consequences are not always visible, but you can still find the saved broadcasts, where streamers behave simply insane, starting to break the technique and scream at the audience.

Ways to Reach Subscribers

There are free and paid options to recruit a large number of subscribers to your channel. The first option is more reliable, but long, it involves promoting a video blog without cheating likes and views. Such videos are often seen in trends, but they are quickly forgotten, and authors are often strongly criticized for dishonest promotion.

Views and likes without cheating are possible without outside help, that is, the author works at his own risk, uploading videos, properly formatting tags and previews so that a truly interested audience comes.

An option for honest, but paid attraction of subscribers will be to purchase advertising from other video bloggers. It can be TOP channels that make high-quality PR, but for a lot of money. They may offer to insert a video at the beginning or at the end of their video, and a more expensive option is to conduct a joint stream.

Not quite a clean way would be cheating followers with the help of special programs. Bloggers often advertise promotion services themselves, even if they aren’t using them. Such advertising is not always effective, but there is a high probability of getting criticism from bloggers and the audience.

Subscribers come not only from YouTube itself, but also from social networks. It is important to properly arrange your pages on Vkontakte, on Facebook, Twitter and other resources, so that the audience can find out about the existence of the channel and that it is worth watching.

Earnings on your own video blog

Earnings on the video blog are possible in several ways:

  • Google contextual advertising, when banners pop up at the beginning or in the middle of a video or a video sequence starts from a partner
  • selling ads, when other novice bloggers place an order to display the video at the beginning or end of the video, an advertising link in the description can also be placed
  • a review of the known goods, the display of which is paid by the company representative, while the reward can be both in cash or in goods

You need to start with the monetization of the channel through contextual advertising. Then, proposals for the purchase of advertising can begin to arrive on their own, which already indicates that the channel is popular and can sell.

Now many bloggers are not inclined to refuse to advertise with high rewards, even when the advertised product or service is doubtful. The promotion of such products is criticized by representatives of blogging, which can lead to personal hostility or public condemnation. If the goal is only earnings, you can advertise everything that allows conscience, but when it is important to maintain a reputation, it is better to pay attention to what you have to offer subscribers under the guise of a good product.

What Mistakes to Avoid

What is better not to do when creating your own video blog:

  1. Copy the presentation style of another blogger.
  2. Release the first videos on scandalous and provocative topics.
  3. Condemn other bloggers in their videos.
  4. Try to post more videos without focusing on quality.
  5. To wind up the number of subscribers when the channel is completely fresh.

Many novice bloggers make one critical mistake by releasing a series of videos on the topic that is most discussed at a given time. This way you can get views, but this does not guarantee the growth of subscribers.

The video title’s clickability is when the author deliberately indicates the incorrect content of his video just to push the user to watch it. When a potential subscriber clicks on a topic of interest to him, he expects to see its disclosure, otherwise he will remain disappointed and will no longer trust the channel. But at the same time, when there is already popularity, clickability can be beneficial.

Tips from experienced video bloggers

General recommendations for those who decide to have a personal video blog:

  • visual content should be useful or entertaining, and if it is reasonable to combine, there is a high chance of popularity and high earnings
  • the blogger should like what he does, because it is felt by the viewer both in the visual picture and in the author’s attitude to the subscribers
  • you can’t immediately become a rich video blogger, and the longer you spin your own brand, the more profitable the offers will come from large companies

As the experience of modern video bloggers shows, in order to maintain your channel and be popular, you do not need to meet any specific standards. The more original the author, the higher the likelihood of success. It is enough to recall famous personalities who started as freaks, and became popular among showmen and artists.

Have you noticed a mistake? Select it and press Ctrl + Enterto let us know.

Step 1. Choosing a Niche

As in any type of business, in video blogging you should first choose the niche in which you want to grow. This is difficult to do, because to create high-quality content, you will need either knowledge in a certain field or talents.

