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Shutterfly Photo Book


The network has a large number of quite decent services for storing your photos and videos. Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Facebook, 500px, Photobucket and many other sites allow you to do this conveniently and safely. However, as you know, there is no ideal, and sooner or later you might think of changing a photo hosting or, possibly, creating a backup copy of your photo archive. Hands re-saving all files individually is an unenviable pleasure, so we want to introduce you to a special service, which can be done completely automatically.

Online service serves for quick convenient transfer of your digital archives from one online service to another. As an outgoing service, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Facebook, 500px, Photobucket, Kodak Gallery, MySpace, Shutterfly, SmugMug are currently supported. The host list may include the same list of sites, as well as Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, Evernote.

The service is organized in the form of a step-by-step wizard, which will not be difficult to deal with. In the first step, we choose where we want to move the photo from, then select which folders and files to process.

At the last step, you need to select and authorize the service to which the selected items will be redirected.

The file transfer operation itself takes some time, so you will be notified of its completion by a letter to your inbox. In addition, you can always see the progress on a special personal page.

Facts only

Here is the Shutterfly project:

  • Online site, so no download required
  • Several design methods to customize
  • A wide variety of sizes, styles, patterns and fonts
  • Help is available via chat, email, or on the phone or through consultation with the Shutterfly community
  • Simple photo changes are allowed.

Shutterfly originally offered online printing and photo storage. In 2001, the company began offering photo books, but you can still use the site to store and print photos. Thus, you can use one site for all your photography needs, which you will not get with companies that produce only photo books.

Shutterfly pluses

Here's what you will love about Shutterfly:

  • Universal design software that is fairly easy to use
  • Frequent discounts offered at already competitive prices
  • Designed patterns with many decoration options
  • Large text boxes that let you say what you want to say
  • The ability to make simple photo edits, such as red-eye removal, as part of the program
  • High quality photo playback
  • Small touches in the final product, such as these wafer-textured end documents

Shutterfly now has three options for photo book creators.

Users who are quite sophisticated will love the user path, with options such as “full color” photos and photos used as background. They will like that they are not limited to templates, but they can move and resize photos and text fields. Beginners can find the number of choices staggering. They can choose the Simple Path option or use a simpler program. Users who do not want to participate in the design process can choose the newest option called Make My Book. Shutterfly's design experts create the book for you. You pay a service charge of only about $ 10 when you order a book.

Choosing a photo book site that also offers photo storage and processing means that your images are easily accessible. Shutterfly also allows you to share your photo books online. Although you don’t have the option to send email to other users or post it on your Facebook page, you can create your own website, post your photo book and send invitations to other users via email. This may ultimately be the best solution.

Disadvantages Shutterfly

Here are some things you might not like:

  • Shipping charges starting at $ 11.99 for standard shipping
  • Standard delivery, which may be required one week after production.
  • Some details of the image are lost in the binding, although now the company offers pages with flat pages that minimize this problem.

Some customers reported that their products did not arrive on time. I did not have this problem, but I would allow a few extra days if you order a special case.

Bottom line at Shutterfly

The bottom line is that Shutterfly is now making photo books, and they are doing a lot right. Some sites may be better for technologists, and some may be better for people with extensive design experience. But for the vast majority of users who fall somewhere in between, Shutterfly is fine. Most Shutterbugs will be very pleased with Shutterfly.

Browser Based Loaders

Shutterfly has two separate tools for uploading photos to Shutterfly. The standard bootloader requires Flash, but it loads in batch mode. Click Select files and select files from open window. Select multiple files using Ctrl or shift keys click open to add them to the list and click Get started start the download. Flash-free One-by-One Uploader works the same way, but offers only 10 separate slots for downloading at a time.

Mobile applications

Shutterfly also has apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. These applications allow you to upload photos stored on your phone’s disk to your Shutterfly account, as well as order prints and other materials directly from your phone. To download, launch the Shutterfly app, select Downloadand then select photos to upload or select Download all.

iPhoto Plugin

Mac users can add the ability to download directly to Shutterfly from iPhoto by installing the Shutterfly Exporter for iPhoto plug-in. To install the plugin, close iPhoto, download and run the installer. An on-screen installation wizard guides you through the entire process. After installing the plugin, select photos or events in iPhoto, and then file, export and finally Shutterfly, Log in, adjust the settings as you like, and click export start the download.

Shutterfly Share Sites

To add photos to the Shutterfly sharing site, select the site from the list of sharing sites. If you don’t have one, click Make a free website start building one. Once you are on your site, click Pictures and video tab followed Click to add photos from Shutterfly or Upload new pictures. Upload new pictures allows you to select and upload images from your computer, Shutterfly account, other Share, ThisLife, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites.

Picasa and Photoshop Download

Both Google Picasa and Adobe Photoshop Elements have built-in Shutterfly downloads. For Picasa, select Score icon from Picasa, then select Shutterfly and log in to your Shutterfly account. From there, select the photos you want to upload. For Photoshop Elements, open the image in Elements and click file followed by Online services as well as ShutterflyOn-screen prompts guide you through the download process.