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How to zoom on Android?


Unfortunately, our vision does not get better over the years. And after the continuous exposure to computers, televisions, and of course smartphones, its deterioration is only a matter of time. And when this time comes, many of us find that the font installed on the phone by default is not convenient. Then the question arises of how to increase the font size on Android, which we have to answer today.

In addition to the fact that increasing the font makes using the smartphone more comfortable for people with visual impairments, this action helps to keep eyesight for those who are still normal for a longer period of time. Setting the maximum font is one of the recommendations for maintaining vision when working with a smartphone.

Android system developers have provided such an opportunity without installing additional applications. To increase the font on Android, we will need to do the following:

  1. Open on your smartphone Settings.
  2. Select item Screen and Brightness.
  3. We find the setup section Font size.
  4. We choose one of four options, and then try everything and choose the most comfortable one.

Now you know how to increase the font size on Android and you can make your smartphone as comfortable as possible for your eyes.

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What does scale affect?

The most important thing that affects the large scale of the screen is the amount of information on 1 page. The larger the scale, the more information will fit on the screen. This will save the user from having to turn pages on the smartphone too often.

A small scale, on the contrary, significantly reduces the ability to view a large amount of information on the screen and creates certain inconveniences for humans.

We recommend downsizing people with visual impairments. If reading information is difficult, try to give your eyes a rest and do not strain your eyesight. Often, a person’s eyes take a certain period of time to get used to new sizes.

Here is what zooming will affect:

  1. Calendar, translator and other applications.
  2. Dialog boxes.
  3. Settings menu and SMS applications.
  4. Play Market and more.

And changes will not affect this:

  1. The size of the picture and video in the game.
  2. The size of the keyboard and texts in general.
  3. Video players, photos in galleries and more.

Why change it?

Tip: If it’s difficult for a person to get fingers on various icons of a smartphone with an average screen scale, you can adjust the size and make it more comfortable.

It also often happens that the user has little time, and he needs to quickly go over some information. Zooming in greatly helps him and makes browsing optimally fast.

Easy way

  1. Go to the “settings” of the smartphone and select the “screen” icon.
  2. Next, go to “screen zoom”.
  3. Adjust the slider to your convenience.

The disadvantage of this method is that it provides only 4 sizes:

  • very small,
  • small,
  • average,
  • very large.

It is successful because of the speed of the screen and the ability to watch how the screen of the phone will look.

More complicated way

  1. Open the "for developers" mode and go to the "settings".
  2. Click on the “system” / “about phone” icon, depending on the version of the operating system.
  3. If you clicked on the “system” section, go further to “about the phone”. Next, the screen will display detailed information about the smartphone.
  4. Click on the "build number" icon 5 times until you receive a message with the words "you became a developer!"
  5. Click on the "for developers" icon, it appeared in the "system" section.
  6. Open the "minimum width", and resize to the size convenient for you.

It is much more complicated here, but this method allows the user to change the scale to absolutely any size, there are no restrictions.

Tip: do not change the screen size too often, this can lead to vision problems. Choose a convenient, comfortable value.

5. ... by dragging the slider to the left and reducing the text ...

Instructions for zooming in and out in popular browsers and text editors.

Browser pages by default automatically adjust to the screen resolution on the user's device. However, both on laptops and on smartphones with tablets in browsers, there is an option to zoom in on one separate page, or all without exception. This feature is extremely useful for people with vision problems, but it is also widely used by ordinary users and web designers.

In this article, we will look at a few basic ways to zoom in on browsers such as Google chrome , Opera , Mozilla firefox and Yandex.Browser on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, as well as touch on the topic of zooming in such text editors as Microsoft Word and Exel .

How to increase or decrease the page scale in the browsers Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex.Browser but on desktop computers and laptops?

The option of zooming in on all browsers is activated approximately the same, so we will show you how to change the scale, using an example Yandex Browser :

  • Step 1 . In the upper right corner there is an icon for invoking application settings. If you click on it, the context menu pops up, where in the "Scale »You will need to click on a plus or minus , depending on whether you want to zoom in on the page or zoom out. This way you can zoom in on the current page.

