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How to become a fairy in real life?


Fairies are fabulous creatures that have long been present in various stories and tales of different nations. And at the same time, almost every girl has ever dreamed of becoming a true fairy, getting magical powers, gaining wings and fluttering around the world. For all time, many other magical creatures appeared in the world that people invented, but still fairies remain one of the most popular, especially among girls. This is evidenced by the fact that a huge number of children are now watching the adventures of the Winx fairies. But watching is one thing, and quite another - turning yourself into one of these mysterious magical creatures. That is why now many girls are looking for the answer to the question of how to become a fairy with transformation, that is, to get all the necessary attributes, such as wings and magical powers. Next will be considered some of the most popular options that you can try yourself.

Paper in water

There are a fairly large number of ways that are discussed on the Internet. Everyone says that he knows exactly how to become a fairy with transformation, but nobody succeeds in proving this. Therefore, you just need to consider the most famous methods that are more common than others both in the network and in the literature in order to get the greatest chance of success. So, the first method is to use colored paper. Here, the choice must be approached responsibly, since what fairy will turn out in the end depends on the color. For example, when you select green paper, you will turn out to be a forest fairy, and when you select blue - a water fairy. In addition to paper, you will need a plate of water, a candle and a mirror. Using a candle, you need to light the paper and put it in water, and then reflect in the mirror. Then you will need to look in this mirror and wait for the paper to burn out. If after this the candle goes out, the ceremony was a success. But this is just one option for becoming a fairy with transformation. For reliability, it is worth considering a few.

The second way will require you more time, namely the whole night. But don’t worry - you don’t have to stay awake until the morning, you just won’t be able to achieve everything right away. If you want to learn how to become a fairy with transformation, then you will have to be patient. So, on a piece of paper you need to write what kind of fairy you want to become, after which this sheet needs to be lowered into the water, buried in the ground or let go in the wind. It is important to remember that in this case you should never say anything or make any sounds at all. After the rite, you need to immediately go to bed in the morning to wake up as a fairy. Success can also be affected by the fact that your window is open - a flying fairy can look to visit you, thereby ensuring success in your transformation.

Fairy Elixir

The following method will take even more time. You need to create a special elixir that you do not need to drink - you only need to touch it with your fingers every night before bedtime. If your goal is a flying fairy, then you need to add feathers to the water, if natural - a pinch of earth and so on. An additional ingredient is sugar, which serves as a bait for fairies. You need to silently touch the resulting elixir every evening for a week and present yourself in the image of the one you want to turn into. And then on the seventh day you go to bed to wake up in the morning a full fairy. As you can see, the transformation of fairies can take a lot of time, so you should not think that everything will be simple and easy for you - you will have to make a lot of effort, but the result is worth it.

How to become a fairy Winx?

Each fairy, such as Winx, is distinguished by wisdom and a sense of style. Such fairies, in addition to possessing magical powers, are also good housewives and fashionistas. Therefore, in order to become a sorceress like Stella, Flora or Roxy, it is enough to learn how to come up with beautiful outfits, read a lot of smart books and always clean up your things. Moreover, all this should be accompanied by a special spell ("Krekin-mane Ste, Flo, Rock, Krekin-mane").

But to become a Bloom fairy, all of the above will not be enough. You will also need to find a special cache that no one will ever know about, and decorate it so that there is nothing more beautiful in the whole world. Such a secret place enhances any magic phrase and gives its mistress the power that the fairy Bloom possesses.

How to become a fairy with wings?

There are fairies who can fly. Help them in this little shiny wings. But not every fairy they get at birth. Many make them themselves from the clouds and the breath of the wind. One of the magic books describes how to become a fairy who can fly and how to make yourself magic wings at home.

All owners of improvised wings become a flying fairy. You can make them from improvised means: a transparent thick film, scissors, paints and a brush, an old strap, a thread with a needle and a varnish with sparkles for hair. First, the shape of the wings of the desired size is cut out and painted with paints of different colors. After it dries, it is sewn to the strap (strictly in the center). All! - the wings are ready. The final touch will be to spray them with varnish to add shine.

