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Ten Tips for Keeping Slim for Life

We hope that this book will be in your kitchen somewhere and that you will use it when planning the menu and preparing healthy, slimmer dishes. In the end, healthy habits that allowed you to improve your figure will help and maintain it for life. So keep logging everything you eat along with the number of calories and, of course, enjoy your favorite treats (in moderation). It is useful, however, to have a few trump cards in the sleeve in order to successfully maintain the result.

1. Watch the portion sizes. It is human nature to eat everything that falls into his plate - and the more you put (or, the more you put yourself), the more you are likely to eat. For example, when researchers from the University of Pennsylvania at the University of Pennsylvania first gave the subjects standard portions for eleven days and then increased them one and a half times, the diners immediately began to receive 423 kcal more per day. If it’s hard for you to stay within reasonable limits without outside help, when you eat outside the Antidiet plan, pick up smaller plates for yourself: they will have a smaller portion. In addition, if you find it difficult to determine serving sizes by eye, keep measuring spoons and glasses on hand. It’s better to spend a little time now than to fight extra pounds again.

2. Learn to deal with emotions. Researchers at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa argue that those who start eating more from excitement have 13 times higher chances of gaining excess weight or even becoming obese. If you eat to relieve stress, it is vital for you to separate your food from your mood, especially now that you are more likely to back out from the Antidiet plan. Look on the Internet for breathing exercises or meditative practices, find a girlfriend whom you can run to “let off steam” on occasion, go for a walk, and finally do anything! Just do not let the craving for food ruin your mood and the results of hard efforts.

3. Don't let the stove get bored. Of course, from time to time, each of us eats somewhere in the city, in a cafe or restaurant. However, it’s equally obvious that at home it’s easier for you to keep track of what gets into your mouth — which means it’s easier to control weight. Therefore, do not be lazy to cook and eat at home more often. In addition, try to take lunch with you more often to work. A lunch bag can always be prepared the day before, after dinner, when the remnants of the meal and in general everything you need is at hand.

4. Plan the menu, prepare a list of products and purchase everything in advance. This is especially important in those weeks when you have a job at work and you have absolutely no time to do business. The better prepared you are, the greater the chance that you will be able to withstand the regime. Scientists from Harvard University argue that the brain makes decisions about the future more rationally than spontaneous momentary decisions. Researchers found that housewives who ordered food in advance, at least five days in advance, opted for more wholesome options than those who ordered food for tomorrow.

5. What I see, then eat. If you often forget about fruits and vegetables, taken away from the eyes, remove them into the light of day and put them in a prominent place. Let them be the first to catch the eye when opening the refrigerator door. Put nuts and other superfoods for snacks in those boxes that you look most often at. The easiest way for a person to eat what is in sight.

6. Hand out your “thick” clothes. Are there enough clothes of different sizes in your closet to open a small shop? Focus on what is right for you right now. To keep clothes of large sizes “just in case” means to doom yourself to failure. Do not doubt your new habits, abilities, and even more so determination! Believe that you can maintain optimal weight, and do it!

7. Crush the approaching weight in the bud. Sometimes it seems that 2 or 5 (or more) extra pounds appear unexpectedly, literally in one night. This is actually not the case. And the better you feel your own body, the more opportunities you have to catch on time and not let the fat back in. In the phase of losing weight, you probably regularly weighed, so continue to do so. At least once a week at the same time stand on the scales in which the mother gave birth. Thus, you can notice any changes, as well as once again make sure of your success and reinforce motivation. Believe me, it helps a lot! According to the article in New England Journal of Medicine, women who, having lost weight, continued to be weighed daily, had the lowest chance of gaining it again within eighteen months. But remember: from measurement to measurement, your weight can fluctuate by about 1.5 kg, you need to follow the general trend. Is your weight stable from week to week or is it growing steadily? If the second, remember our tips and recipes and return to the true path.