According to statistics, most bloggers work in an entertainment theme. This is good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, this creates high demand and attracts many new views. But on the other - in the entertainment is just crazy competition. The only way to quickly advance in this niche is to create viral videos.

Business topics, as well as various video training, are still not well developed in Russia. That is why very few interested businessmen and entrepreneurs go to popular video platforms to find out exactly how they can earn. But on the other hand, the highest cost-per-click on advertising makes such videos quite profitable, even with a minimum number of views.

I would also like to talk about streams, as an addition and alternative to video blogs. Streams - an online broadcast that is watched by living people. Streams can be of any nature, they are often gaming, but there are also streams on various entertainment topics, as well as online broadcasts with the stars, in which they answer questions.

Several streams are suitable for streams: Youtube - for any videos, Vkontakte - more often for entertainment broadcasts and communication, Twitch - for game videos.

Earnings on streams are much more interesting than regular blogging, as they have a donation system. For a certain amount of money online, a message is written that is written by the person who transferred the money.

Some popular streamers, whose reach in the peak of online 10-15 thousand people, earn on par with the best bloggers. Therefore, it is recommended to combine video blogging with streams.

Total: To choose a niche, you need to understand in which area you must develop. If you do not have any knowledge in areas that are paid high enough, you simply have to work in the entertainment industry. But if you can interest a user who came to see a training video on business, you can earn much more in less time.

Step 2. Site Selection

Now the question is easier. Choose the site where you will conduct your video blog. As soon as it comes to video, it immediately occurs to youtube. Making money on youtube is everyone’s dream, which is why blogs on this site are the most popular in the world.

The advantages of YouTube include:

  • Very popular
  • Ease of registration,
  • Great optimization
  • Minimum promotion costs,
  • Loyal partnership system.

Making video blogs on YouTube is easy. You can register as a partner within a month after creation (if you satisfy their conditions) and receive a conditional% from advertising.

The next most popular is Rutube. In the Russian segment, the video market is inferior to YouTube, and it is strong, but, nevertheless, it has its own target audience. Everything is the same as on YouTube, only less popularity and optimization is worse. The rest is nothing new.

Maintaining your own video blog on social networks is a new trend. Vkontakte, OK and Facebook are expanding and are already starting to capture a decent share in video content.

The most popular CIS network - VKontakte has ample opportunities for creating your own video blog. You can also monetize it there. Simple, comfortable and tasteful. Now VK is one of the best ways to blog, including video.

The final option would be to create your own site. The option is not the best, but there is a place to be. You can create on any engine, but wordpress is best suited.

Step 3. Creating a channel

Now the easiest step is to familiarize yourself with the rules of the service and simply create a channel. Passing the registration process is quite simple, so we won’t describe in detail what and where to click.

The only important clarification: carefully study the rules of the service. Which videos can be uploaded, which can not. What can I talk about, what can’t. What can be shown and what is not recommended. Otherwise, you can catch a ban.

Step 4. Filling with content

After creating your video blog, you need to fill it with interesting and popular content. It is important that it is unique. No one will want to look 10 times about how the same topic is being discussed, the same question is being raised, or a joked joke is being told for the hundredth time.

You need to develop your own individual style. Or copy it from Western bloggers, which is what most successful modern media personalities do. At the same time, the way you look, speak and shoot will be very important.

Practice in front of the mirror, improve diction, follow the movements, if you yourself work in the frame. If you shoot what is happening on the computer / street and do not get into the frame, it is recommended to work with your voice.

Если у вас есть какие-то дефекты речи, или разговорные особенности, то постарайтесь превратить их в свои преимущества. Ярким примером будет спортивный блог – Никита Ковальчук. Он картавит, при этом он сделал свой имидж именно на этом. Его канал на ютубе называется «Картавый футбол». This is his chip, which attracts new people and remains in memory.

Do not hide flaws - make them virtues.

Step 5. Engaging the audience

After the first few videos are uploaded, you need to engage in attracting an audience. There are many options for how to win your target audience: from banal spam to buying advertising from top colleagues. It all depends on finances, time and desire.

