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Earnings on travel: known methods and schemes


Traveling is one of the most popular desires of most people. To see different countries, touch the culture, look at the sights - but in order to travel around the world, you need a lot of money or a certain way of life.

Not everyone likes to hitchhike, have a few dollars and a laptop in their briefcase.

It is for such people who want to travel in comfort and make money on it, we have prepared an article about earning money on trips to Europe and traveling around the world.

Let's see what are the actual ways to make money on travel, what they will need and how much you can earn on them.

Selling Articles

This is the easiest way to make money on travel. You can start work without even having experience. In the articles you will have to share not your feelings from the trip, but to compose an interesting guide on where to go in the country / city and talk about pitfalls. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Planning for an article.
  2. Writing an article or series of articles.
  3. Sale at any popular site.

If you attach your photos to the article, its value will increase even more.

You can start even with exchanges. Only the first time until you get a large rating and regular customers you can not sell expensive articles. Therefore, I recommend writing a few inexpensive (from 100 to 400 rubles) for travelers, and after they are bought, writing in more detail and expensive.

Personal blogging

Personal blogs for travelers are one of the most popular ways to make money. They talk about their impressions, difficulties in a new country, about where you can go, what to see, etc.

The competition in this niche is quite high. You will have to come up with your own unique style and bring a little more benefit and emotions to the reader than on other blogs.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Creating a blog on your engine.
  2. Content plan development.
  3. Publication of materials.
  4. Monetization.

Roughly speaking, you earn on your own travel reviews. Share emotions, usefulness and tell inspiring stories.

Everything sounds simple. But if you do not have experience in maintaining sites and their monetization, the first time you may not succeed. That is why it is recommended that you first create and monetize some other project, and as soon as you understand how everything works, you can begin to implement your idea.

Youtube Channel

YouTube channels of travelers are very popular. They bring their owners a lot of money, without requiring them to do hard physical or mental work.

The main disadvantage is high competition. You need to stand out, and to do this within the framework of common sense is becoming increasingly difficult.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Create a channel on YouTube.
  2. Shoot a series of videos about the country.
  3. Monetize.
  4. We move to another.

To implement this method, you need a well-developed channel. Therefore, the first time the monetization of commercials will bring real pennies. It takes either a lot of time or a decent amount to unwind the channel.

Counseling for travelers and migrants

Many people want to move or fly to another country, but do not know how to do it right. Many migrants travel either blindly (and return quickly), or are fully trained and stay there.

You can be one of the consultants for migrants and tourists. The first one needs to be told what difficulties await in the country, how to get a visa, where to earn money, and the second - where to spend money and what to see.

In order to realize the idea, you will need your own website or Vkontakte group. If you know English well, you can create a Facebook group. The promotion scheme is as follows:

  1. Creation of a portal.
  2. The publication of useful materials for migrants or tourists.
  3. Conducting paid consultations.

Sale of foreign goods

Selling overseas goods is one of the easiest ways to make money on travel. You come to a new country, buy a certain product and sell it when you return home. And continue to travel with the money received.

It is best to choose products that are not particularly known at home, but are very popular in the host country. It is important not to buy wholesale goods, in this business uniqueness is important.

You can earn as follows:

  1. Choose a country.
  2. View a list of products that you can buy.
  3. Buy a few options.
  4. Sell ​​at home.

To implement it will require a large start-up capital and good salesman skills. Because if you work with an unpopular product, you must also explain why it is good. But pretty quickly you will bounce back and be able to sell souvenirs while continuing to travel with the money raised.

Selling photos

Author's photographs are very highly valued, but only in certain subjects.

Earn a lot on 2 - 3 photos will not work. You will have to take about 200 - 300 photos in order to have a good passive income. Implementing this is quite difficult.

The algorithm of actions is approximately the following:

  1. Register on the photo stock.
  2. Go on a trip and take a good camera with you.
  3. Take pictures of everything. From attractions to the life of citizens.
  4. Fill all the photos into the photo stock.
  5. For each photo you download, you get money.

The way to make money is suitable for photographers. You do not need to write articles, share impressions, tell something. You will only need photographs. But it is very important that they turn out really high-quality.

