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How to make yarn from dog or cat hair with your own hands


It has long been noticed that it is the dog’s coat that surpasses sheep in many ways. Those who do not throw away, but process the material obtained by combing a shaggy friend, act very wisely.

The effectiveness of this raw material has long been confirmed by traditional medicine.

In order to spin dog hair at home, you need to learn this skill constantly, acquiring the skill every day.

It is wonderful when people are able to make things themselves from valuable healing yarn, while extracting great health benefits.

The healing qualities of yarn

Since ancient times, people knew how to spin dog hair. Everyone knows the healing properties of yarn. It is widely used in the treatment of joint pain and colds. For greater benefits, knitwear is recommended to be worn solely on the naked body.

Yarn in contact with the skin is irritating and leads to blood flow to the sore spot. Gradually, relief comes. A wide range of therapeutic and preventive effects of yarn on the human body was noted.

But there are some features in how to spin dog hair.

How the breed of dogs affects the quality of the coat

It is necessary to choose wool for spinning taking into account some factors. For example, husky dog ​​fluff is hypoallergenic and odorless. It can be used for people with allergies.

I would like to know how to spin dog hair at home and which breeds of long-haired dogs are best used. For example:

  • Collie is a Scottish Shepherd.
  • Sheltie.
  • Samoyed dog.

Although it has been proven that any dog’s coat is healthy, the difference is the length of the fiber and its stiffness.

How to choose wool for spinning

It is very important to distinguish between the remaining coat (long and stiff) and the undercoat (down).

Fluff is obtained by combing dogs. To obtain a high-quality and durable thread, it is spun manually, using a spindle.

It is advisable to use only the down of the dog, but you can also take sheared hair. The resulting material should be well combed.

The longer the fibers, the better. It should be noted that in the end, the yarn will be more stiff and prickly than from fluff.

When wool is combed out, it can be laid out right away in different packages to figure out how to spin the dog's wool and with which tool. Put soft fluff taken from the withers and back in one bag, and everything else in another.

How to prepare material for spinning

How to spin dog hair at home? A difficult question for those who first decided to do this.

The very first thing that needs to be done is to sort out and free the available material from garbage and tricks. If, nevertheless, dirt remains that cannot be taken apart, it is better to wash it. To do this, you must:

  • Put the wool in a mesh bag designed for washing wool products.
  • Put in a container with powder, you can use liquid detergent.
  • Pour with warm water for thirty minutes.
  • Remove wool from the container.
  • Rinse in plenty of water.
  • Hang bags for draining water without push-ups.
  • Lay out the material for drying for at least two days.

After this treatment, the wool is well combed. It has no smell of dirt. She's good at tinkering with tees and carders.

How to Scratch Wool

For easy and high-quality spinning of the undercoat, the dog needs to be combed on time and well. Careful combing should be done no more than twice a week. Accumulated wool before spinning must be fumbled by hand, or for this use manual cheesi.

In small portions, the wool is placed on one cesca and combed with the other in oncoming movements until an air lump forms. It is necessary to repeat this several times, ensuring that the coat becomes homogeneous. Then remove the soft, fluffy lump from the chesky. The resulting lumps are collected in one large tow. Tows are made in different sizes, to whom it is convenient.

The combing process will go faster if you use a drum carder.

Looking at the obtained air tow, it becomes clear how to spin dog hair.

What are the methods of spinning at home?

Depending on which tool will be used for spinning, it will be necessary to attach a tow.

There are several methods for spinning dog hair:

  • Manual spinning without tools.
  • Manually using a spindle and a wooden spinning wheel.
  • Using a mechanical self-spinning wheel with a pedal.
  • Using electric spinning wheels.

How to spin dog hair with at least one of these methods?

It is best to start with manual spinning. This method will help to visually see how the thread is twisted, how many turns you need to make to get even yarn of a certain thickness and strength.

What types of spinning can be used at home

After combing the dog’s hair and getting the rovings ready for spinning, you can start creating yarn.

