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A bow tie: how to tie?


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If you wear a wedding tuxedo or sing in a quartet, you need to know how to tie a bow tie. This, of course, is not what we do every day, but, fortunately, if you know how to tie shoelaces, you can also tie a bow tie, since the same knots are used when tying a tie. To tie a bow tie, follow the instructions below.

Butterfly tie: elegance or creativity?

Now it is worn with colorful shirts, including short sleeves, jeans, and even shorts. Often this image is complemented by suspenders.

Daytime Butterflies differ from evening colors and material. The latter are accessories in strict shades made of expensive natural fabrics such as silk or satin. The first ones are fantasy ones, they can be full of drawings and shades of “tear your eyes out”. The choice of material can also be very original: now you can buy a butterfly from jeans, fur and even a knitted fabric.

However, it is not recommended to wear a “butterfly” for work in the office. Unless, of course, the scope of activity is not related to creativity.

How to tie a butterfly: step by step instructions

Believed to wear to a suit ready-made butterfly - bad taste. If you want to look elegant, you should definitely buy a tie that need to tie yourself. This is not difficult to do. The following is a diagram of how to tie a bow-tie.

  1. Throw a tie over the shirt collar so that its right side hangs just below the left. Ideally, the beginning of the thickening of the left side of the “butterfly” should be exactly in the center.
  2. Throw the right side over the left.
  3. Pass it from the bottom up into the loop formed on the neck.
  4. Bend the left end of the tape so that the narrowest point is exactly in the center. So the accessory resembles a ready-made butterfly. Bend to the right.
  5. Skip the right end from top to bottom in front of the folded left side.
  6. Wrap it, and a hole should form on the right. It will come in handy soon.
  7. Throw the right end of the tape over the right shoulder and fold it so that the fold falls on the widest part.
  8. Insert the tip of the right edge into the hole that formed earlier as a result of the steps described in step 4.
  9. Pull the loop to tighten the knot in the center of the butterfly.
  10. Align the tie with your hands, giving it a symmetrical shape and laying beautiful folds on the “wings”.

The choice of clothes for a butterfly

For some guys, a bow tie is a concern that the young man will be in an uncomfortable situation. But in order to put on this accessory and not look ridiculous, you need to know at what events it is appropriate:

  • Wedding and formal events
  • At work - if the butterfly is appropriate in the office, it is better to give preference to dark blue or gray with a thin stripe,
  • In the evening, a free and laid-back style is suitable for an evening walk: a shirt, vest and bow tie with a beautiful pattern or a cheerful flower.

Many men like to wear such a tie, but they not only do not know how to tie a bow tie, but often do not know how and what to wear it with.

Basic requirements for combining a bow tie with clothes

This type of tie follows the same rules as other men's accessories:

  • It should take into account the brilliance of fabrics - the brilliant color is formal, and matte everyday. Black and white colors are intended for special and exceptional occasions. For everyday dress, you need a colorful butterfly that can add a bright spot to the outfit and thereby highlight the appearance.
  • The shirt and accessory should have different colors - one element of clothing should correspond to a neutral color, and the other a brighter shade. Neutral colors - black, gray, khaki, white, ivory and dark blue. A combination of red and orange or blue and purple is safe. An original combination of the opposite color spectrum, for example, red and blue or green and orange.
  • The following combination is possible: one element in solid color, and the other with a print. Example: Decorate a purple shirt with a butterfly with a light purple, blue or light green pattern.
  • Two prints - so that the ensemble simultaneously consists of two patterns, you should remember the main thing - both print models must correspond to different sizes. When putting on a shirt and bow-tie with a striped print, one part should be with a thick stripe, and the other with narrow stripes.
  • In winter, a gray cardigan is combined with classic costumes of blue shades and in this case a butterfly of blue or gray-blue tones is selected. A dark blue accessory in a yellow and red thin stripes is combined with a blue trouser suit and a light blue chemise.
  • Velvet is a win-win option for a wedding celebration. A black bow tie made of silk fabric is matched to a black classic ensemble, consisting of trousers, a vest and a jacket.

Many men don’t wear traditional long ties, but a spectacular stylish bow-tie at a social event.

How to tie a bow tie

Fans of the classical style prefer to tie a bow tie on their own according to various patterns, since the knots here are simpler than on a regular tie, and there are much fewer ways to tie. You can make a fashionable bow tie from a product that has recesses and a finished shape, and from a narrow ordinary tie with long ends.

The bow tie looks original on a shirt with a short collar, but you can also wear jewelry under men's shirts with a different collar. Any man can beautifully tie an accessory under his clothes, following a simple step-by-step instruction that will allow you to tie a bow tie around your neck:

  • Determine the size of the butterfly - to beautifully knit the decoration, you need to raise the collar of the shirt and measure the neck circumference with a centimeter. A centimeter should be placed in front at the bottom of the Adam's apple and behind a little lower than the middle of the neck. An index finger should be placed between the neck and the centimeter. This will help in the further comfortable fit of the accessory on the neck without rubbing it.
  • Place the tie on the neck under the shirt collar so that the right tip is 3-4 cm longer than the left end.
  • Cross both ends of the product so that the intersection is in the center of the collar, and by passing the long edge of the product under the short one, tie a simple knot. The edges are recommended to be tightly crossed on the neck, since this type of tie should sit tight, and not hang down and hang around the neck. Be sure to leave a small distance at the neck so that it is convenient to tie a piece of jewelry in the future.
  • Fold the shortened part below twice in parallel - this will turn out half the butterfly. Throw the elongated tip on top of the shortened one and fold it twice perpendicularly so that the edge of the tape looks up.
  • Flip the folded tip parallel to the first half of the butterfly and pull through the middle. Then tighten the edges symmetrically.
  • At the end of tying, align the bow tie and give it the desired look, then lower the collar of the shirt.

How to tie a bow tie with a narrow tie

In the absence of special products, you can tie a bow tie (simple with narrow ribbons) according to the following scheme:

  • Make a knot, as in the previous diagram, and place the right edge on top of the other edge in parallel. Place the remaining part below on top. Hold the edges of the already folded part with your hand in such a way as if you had gathered a bow.
  • Thread the loop formed behind the folded side parallel to the first part of the rest. Form a butterfly by tightening the product.

How to tie a ribbon bow tie

A beautiful decoration is also made of a product having ribbons with ready-made forms for butterflies. The butterfly is tied in the same way as other ribbons, only it does not need to be folded in advance to form the product:

  • The product is placed on the neck so that the right tip is several centimeters longer than the left.
  • The ends of the product are crossed so that the center of the collar of the shirt serves as the intersection. Passing the elongated edge of the ribbon under the shortened, the nodule is connected.
  • The short part is folded parallel to the size of the product, and the elongated one is threaded under it from above. The center of the nodule should be located in the middle of the shirt collar.
  • The rest of the product is threaded through the core for the first, already folded and formed part.
  • At the end, give the resulting butterfly a symmetrical and neat look.

A bow tie is an unusual and interesting accessory that must be present in a men's wardrobe. He will decorate any tuxedo or suit and complete the stylish image of a man.