Monetize the page on Instagram

Pages on Instagram also bring a lot of money to their owners. On one advertising post you can earn from 100 to 100 000 rubles. Monetizing your own channel is one of the options for making money on travels.

Since Instagram was created to convey impressions, atmospheric photos will be required of you.

Promotion of the channel will take a very long time. To find out about you, you must either order advertising or sign up for a very large number of people with your hands. It's complicated. The first few months after creating the page, you will not be able to monetize it normally.

You can earn on advertising tours, airline tickets, services, etc.

All these ways of earning money can be implemented in travel. Choose what you like!

How much can you earn while traveling around the world

Now let's move on to the specific numbers:

  • Selling articles - for a quality article, you can get up to 5,000 rubles.
  • Personal blog - up to 40,000 rubles after a year of work.
  • Youtube channel - from 1,000 rubles in the first months to 100,000 rubles in the first year.
  • Consultations - from 1,500 rubles.
  • Resale of goods - definitely can not be said.
  • Sale of photos - from $ 100 for 100 photos per month.
  • The page on Instagram - if you work hard, from 10,000 rubles in the first 4 - 5 months to 50,000 rubles for the first year.

Examples of people making travel

Eagle and Tails. Guys earn on travel by playing a fun game. They toss a coin and decide which of them will be with a gold card, and who will live on $ 100 in an unfamiliar country. They have their own Youtube channel, their show is being sold on TV.

Youtube channel Activer. Mark, the founder of the blog, in 2013 decided that he wants to change something. He made a plan where he needs to go and what to learn. And he began to cross out. He has a lot of useful materials that tell you how to get to another country, what to do there and what you can learn.

Keep eyes open blog. Blog of a girl who decided to leave her prestigious job and step into the unknown. He talks about his own impressions, shares conclusions. Monetization goes through a personal blog.

Arthur Shigapov's blog. Professional traveler Arthur Shigapov travels a lot. Created travel guides and Europe. Earns on a personal blog.

Foster Huntington Instagram Blog. A photographer from New York left his prestigious job and decided to spend his life traveling. Monetization goes through Instagram.

Travelers John and Eve. At one point, the two decided it was time to change something and set off on a hitchhiking trip around the world. Since this is not the most expensive way to travel, they save a lot. Earn on your own Youtube channel.


Making money on travel is quite difficult. It’s easier to just spend your own money or adopt the lifestyle that most travelers lead. But if you do not want to hitchhike, help people in the villages and eat what you have to, then choose a way to earn money on travel, master it and start receiving money.

How and how much you can earn on travel

Traveling to different countries is pleasant and useful for self-development. In the world there are even champions of this matter who have traveled almost all regions of the planet.

For example, the American Don Perrish, who is now 72 years old, visited 942 regions of the Earth and made 4 round-the-world travels.

Travelers who earn during their wanderings can be divided into three categories:

  1. Tourists temporarily moonlighting while traveling.
  2. Travelers who successfully sell materials received while traveling.
  3. People for whom travel has become a profession that brings good money.

Quite often, these wandering people move from one category to another or begin to master two at once. So, a person who received a random income during his trip (1 category) can summarize his experience in other countries and sell this information (2 cat.). Or a traveler who has published and sold an album of his photographs and travel notes (2 cat.) Can feel the taste of money and turn his travels into a main source of income (3 cat.).

There are many schemes to make good money on travel. This attracts an increasing number of residents of all countries, including Russia.

The main ways to make money on travel

Some people think that only people who know foreign languages ​​well can earn money abroad. Of course, one can agree with such an opinion. Knowledge of a foreign language, especially English, is the best means of communication and significantly increases the chances of earning. However, there are several more skills that can help a traveler make money.

Useful professions

We can distinguish the following professions most suitable for earning money on travel:

  • Teachers of foreign languages. Conducting mother tongue courses for foreigners has always been a highly demanded affair. Also, knowledge of a foreign language as the main means of communication serves as an important tool for all ways of making money on travel.
  • Athletes. Professional athletes with education, degrees and certificates can do coaching. You can work as a trainer in school sections, sports clubs or conduct individual training.
  • Photographers. Sale of photographs to publishers, websites, travel and advertising agencies.
  • Journalists Compilation of articles on unusual natural phenomena, people, customs, events, adventures, sports and music events, politics.
  • Bloggers Maintaining travel video stories, description of new routes, coverage of interesting events.
  • Artisans. Making and selling souvenirs and hand-made things (hand-made). Conducting master classes.

