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Magic jar: an effective method of fulfilling wishes


In this master class, we suggest you make an original flashlight based on the tale of Peter Pan. The result of the work will be a beautiful lamp in which the Tinker Bell fairy will sit. How exactly to make it, and what you need for this, see the step-by-step instructions.

To make a magic flashlight from a can, prepare:

  • glass jar with a lid,
  • tracing paper
  • PVA glue,
  • brush,
  • ruler
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • colored paper
  • thick black paper
  • decorative key
  • golden twine
  • wire
  • light source, preferably LED,
  • dry glitter
  • scissors.

Step 1. Take a glass jar suitable for this project. Small barrel-shaped items look best. Wash it thoroughly, be sure to remove the label. Dry the container well and degrease its outer surface with alcohol.

Step 2. Take tracing paper, flatten it. To implement the idea you need tracing paper. This is thin translucent paper, through it the shadow of a fairy fairy will be visible.

Step 3. Mix glue with a few drops of water and brush on the surface of the jar. Wrap a jar of tracing paper. Press it down carefully. Leave the remaining paper creases. They will look spectacular.

Leave the workpiece to dry completely. Hours 4 - 5 will be enough.

Step 4. On a piece of thick black paper, transfer the outline image of the fairy. Cut it and glue it on the inside of the can. Leave the product to dry.

Step 5. Decorate the can at the neck to make it look more spectacular. In this case, a rope of golden tones, golden-colored wire, and also a small decorative key were used.

Step 6. Take colored plain or corrugated paper. Cut a strip of 30 cm long and 6 cm wide from it. Draw on it with a pencil the contours of the petals and also cut them. Fold the strip while lubricating the paper base of the flower with PVA glue. At the end of the process, use the scissors to bend the petals in the right direction.

Step 7. Glue the finished flower to the neck of the jar.

Step 8. Decorate the jar with dry sparkles. Lubricate it at the top with PVA glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Do not sprinkle it a lot.

Step 9. Place a small battery-powered LED light inside the can. It can be a small spotlight, a miniature flashlight tablet, etc.