Decide on your own, and we will tell you a little life hack:

Many bloggers at the beginning of their careers gradually expanded their audience, but when its reach reached 3-10 thousand people, they began to create viral videos that spread across the network and attracted up to 30-40 thousand people on their channels thanks to just one video . Viral videos are an ideal way to attract additional subscribers to your channel.

But the main way to attract an audience is to create high-quality content that will be shared with friends. Find out what's interesting for your target audience and give it to it.

Step 6. Monetization

When a blog is already promoted, it is worth monetizing it.

This can be done in 3 different ways:

First things first.

contextual advertising - the ad below that Google generates based on the niche of the video and the interests of the person who watches this video. In order to earn in this way, you need an affiliate program. Earnings average, two other ways bring much more money.

Requirement from YouTube affiliate channels for contextual advertising:

  • At least 50 subscribers
  • Author’s videos,
  • Coming of age.

And, in general, these are all requirements. Depending on the affiliate program, payouts will vary, from 60 to 90% for the N-th number of views. You can earn with the help of such affiliate programs, but the income will be stably small.

Also, the official affiliate program from YouTube requires at least 1000 active subscribers on the channel and watching a video of at least 5,000. They pay for clicks on advertising.

Affiliate programs are bad in that they can ban for any fault. Therefore, you should carefully choose the one with whom you have to work. Most top bloggers have been looking for a partner for several months.

Links in the description. Everything is more interesting here. You can how to lay out links to affiliate programs that promise some kind of payment for each client. This is interesting for those who are not directly targeted by advertisers. With the help of links you can begin to attract the first customers, thereby making a profit. It is important that the affiliate program and its offer are close to the subject of the blog.

If the service is really good, and you also have a fairly loyal audience, then such links will bring much more money than the first method.

Advertising in the video. The most profitable and interesting way to make money on a blog. You can either insert advertisements at the beginning of the video, or create entire videos dedicated to one advertising proposal.

The famous blogger Eldar Dzharakhov is interesting in that he creates entire songs on promotional offers. Among his clients are the creators of the Dexp smartphone, the game Path of Exile, Beeline and others. Yuri Khovansky also very actively creates commercials, and they are his main income.

But in the beginning you will be ordered to just mention the service / site, and quite dubious. Since there are so many different sites online for making money on online games, and the entertainment content is designed specifically for the audience of these sites, you will receive various commercial offers with requests to mention this or that site in the video.

Do not monetize the blog a week after its creation. It will be quite problematic to earn decent money, and new subscribers, having seen the advertisement, will simply unsubscribe.

Step 7. Work with advertisers

We singled out work with advertisers as a separate step for one simple reason - we’ll have to deal with it separately, after the first steps in monetizing our video blog. We’ll have to independently search for customers of advertising, communicate, agree on conditions, create content and put it on the assessment.

Working with a potential advertiser is a very responsible task, because it is the blogger’s future income that depends on it.

Recruiting subscribers to your video blog

The most difficult, but high-quality way to recruit new subscribers to your blog is to create unique content. It should be interesting, high-quality and, more importantly, unique. But besides creating good videos, there are several other ways to increase the number of subscribers on the channel and expand your target audience.

First way: Use various calls to action at the end of the video.

You have repeatedly heard from bloggers "Subscribe to the channel, like" and other phrases that in any way call for action.

Marketers in the mid-2000s conducted a study in which they showed that the number of subscribers is growing significantly if you just ask them to subscribe. This is the easiest way to increase the number of new subscribers per video by 10-15%.

The second way: Competent and relevant headings and descriptions.

As in the case of search engines, platforms correlate the name and description of the video with its content, and based on whether the video meets the user's request, a verdict on the relevance of the video is issued.

If your video matches the title, and the description contains the necessary keywords, then it will rise a little higher in the search and will be more noticeable.

The third way: click byte.

This is somewhat different from the previous method of increasing the conversion from video, but the exhaust from this method will be much larger.