Of course, this is the optimal, but not a complete list of useful professions for earning travelers. In principle, any specialist, starting, for example, from a house painter and ending with a geologist, can find an opportunity to earn money on travels. And even without special knowledge in Western countries, you can earn only on one enthusiasm.

For example, a friend of mine, not at all accustomed to physical labor, managed to earn a laptop in New York by digging a regular ditch.

Writing Articles

During a trip, a person who is accustomed to publicly expressing his thoughts, hands themselves are asked to fix everything seen in a laptop or express their opinion about the event. You can offer work both in print and on sites. Works can be arranged both in the form of an interview, or simply a statement of factual material about a curious place, a sports, music or political event.

Articles written while traveling can be good money

When working with foreigners, of course, knowledge of languages ​​is necessary. But if you describe the beauty of nature or take interviews from fellow countrymen, then this is an optional condition. The main thing with this kind of work is a talent for writing and a lot of hard work. Both of these qualities are essential if you enter into an agreement with a publisher or website. It’s difficult to sell travel articles without a prior agreement with them. It is necessary to agree in advance on the topic of the article, material requirements and cost. Among the Russian publications dealing with travel, one can note:

From foreign publications are world famous:

  • National Geographic Traveler,
  • Travelicious,
  • Road and Travel,
  • Wanderlust.

The cost of an article in foreign magazines for a beginner on average varies from 40 to 150 dollars. Knowledge of English is required, as the text is printed only in English.

Organization of tourist groups

The organization of small tourist tours is currently a very popular method of earning. But, of course, it is not suitable for everyone. You need to love travel yourself, be prepared for some hardship, be able to communicate with people.

You should think through your work in stages:

  1. First you need to decide which category of tourists suits you: children, adults, women, men, athletes, couples, youth, etc.
  2. It does not hinder to get acquainted with the market situation: to identify profitable, demanded and free niches, collect data about competitors, thoroughly study the places of visit. Before proceeding with the organization of the “author's” tour, you need to carefully consider the composition of the future group
  3. Then you need to draw a route, determine your residence and make an approximate estimate.
  4. Only after that it is possible to start promotional activities to gather the group, mainly consisting in submitting information on your website, blog and social networks. Significantly facilitates the collection of the group if it has already been formed in advance. For example, when you enter a group studying yoga, then recruiting people for a tour to India from its participants will not be difficult. Or, for example, if you are fond of skiing and enter one of the ski clubs, then its members can become your first customers when organizing a trip to the ski resorts of Switzerland.

With proper organization, working with “copyright” tours can bring a lot of money.

For example, businessman Leonid Tropin in his thematic blog says that only one day of a fitness tour abroad brings him a net income of 20 thousand rubles. Leonid assures that, having organized tours to Bali, in one year he reached a monthly profit of 530 thousand rubles. True, Ivan Leshukov, the organizer of copyright tours to India and Sumatra, writes that the first “copyright” tours did not bring him any profit, but they made it possible to relax and see interesting places for 10-15 days. Most likely, the truth is somewhere in between.


Many seasoned travelers turn travel blogging into a permanent source of income. To realize such earnings, it is best to have a well-developed blog, the maintenance of which can bring a net profit of 10-15 thousand rubles a month. In order to start a blog from scratch, you need to create your own website, spending about $ 100 on this, and also spend about $ 100 more on its support. When maintaining a thematic travel blog, it is advisable to enter into partnership programs with several travel agencies. Sources of income from a travel blog are:

  • partnership programs with travel agencies (70%),
  • contextual advertising Google and Yandex (25%),
  • direct advertising (5%).

Well-promoted travel blog can bring considerable income

Buying and selling items and souvenirs

Traveling to exotic places, it is easy to notice that some of the things sold there are sometimes several times cheaper than in Russia. So why not use this moment to earn money? Some travelers do so. For example, in Russia you can profitably sell:

  • gem stones and jewelry from Burma and India,
  • silver jewelry from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia,
  • sarongs from bali
  • tea from India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam,
  • shawls from India
  • colored trousers (alladins) from Egypt.