8. Test your jeans more often. Weighing in regularly is important, but numbers on the scales should not be the only indicator of success. Try to put on your favorite tight jeans at least once a week, this is especially important if you like to wear loose blouses, shapeless dresses or your boyfriend's jeans. With such clothes, it is very easy not to notice the first excess fat, but tight jeans will show everything without embellishment.

9. Counting calories, be realistic. It's no secret that many of us do not appreciate the size of servings and the number of calories eaten by eye. We all tend to make mistakes in our favor, so we usually underestimate the number of calories eaten, and, on the contrary, overstate the number of calories burned during exercise. By this we justify gluttony after class. Moreover, according to scientists from the University of Ottawa, after an intensive exercise, women ate 120 kcal more than after a fairly quiet exercise, which, however, burned the same amount of calories. The conclusion is simple: you need not just to evaluate calories in the eye, you need to check! Yes, and a particularly intense lesson can be seen only as a bonus or as a way to compensate for revaluations and errors, but in no case as an excuse for the second piece of the pie.

10. Train your brain. When you want to say goodbye to excess fat forever, what you think about food is no less important than what you eat - both are inextricably linked. Remember: only you have power over what happens in your mouth. Two more tips:

• Pause. Before you thoughtlessly chew a packet of cookies or grab a larger donut in the conference room, pause, take a deep breath several times and think about what you are doing and why. Are you really hungry? Is it true that you are going to eat will give you pleasure? Is the taste of this dish (and its effect) worth the extra sugar, fat and calories? Sometimes a brief meeting with oneself helps to collect the missing strength and reject the temptation.

• Take your mind off thoughts of food. Be creative in finding ways to distract yourself from the dream of food, treats, or supplements. Thoughts about something completely foreign may well drive out images of food from our heads. Maybe play something on the phone? By the way, games like a tapeworm increase the activity of the same parts of the brain as thoughts about food.

Now start eating, drinking and maintaining harmony! You have all the tools to maintain your new figure and newfound life energy.

What helps to maintain youth

For women in maintaining youth, and, consequently, attractiveness, the main role is played by the hormonal background of the body in different age periods. If at the age of 40 years the hormones responsible for the condition of the skin, hair, nails, are in the female body in full, then after 50 years and 60 years, many of them cease to be produced. Alas, hormone therapy cannot restore the function of the ovaries and adrenal glands and restore a woman's youth. But, the modern cosmetology industry works wonders. With the advent of hyaluronic acid and Botox, women who have crossed the 50-year frontier using these drugs look 10 years younger than their peers, aging naturally. Plastic surgery in cosmetology is also popular. Women are already resorting to her services after 30 years, conducting operations not only on the face, but also on the chest, buttocks, hips. But, radical ways preservation of youth can return it temporarily, and operations have to be repeated again and again. Are there any other options that for years to come will allow a woman to look young and lead an active lifestyle?

Secrets of youth

In order to preserve youth, one must begin work on oneself from the age of 25. This is a painstaking work, the results of which are not immediately visible, but after years. External signs of aging appear first on the skin. The first wrinkles on the face - “crow's feet” are visible already in 25-27 years. Therefore, special attention should be paid to a woman rejuvenating the skin.

How to care for your face to keep youth

The condition of the face tells about the age of the woman. To make it gentle, radiant and resilient, it is necessary not only to use appropriate care products, but also to protect it from the adverse effects of sunlight, dust, dry air. This will help funds developed in the main preventive directions of aging skin:

  1. Cleansing, removing dirt and excess fat from the skin surface. New types of facial cleansers appear on the cosmetology market. For example, vacuum cleaner Spot Cleaner to use at home. This is not a bulky, expensive device, but a small device that fits comfortably in your hand, more about Spot Cleaner
  2. Exfoliating, removing the upper, non-functioning layer of the epidermis,
  3. Sunscreens, containing substances that protect the skin from damage by solar radiation,
  4. Antioxidants that bind free radicals - one of the causes of skin aging,
  5. Substances that nourish the upper skin layer, making it more elastic and elastic,
  6. Lifting systems that tighten aging skin.