  • Step 2 . If you want all browser pages in the future to open at the scale you set, even after restarting the application, you need to call the context menu and select "Settings ».

  • Step 3 . Next, at the very bottom of the window, click on the “Show advanced settings ". In a new tab, additional browser settings will open, where in the "Web content »You can set the desired display scale for all browser pages, as well as adjust the font size and its display (style). The page scale is displayed as a percentage and defaults to 100% . Try changing the value to 200% and you will immediately see the result.

  • Step 4 . For a more convenient zoom, you can use special key combinations. On the keyboard, hold down the “Ctrl " and press "+ " or " »To zoom in or out of the current page. In addition, instead of plus and minus, you can use mouse wheel . With the button "Ctrl »Spin the wheel way down to remove page content, or up for his approach.

How to increase or decrease page scale in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex.Browser on smartphones and tablets?

  • More recently, browsing sites via smartphones and tablets was inconvenient in that when they were opened, only their central part was displayed on the phone screen, and the side ones were darkened. It also happened that on the screen the site was displayed completely, but it required an increase in scale, because it was impossible to read the text on it. It was especially inconvenient to use such popular social networks as In contact with and Classmates .
  • Today, most sites are optimized for mobile browsers or have their own mobile applications. However, in some cases there is still a need to zoom in on smartphones or tablets. For example, in order to see some picture in good quality in one of the above social networks.

  • In every mobile browser, zooming in or out is exactly the same. For increase you need to put two fingers on the screen and, without letting go, spread them apart. For decrease you will need to do the same action in the opposite order. Place two fingers on the screen of the device and bring them together. To quickly enlarge the contents of the page, quickly double-tap the display with your finger.

How to increase or decrease page scale in Microsoft Word and Exel text editors?

The need for zooming may be required when working with popular text editors. AT Microsoft Word this option may come in handy in order to evaluate the design of the text, and in Exel to view the full table. Regardless of which version Microsoft Office You are using (Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010), they are scaled exactly the same:

  • Step 1 . Open the text editor you need and in the top menu go to the “View ". In the menu that appears, select "Scale ».

  • Step 2 . In the window that opens, select one of the proposed magnification values ​​or enter your own as a percentage. So you can choose the display mode of the whole page, by its width or by the width of the text.

VIDEO: How to zoom in on popular browsers?

So we people are arranged that we want to do everything for ourselves so that it differs from others and stands out from the general "gray" mass. Smartphones are no exception. In addition to external changes and decorations, you can also change the internal interface of the device. In this post I will tell you how you can change the font on Android - one of the most popular operating systems for tablets and phones.
There are two ways to change the font today:
1. As a regular user
2. Using superuser privileges, root.

Most easy way - the first. You can easily change the font in Android (including 5.0 and 5.1) and not get a lot of problems. But only with this option, a lot depends on your device. Firstly, some versions of Android have a built-in tool for changing fonts. To use it, go to your smartphone’s settings and open the “Screen” or “Display” section, and in it - the “Font” or “Font Style” item:

We click on this button and we get a window with a choice of available fonts, allowing you to use the built-in options or download new ones from Google Play.

But again, this functionality is not available on all phone models.
In this case, you can use the so-called launcher (launcher) - this is a special shell for Android, which changes the appearance of the normal system interface to a different, more interesting and beautiful. For example, GoLauncher. As a rule, such programs have many topics that allow you to customize the appearance as you wish.

You just need to install it through Playmarket and configure it the way you want.
Some manufacturers of mobile phones already initially put their launcher - for example, Asus, Samsung, LG, Lenovo or Huawei. Then it’s even easier: you don’t need to install anything - just go to the settings of the installed launcher and change it as you need!
Another option is to install programs that allow you to change the fonts in android.

Second way It works only after obtaining superuser rights - root in the system. Nothing can be done without them. After that, you will need to install a special program that can change fonts. For example, Hifont - An excellent free program that supports a large number of devices, including Samsung Galaxy.

