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Where and how to sell photos on the Internet - additional income for the photographer


In order to sell your photos expensively, you must first register with a water or immediately multiple photo banks. It is through them that the largest flow of photographs goes. Such jars of photographs are often dropped by designers and editors of the whole world in search of the necessary pictures and inspiration.

It is also important to determine the material that will be filled in. As practice shows, tefoto, which are distinguished by the originality of the plot, are in great demand. Landscapes are popular. There is also a demand for food. It can be both ready meals and products. If you decide to capture the sky, then it is worth it to process it qualitatively so that it can be bought at the stock.

If you don’t know how to make inscriptions on English images, it’s difficult to use special translators. However, for the successful promotion of photos it is recommended to speak English at least at the intermediate level. If you make the description correctly, it’s important to increase the marketability of the photo.

To take beautiful photos, you must have a professional camera. A 4MP camera will allow you to make high-quality images. In addition, theirnado will be processed in Photoshop to make them even better.

Many people are interested in being able to sell their photos several times. It is possible. As the practice of successful photostockers testifies, some images are sold dozens of times, while half or even more than the number of downloaded videos weren’t bought nirazu.

There are several sites that offer this type of earnings. The most famous:

If you are interested in stock images in Russia, then it is recommended to go to. The biggest earnings will be the world’s American site Shutterstock. The French Fotolia and the Canadian iStockphoto give him a little rating.

To make money selling photos, you have to be very diligent. This work requires a lot of patience. Most beginner photostockers abandon this lesson even during the registration period on the resource or after their images have not passed the exam. An exam is an optional procedure, but it is present on most resources. For each resource, you need to make a resume a related set of images. Checks their inspector.

To start earning money in this business on your own, it is not necessary to travel peace and photograph. You can start with environmental shots. It is not recommended to take photographs of people at the initial stage of their professional development. In order for such images to be placed in the portfolio on the resource, there must be a written permission of those people who are captured.

Stock photos that are popular, this photo sections:

Where to sell your photos online?

Photographs taken can be sold online. This is the fastest way to get money. Most of the resources offer to withdraw money to electronic wallets, and then transfer Nankank cards by apot.

Photos are needed all over the world. The problem of video clips is even more acute. They are often taken without exams. Photos need magazines, newspapers, online resources. Pictures for screensavers are very popular. A novice photo stoker can start taking photos of the texture of the walls, fallen yellow sheet or dew on the grass. The sealed surface of a lake or river will also generate revenue. These pictures are in demand, they are used for screensavers.

If you don’t know the answer to the question of where the pictures are needed, then there is only one answer — pictures are needed everywhere. They complement the printed matter, allowing you to expand the theme and complement it more widely.

How to sell photos at the photobank

On the Shutterstock site you need to take a special exam, which we described above. How this happens: on the photo stock you need to add 10 photos, if less than 7 pictures are selected from them, then the exam is considered failed. You can retry the change only after a month, except that there can be an unlimited number of such attempts.

Designers, editors and photographers come in to search for new pictures, as this is the most popular and most profitable resource worldwide.

If you are interested in non-sale, purchase of images, then here you will need to buy a subscription. It allows you to download 25 photos daily. The fee for this is a little less than $ 200. Here you can sell video clips. The system on this resource is built in such a way as to stimulate buyers and bring even greater income.

Original photos are sold on tinctures that you will not see anywhere. It is recommended to drop in to anyone interested in art.

Also required to take an exam. This is a website that sells vector animation. Above the platform, you need to create a store where you can place products. When registering, be sure to write why you want to sell it here.

It is necessary to take 3 photographs, but they must be of very high quality and exactly match the declared category. You can retake the exam as much as you want after any time period.

For Depositfoto you need to prepare 5 test photos. This is a platform with high growth rates, so it is recommended to register here for future earnings.

If you are interested in art photo, you can toprod it on. This exchange is unlike the previous ones: there is no exam. It is important that the name of the photographer is known, and his work has already appeared on the Internet resources. You can start promoting your work through Instagram, LiveJournal, the VKontakte page or on Facebook.

How to sell an old photo?

If you own old family photos, they will also help to generate income. All that is required is to make copies of old images and send them to the resource. They are in demand, so they will become a profitable business.

Family pre-revolutionary photographs must be in good condition. They need collectors and can be bought out at a very high price. In order to be inexpensive, you must consult with professionals to evaluate the image, then make a deal.

What do you need to sell photos on photo stocks?

Many beginners believe that in order to sell photos on photo stocks, you must have a whole photo studio. In fact, a prerequisite is only the presence of a mirror or mirrorless camera with high resolution images (at least 4 MP). For starters, any model of the amateur class with interchangeable optics is suitable, for example, Canon 700D or Nikon D7500.

Of course, expensive full-size cameras can achieve high quality with less effort, but you should not buy a camera to work on photo stocks - it will not pay off soon. Flashes, reflectors, filters and other devices can also be useful, but they are not a determining factor for success on microstock.