All of these remedies help keep neck youth faces and hands.

Among home remedies for skin older than 30 years, I recommend:

BUT as longer keep young body?

Body youth

Youth face contrasts with a flabby body. This happens when, when they look young, they pay attention only to the face, not doing body work. To maintain a healthy, strong and beautiful body, physical exercises are necessary, first of all:

You can choose methods of physical activity with the help of specialists in various available sports, or in groups of physical fitness, fitness, dance, tourism, etc. It is important that physical activity is not directed only to one group of muscles and joints. The uniformity and optimality of the loads provide an extension of the youth of the body as a whole and in particular of the bone and muscle structures. For body tightening and toning, I recommend this complex of exercises that really work and do not take time.

Body youth achieved, including swimming and water procedures. They perfectly form a beautiful body relief.

Of the water procedures, it is worth noting both the sauna and the Russian steam bath. They remove toxins and toxins from the body, which is very important for rejuvenating the body’s cells, updating the blood composition, strengthening blood vessels, and cleansing skin pores.

If there is not enough motivation for practicing your body, then do not forget that friends are looking at the face, and the man is at his feet. How to make yourself play sports

Products to help maintain youth

Nutrition plays an important role in rejuvenating a woman's body. When choosing a diet according to age and physical activity, one must not forget that any diet should not adversely affect the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. A diet at any age should compensate for the energy costs of the body, but not exceed its nutritional needs. Food in 35 years should differ in qualitative and quantitative composition from nutrition after 40 years and older.

The older the female body, the less calories it needs. Therefore, the diet should be selected by age and physical activity. About how to eat in order to lose weight, I wrote in an article

Nutritionists recommend after 45 years reduce the amount of sweet foods in the diet, and at an older age, completely abandon sugar and sweet flour dishes. Sugar can be replaced with honey and fruits. It should be borne in mind that for the female body a high-quality set of trace elements, vitamins and a sufficient amount of water are very important. Also do not forget to cleanse the body, for the lazy I recommend 3 products that remove toxins. It is necessary that healthy and young skin is not only skin, but also hair and nails. With age, the female body not only decreases the production of hormones, but also leaches calcium from the bones.

Therefore, doctors recommend constantly taking calcium supplements, including cottage cheese and dairy products in the diet.

To make up the hormone estrogen (female sex hormone), which is responsible for the youth of the female body, here what to eat:

  • Nuts (all types)
  • Fresh and dried apricots
  • Lentils
  • Flax seed (in the form of a decoction or crushed).

Good product that helps increase blood estrogen levels, is a natural coffee.

In addition to these products, it is recommended to use plant adaptogens:

  • Ginseng is the “root of life”, “grass of immortality”, tones the remedy in case of loss of strength as a result of mental or physical fatigue, increased stress, low blood pressure, for rehabilitation after debilitating diseases. Ginseng improves the activity of the cardiovascular system, sensory organs, in particular, sharpens eyesight and hearing, normalizes the supply of oxygen to the brain, accelerates wound healing, has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs and liver, and has a positive effect on the activity of the reproductive organs, in particular decrease in sexual function.
    Ginseng on iherb

Eleutherococcus normalizes blood pressure, increases vitality, renews strength, helps to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, which causes the development of vascular atherosclerosis, acts as a natural antibiotic, has an antioxidant effect, and slows down the aging process.
Eleutherococcus on iherb

Radiol pink - in case of depletion of the nervous system and physical strength, impotence, vegetative-vascular dystonia and many other bad conditions, as well as if a person needs to increase the stamina and resistance of the body. The peculiarity of Rhodiola is that it has a strong effect on skeletal muscle tissue, as well as on the muscle of the heart. In addition, radiol stimulates the energy activation of cells.
Radiola on iherb

These plants activate the body's defenses, helping it deal with various stresses and aging. Before using drugs with these herbs, be sure to consult a doctor.