Wings will become magical only in a week, provided that in the afternoon they will be constantly in daylight. However, it should be remembered that in real life fairies fly only at night, so that others do not see the beauty of the magic wings and do not want to pick them up for themselves. If the magic wings are stolen, then all the magic will disappear in an instant, and becoming an enchantress will no longer work.

Learn to talk with water

To do this, you need to come to any water source (river, lake), choose the tree that you like most, and hang a silk color ribbon on it. This is done so that nature itself helps the magical transformation. Then sit near the water, throw aside all extraneous thoughts to the side and begin to listen to the noise (language) of the stream.

As soon as you get the feeling that you are part of nature, you can ask any questions of interest. Water will answer them. However, at first it is better to ask questions that can be answered simply (“yes” or “no”). If, after the question asked, the noise of the water became louder, a fish jumped out of the river or some other phenomenon occurred, it means that the water answers the question positively.

Get the power of water

You can become a fairy of water, having seized the power of this element. To do this, you need to shout exactly at midnight over a previously prepared basin of water: "Mother water, share your little silushka so that I am as strong as you are." The hair should be fluffy, all jewelry from the body removed. After all the words have been pronounced, you need to collect a bath, pour the entire contents of the pelvis and swim.

How to become a fairy with transformation?

To become a fairy who can transform into someone or something, you need to have a well-developed imagination, since the process of transformation occurs only in the case of a detailed mental representation of it. A fairy who is endowed with transformational powers was once a fairy with wings. It just grew, and nature endowed it with more serious forces.

Now, in order to fly such fairies, wings are not needed. They just imagine how they turn into a bird (who likes which one), then the moment of transformation and flight take place. Sorceresses turn not only into birds, but also into animals, plants and various objects. This process occurs in the same way as in the transformation described above.

Therefore, only one who has made wings and learned to fly can become a fairy who owns the forces of transformation. But the following exercises will help you quickly master the technique of various transformations to develop your imagination:

  1. Every day, paint pictures of the magical world. The magical world can only be seen in a dream. But some manage to reproduce its appearance with the help of innate abilities by inventing different animals, unusual trees, stars, which you will not find in everyday life.
  2. To write fairy tales. All authors of fairy tales are wizards, only they do not tell anyone about it. In order not to forget the transformation skills, they write stories in which they describe worlds where only magical creatures and powerful sorcerers live. If more than 1000 people read the tale and everyone likes it, then the most important fairy queen gives the authors new strengths.

There is one important magical rule: a fairy tale must be written by hand. The text of the tale should be multi-colored, so before writing, you must definitely stock up with colored pens and felt-tip pens. For each page you will need to draw pictures.

How to become a fairy of nature?

In fact, everyone is born into the fairies of nature, only with age is it forgotten. In order to awaken the forces that were laid at birth and to truly become a fairy, you need to spend more time in nature and treat it carefully. That is, to do everything that is the responsibility of the fairies of nature: to help people sick with animals, to ensure that trees and flowers are not broken without need, in no case to litter, but rather take care of the environment.

If the fairies of nature do not fulfill their obligations, then they will have nowhere to take the magical powers that the universe gives them.

It is possible to awaken the forces of nature relatively quickly and easily, if you do the following:

  1. Every day do a lot of good deeds.
  2. Grow flowers at home or in the garden yourself.
  3. Meditate (like yoga: sit in a lotus position, close your eyes, distract from everything and think only about your desire to become a fairy).

All these three points must be accompanied by special words (“Boats, start, Boats, forces, Boats, wake up Jsin”).

But if there is not enough magic power, then the most ordinary trees will help to replenish them. If you approach any tree and mentally ask him to share his strength, the tree will not refuse. All that will need to be done later is to just stand near the trunk for about half an hour.