According to the technique of execution, yarn can be divided into three types:

Spinning is used when making short fiber yarn. To do this, you can use cotton or silk thread. During spinning, fluff curls around the base, and not vice versa. You need to make sure that the opposite does not happen. If the yarn is too twisted, then you can try to fix it. Rewind the resulting thread several times into tangles, back and forth.

You can rewind the spinning wheel in the opposite direction. It is recognized that spinning with a base is much easier than without using an additional thread.

Spinning dog hair without a foundation is used when making yarn from hair from long-haired breeds of dogs. A single thread is obtained by pulling the fiber from the tow and twisting. You can not twist such a thread.

To knit is to twist two strands into one.

You can mix strands obtained from different dogs, as long as they fit in thickness and preferably in softness.

Knitted yarn is different in volume and looks smoother in a knitted fabric.

A simple way to spin without spinning wheel

If there is no spinning wheel at home, but there is dog hair, and you really want to hide it, then the question certainly arises of how to spin dog hair without a spinning wheel. There is a solution, you need to take a tow and attach it to something.

For example, tie a skein of wool to a stick or to the back of a chair and try spinning. To do this, you need to slowly pull a thin thread of the same thickness from the tow and twist it constantly, otherwise it may break. After you get the yarn of the desired length, thickness and twist, you need to wind it on a spindle. Continue in the same order. When the ball is about the size of a fist, the thread should be cut.

You can not tie the tow to a chair.

Before spinning dog hair with a spindle, you need to take a lump of fluff in your left hand. Pull the thread out of the lump with your right hand while twisting. In this case, the spindle should be on a plate or in some bowl with a flat bottom without a depression. In this case, the twisting of the strand occurs quickly. If the thread was spinning thin, and suddenly a thickening appeared, then it must be unwound and straightened.

Next, hide about fifty centimeters and wind the resulting yarn onto a spindle. Tie the thread with a fixing knot in the upper part of the spindle. Thus, continue pulling and twisting the thread until the tow for spinning ends.

When you don’t know how to learn how to spin dog hair with a spindle, you can try using an even wooden stick or pencil. All other actions produce the same. Pull the thread from the tow, twist and wind on the middle of a pencil or stick.

Spinning on a spinning wheel with a spindle

The most famous is the grandmother's option of manually spinning dog hair at home. The spinning wheel is mounted on a stable surface, such as a stool or bench.

The spinning wheel consists of a vertical part, a tow is fixed on it, and a horizontal part (bottom), the seat of the spin.

After you fix the fluff on the spinning wheel, you need to pick up the spindle. It is best to attach the fluff to the spinning wheel with an elastic tape. Attach a cotton thread to the middle part of the spindle and wind it clockwise. Tow must be on the left side of the hand. Begin to pull the fibers from the tow with three fingers of the left hand. Connect the cotton thread to the strand and simultaneously rotate the spindle clockwise. Thus, spliced ​​thread with a strand. Secure the twisted strand in the upper part of the spindle with a fixing knot so that the thread does not fall off during rotation. Continue to rotate with your right hand, slowly freeing a small amount of fluff from the tow with your left to twist it. At the end of the spinning, rewind the thread from the spindle into a ball.

For knitting use yarn in two additions. To do this, connect the two threads and knit them.

Spinning dog hair by hand is quite difficult and time consuming. In order to get a quality thread, you need to have spinning experience. Therefore, to help spin, a spinning wheel with a wheel was invented, which has survived to this day.

Wooden spinning wheel helps to spin quickly

A mechanical self-spinning wheel with a foot drive has become a home helper for women. Spinner no longer spins, it simply does not exist. Pressing the foot with the foot sets the self-spinning wheel in motion.

Tow fixed on a stick or on a spinning wheel. The cotton thread is secured to the spool of the spinning wheel and passed through the hooks of the bobbin. It must be combined with a tow strand. Pulling a small strip of wool from the tow with your left hand, lay it on a cotton thread. At the same time, they begin to spin the wheel of the spinning wheel by pressing the foot on the pedal. The process of twisting the thread and winding it onto a spool begins. At this point, you need to look to see if the thread is too twisted.

