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Hello dear visitor of the site! Using a fishing rod in a minecraft game, you can catch and cook a variety of fish in a minecraft game, so if you suddenly have a question about how to craft a fishing rod in minecraft, you can see a detailed and step-by-step instruction on how to make a fishing rod to minecraft.

To create a fishing rod in minecraft, you need three sticks and two threads.
And so to continue and build a fishing rod in minecraft, you will need to go to the installed workbench and press the right mouse button once.

Then on your computer the menu of your workbench will open, in which you will need to perform the following actions:
Put one stick in the third, fifth and seventh cell, then put one thread in the sixth and ninth cell.
If you do not have a thread in minecraft, then you can get a thread from a spider.
If you do not have sticks in the game, then you can see the instructions on how to craft sticks in minecraft.

After all the steps, you will create a fishing rod in the game minecraft.
Now you just have to transfer the created fishing rod to your inventory, for this we hover over the made fishing rod and press the left mouse button once, after which we transfer the fishing rod to one of the cells of your inventory.

After you transfer the fishing rod to your inventory, you can complete the work with the workbench by pressing the English key E.
Now that you have a fishing rod in minecraft, you can catch fish in minecraft, and you can also cook fish in the oven.
If you do not know how to fish in minecraft, then you can read the instructions on how to fish in minecraft.

How to fish

Without difficulty, do not pull out the fish from the pond (proverb).

Fishing at Minecraft isn’t tricky. At the very beginning, you need to throw a hook into the reservoir, taking the fishing rod in your hand and clicking the mouse button, which is responsible for its use. If everything went as it should, a fishing line with a float and a hook will fly out. When you click the mouse again, the fishing line is reeled up.

If you wait a little after casting, then after a while particles of water spray, bubbles, all approaching the float, will appear near the float. Then he will plunge into the water. If at this moment you pull out the fishing rod, a fish or some other object will fly into your hands. The float will sink several times and, if you do not have time, then the catch will fall off the hook.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that each click of the mouse button to pull out the hook spends one unit of strength of the fishing rod, but not in the Pocket Edition. Strength is spent in cases:

  • successful fishing of fish or objects (-1),
  • winding up fishing line if the hook is stuck in the block (-2),
  • winding up fishing line if the hook is stuck in essence (-3).

The likelihood of catching fish will increase if you fish in the rain in the open. What kind of fish can be caught fishing in Minecraft?

Fish in Minecraft

Fried fish (fried cod)

FoodSaturatesSatisfies hunger
65 ()
Fried salmon7,26 ()
Pufferfish (Puffer fish)0,61 ()
Clown fish0,61 ()
Raw fish (raw cod)1,22 ()
Raw salmon1,22 ()

What else can you catch with a fishing rod

It’s pecking, but it doesn’t take a bait (proverb).

How to fish in Minecraft, that is, to fish, is described above. But fishing in the game is not only fishing, as other objects can also be caught on the hook. They belong either to the category "Treasures", or - "Garbage." The first includes:

Bows and fishing rods in the Treasure category are enchanted and damaged. The second category includes:

Fishing rods and boots in the Trash category will be broken and contain no enchantment.

There would be oud, and the fish would be (proverb).

If you hang a carrot on the hook of a fishing rod in Minecraft, you get the so-called fishing rod with carrot. It should be borne in mind that a damaged fishing rod cannot be used to craft fishing rods with carrots.