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How to understand that a guy is using you for sex


Behind the words and beautiful gestures of a man, sometimes cunning tricks of a skilled manipulator can be hidden. And all his actions are aimed only to achieve a specific goal - sex, money, woman relationships or some other needs. How to understand if a guy loves you or just uses for his own purposes? We will tell you about the most reliable signs that your chosen one is manipulating you.

The first signs that a guy is using you

How to understand when a man is sincerely passionate, and when he simply plays on his feelings? For each girl, this question, of course, is important - because the sooner you understand the manipulator and break off these relationships, the less valuable time will be lost, and the more chances there will be to meet your true love. And the very presence of a man who uses you can disadvantageously affect the appearance and health of a woman. She becomes sad, languishes, becomes dizzy, gets fat and does not understand - why.

Here are a few basic signs that a man is manipulating you:

Sudden disappearances from a woman’s life and equally sudden, without warning, appearance in her. This indicates that the man does not care about the feelings of women. Watch out if after a stormy night a man disappears somewhere, doesn't pick up the phone, and a week later appears on the doorstep, as if nothing had happened. Also offended if you start to blame him. Of course, he will find a million and a thousand reasons to justify in your eyes and appear innocent. But if this is repeated regularly - this is a serious reason to think.

A man is inattentive to your needs. Believe me, a man in love will always remember what exactly his woman likes, what kind of ice cream she prefers, what her favorite perfume and other details. But if a woman is uninteresting or interesting only for strictly defined purposes, the man will not even “take a steam bath” in order to memorize any information he gives her.

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And vice versa, if a guy is really in love, then there is nothing to fear. Even if he hides it, he will be given out by “body language”.

If a man really deceives you and does not value relations, then the only right decision is to forget him as soon as possible and live on.

This article will help you quickly and painlessly cope with resentment and negative feelings.

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If the gentleman does not take into account your desires - This is a clear sign that, most likely, he does not care about you. For example, he can go to a film, which is interesting only to him, and not to you. Or in a restaurant he orders wine that he likes, and you have to drink it. And many more such “pulls of the blanket” on himself.

This attitude clearly demonstrates that a man is not too interested in a woman. Otherwise, it certainly would have been more closely. And the woman’s comfort does not bother him either - such a partner nearby will not be able to cope, is it convenient for her, is she blowing out of the window.

His words diverge from actions by actions. If in words a man has already promised the sun, moon, star, house - a full bowl and more, but in fact appears in your life once a week, then there is a clear inconsistency. Most likely, he simply actively hangs “noodles” on your beautiful ears to deceive vigilance.

The criticality and bad mood of a man in your presence. If a man is in love with a woman, or if he simply likes her, then he will always be in high spirits in her presence. But if the appearance of a woman does not cause any joy, then it is very difficult for a man to hide it.

Latent dissatisfaction with the situation translates into comments, criticism, irritation. Being close to such an individual is very difficult and there is only one way out - to solve the problem, because with his bad mood the critic spoils it for you as well.

If a man does not introduce you to friends, does not introduce you to acquaintances - It is highly likely that intentions regarding you are not serious. Perhaps, of course, it is still early, and you have only known each other for a month. But usually a man takes a little time to understand if he is interested in a woman or not, and how far he is ready to let her into his life.

If she doesn’t represent her friends, then she doesn’t want her to go too deep into his life, doesn’t let her in, keeps her distance. And why? Because he doesn’t need this woman so close. It is necessary only for certain purposes - they met, had sex, and until the next meeting. In between these meetings, he has his own life.

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Your candy-bouquet period is over before you start. If a man has far-reaching plans and sincerely likes a woman, he will “stretch the pleasure”. Yes, of course, he will want her, but he will try to approach this issue smoothly, and not immediately with a cavalry swoop, drag a woman into bed.

If a man insistently hints specifically at the bed, but forgets about the small pleasant signs of attention, this suggests that his interests in relation to you come down to sex alone.

A man does not follow “the market”, does not try to speak beautifully and without mats in your presence. If you can swear, be rude, allow yourself insults, even if not against you, this is a serious reason to think about it. He does not try to appear better in your eyes, this is a bad sign.

A man carelessly treats your feelings. He can afford to walk with another girl. And even if he was noticed by your mutual friends, he will not call you in an attempt to justify himself. She will behave completely calmly, because she considers herself a free person without obligations.

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How to check your man

Who is more expensive: you or the car. Observe how a man reacts when you want to sit behind the wheel of his car or drive. Carry out such a test drive. For a man, his car is often like the second most important woman after his mother, and he treats him very scrupulously. And if he takes you seriously, then he will definitely give a ride on his “beauty”.

How important is money to him. If a man uses you from a mercantile point of view, then he will constantly run out of money on the phone, the bank will delay transfers to his card, there will be problems at work and other financial troubles. All this so that you pay for it.