In parting, I want to say that the elixir of eternal youth has not yet been invented. But this elixir is in the soul of women who do not give up old age, while remaining young in their internal content. They are attractive not only externally, but also with their optimistic attitude towards life, a manifestation of a constant interest in all the problems of our amazing modern world.

I also recommend simple exercises that will increase your energy charge and improve women's health.

How long you save your youth depends only on your desire and mood.

1. Take care of your skin

Cleansing, moisturizing and proper care - Essential stages on the way to a radiant and healthy skin.

In the morning and especially in the evening cleanse your skin using special means for washing with a low content of alkaline acids: tonics and milk for washing. In addition to makeup, these products will carefully remove dead cells and dust that have settled on the face during the day, opening the pores of the skin and allowing it to breathe and renew itself.

In addition to the cleansing procedure, it is necessary several times a week with soft peeling remove dead skin particles. If your skin is sensitive, use non-abrasive peeling, and the skin will take on a fresh, more firm and radiant look.

For basic facial skin care, use products that contain natural moisturizing, nourishing and microcirculatory enhancing ingredients. The use of detox means in care will help to remove toxins and speed up the metabolism in the skin.

Care products choose the right one for your skin type and age.

Young skin fit light creams and gels with a refreshing and moisturizing effect. For mature skin rich nourishing creams with rich texture and anti-aging effect.

Наносить кремы следует тонким слоем по массажным линиям легкими поглаживающими и постукивающими движениями.

2. Откажитесь от вредных привычек

Such вредные привычки, like smoking, drinking alcohol and eating poorly do not contribute to a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Smoking Contributes to the narrowing of tiny blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin and reduces their blood flow. This depletes the skin and reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients in it. Smoking also damages the fibers of elastin and collagen, which give the skin elasticity and strength.

In addition, the repeated facial expression that you make when you smoke can lead to the appearance of early wrinkles.

Regular alcohol consumption leads to early aging constant puffiness of the face and, subsequently, to a change in its color for the worse. Toxins poisoning the body, when drinking alcohol, have a dehydrating effect on the body and, accordingly, on the condition of the skin.

Abuse greasy, fried, or junk food may cause acne, inflammation, and other skin problems.

Therefore, if you want to get a beautiful and healthy complexion, but have any bad habits - you better give them up.

3. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits for a healthy complexion

An important component on the path to acquiring and maintaining a healthy complexion and condition of the skin of the face is the correct daily diet. A healthy diet will help you look and feel better. Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, have a beneficial effect on both the internal state of the body and the external.

Try to add some of the products from the list below to your diet, and natural changes for the better in appearance will not take long.


Orange vegetable - a natural antioxidant, contains a large amount of vitamin A, which is necessary for the regeneration and preservation of youthful skin cells.


Almonds have a lot of vitamin E, which is a natural moisturizing component. It prevents dry skin and helps even out its tone. Like vitamin A, vitamin E is also an antioxidant.

This delicious and healthy fruit is high in vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin.


contain a large amount of riboflavin, which our body uses to maintain and restore skin tissue.


With high levels of zinc, oysters have an effect on the sebaceous glands of the body, reducing the production of sebum, an excessive amount of which is a potential cause of acne.


Avocados contain essential oils, B vitamins and nicotinic acid. Niacin helps cope with redness and irritation on the skin. Essential oils maintain the integrity of the skin cell membrane, reducing the risk of inflammation, and vitamins nourish and maintain skin elasticity.

Healthy complexion /


Like carrots, mangoes are rich in vitamin A and can be a sweet alternative for those who think carrots are less palatable.

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids found in all types of fish and linseed oil perfectly retains moisture in the skin. Omega-3 also reduces the risk of inflammation in the skin.


Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are natural antioxidants that help maintain a fresh and healthy complexion.


Products that contain natural protein will give you a good complexion: eggs, boiled beef, fish and seafood.

4. Take a walk in the fresh air

Inactive work in closed rooms saturated with carbon dioxide, fumes from various paints and varnishes, leads to oxygen deficiency in the body. And without it, proper functioning and a fresh blush on the face is impossible.

Therefore, try as much as possible and more often to leave the room and take a walk in the fresh air at any convenient opportunity. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy skin, and walks themselves are guaranteed to return you to a healthy complexion, good sleep, and good mood.

5. Pamper your skin with hand-made masks

Pamper your skin at least once a week. home masks.

Healthy complexion /

The traditional, time-tested recipes presented by us will help to return a healthy complexion and good mood:

  • Honey with mineral water is a good cleanser for all skin types: mix one tablespoon of honey, 20 ml of mineral sparkling water and 20 ml of skim milk. Wipe your face skin with this tonic before going to bed.
  • Wheat bran scrub will effectively remove keratinized particles and refresh the complexion. Mix a tablespoon of wheat bran with a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of warm water. Rub your face immediately with this mixture, and then rinse with warm water. Use 1-2 times a week.
  • A mask of olive oil with an egg and a mask will moisturize your face well. Prepare this mask as follows: mix a teaspoon of olive oil and egg yolk and immediately apply to the face. You can also add one teaspoon of honey to this mask to nourish and soften dry skin.
  • A mask based on honey and milk also has an excellent moisturizing effect: mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of milk, distribute the mixture on the face and neck. Leave for a while, then rinse with warm water.
  • A mixture of peach, oatmeal and apple will soften and smooth the skin of the face. Combine a tablespoon of oatmeal with mashed peach and mashed quarter apple and apply face.
  • Calms and gives elasticity to the skin of the face carrot-apple mask. Mix the grated ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio - and the wonderful remedy is ready.

Apply homemade natural masks should be no less than 20 minutes and strictly on a pre-cleaned face.

6. Maintain water balance

Try to drink at least two liters of still mineral water per day. The lack of water in the body negatively affects the general condition of the body and the appearance of the skin - it prematurely ages and adversely affects its condition and color.

In order for the skin to remain healthy, supple and youthful, it must be well hydrated. Drinking water is a natural way to moisturize the skin from the inside.

Regular consumption of a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of honey before breakfast will help remove toxins from the body and improve complexion.

The easiest way to effectively and quickly moisturize, refresh and nourish the skin of the face with the necessary minerals and vitamins - use thermal water. And ice, prepared on the basis of thermal water, will remove the puffiness of the face, remove bags and “bruises” and make it shine. In addition, massage with ice cubes has a lifting property.

7. Lead an active lifestyle

The best tool that is guaranteed to make you beautiful is exercise. In summer, they are best done outdoors. The more we move, the greater the flow of blood to the skin, it is enriched with oxygen and faster metabolism. Besides, regular exercise improve your mood.

If you don’t have time or opportunity to visit the gym, then regular walking or cycling in the park for 20-30 minutes a day will be a great alternative.

8. Love yourself

A woman is indifferent to her appearance, to herself - an uninteresting and boring person.

A truly beautiful woman is self-confident, proud of her strengths and even turns flaws into virtues. She likes to take care of herself, monitor her diet and lifestyle. Let your mutual self-love begin right now - smile!

1. Give the body a natural meal: raw vegetables and fruits

When the necessary nutrients enter the body, it does not ask for excess food. For example, fruits satisfy the need for sweets. For proper assimilation, they must be consumed in a separate meal or an hour before meals, but never after.

The more natural the foods, the better they nourish the body. The body needs fiber. A salad of fresh vegetables and herbs nourishes the body with essential microelements, combines with any main course, and improves the absorption of meat. Salad takes up a lot of space in the stomach, so less space is left for heavy food. No wonder vegetables are considered the best dish for losing weight.