The photographer also needs to have basic skills for processing photos in Photoshop or Lightroom, be able to manipulate color, get rid of excess noise and retouch people's skin.

How to get started?

To start selling photos on photo stocks, you need to go through a simple registration procedure, accompanied by downloading a passport photo for identification. The minimum age for a photographer is 18 years.

Carefully read the rules of the selected service: all microstock prohibit selling images with distinguishable logos and faces of people. To upload photos of models, you need to ask them to fill out the model release agreement form, which can be downloaded from the information section of any stock.

To withdraw money, you will need to create an account in Paypal, Payoneer or Skrill. Of the microstocks listed below, only Depositphotos makes payments on Webmoney. You can also request a check by mail.

Where can I sell photos on the Internet?

  • Shutterstock- the most popular microstock in the whole world, providing its authors with a stable high income from the sale of photographs. Authors get 20-30% from the sale, depending on your level. To start selling photos on Shutterstock, you need to pass the so-called "entrance exam" by uploading your top 10 photos. You can withdraw earned money in different ways, the minimum payment threshold is $ 35.
  • Depositphotos, unlike Shutterstock, has relatively low requirements for image quality, and also has a convenient interface in Russian. For the exam you need to upload only five works. Compensation to authors 44-60% from the cost of downloading, which starts at $ 0.1 for subscribers to the service. Withdraws from $ 50. Of course, with such a low cost of images, you won’t earn much, but many recommend Depositphotos to beginners for general familiarization with microstock.
  • iStockIs a pioneer in the field of microstock business. This resource has strict selection criteria for authors, so getting here is quite difficult. However, it provides high sales and generous deductions - from 20% to 40% when the cost of the image is from 1 to 40 dollars. The exam takes place in two stages: first theoretical, then practical, where the moderators need to send three of their most successful shots for consideration.
  • Adobe stock Is a former service Fotoliapurchased by Adobe. Since 2005, is one of the three most popular. In terms of quality requirements comparable to Shutterstock, pays deductions in the amount of 20-63%.
  • 500px- This is not just a photo bank, but a whole community of photographers, in which contests with valuable prizes are constantly held. Here you can meet other photo lovers and find potential customers. The commission is 30% or 60% of the transaction value.
  • Getty images - This is a standard of quality that is worth striving for. To get to this stock is incredibly difficult, and images are sold only under an exclusive license at a price in the range of $ 300-500. Authors get 20-30% from the sale amount.

Types of Licenses

Photos are sold on the basis of licenses, which establish the rules for using photos on both sides. The license defines the author's fee for the image.

The most common is a royalty-free license (Royalty-free or RF) It allows the buyer to use the image a certain number of times specified in the contract, and the author - to sell photos an unlimited number of times. Such a license is most often not suitable for print media, which are issued in large print runs. Extended Royalty Free License (Extended Royalty-Free) removes the restriction on the size of the circulation, but costs 5-10 times more expensive than usual.

Managed Rights License (Rights-managed) Is one of the two widespread licenses for photography, which, once acquired, allows one-time use of the image in accordance with the license. If the user wants to use the photo for other purposes, an additional license must be purchased. The cost of a license depends on the purpose for which the purchased photo will be used.

Editorial License (Editorial) - a license that allows you to use the image for educational or informational purposes.

How much can you earn by selling photos?

It is impossible to accurately predict future profits on microstock, but you can be sure that at first you will have to be content with little. The amount of money earned is directly proportional to the number of photos sold. And the more photos - the higher the chance of selling them.

As a rule, advanced photographers uploading several hundred shots per month earn on average from 500 to 1000 dollars. For example, the American photographer Glen Nigel for eight years earned more than 72 thousand dollars on stocks, according to a report published on his personal blog. Glen has 6,500 images in his portfolio, most of which covers the very “unprofitable” categories: animals and architecture.

To increase your earnings, you need to follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Download photos wherever you can, even if you think that microstocks are low in revenue. For every dollar you can compete.
  • Keep track of trends and the calendar: photos dedicated to holidays or special events (for example, the World Cup) are in great demand.
  • Upload more photos; microstock encourages active authors.
  • Do not give up if you see that sales are few. They will certainly grow over time.

Thus, microstock can serve as an excellent bonus to the photographer’s salary, and eventually become the main source of income. I hope this information is enough for you to at least try to start selling photos on the Internet. And if you already have some experience in selling photos on stocks, then we are pleased to read your story in the comments. I am sure you have something to say.

Selling photos on the Internet is good money or a waste of time

Due to the availability of powerful digital photographic equipment, obtaining high-quality images has already ceased to be a privilege of specialists. If you like taking pictures, you think that you do it well, you have excellent chances to turn your hobby into a source of income.

To earn money you have to be patient and have a professional camera. If you consistently take high-quality pictures, turn your passion into a source of income. The most successful, popular images are sold several times.

If you understand that you do not have the skills and abilities of a professional photographer, this way of earning will not suit you, you will only lose time.