How to become a fairy animals?

Animals all feel and understand no worse than other people, which means that they have consciousness. Therefore, commanding them is quite difficult. To do this, you need to be able to penetrate the thoughts of animals and replace them with your own. This can be done in only one way - to clearly reproduce in the imagination the desired action that the animal must perform, and imagine how it performs it (where it goes, what it feels). In this case, you need to think as if the mind of an animal is a personal mind.

Quickly become a fairy animals does not work. First you need to learn how to love them and not be afraid. This is not only about all your favorite cats and dogs, but also about crocodiles, lions, bears, wolves and tigers. And just to love animals a little, the most important thing is to get reciprocity from them, otherwise they will block the entrance to consciousness and it will not work to tame them.

Learning to command animals is best with your pets. As soon as it turns out, you immediately need to conduct a special magic rite. For this, paints are used that can be painted on the skin (sold in children's stores). They need to draw on their face some animal (the most beloved).

Then you need to stand on a chair, turn on music in which there are animal sounds and sing 15 times “Morley's trust, Morley's quast, Morley's stasis, come queen of fairies. Morley’s trust, Morley’s quast, Morley’s stasis, make me a fairy too soon. ” You need to sing on the motive that comes to mind. After that, put a chocolate bar near the open window and go to sleep. If there are no chocolates in the morning, then the fairy queen heard the song and everything worked out.

How to become a fairy of all strength?

Owning all the forces at once is very difficult, so you cannot become such a fairy right now without prior training. Sorceresses, who own all the forces, did not learn everything at once, but gradually. At first they mastered the technique of flight, then they received the forces of nature, after - water, etc. Such students are given new powers by the fairy queen. So she encourages them for their efforts. Therefore, to become a fairy right now does not work.

To become a strong and experienced sorceress, you really need to learn lessons, not just like in a regular school, but magic (flying, magic language, magic count, physical education). They are very similar to school ones, so you can combine one with the other. There are several magic tricks for this:

  1. Before each school lesson, it is imperative to say the following phrase to yourself: “Lesson, lesson, lesson begin and quickly turn into a magical one. Kraken, beacons, spinning, I’ll quickly turn into a fairy now. ”
  2. In a math lesson, turn all tasks into magic ones. For example, if the problem is about a girl, then you need to imagine a fairy, if about an apple - think of magical properties for him, etc.
  3. In each notebook put a small leaflet, which says that its owner is a fairy, and lists what powers she owns. For example: “My name is Masha. I am a fairy. I can fly and talk with animals. ” This leaf should be decorated with colored pencils, and on the reverse side, draw a small fairy with wings and a magic wand.
  4. Make yourself a magic wand. It is better from an ordinary pen, which you can write at school to constantly carry it with you. To do this, you need to take a colored ribbon, turn it into a bow and attach it to the cap of the handle. Let him lie on the windowsill at night so that the fairy queen turns her into a magic wand. Only to say that this is a magic item is impossible for anyone, otherwise the wand will again become an ordinary pen.
  5. Turn all your school books into magic ones. To do this, every morning you need to hang a magic blot on the backpack. This is such a special keychain. It can be made at home. You need a little toy with a ring. A ribbon with the inscription "blot" is hung on a toy and all together clings to a backpack with a little ring with the words: "Blot is a monte, busho, ricco."

Moon water

Arm yourself again with a piece of paper and a bowl of water. On the sheet write what kind of fairy you want to become, after which you need to put it in a bowl of water. Remember that the Winx fairies are not the most reliable creatures in this regard, they were invented for broadcast on television. It’s best to use more classic options so that you have a better chance. At night, when the moon shines through your window, you need to put a bowl of water and a leaf so that the moon reflects on the surface of the water. You need to drink water, and then immediately go to bed - in the morning there will be a finished result. It is possible that you will even have fairy wings, so think about it before you go to bed, maybe you should sleep this night on your stomach.