With natural nutrition, receptors are cleansed and the need for harmful foods is naturally reduced. Old eating habits that made the body heavier disappear. You don’t have to fight with yourself. The secret is to gradually switch to more natural food, until it reaches 30-50% of the total diet.

2. Drink clean water

We know that drinking sweet soda is harmful, so we prefer tea. As a result, we force the body to do the double job of extracting water from tea in order to nourish itself. We need exactly water. It removes toxins, cleanses of toxins, participates in the metabolism, breaks down fats. A glass of water on an empty stomach immediately after awakening stimulates intestinal motility and “turns on” the body. Drinking water during the day satisfies the false feeling of hunger, and a glass of water before meals speeds up metabolism and prevents overeating.

In order to accustom yourself to the use of healthy fluids, it is recommended to drink half a glass every hour during the entire period of wakefulness. The body quickly gets used to the good and soon begins to “demand” its 2 liters of water per day.

3. Get enough sleep

To tune in with natural biorhythms, go to bed until 22 hours, observe the regime and ensure complete silence and darkness in the bedroom. Subject to these rules, hormonal balance and the work of the endocrine system are stabilized, and the state of the psyche improves. During a full night's sleep, the hormone melatonin will be produced, which prevents the accumulation of fat and fights stress. The body does not need additional calories if it rested at night.

4. Listen to the body

There is a lot of conflicting information in the world. Some advise vegetarianism, others argue that meat cannot survive without meat. It remains only to check the effect of the product on yourself. If bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn or irritable bowel syndrome appear after eating, it means that the body has difficulty digesting food. It is worth watching the reaction to animal protein, dairy products, soy, gluten. Also pay attention to the compatibility of the ingredients in one dish. For example, not everyone is easily given the digestion of carbonara paste, because it immediately combines dairy products, gluten, and animal protein.

The process of losing weight will be a pleasure if the body itself refuses unsuitable food and improper combinations. Often, housewives replace certain ingredients in the recipe, making the dish healthier, but preserving its taste.

5. Enjoy the meal process.

This is the main secret of harmony, according to many. We feel full when we enjoy eating. You can eat the same dish and not notice it, but you can feel its texture, taste, smell, enjoy the view. It does not hurt to set the table and decorate the food, as if for a royal reception. If you decide to eat a forbidden dish, do not steal your sensations, savor each bite. It is important to satiate yourself, to get full satisfaction from the taste that you craved. It is contraindicated to eat on the go or in a hurry.

Every little joy helps to balance the psyche and get closer to harmony

The technique of mindfulness Mindfulness has long been known. Its task is to teach the total living of the present. Eating with eyes closed aggravates sensations and enhances the pleasure of eating. This technique will help to establish contact with yourself, teach you to be aware when a feeling of hunger appears, and to capture satiety signals.

6. Use the right to rest

Everyone has a lesson that fills him to the brim: drawing, dancing, knitting. If you live in pleasure, you don’t have to bite the lack of impressions or the lack of interesting communication. 20 minutes of relaxation in the bathroom can get rid of a bar of chocolate. Someone helps out in the countryside, someone meditates in the evenings. Each little joy helps to balance the psyche and get closer to harmony.

7. Express your love for the body

Embed this feeling in every touch of yourself. When you smear your body with cream, wipe yourself with a towel, feel gratitude to your body. He works so hard. No need to wait for ideal forms, you need to dismiss your poisonous critic, replace the negative internal dialogue with admiration and compliments. It is worth praising the body for every reason. After all, it is about your relationship with the body. As soon as they become favorable, the body begins to change, you will look great.

Slenderness is natural. In order for forms to be always graceful, losing weight is a must. Enjoy food, restoring sleep, spend quality time, feel harmony in the body and improve relationships with the body.

Anastasia Ryazanova - Consultant psychologist specializing in weight loss and family therapy. Her blog.