Click byte - luring users with a false title. This is something from the category of the yellow press - you put a flashy headline, but it does not correspond to reality. So you can only collect views for the video, but the number of subscribers will definitely decrease.

Fourth way: paid sites to attract subscribers.

If you have money for promotion, you can trust the professionals - ask them to get a lot of subscribers. But the prices for such services will be quite high. From 10 to 70 dollars per 1000 subscribers to the blog channel.

The fifth way: independent purchase of advertising.

It is advisable to buy ads from the same bloggers in the same niche. But this is provided that your content and advertising materials are different. No one wants to subscribe to two blogs of the same type.

Sixth way: spam and other black methods.

Ungrateful business - sending out invitations, spam comments and mail. A very small exhaust, and the risk of getting into the ban is quite high.

Seventh method: online broadcasting (streaming).

Streaming has now become so popular that even pop stars from time to time arrange their online broadcasts, in which they either discuss some issues of subscribers or simply talk about their plans. Streaming allows you to attract a live audience, chat and earn more than with the video.

The eighth method: holding contests.

This is a highly controversial way to attract an audience. On the one hand, you really get hundreds of people who perform the target action (for example, subscribe to the channel), on the other hand, about 50% of them will not be interested in your content.

But if your video blog is designed for a wide range of people, then contests are a great way to attract attention, especially at the initial and secondary stages of development.

All these methods are also relevant for conducting video blogs on social networks.

One important nuance. In the initial stages of the video blog, you must create a truly “tube” atmosphere. If possible, respond to adequate comments, communicate with subscribers, sometimes you can arrange streams to attract people and lively communication. This approach will attract an additional 10-30% of the audience. Of course, then it will be impossible because of the number of people, comments and questions, but at the initial stage this is also a good option.

Summarizing the above: after creating your own video blog, it's time to engage in attracting new subscribers and creating unique content. One cannot survive without the other. Even the most interesting video is unlikely to be seen by millions, if you do not have to take care of the way about attracting and retaining an audience.

How much can you earn on a video blog

Now a little about the numbers. Everyone is interested in the question "How much can you earn on your own video blog." There is only one answer - from a dollar to millions.

Depending on the audience reach, quality of content, niche and number of advertisers, the numbers can be very different. But the indicators are so different due to the fact that the network does not have up-to-date and open information about how much this or that blogger earns.

Video bloggers do not want to disclose their earnings to the public. True, it is worthwhile to understand that the real stars of modern YouTube receive millions from advertisers for the promotion of a particular product / service. But let's still try to put together all the information about the profitability of video blogs.

Take the YouTube channel for the first example. For 1 million views, according to various sources, you can get from 300 to 3,000 dollars. On average, 1 million views on a channel will be typed in 10-15 videos, if the channel is already more or less promoted.

If you upload one video a day, it would seem that we can reach an average income of $ 600 to $ 6,000 per month. But the real numbers will be much less - from 500 to 1,000 dollars. And this is one of the good indicators.

If you add VK as a platform for additional attracting audiences and advertisers, you can add 300-400 dollars a month for advertisements in the group. The main thing is not to overdo it and not push away your audience.

If you create your own website dedicated to the blog, you can add another 200-500 dollars.

In total, from three sites on which our video blog is covered, we can get from 1000 to 2000 dollars. In this case, the channel should be moderately promoted, and the video should collect 50-100 thousand views.

From this we conclude: blogs are not mountains of gold. In order to create a blog that will bring 200-300 thousand rubles a month, it will take more than one month of work and the constant creation of something really interesting. But, over the past few years, advertising on the Internet has been actively developing, and bloggers are beginning to actively order advertising of various products, choosing this channel instead of the usual television. And if this trend continues, then the figures of profitability from blogs will increase markedly. But competition too.

Basic mistakes of beginners

Let's talk about typical mistakes of beginner video bloggers.