If you do not want to act in roundabout ways, then there is always a straight road for you - you can directly contact the fairies. Perhaps you will succeed, or maybe nothing will come of it. There is a possibility that you will see only the fairy tail, but this does not matter - this will not be your only chance, so do not be discouraged. So, your main goal is to really want and believe in what you are doing. Call the fairy you want to become from the bottom of your heart so that she believes in your words, and when she arrives, you will need to convince her even more. How to feel that the time has come? Very simple - a slight wobble of air will mean that the fairy has arrived at you. And if the same fluctuation occurs above your head, then this will mean that you are lucky and you were sprinkled with magic powder. If you wait one more day, you will become a full fairy. Well, if this did not happen, then do not be discouraged - take a rest for a week or two, think carefully, what exactly you need to tell the fairy when she arrives. Remember that there are different fairies - the mystery of their origin has not been solved, so you can try to contact different ones.

How to become a fairy at home

To become a real fairy, it is determined what magical properties I would like to adopt from the character: a lot is subject to sorceresses.
These magical creatures are able to fulfill desires, command elements.

Before conducting the rites, it is worth deciding on the destination. If the caster wants to become a wish fulfilling fairy, it is worth answering the question whether the girl is ready to help people all her life. If so, a simple ritual is performed.

It is necessary to call a real fairy of desires. There are many ways of varying degrees of difficulty. The simplest option will require the presence of colored markers or pencils, a sheet of paper, a beautiful vibrant flower and sugar. A red circle is drawn on a piece of paper, around it is orange, then yellow, green, blue and violet. You should get a round rainbow. Such is seen by sorceresses in flight.

In the center of the rainbow you need to put a flower and sprinkle with sugar. After proceeding to threefold the spell:

Fairy of desires, I challenge you. Everything is prepared for you: a seven-color rainbow, a beautiful flower bud and sweet shiny crystals. Sugar glitters on the petals of magic, a flower stands in a seven-color circle, the Fairy appears that hour. As there are a lot of grains in sugar, so my desire is strong, not even count them, so much I desire. Fairy wizard, come! Фея-волшебница, приди! Фея-волшебница, приди.

Если после фразы заклинатель не увидит фею, не стоит расстраиваться — эти создания редко показываются людям. Но присутствие магического существа чувствуется интуитивно. Там, где появляется фея, особая атмосфера волшебства. Если крупинки сахара будут осыпаться с цветка, волшебница рядом.

When the little helper comes to the call, you must ask:

Fairy of desires, hear me, help me. Give me magical powers, knowledge, wisdom, beauty and charm. Give me the strength to help people. Not for myself, I ask, in order to save the suffering, to help those who need me. Give me magical powers. Make me a fairy May it be so.

Communication with most magical creatures involves offerings and gifts. They say:

I want to appease you, I brought you a gift. Fulfill the request, receive it.

Spread sweets and decorations on the windowsill - a gift. Do not be greedy: if a sorceress realizes that labor is not appreciated enough, she will be angry.

If the caster asks from a pure heart, with good thoughts, a magical creature will help become a real fairy. The result will be very soon. A wave of positive energy will envelop a person, and a fairy of desires will endow the girl with amazing abilities during the ritual or in a few days. Turn delay means that the caster is doubted. The decision of sorceresses in the right direction is persuaded by good deeds: only worthy can join their ranks.

Fairy from the mirror

There is another way that takes you a week to complete. Naturally, you do not have to spend whole days on turning, but you will have to devote some time. You will need to take one item that will correspond to the type of fairies that you are interested in. This method will not be convenient if you are interested in winter fairies. The fact is that you will need to put this item in front of the mirror and look at it for a while, and the snow is melting very quickly. But other versions of fairies are very good at using this method. You will only need a desire to become one of them - you will need to look in the mirror every day and present yourself after the transformation. Do not worry if nothing happens - nothing should happen for a week. But after seven days you should receive a signal from those fairies that you want to join - spilled water, blazing fire, crumbling earth and so on. It is then that the transformation will begin. "Winx" is primarily an animated series, so do not really hope that you get a transformation. As mentioned earlier, it is better to try to become a classic fairy, and not a cartoon character.