A great way to test a man is to refuse to pay for him and look at his reaction. If he starts to get annoyed, then maybe money is all he needs.

Is he jealous of others. Try to make him jealous. For this, you can, for example, flirt with another man in front of him. If you do not notice your man showing signs of jealousy, this is another argument that he does not need you.

So, everything is quite simple. The main thing, having noticed the alarming signs of self-neglect, do not deceive yourself and try to take a sober look at things. And evaluate the actions of men, not his beautiful words. Actions do not deceive and show the real state of affairs and real men's feelings, in contrast to words.

15 signs that a man is using you

It’s not difficult to understand that a partner is simply using you for his own purposes. Connect your female intuition to put an end to toxic relationships in a timely manner.

Suspicions that relations have changed for the worse are not unfounded. Finding answers to your questions will help you observation. Carefully study his actions, actions and manners in order to get rid of unpromising relationships in time. Do not torment and torment yourself if you understand that you are simply being used.

How to understand that you are being used

1. You pay for everything from your wallet. If you shared a bill in a restaurant a couple of times when you first met, that's fine. However, if you constantly pay for joint purchases and expenses of your partner, this should alert you. Perhaps your companion is simply greedy, or he only needs your bank account.

2. A partner appears only when he needs something. If the guy does not respond to your requests for help, and then appears to help you, think. What kind of man is this who does not want to help the lady of his heart, but calmly uses her kindness for his own selfish purposes?

3. You are just a backup option for him. Serious relationships do not imply rare meetings when a guy is free. If he calls you only to accompany him to the next concert or to join the company at a tedious event, delete such a boyfriend from your life.

4. He is blackmailing you with emotions. Often, girls become attached to a partner and do not understand that the relationship is not developing in the best way. The chosen one can constantly rebuke you in something, but continue to meet. If he strikes negative emotions at you and constantly humiliates you with rude words, then it is better to stop dating such a partner.

5. The guy does not pamper you with gifts. This is not about expensive presentations, but if a partner does not remember important dates and even comes to you empty-handed for a birthday, he is unlikely to have strong feelings for you. If, after a hint that you would like tokens, the partner continues to ignore you, then with him you are definitely not on the way.

6. The guy is not interested in your desires. You visit only those places that he likes, do what the partner says. If your interests are ignored, and requests are ignored, then you simply use it.

7. The partner does not think about your feelings. In this case, the guy simply will not notice how painfully hurts you with his actions, will not reckon with what you are experiencing. It is unlikely that this is about love, if you are like an empty place for him.

8. The partner appears at home deep after midnight. Frequent absences and delays, especially without explanation, say a lot. You are definitely used if you are not warned about suddenly changing plans. A guy can spend free time with friends, completely not noticing your excitement and discontent, because he does not love you.

9. He rarely takes you with him. If in the early stages of dating this behavior is understandable, then at a more serious stage this should make you doubt its sincerity. Such behavior may indicate that he needs you only for selfish purposes, and may also indicate betrayal and betrayal.

10. You have no joint plans. People in a relationship sooner or later begin to make joint plans for the future. If your relationship is nothing like this, then it’s hardly worth continuing. A partner who refuses to discuss the prospect of developing your relationship will not be a reliable companion.

11. The chosen one does not introduce you to his relatives. A man in love will surely introduce his beloved to parents, but this does not always happen. If you have been dating for a long time and even live together, but are not familiar with his relatives, such a relationship cannot be called harmonious. Understand what the problem is, so you don’t bite your elbows later, when you find out that you are just being used as an alternate aerodrome.

12. You are simply not interested in him. The guy does not know what kind of music you like, what you prefer to do in your free time, and what annoys and upsets you. Such a description is suitable for the partner with whom you just started communicating. If you have been dating for a long time, then alarming calls indicate a lack of sincere feelings for you.

13. The partner does not show emotions. Think about how often you hold hands, hug or show affection for each other? If your chosen one shows coldness, bordering on callousness, tries not to touch you in public, then the relationship can be completed.

14. The partner does not keep these promises. In this case, everything is simple and clear: you are indifferent to him, and he just uses you. A man in love will not behave in this way with the subject of his adoration.

15. He does not open to you. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong with the relationship, trust it. The guy who wears the mask, slowly opening his essence to you, is hardly very interested in you. Do not make hasty conclusions, but look at the behavior of your chosen one. It is possible that he simply uses you until he finds for himself a “suitable party”.

Before rushing into the maelstrom of feelings, check your chosen one for sincerity. It is not necessary to force him to openly answer, but to follow the behavior of the person you have chosen is simply necessary. Unfortunately, not all men are decent, and some of them enjoy using the naivety of their companions. We wish you happiness and mutual love, and do not forget to click on the buttons and

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