  1. Poor video preparation. As mentioned earlier, no one needs a low-quality video shot on the phone somewhere in the gateway. Now in full-fledged and high-quality shooting with expensive equipment.
  2. Several topics. Some mistakenly believe that several topics are better than one. But the strict focus of the blog allows you to collect a specific target audience that will be interested in each of your videos. This significantly increases the views and conversions on ads.
  3. Lack of goals. This affects all newcomers. There is no clear goal like “Achieve the Nth number of subscribers in the first month,” “Income - $ 500 per month,” etc. Goals are needed not so much to achieve them, but to understand why you are at all do it.
  4. Lack of multiple attraction platforms. This is understood as the absence of such a place where people who want to find out about new videos, interesting information and in order to think about subscribing to a channel or not are sitting there. An excellent platform would be the VKontakte group. It can be done already with 500-600 subscribers on the channel.
  5. Inconstancy. Some people think that a blog is something for the soul. If you really think so, then you can forget about normal income. If you want to make decent money, then for this you will have to enter a schedule for the release of videos, and follow it. It is important.

These 5 common mistakes are common to most modern novice bloggers. Avoiding them is simple enough - it is enough to introduce a certain systematicity in your work and then everything will work out.

Risks when creating video blogs

In the end, I would like to talk about some risks when creating and promoting video blogs. Since blogging is in any case your business, the risks that arise when working with blogs are almost the same as in any other type of entrepreneurial activity.

Three main types of risks can be distinguished: reputational, financial, and advertising. About each of them in order.

Reputational risk - the risk of losing the trust / reputation that you have put in a certain amount of time. Due to incorrect actions, you can lose the trust of subscribers, a certain number of views, or even fly out of blogging activity.

There are several examples of a strong reputation failure over the past few years, but the loudest, perhaps, was the sunset of the career of the famous rapper, who also paid attention to his blog - Johnyboy. After a disastrous performance on the Versus venue, many fans turned their backs on it, and just a few months later, the popular artist disappeared from the monitor screens. This is a clear example of the fact that one wrong step can ruin the reputation that has developed over the years.

Financial risk may be due to the error of high expectations. In order to promote the blog in a few months, it will require serious cash injections, as well as a sufficient amount of time and effort. A situation may arise when the project will be unprofitable and have to close it. Financial risk - the risk of default on borrowed funds.

Blogging is a rather unstable income, primarily due to the fact that both video and entire channels can be sent to the ban for the distribution of prohibited materials.

As an example, the recent breakdown in relations between FIFA and YouTube, as a result of which all videos that contained a football picture from the broadcasts fell under the ban.

Some channels that contained a fairly large number of such videos also went to the ban. Their recovery took some time and sufficient financial injections. And in the rapidly changing Internet, there are a lot of such cases.

Advertising risk. In the pursuit of money, bloggers sometimes do not check what they want to advertise. And due to the fact that the Internet is still quite a large number of scammers, often after advertising everyone asks the blogger exactly what he advertised some low-quality thing. This approach to advertising can entail the first two risks.

However, these risks are characteristic of any business that is built on the interaction of several people.

Therefore, you need to:

  • Carefully monitor your reputation and consider public actions,
  • Always be prepared for unforeseen financial difficulties,
  • Thoroughly check the product of their advertisers.

If you carefully follow these three simple tips, you can avoid not very pleasant situations that can very much harm your business and wallet.


Video blogs are a modern way to blog using video. Like most projects on the Internet, it is created for profit. You can earn in several ways: monetize your own videos or make money on sites for placement (social networks, sites). Video monetization is the main income.

In order to create a blog, just register on the selected site and add the first video. After that, you need to actively promote the channel: create high-quality content, attract subscribers, hold contests and create effective feedback.

After the blog gains momentum a little, you can gradually begin to monetize it. But you need to avoid common mistakes, not expecting the blog to exceed the norm.

For several years of work in the field of video blogging, you can earn up to several million rubles and create a full income for yourself. But this will require a lot of work, developing your image, creating a unique style and introducing original ideas. But if it works out - you can get a really decent income.