Turning into a fairy in 1 minute in real life

The ritual is quick, used if the caster initially has a large supply of energy. If the magician does not have enough strength to conduct a quick rite, the ritual cannot be completed. In order to carry out the transformation, one should go out into the nature - a river bank, a forest, an open area.

It is desirable that there are no people nearby: no one needs extra evidence of the existence of magic. The caster should spread his arms wide, raise his head up to the sun. Feel how the sun's rays touch the body, envelop, as if creating invisible protection and magic wings, and the magician receives magical properties.

You should tune in to this wave. Usually one minute is enough. Then they say one phrase:

Wings of sunlight are woven, powers given by nature are magical by nature, from now on I can create true fairy real miracles.

After that, the girl will feel that the true wings of the fairy have appeared from the sunlight. This nature has presented unique abilities that are used only for good purposes. If a magician takes advantage of magical powers to harm people, nature will take power as quickly as it bestowed.

The secret way to turn

There are many ways to turn into a fairy. If a person wants to become a fairy Winx, the lord of natural forces, initially determine the element-patron.

They stop at the elements according to the zodiac sign. If this choice does not suit you, you need to prepare for the difficulties on the way. It is much easier to ask for help from the elements to which people initially belong. Managing natural phenomena is quite difficult.

There is a universal secret rite that will allow you to join any chosen element. For the ceremony to be successful, you need to choose a suitable place:

  • the forest is a fairy of the earth
  • The coast of a reservoir - a fairy of water,
  • windy place - fairy air,
  • the site on which the bonfire is safely raised is a fairy of fire.

After determining with the elements, they look for a suitable place for the ceremony and mentally prepare for transformation. For the ritual come to the appointed place before dawn. Sunrise is met at the venue of the ritual. As soon as the sun begins to rise, they say the words:

Mother earth / sacred fire / violent wind / water, giving strength (depending on which element is being addressed), give me strength. Give me wisdom, give me endurance, give me stamina not to turn off my chosen path. Make me a real fairy. Give me the opportunity to control the elements, give good to people, perform miracles. And I promise to be your obedient daughter and follow your laws in everything.

During the utterance of the conspiracy, they are located as close to the elements as possible: they touch the ground, lower their hands into the water, raise them to the wind, and stretch them to the fire. The plot is repeated three times, after the caster feels that the spirits of the elements have come. If the entities are dissatisfied with the call and do not give strength, the magician will feel a strong uneasiness, fear, confusion.

If the forces of nature agree to give unique magical abilities, peace, joy, and happiness will be felt. The caster will feel, as from the attribute symbolizing the elements, energy flows, enveloping in a dense cocoon, depart.

When the selected element charges the energy flow, go home. When accessing the elements of fire, a fire is extinguished so that no one knows that the ritual was being conducted.

The next day there will be changes, but that’s not all. The abilities bestowed by the elements should be developed. Conduct simple rituals that are designed for white magicians. As the skills develop, the magician will be able to work miracles without resorting to spells.

How to become a real moon fairy

Much has been said about magical powers and the moon. The moon fairies are subject to the fulfillment of their most cherished desires. Sorceresses of the Moon are able to influence the course of events, see or change the future. If a girl wants to join the fairies of the moon, one ritual is performed.

The full moon awaits when the sorceresses are the strongest and can reward with a rare gift. At midnight, you need to go to the window and open it so as to be under the light of the moon.

It is advisable that the moonlight fully illuminate the caster's figure. Even if at least to the waist, it’s already good. Prepare a sheet in advance and write about the desire to become a fairy.