If nevertheless this happened, then you need to manually pull the thread and unwind in the opposite direction. The speed of the self-spinning wheel is regulated by the pedal. The more often you press the pedal, the greater the speed of the wheel.

The thread tension is regulated by belts that are tensioned on the sinuses of the wheel and on the pulley. The spinning process is fast. Spinning dog hair, like any other, on a mechanical spinning wheel is not very simple, it requires certain skills.

Spinning wheels spins well and quickly

The invention of electric spinning wheels has several advantages. It is compact and speed. Experts say that practically no skills are required when working on it. The principle of the formation of a thread of wool in the spinning wheels is the same - the strand is pulled out of the tow, twisted and wound into a ball.

Then the finished yarn must be knotted. If there is no such function on the spinning wheel, then you can twist it manually on the spindle.

The photo shows how this device looks. We spin the dog's hair on an electric spinning wheel in the same way as in other cases - separating small pieces of combed wool and twisting them.

Healing properties

Of course, collecting a bag of wool after your pet is not difficult, and the main problem is spinning the thread. But if you find a spinner straight away or learn how to spin yourself, then you will get a practically inexhaustible source of not only warm, but also medicated wool.

As a rule, children are prone to colds, and a scarf made from such a healing fiber will help to avoid a sore throat or relieve it. A real disaster of our time was joint pain, which affects not only older people. And here dog clothing items come to the rescue: belts, knee pads, bandages.

Often choose products from coarse wool, which "bites", because it is precisely it that simultaneously produces the effects of acupuncture, micro massage and stimulates nerve endings, which is very important for some chronic ailments.

And if you add the energy of your beloved doggie or cat to the above-described qualities, who loves you very much, makes you happy, lives for you, we will get a truly magical ball of thread, designed to become your amulet.

Picking and spinning

To twist the thread, it is better to use combed wool rather than sheared. If the spider has a lot of experience, then the sheared dog fleece will go into action. But if you do not have extensive practice, it is better to start learning from those downy fibers that remain on the animal’s brush.

To avoid the pungent odor that is sometimes present in dogs, you should carefully bathe the dog with the appropriate shampoo. But still, the smell can be removed later, when washing the thread or the finished product.

Feline curls are harder to spin, they look more like rabbit fur. Therefore, only experienced professionals will undertake such work. But, as they say, nothing is impossible.

The process of using wool consists of several stages:

  1. Collection of material (combing, picking up shreds, cutting).
  2. Preparation for spinning. It should be borne in mind that the color of the animal may be heterogeneous or there is a difference in the shades of the undercoat and the coat itself. Therefore, this includes: a) sorting, b) washing, c) staining.
  3. Studying woolen fiber in a thread with or without a spinning wheel.
  4. Knitting the necessary product.

If the spinning and knitting process is too complicated for you, you can practice felting. The resulting felt will be successfully used for toys, jewelry or stylish designer models. Indeed, over the past few years, famous world couturiers often use felt models in their collections - this is a special chic.

Such a creation, made with your hands from the hair of your beloved pet, will become a healing, energetic and simply stylish accessory that will create a furor in your environment.

How to align yarn with a winder

To further align the thread and avoid distortions when knitting, it must be wound into skeins with a winder. A winder is a device needed to rewind yarn into skeins. In other words, it is called sparrows.

Dry yarn must be worn on the coiler’s horns and wound into balls. Wonderful dog wool yarn is ready to use.

How to wash your finished yarn

Band the rewound yarn in several places and send to the wash:

  • Put skein in a container of warm water and liquid detergent.
  • Wash carefully.
  • Rinse in water with a hair balm.
  • The last thorough rinse to produce in large quantities of water with the addition of a few drops of essential oil.

You do not need to squeeze the wool. Hang skeins on clean gauze or on a clothesline. As it dries, the coat becomes wavy. In order for the yarn to straighten well, it must be pulled back with a weight. Gradually, the load can be added so that the thread is smoother.

To have enough hair, collect it after each combing of the dog. You can knit warm clothes with your own hands for loved ones, since this wool is also healing. The pleasure of work and received products made by yourself will last a long time. The best thing is to leave the fluff of a pet and learn the material how to spin yarn from dog hair.