Tip 2. Learn English

To work on photo stocks, at least a school level of this language is required, since the large companies from which the main income comes are foreign.

Foreign photobanks value other people's labor and copyright, so they pay good money. Knowing English, you independently compose a competent description of the picture. Well, and correspondence with customers, in which case you will conduct without difficulty.

Tip 3. Select a photo stock and register

Experienced authors recommend registering simultaneously in different photo banks by posting several images there. It happens that out of 10 submitted frames, the photo stock only accepts one.

Carefully enter information about yourself: registration means the actual signing of an electronic contract for the sale of images.


It is considered the most famous photo bank, which has an extensive audience and sells faster than other services. However, to get a decent payment, you must present the appropriate quality and uniqueness of the pictures.

Registration will require a scanned copy of your passport. To become a Shutterstock Author, the photographer will have to go through an exam, which consists in taking the minimum number of shots (7 out of 10).

Beginners most often get about 25 cents per job. Over time, the amount of payment increases due to the growth of the total amount of income.


It is believed that this server has the most stringent test and the most difficult exam among all sites. Unsurprisingly, iStockPhoto pays high for pictures. To register, you must provide a scanned copy of a document that confirms the identity of the author (rights, passport or passport).

To pass the exam, you must send 10 photos. Good money awaits those people who enter into exclusive contracts.

This is a domestic photobank, founded in Russia in 2006. To register, the author must sign a contract printed in duplicate. The paper should be sent by mail with a photocopy of a document that confirms the identity of the person. After the procedure, it is allowed to upload 20 pictures, which the site administration will consider.

Lori does not have too strict requirements for work: photos are taken, the resolution of which is from 2 MP. Authors' income depends on image size and license.

Rule 2. Properly fill meta tags

When uploading an image, specify the following parameters:

  1. Title - the name of the picture. It must not exceed 30 characters.
  2. Description - description of the photo. Here you must specify at least 7 words.
  3. Keywords - keywords. Their optimal amount is 40-50. It is this parameter that determines the number of sales, because the buyer finds the images from them. Remember: the more keywords you insert, the higher the likelihood of an image being sold.

Rule 3. Handle the photo well

Photobanks adhere to the position that, if necessary, the buyer independently processes the image as he needs. For this reason, it’s worth selling a high-quality photo without any special effects or filters.

However, there is no need to completely abandon graphic editors. Even a high-quality image, which was shot by highly professional equipment, requires minimal correction: eliminating noise, correcting lighting errors, sharpness, brightness and contrast.

Rule 4. If you photograph people, upload a receipt of the model

Когда на снимке запечатлены люди, у вас должно быть их разрешение (Model Release). Расписка ни к чему не обязывает модель: фотосток пытается обезопасить себя от возможных претензий и судебного преследования.

There is no difficulty in processing the document, the finished form can be downloaded from the photobank. Enter the name of the photographer and the names of all people in the photo in block letters, indicate the model and author (address, phone number), date, signature plus the signature of the witness.

How much can you earn by selling photos

When selling images, the client pays the photo stock, and the authors receive about 50% of the cost of each download of the image - from about 20 cents to 2.5 dollars. If customers purchase frames for publication on calendars, print posters or postcards, mouse pads, earnings will be much higher. Income also depends on the size of the image that the client chooses: the smaller it is, the lower the price.

If you are thinking about seriously starting to make money on photographs, you will have to upload at least 200 pictures every month to the photo stocks where you will work. So you can increase the number of images in your portfolio. In the first year, the income can be about $ 100 a month, in the second year, when you already have several thousand photos, earnings can reach 400-600 dollars and more.

Lesson from an expert - how to make cool photos:


If a person has a talent for photographing, he can turn his passion into a source of profitable income without any investments.

Following the above recommendations, the authors have the opportunity to earn good money. Having collected a good portfolio, they additionally receive passive income from their old photos.

How to sell photos to a newbie on the Internet?

A novice photographer needs to first understand the features of all the sites in order to determine the right one for himself. It is recommended that you read the reviews of already earned photo stocker platforms. A beginner needs to tighten his level of English, if he is at a low level. In the process of working with worldly resources, he will surely catch up on his own, but to begin with, you need to master them at the middle level.

Top Selling Photos

The most expensive auction-sold photos cost several million dollars for a copy. There is something to strive for a novice photographer. Andreas Gursky made an image of the river Rhine in rainy weather, which was sold for $ 4,338,500. Cindy Sherman, who is characterized by staged work, took some very expensive pictures of the history of mankind. Among them is the work “Untitled # 96” (1981), which was sold for $ 3,890,500.

You can take pictures of everything that comes inhead andwill fall foreyes:

But, probably, some of the more profitable hypopulars are photon. Street art is gaining popularity in photographs. Such images will also be profitable. If you are interested in how much a wedding photo can be sold, it is recommended to view the prices of these on the Net. You can sell pictures of the company. If there is no professional equipment, it is difficult to take pictures with the phone. The Photoliya application allows you to sell phone pictures by downloading and installing it.