When the magician is illuminated by moonlight, they take out a sheet with a written desire. Loudly read the request and say:

Fairy of the moon, in my requests I urge you. I ask you, grant me magical powers, give me the opportunity to join you and become a fairy of moonlight!

Then they take matches and a small saucer, where they put a note with desire. The paper is set on fire, ashes are blown away. You can go to sleep. If the ceremony is carried out correctly, the moon fairy will certainly hear and grant magic abilities.

Every girl is capable of becoming a fairy, only you need to try. If you turn into a magical creature, returning to a human form is difficult. The exception is situations when the forces donated by the patrons take away. To prevent this from happening, you should do good and help people.

Good deeds

It has been said more than once that in order to turn into a fairy you need to really want this. However, desire alone will not be enough. Otherwise, the fairies would be very, very much. In fact, you will need much more than just a desire. First of all, you have to swear that you will use the newly acquired forces only for your own good and you will never use them for your own benefit. This is the main code of any fairy, so if you are not ready for this, then you better not try to complete the transformation. Secondly, you will need to keep everything that you do, see, hear or feel secret from people. If someone finds out that you are a fairy, then you are unlikely to be believed, but you will definitely lose your strength, and at the same time the trust of the fairies. So you will no longer have a second attempt.

Fairy wings

An integral attribute of any fairy is wings, they appear at her at the very moment when she completes her transformation from an ordinary person. Naturally, these are not ordinary, but magic wings - they are not very large, but beautiful and bewitching. But you should always remember that people cannot see them. Thus, wings can serve as a kind of indicator among fairies, allowing them to distinguish each other in a crowd of people. After all, sometimes it can be quite difficult to do, so wings can be useful. You need to closely monitor them, because the world is full of evil, and there will certainly be those who want to steal your magic treasure from you. And as soon as your wings disappear, your powers disappear, and irrevocably, you cannot become a fairy again.

Strength development

Do not think that after the transformation you will immediately become a strong and powerful fairy - you will only be given the opportunity. You will have to develop your abilities, learn and comprehend new heights of knowledge. Therefore, do not chase great opportunities - you, unfortunately, will not get them. After the transformation, you will be an ordinary fairy who knows almost nothing. Only hard work and a lot of time spent studying the necessary materials can bring you closer to success. The more you do, the more successful you will become. And this means that your opportunities as fairies will expand. Naturally, you have the right to independently choose which way to go. There are fairies who decide not to advance further and always remain at the same level, but, of course, it is much better to strive for more and achieve success in their path.

Good company

Fairies are friendly, sociable creatures, so it is very rare to meet single people who do not communicate with anyone. But, given the fact that some girls who have just become fairies find it difficult to make new friends and make friends, you can pay attention to those you already know. As noted earlier, a fairy can be distinguished by the wings that only she has, and only other fairies can see them. Therefore, it is possible that among your friends there are already fairies - this will greatly facilitate your entry into a new company. It is possible you can form a full-fledged team that will act effectively together. You will be able to help your friends, and they will also be able to help you. This is how the fairies society works.

Attracting New Fairies

Now it seems to you that the process of transformation into a fairy is very complicated, it requires a lot from you. Indeed, this is not an easy walk, it is hard work that will require you time, effort, knowledge and faith in yourself, as well as in what you do. However, one day the day will come when you will remember with your smile your first steps as a fairy, but then you will already be a respected fairy-tale creature with its own sphere of influence. And just then a situation may arise that will make you look into the past. The fact is that existing creatures come to ordinary people to select new fairies, that is, this time you will simply be on the other side. Perhaps it will be your honor to fly into the house of some girl who insanely wants to become a fairy, who believes in what she is doing and is ready to do only good. And then with one sweep, you can turn a little girl into a beginning fairy, remembering that once one of them just as well awarded you with this wonderful gift. Transformation into a fairy is not only a matter of the appearance of wings and magic pollen. The most important thing is what you have inside, in the heart.