In turn, you can sell some traditional souvenirs from Russia abroad: nested dolls, samovars, amber, Khokhloma, Orenburg shawls. Such small commerce can be beneficial for those who often travel abroad for a short time.

Тут следует знать, что практически в любой стране существуют специализированные магазины, которые продают русские товары, и конкурировать с ними очень сложно.

Каждая страна предлагает свой набор сувениров, которые можно прибыльно перепродать в России

Продажи в России можно осуществлять:

  • yourself or through friends and acquaintances,
  • with the help of an intermediary,
  • through the store.

Typically, such a business begins with the resale of single products. For example, you can buy a sari in India or a children's shirt for 5 euros, and sell in Russia for 20 euros. Clothing in India is mostly of high quality. It is also very beneficial to buy Ayurvedic medicines in India. In Russia, they cost at least 2-3 times more expensive.

For example, a jar of Chavanprash immunostimulant in India costs 150-200 rupees (140-180 rubles), and in Russia - 460 rubles.

Starting with single items, later the traveler can go to wholesale and even open his own gift shop.

Distant work

The most popular among travelers is remote work. This is the work of programming, creating designs for websites, composing texts, translations and so on. In principle, a lot of work can now be done remotely, including accounting, legal advice and online resource management.

To perform, for example, the work of a programmer, it is enough to have a laptop and an Internet connection

To perform remote work, you need to have a sufficient level of qualification, a well-known reputation as a reliable artist and a laptop connected to the Internet. A programmer’s earnings can reach 4-5 thousand dollars a month. Web designers, CEOs, journalists can earn up to 2 thousand dollars per month on remote work. You can also earn extra money on English freelance. Here earnings range from 10 thousand rubles a month.

Work as an international courier

There are at least six organizations that use tourists as international couriers. As a rule, these organizations offer work through such American and European sites:

For the most part, the job is that travelers, returning to Russia from the USA or Europe, deliver some goods to the online store. Tourists usually choose these products themselves from the catalogs on the sites. At the airport, a representative of the company meets and calculates a tourist. The delivery price depends on the weight, dimensions and cost of the goods. Usually it ranges from 30 to 500 euros.

Collaborating with international agencies for the transfer of small items and money, you can earn up to 500 euros along the way

A similar service exists when transported by road. In this case, the tourist agrees to deliver the goods in his car.

On the GransJoy portal, the service of an international courier, in fact, was transformed into the service of an international postman. Here, travelers can leave information about the upcoming trip with the route, time and contact details on Facebook or VKontakte. Anyone who wants to transfer something can contact them here and agree on a service. In addition to things, you can transfer money. The list of possible services includes meeting at the airport and assistance in delivering the client and his baggage to the address agreed in advance.

Part-time in agriculture

For those who are not afraid of simple physical labor, now you can find abroad a lot of vacancies for working on agricultural farms. Engaging in such work for a long time, you have to forget about the journey itself.

However, for travelers who want to just earn some money to save up money for further travel, you can always find temporary work for a period of one day to a month.

Seasonal agricultural work is best suited for this. It’s easier to find jobs during the harvest season. In this regard, seasonal harvesting of strawberries in Finland, grapes in Portugal, corn in South American countries, apples in Poland, wild berries in Finland are widely known.

Seasonal harvesting does not require any work qualifications

For the most part, harvesting labor skills is not required. But you can get good money in a short time. Even if it’s not about the official device, you can earn from 4 to 7 euros per hour. If you have the strength to work 8 hours in a row, then the salary will be 30-50 euros.

At the same time, seasonal work will provide an opportunity to get to know the country better and learn the language.

Of course, more skilled labor is much more expensive. So, if a traveler has personal experience working on a livestock farm, then, for example, in Sweden, doing milking and feeding cows, he can get at least 1 thousand euros per month.

To find temporary work on the farm, it is best to chat with experienced travelers or with locals. There are also sites on which vacancies are posted for such temporary jobs. One of these agent portals is

Participation in the organization of events

As a side job, help in organizing various events is great. We are not talking about a serious business that requires time and a lot of money. This refers to participation in the organization of weddings, sporting events, birthdays, music festivals, etc. For such events, assistants are always needed.