HiFont application has hundreds of different fonts in its library, supports downloading from the Internet and creating your own style. In addition, you can always return the standard one without any problems.
The second excellent, stable and simple program is Font installer , which has no less rich features than HiFont. Also, for work, it requires the rights of RTH. At work, it allows you to make a backup copy of the standard Android fonts and you always have the opportunity to return everything back if necessary.

The only negative, not all fonts offered by the application support the Cyrillic alphabet.
The work of the Font Installer is simple to disgrace - run the program, select the font, view the result using the “Preview” button. If you like it, install it by clicking on “Install”.

Friends, hello everyone. It often happens that on your smartphone or tablet, ordinary annoying fonts, and you somehow want to diversify a little, and betray a little creativity. Fonts - These are the book covers of the digital age. No matter how good the content is, bad font can be enough to permanently lose the user. After all, a bad font does not just look unpresentable. It makes reading a tedious job for the eyes. On the other hand, a well-designed font can completely change the atmosphere of a site or application.

Fortunately for us, there are many ways. change phone font even if you cannot do it through Android system settings . Some of these methods require full rights to the device. But this should not cause problems if you read ours.

Method # 1: System Settings

In the basic version of Android, there are no built-in tools for changing system fonts. However, depending on the manufacturer of your phone and the default version of Android, these features may be available. For example, on older versions of the interface Samsung TouchWiz :

  • Go to Settings> Device> Fonts> Font Style.

On new Samsung phones with Android version 4.3 or higher, the font can be changed like this:

  • Go to Settings> My devices> Display> Font style.

Samsung has an online store where you can purchase new fonts. To access it, click "Download fonts »On the font change screen. The cost of one font can vary from 0.99 to 3.99 dollars.

I repeat, on devices from other manufacturers there may not be such a function. If your version of Android does not have a built-in way to change fonts, try using one of the applications listed below.

HiFont is a free app that can be found in the store Google play and my favorite when it comes to changing fonts. It consists of hundreds of fonts that will replace the standard font of the version of Android that you use. The application is very easy to work with, and the installation of fonts is separate from the program itself. Therefore, you can remove HiFont as soon as you select the appropriate font. Despite the fact that many fonts are already built into HiFont, you can also install any others through it. Also unforgettable periodically clear cache on Android , I wrote about this in detail in.

The application supports all Galaxy phones without the need for additional rights. On any other phones, the program will work correctly only after the rooting procedure. And if you suddenly want to return the old font, HiFont will allow you to do this with the click of a button.

Font Installer - Another free app , allowing you to choose one of several hundred built-in fonts. Additional fonts can be installed directly from the SD card of your phone. In addition, fonts can be shared. Font Installer is part of the ROM Toolbox Pro, which already speaks about its quality. No matter which device you use, Font Installer requires full rights.

Personally, I like HiFont more, but the Font Installer is a great alternative if for some reason you cannot or do not want to install HiFont.

PerAppFonts is a stylish application built on top of the Xposed framework. Thanks to PerAppFonts you can change fonts, but with one important addition: it works for each application separately. The programs listed above change the system font, which applies to all applications on your phone. PerAppFonts allows you to assign each font its own font.

The only downside to PerAppfonts is its scarce set of embedded fonts. There are only 8 options to choose from: Monospace, Serif, Sans, Roboto Condensed, Storopia, Rosemary, Roboto Slab and a standard default system font. Fortunately, you can add more fonts by downloading them to your phone’s SD card and selecting PerAppFonts in the settings

The Xposed framework is pretty interesting in itself. It has come a long way since the release of the first version. However, this is a little more complicated than installing a new application from the Google Play store. So use this method only if you know what you are doing and are aware of the possible risks.

Good fonts for Android

Now that you know how to change the font, which one to choose? My favorite free font repository is Google fonts .