Especially fashionable at present are symbolic weddings somewhere on the golden beaches of distant islands. The organization of such a wedding event is very troublesome, and assistants can be very helpful.

By participating in the wedding ceremonies of wealthy Russians as an assistant to the organizer, you can earn from 5 thousand rubles, at the same time getting to know the fashionable resorts and buying in the azure bays. The main wedding organizers receive considerable income. Only for a wedding in Russia they charge from 30 thousand rubles. The cost of services for organizing a wedding celebration abroad starts at 60 thousand rubles. For wedding expenses of more than 1.2 million rubles, the remuneration to the organizers usually amounts to 10-15% of the event’s budget.

When organizing weddings, smart helpers are often needed

You can also participate in field events for various trainings that have recently become so popular. Training organizers need not very money-hungry, but conscientious helpers. Indeed, for a real traveler, in addition to earning, a big bonus is the very acquaintance with a new country.

Renting your apartment while traveling

The situation when an apartment or house remains uninhabited while traveling around the world in Russia is quite ordinary. During the trip, it is required to bear utility costs for vacant housing and to pay for the services of a security bureau. At the same time, the risk of robbing an apartment is growing. All of this can be avoided and even earn good money.

Seasoned travelers have long been renting their apartment or house for the duration of their trips. Such an operation, especially in large cities, can bring substantial income.

For example, the cost of renting for one month a two-room apartment in Moscow ranges from 40 thousand rubles for economy-class housing to 80 thousand rubles for a business-class apartment.

For the duration of the trip, it is very beneficial to rent out temporarily empty housing

It is best to entrust the lease to any agency, since property insurance is included in the terms of the contract with it. At the same time, you can count not only on a good rent and adequate guests, but also on the safety of the apartment.

Other ways to make money on travel

Of course, the list of the given earning schemes is not exhaustive. Other ways can be briefly listed:

  • permanent work in foreign companies,
  • organization of own business,
  • volunteering
  • wedding photo shoots
  • production and sale of souvenirs,
  • handicraft
  • conducting trainings and master classes,
  • infobusiness
  • shooting for glamorous publications.

Travel earnings reviews

You have to look for work. Especially if you are just starting out, and you have no reviews, ratings, etc. I mean all kinds of electronic exchanges such as elance. Nobody is in a hurry to take you to the project right away, and the competition is pretty big right now. Freelancers and people who want to work without going to the office are getting more and more every day. Therefore, I advise you to take some small projects for any amount in order to somehow start and ask for feedback (get a rating). That is, do not neglect anything. Well, it’s worthwhile to start doing this, preferably 1-3 months before you decide to make money with remote work. I work now as a regular working day on average 8 hours a day, but sometimes when you need to urgently finish something on the weekend, you can separately agree. I can not work all day or work for several hours, everything is very flexible. Earnings directly depend on your rating, how much you evaluate yourself, and how much the customer agrees to pay. In IT, these amounts vary widely. There are also $ 40 / hour, depending on knowledge of English, sociability, professional qualities and work experience. Here's what helped me: to know a foreign language, to be able to speak and very desirable to write, to have a well-written resume, and preferably in English, too, patience with perseverance - do not give up if no one answered your first 10 sentences.

Alexey Polovinka

I plan trips from A to Z. This is a very time-consuming process, but I love it. And I also really love my clients. Together with them, we think over the journey from the very beginning: we choose the direction that we would like to see, then we select tickets, redeem them in a joint mode, select housing according to all criteria, select transport on the way, consider information about public transport, food and cafes, we study sights, we get tickets, we find free excursions. We hold 5–10 meetings on Skype, where we discuss and choose everything. The whole process of planning and preparation takes from 1.5 months. Why not just go to travel agencies? Because travel agencies will not give you the opportunity to arrange your trip exactly the way you want, connect different types of transport, choose apartments, combine couchsurfing and hitchhiking with luxury housing and flights. In addition, in this format, you yourself learn to find, book, buy tickets and see the whole process from the inside, but under the strict supervision and with advice. It is much easier to buy tickets according to the detailed instructions or in the joint purchase mode on Skype than to make a mistake in buying or wondering if this is a reliable site. All the troubles in the form of: contacting the company, clarifying whether the payment has passed, find out all kinds of details from the owners of the apartments, find an option where you can apply a coupon or discount, change the date, letter in the name, remind about online registration, I assume! Those. for 1.5 - 2 months I become a personal consultant on various travel issues! Just recently, some of my travelers returned from a cool mix trip: a Mediterranean cruise + a week in Barcelona, ​​other travelers returned from the Italian Vacation trip, in which they saw all the real beauty of Italy and tasted Italy from north to south!


There are many well-known schemes for earning money on travel: from remote work as a programmer to renting out an apartment for the duration of the trip. In order to find such an income, you often do not need to be able to write, photograph and know foreign languages ​​well, although such knowledge will not hurt. The main thing is to engage in an active search for a part-time job, and then your efforts will meet your expectations.

Travel and Earn: A Preface by the Detective

In general, of course, traveling and making money is probably the dream of every (or almost every) inhabitant of planet Earth. After all, the world is so diverse and I want to look into all the corners of the globe! But, alas, all this costs a lot of money. And in the country there is a crisis: the ruble is falling, the dollar is growing. And every year, trips (especially foreign ones) begin to seem like something distant, from another life.

Nevertheless, although the crisis in the country and the ruble fell, but people continue to travel (where they got so much money from.). And travel is a gigantic and sought-after layer of industry. Those who know how to make money on travel have very good money. And yes, they can afford to go even to the ends of the world.

Opening your travel agency is very time consuming and involves great risks. As we said, there is a crisis in the country, and business must be managed so as not to become bankrupt and not to drown in debt. But there is another way to make money in this area - work with affiliate programs of travel agencies. And then there are no risks: even if you do not succeed at all, then you will lose at a minimum. You don’t even need to open the IP! And if you succeed, you will get very decent money (as the author claims, 50% of the agency’s profit).

The author of the course offers exactly this scheme. Travel and earn from 10 000 rubles per dayl Evgeny Shkuratov. On his selling page you can familiarize yourself with copyright promises in more detail.

We will formulate them in a nutshell:

  • You don’t need any special skills,
  • Investments are minimal and they will go to pay for services to automate the work,
  • The author promises that he will return the money if, having followed all the instructions, you still don’t get the result,
  • You will be able to receive from 10,000 rubles a day at work with the affiliate program of the service with hot tours.

Also on course seller Travel and earn from 10,000 rubles a day You can see feedback from students. How true are the reviews and how honest was the author with us? We find out after the purchase.

Travel and earn from 10,000 rubles a day. Reviews What's inside?

After the detective paid the course Travel and earn from 10,000 rubles a day, he received a link in the mail to the customer’s office of Glopart. From the office, he was able to get to the page where it was proposed to either download the course or watch it online:

Generally a very convenient find. Because A detective, for example, does not like to download courses on a computer and prefers to study them online. However, other users, on the contrary, would rather download the course to their device than watch it on the site. In the situation of the author, the wolves are full, and the sheep are intact. Everyone is comfortable.

The course is downloaded from Cloud Archive weighs over 900 mb. So, fans of downloading, stock up on good speed. We will go to the page for studying the material.

Course structure: Course Travel and earn from 10,000 rubles a day consists of 7 video tutorials, as well as a demonstration of a live example of an advertising account and additional links that you will need to work.

Total video duration: Just over 1 hour.

Video tutorial quality: All lessons were shot in decent quality with a good and intelligible sound.

Course content Travel and earn Evgenia Shkuratova:

  1. What is the point? In this lesson, Evgeny Shkuratov introduces you to the online tour booking service that you have to work with, and also briefly tells you about all the steps that you have to do.
  2. Step 2. Creating a personal account. Registration on an affiliate site, setting up an affiliate account.
  3. Step 3. Create and set up an Instagram account. Where is it better to take an Instagram account so that you are not banned for massfollowing? How to create an Instagram profile? What to write about?
  4. Step 4. Creating a store on Instagram. Instructions for creating a mini-store that will help you optimize your work on Instagram and solve the problem of inactive links in posts.
  5. Search for the target live audience. ABOUTone of the most important lessons where you learn where to get people really interested in buying hot tours.
  6. Fast promotion. Instructions for working with the list of target customers that you collected in the previous lesson and instructions on how to do mass-following.
  7. Conclusion Parting words from the author, recommendations for further work and promotion of ideas on YouTube. How to really travel and make money on it.
  8. Instagram account example.