As the name implies, the Google Fonts repository exists so that site owners can easily change the fonts on their resources. But users can download fonts directly if they want to use them for other purposes, for example, on an Android phone. Looking for other sites with free fonts? I recommend to visit Fontsquirrel and Dafont . Here is my list of the 5 best fonts for Android:

  • Alte haas grotesk
  • Anivers
  • Dezenpro
  • Nobile
  • Roboto

Font selection Is everyone’s personal business, so find the font you like and install it! If you find a cool font on any site and want to use it yourself, turn to free services like Identifont and Whatfont to find out what this font is called.

Did our guide help you? Tell us which font you use on your device in the comments below!

As always, a little pleasant.

Любой браузер после установки на ПК или мобильное устройство работает с базовыми настройками, рассчитанными на среднестатистического пользователя. Не всем людям удобно работать в браузере с настройками «по умолчанию». Одной из таких настроек является увеличение или уменьшение шрифта. This post will discuss how to increase the font in Yandex in several ways.

Since the Internet is used by various people, there are differences between them, due to their age characteristics and existing diseases. It is not always convenient for people with vision problems to use a browser with standard settings. The only opportunity for them to fully use the functionality of the browser and the capabilities of the Internet is to increase the font.

For the user, the factor of readability of web pages is very important. The task of the web-programmer includes not only creating a workable website, as required by the customer, but also adapting the resource for any user. The programmer takes into account the features of the screen on various devices, the background color, the typeface is the color, style and size (the size of the character, determined by its height).

In Yandex, as in all other browsers, there is an opportunity in several ways to change the settings for viewing Internet pages. You can, for example, press a certain combination of keys on the keyboard or, using the mouse, manually change some browser settings. There is still the opportunity to configure the PC system “for you” or use the “Screen Magnifier” system program.


Each of us knows that the same page can look fine on a laptop, but there are some difficulties when viewing it on the phone. If on modern mobile devices and tablets you can enlarge the picture of the screen with a simple touch of your finger, then with a laptop and a stationary PC this number will not work. Here you can use the hot keys to help the user:

  1. Hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard with your left hand and, without releasing it, press the button with the “+” symbol 2 with your right hand - this is a combination that increases the font on the screen of your PC.
  2. Hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard with your left hand and, without releasing it, press the button with the “-” symbol 3 with your right hand - this is a combination that reduces the font on the screen of your PC.

A similar effect can be achieved if you scroll the mouse wheel while holding down the Ctrl key. moving forward will increase the picture, moving backward will reduce its size. In the settings menu of some mice, you can set this option and specify the desired “step” for scrolling. If you work without a mouse, then you have to use the keyboard buttons.

Browser settings

To increase the size of the picture and text characters in Yandex, you need to change its settings or use the buttons for instantly zooming in on the page.

In the first case, use your mouse or using the keyboard to launch your browser, then on the browser toolbar, find the settings menu icon (a symbol with a picture of three horizontal bars):

Click on this symbol with the mouse, in the window that opens we are interested in the following notation:

  1. To zoom in on the page,
  2. To zoom out on a page,
  3. “Settings” item to change the browser settings.

To instantly zoom in on the screen at the top of the menu that opens, click the “+” symbol (1) several times, see how large the size of the characters on the page becomes:

Pressing the “-” symbol (2) will reduce the image scale on the screen:

The menu item “Settings” (3) opens the possibility to change the browser settings “by default”. On the main page, at the very bottom of the settings window, find and click on “Show advanced settings”:

Click on the image to enlarge it.

In the Fonts and Encoding window that opens, you can also change the default font type and size:

Using this method, you "in one fell swoop" decide the convenient display of your favorite pages. Regardless of which resource you are on, whether you are chatting with friends on VK or playing an online game, watching a video or working with text.

Changing these settings is available in any browser, both on a PC, and on a tablet, laptop, unless the path to them will be slightly different. Changes in the display of the size of the content of downloaded pages can also be seen on your email, on news sites, movies and music portals, etc.

We increase the font in Yandex.Browser on android

To increase the font size in the browser from Yandex on android, you need:

  1. Open a browser, and go to settings. .
  2. Find the item “Scale and Wrap Text”. Go to this section. .
  3. Customize the font in the browser using the slider. .

Everything is very simple. The main thing is to find these settings.