If you read the contents of the course, then it became clear to you that you have to work with the Insatgram social network to promote travel agency services.

You create an account, arrange it correctly and with the help of additional services (a service for creating a mini-site for instagram, a service for selecting a target audience and a mass-following service) correctly promote your account.

Accordingly, people come to your account, subscribe to your posts, follow the link from your profile, book a tour on the travel agency’s website - you get profit from this. Moreover, the person brought to you is assigned to you for 180 days. Further, the call center operators process this client without your participation and select the necessary travel option for him.

Even if your customer eventually orders a completely different tour (for example, not to Turkey, but to Goa), you will still receive affiliate rewards.

Your profit will be 50% of the revenue of the travel agency. This, of course, does not mean that if a person paid 100,000 rubles, then you will receive 50,000 rubles. The cost of the ticket includes flight, accommodation, transfer, meals. And the agency’s revenue is from 10,000 rubles and above. Thus, for one such client it is realistic to receive 5, 10, 15, and even 20 thousand rubles. Not bad, right? Especially when you consider that you did not do anything: just brought a client.

When will I start traveling?

Во-первых, т.к. вы партнер турагентств, вы можете путешествовать со скидками. Далее вы еще и бонусы всякие получаете со своих продаж.

Во-вторых, автор курса призывает: путешествуйте как можно больше! Делайте яркие фото в путешествиях, снимайте видеоматериал, а потом размещайте всё это в вашем Инстаграм-аккаунте и на Ютуб. Потому что, конечно, фотки из Интернета — это круто, но ничто так не привлекает людей, как живые авторские фото и оригинальный материал.

Therefore, it turns out: first you earn the first money, then you start spending it on travel. When traveling, you will be filming new material - accordingly, you will get more subscribers and more profit.

Comment by Detective:

In fact, Instagram travel bloggers are a very popular trend. And many of them, thanks to their travel posts, have a huge number of interested subscribers. Accordingly, to such bloggers to sell some tour and travel to their readers - just spit. Therefore, the author is right: the more interesting your blog will be and the more lively photos and videos will be in it, the more chances you will earn a lot.

However, not everyone will be able to achieve such brilliant results. You really need to be original, approach to maintaining an Instagram account creatively, post interesting posts daily and communicate with readers. Course Travel and earn from 10 000 rubles a day - just a tool that tells you how to do it all right. The result is entirely up to you and your efforts.

Travel and earn from 10,000 rubles a day. Detective review: summarize

By tradition, we will put together all the pros and cons of the new items from Evgeny Shkuratov Travel and earn.

Course Benefits Travel and earn from 10 000 rubles per day:

  • An interesting idea related to travel, distant lands ... one continuous stream of inspiration!
  • Ideal for creative people and travel lovers.
  • The course can be either downloaded or viewed online.
  • Good quality feed.
  • Really profitable affiliate program, if you work competently in this direction.

  • Only suitable for those who have a smartphone or tablet on android or macOS. On a computer with Instagram you can work, but difficult.
  • Not everyone can make money, because working according to the method requires a decent share of patience, zeal, and the ability to think creatively.
  • There are investments (much without them).

Summary: If you are a creative person, dream of traveling and are good at blogging, then this income is ideal for you. If you still have straight arms and you know how to somehow properly and decently take pictures and shoot videos, then your chances of success increase many times over. Show your bright personality - and people will trample on you in droves!

The detective liked the course. Travel and earn from 10,000 rubles a day, therefore, he gladly recommends this method for purchase. Moreover, now the technique can be bought for a penny this link.

UPD. The other day a new version of the course Evgenia ShkuratovaTravel and earn 2.0. This version is significantly improved, the errors and shortcomings of the previous version are taken into account. Therefore, we advise you to buy a new version immediately. You can do it HERE

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